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Full text of "Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota"

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AUG 2 6 1998 




XL JB 7-102 

4319 ? 05 5 4 4 3 




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Film No 


June 79, 1973 - kphJJL 13, 1976 



ELLzabeth M. ColLinl> 

11638 SE 164th St. 

RENTON, WA. 9 SO 58 

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August Bohn and Hiss Olga Lubznow wzrz marrlzd on Wzdnzsday oi last wzzk at thz 

Luthzran Ev,, Rev. T. Hlnck oiilclatlng . Both arz wzll and iavoAably known hzrz. 

Ur. Bohn Is a son o{ torn. Bohn,onz oi ZLckland County*' most prospzrous iarmzn . Thz 

brldz Is a daughtzr o{ H. A. Lubznow... a young lady who grzw up hzrz. We ate Indzzd 

plzaszd to congratulatz thz happy couplz and wish thzm a Zlfiz oi happlnzss couplzd with 

prospzrity '. 

HANKINSON NEWS Part 2... Thz Grzat Bend Examlnzr. . . June 7 2, 1973 


Mrs. Kathzrlnz Gottirlzd and Mr. John Vrlckzs wzrz marrlzd Tuzsday. Thzy will 

rzsldz at Falnmount. 

•••««•••*• June 26, 7973 


A prztty home wzddlng occurrzd Last zvznlng at thz home oi Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Abra- 
ham whzn thzlr daughtzA Miss Olga was unltzd In marrlagz with Mr. Rot/ C. Umbrzlt. 

Thz czrzmony was pzriormzd by Rev. E. P. Gztchzll In thz przszncz oi only thz -cm- 
mzdiatz rzlativzs oi thz contracting partlzs. Promptly at 8 o'clock, to thz strains 
oi a wzddlng march playzd by Miss Elslz Stack, thz bridal party maAchzd to thz parlor 
where, undzA a bzautlfiul iloral arch, thz words weAz pronounctd which jolnzd thz tioo 
young pzoplz ior U&z. Thz brldz was charmingly drzsszd In whltz mzssalinz with pzaAl 
trumuig and point Zacz and caAAlzd roszs. 

Thz brldz was attzndzd by Miss Emma Abraham, who was przttlly drzsszd In whltz 
voile, and carrlzd pink carnations. Thz gloom wat> attzndzd by Waltzr AbAaham. 

Thz parlor was tastily dzcoAatzd with roszs and izrns. Following thz congratul- 
ations oi thz asszmblzd guzsts a wzddlng lunchzon was szrvzd. Thz tablz and dining Aoom 
wzaz bzautliuULy dzcoratzd. 

Thz brldz Is wzll known throughout this, szction. having rzsldzd hzAz slncz childhood, 
and hoi a host oi {Alznds and wzll wlshzrs. Thz gtuoom Is a pAomlnznt young buslnzss man 
and hah thz rzspzet and zstzzm oi all. Thz nzwlywzds have thz congratulations oi thz 
zntirz community. 

Mr. and Mrs. UmbAzlt dzpantzd on thz Grzat Horthzrn train at 77 o'clock ior a brizi 
wzddlng tour, to be absznt about a wzzk. On thzlr rztuAn thzy will at oncz go to housz- 
kzzplng In thz Woolszy cottagz on Rzmlngton Strzzt. 
HANKlhlSON NEWS ********** June 26> J9T3 

Miss Mathilda Vozltz and Mr. John M. Hzntz wzrz marrlzd at thz Emmanuzl Ev. parson- 
agz Tuzsday, Rev. A. Grabowskl oOlclatlng. 

Thz brldz Is thz youngzst daughtzr oi Mr. and Mrs. August Vozltz and Is wzll known 
and thz groom Is a prospzrous young iarmzr oi Grzzndatz. Both have a host oi iriznds 
who join In zxtzndlng congratulations and bzst wlshzs. 

********** J^ ^^ 19 J 3 


A moAKiagz licen&z wai i&Auzd at St. Paul Tuesday to Ralph. MacCal&um and KatheAine 

SoKen&on. Thz moKKiagz ceAzmony wa& pzAioKmed la&t evening. The. gKoom i& a Soo bKake- 

man and the. a daughteA oi Va. and Mm. 8. UaueA oi this city. 

********** JuZy , 7j J973 


Special to the Mewa: 

ST. "PAUL, MM., July 20th. The wzdding oi UKt>. Kate So/Lemon and Ralph Mac Callum took 

placz at the. home oi the bKidz Wednesday, July Uth. The. houbz wa& decorated with KoteA, 
caKnationA and white LUUbeA, which wzkz beautiful. 

The. ceAzmony woa peAioKmed by Rev. MoKKill oi UinneapoliA Wednesday afcteAnoon at 4 
o'clock. Thz wedding match woa ptayzd by Hk&. Rudiiond. Thz bKide caAKied a AhoweA 
bouquet oi white koaca with HlieA oi thz valley. She woa dKz&Azd Jin a white &ilk dKeAA 
dfiapzd with maline lacz. Mi&A Ryan oi St. ?aul and HiAA HoKman oi Minneapolis , the 
bKideAmaidA , wzkz dKZAAzd in whitz and caAKizd big bouquets oi dzticatz pink coKnationA. 

Thz gKoom and bzAt men woKe black. Thz bzit men weAZ Va. Victor UoKman oi Minnea- 
polis and Mk. John MaueA oi HankinAon. 

AiteA thz ceAzmony thz couplz weAe congKatalated by thz hoAt oi iKiendA who wzkz 
pKZAznt. On leaving the houAz to havz thziA pictuAz taken thzy weAe AhoweAzd with 

At Aix o'clock dinneA wa6 AZKvzd, thz tablz being decoKatzd with whitz and pink 

Thz couplz Keczived bzautiiul giitA iAom iKiendA. Among thoAe pKeAznt wzkz M*. and 
Mka. PeteAAon, ioKmeAly oi HankinAon, Mka. Vahl, Mk. and Mka. Ralph MauzA, Mu. PKanczA 
Weiland, Mk. and Mka. J. McShanz, Mk. and Mka. BKiggA and numeAouA otheA iKiendA. 

R. E. MacCallum i& a KzAident oi Minneapolis and is zmployzd by thz Soo Linz. The 
young couplz one. at homz at 221 W. Cznfial Ave., St. Paul, MM. , Paulinz Apts., Plat. 

Thz young couplz wzaz AuApKi&zd by thz oKKival oi thz bKidz' A iatheA and motheA, 
Mk. and Mas. MaueA oi HankinAon, this AM. 
HANKINSON MEWS ************ July u> , 9 j 3 

A moKKiage license has bzzn iSAuzd to AKthuA P. BAOAowAki oi EaAnzy and MisA 

MaKtha HohensteAn oi HankinAon. 


Matthew Kants and MiSA JngeboKg T. Nelson, both oi Hankin&on, wzkz moAKizd by 

Judgz Van AKnam at Wahpzton SatuAday aiteAnoon. 

********** July 3J> J9J3 

Mas. Elizabeth Pelton and Mk. John BoAtAom wzkz united in moKKiagz at PaKgo Puiday. 

********** Augu&t 7, 7973 

Thz moKKiagz oi Miss MaKtha HohenAteAn and Ha. AKthuA P. BKoAowski was solemnized 
at the homz oi thz bKide' A motheA noKth oi town last Sunday in thz pKesence oi Kelatives 
and a iew invited gueJ>tt>, Rzv. HilgendoKi pzKioKming thz ceAzmony. Thz ceAemony was 
iollowzd by elaboKate wedding ie&tivitieA in which a holt oi iAizndi oi thz young couple 
paKticipatzd. Thz bnidz hoi Ke&idzd in thu vicinity all hzA Hie and hoi 6coKzi oi 


intends and well wlshens. The gnoom Is an IndustAlous young ianmeA nesldlng man. Banney. 
The newlyweds have ike best wishes and congnatulatlons oi a clncle oi intends. 

HANKJNSON NEWS ********** August 1, 7973 


The maAAlage oi Wi. William Enkens and Hiss Clana Rossow oi this city wot solemn- 
ized at the. home oi the bnlde' s patent* on T-nlday evening at & o'clock, by the Rev. W. M. 
Hull, oi the Baptist Chunch. 

Wi. EnkeM 16 a well known nallnoad man oi this city, while hl& Is an accomp- 
lished young lady oi this city, and held In venu high esteem by hen. numenaus intends. 
The. Gazette joins In wishing the young couple many yeans oi happiness and pnospenlty. 

HANKJNSON NEWS BAeckennldge Gazette August 14, 1913 

Pnominent Young Couple Uannled Last Evening. 

A pfietty wedding occunAzd at the home oi Wi. and Wis. John R. Jones last evening 
when Hiss Kitty Robenta Jones and Wi. James Novak weJie mannled In the presence oi rel- 
atives and a iew Intimate intends. 

The cenemony was peAionmed at 8 o'clock by Rev. E. P. Getchell. The panlon was 
beautliully deconated In a colon, scheme oi yellow. Pnomptly at the appointed houn, 
the bnldal panty entered the panlon, the bnlde on the anm oi hen. bnotheA, John R. Jones. 
Wis. V. R. Jones oi Wahpeton was matAon oi honoK. The bnldesmalds weAe WsAnanzt V. 
Jones, Edith Jones, Eva Jones and Wis. J. Vanek. Hanold Jones oOlclated as best nan. 
Wlss Eva Jones sang "Oh Pnomise Me>" and this was iollowed by the Lohengnln wedding 
manch played by Wis. W. A. Heley accompanied by Wis. Getchell on the violin. 

The bnldal panty ionmed beneath an aKch oi yellow daises, and Rev. Getchell nead 
the Impnesslve seAvlce that united the two young people ion Hie. Miss Ruth Jones oi 
Fonman was nlng beaAeA, cannylng the emblematic gold band In a heant oi noses. 

The bnlde was gowned In white silk molne tnlmmed with point de alencon lace and 
peanls, with iull tnaln. She wone a veil oi lace and tulle and canjiled a bouquet oi 
noses. The bnldesmalds wene dnessed In white with white tulle caps, the matAon oi 
honon. wone white satin and pnlnted pompadouA chlHon with cap oi sllven and lace. She 
caAAled a bouquet oi yellow and white astens. The nlng beaAzn. was dnessed In white 
lace and embAoldeny. The gnoom wone the conventional black. 

following the cenemony the guests assembled In the dining noom whene a bountliul 
nzpast was senved. The noom was deconated with pink sweet peas, pink nlbbons and asp-- . 
anagus ienns. The deconations iestooned above the table. The wedding cake was covered 
with molded sweet peas. 

Out oi town guests In attendance were Wi. and Wis. V. J. Jones and childnen oi 
Fonman, Wu and Wis. H. L. GAeene and daughten. oi Rutland, Wi. and Wis. Novak and dau- 
ghter oi EOlngton and Wi. and Wis. J. Vanek oi VeAnon. 

The contAactlng panties one pnominent young people oi oun. city. The bnlde Is the 


young&it iiAtzn oi John R. JoneA with whom the. had made. hzA homz ion &zvznal yeoAA. 
The. gnoom iA a ion oi M*. and MtA. JamzA Novak oi EOington and iA wzZZ known. 

Kitzn a bAizi wzdding tnZp to thz zitieA and point* -in WZ&zon&in, Mn. and MnA. 
Novak will bz at home Zn the. nzAidznzz oi the gnjoom on Cannon Avenue. 
HANK1NS0N NEWS ********** AuguAt U, 7973 

Ed. O'Mzana'A iAizndi one. pZzaAzd to extend zongAatuZationA on hiA moAAiagz laAt 

week, the. being a MiAA Holtz. The gtwom iA a pAoApzAouA iaAmzn. with a ho At oi 

iAizndi. The. iA a zompaAatZvz AtnangzA. hzKz. Thz zznzmony was pzAioAmzd at 



T-xank J. Hoot, and MiAA StzlZa Smith Jazk&on wzaz unitzd in manjiiagz at Ettzndatz 

Monday. Thz bnidz wah a tzazhzA. in thz Hankin&on pubZiz izhooli laAt yza/i and thz 

gKoom iA employed at, bookkezpzA Ion. S. P. lAzZand 6 SonA, Co. Both nave a hoit oi 

iAizndi, who anz pleated to extend zongAatuZationA . Maa. Hoot iA visiting at ElZzn- 

dalz ioK a (Jew day* and a ZittZz ZatzA thz nzwlywzdt, wiZZ go to houAzkzzping hzKz. 


Invitation* afiz out ion thz maAAZagz oi Mi&i BeAtha Many Bazuza. to Mn. William 
Thizl, thz happy event to takz pZazz Tuz&day, Sept. 30th, at MooAzton. 

********** Szptzmbzn 11, 7973 


ThiA moAning at S AM a pAztty wzdding ozzuAAzd at St. VhZlip'i ChuAzh when Rev. 
Jo A. F. Studnizka joinzd in wzdlozk Joizphinz Banbana Wittman and John P. Ehnz. Thz 
bntdz woaz a halt oi alZ whitz FAznzh AZAgz ovza. mzAAolinz, and both bAidz and gnoom 
wonz liZieA oi thz valZzy. Mii,4> EZZzabzth Tix aztzd ai> bnZdeAmaid and woaz a tan meAA- 
alinz dneAA; ihz zannZzd a bouquzt oi KmeAizan bzauty noAeA. NizholaA Gozhze oiiiz- 
iated oa beAt man. 

KiteA thz zznzmony Ma. Schwztt took thz bAidal panty to thz homz oi thz bnidz'i 
iiAtzn, Maa. Geo. Mazk, whznz a bountiful bAzakia&t woa AZAvzd with Rev. Studnizka and 
a izw intimatz iAizndi and AzZativeA pAziznt. Thz dining noom woa dzzoAatzd in whitz 
and gAzen whiZz thz tablz woa adonnzd with noizi, aitzAi and iznn ZzaveA. 

Mn. EhA iA a pAominent buiZneAi man oi WatznZoo, IA. , but wiZZ ioon takz poazii- 
ion oi thz A. M. Tix iaAm iouth oi town. 

Out oi town AeZativeA in attendanzz at thz wzdding wzaz Maa. NZzk Gozhzz, bitten, 
oi thz bnZdz, NizholaA Gozhzz oi Banznoit, Iowa. 

Mn. and Maa. Ehn Izavz ioA WatznZoo, IA. , whexz thzy wiZZ viAit ioA iomz timz with 
panzhtA and AzZativeA. They wiZZ bz at homz aitzn NovzmbzA. lit. 

********** OztobzA 2, 7973 

M*. and Maa. Bundnoth oi South Dakota, a newly maAAled zoupZz, ipznt a iew day* 
hzAz with AeZativeA. ********** 

Mn. and Maa. Gondon StzvznAon oi MiZwaukzz, WI. f ipznt a iew day* hzne with AeZ- 
ativeA on thzin wzdding touA. Thz iA a daughtzA oi Ma. and Mm. T-Azd AzbiizheA, 


ioAmeAly oi this village but now oi Chilton, VI. Tftey AetuAned to Milwaukee on Tues- 
day, wheAe. they nave, a nice, home on 50th Street and GAand Ave.. 

GAeat Bend Examine*.... OctobeA Z, 1913 

The iollowlng moAAiage licenses have been Issuzd by Judge Van AAnam; HenAy H. 
MilleA and Louise P. Lentz, both oi LidgeAwood, Leo P. Puetz oi WyndmeAe and Anna E. 
Pelland oi MantadoA, Joseph BAosh oi LowAy, MW. , and Pauline Heley oi LidgeAwood, 
Joseph J. LugeAt and Anna ?au6ch, both oi BaAney. 

********** OctobeA 16, 79/3 

A quiet wedding took place at the home oi PAed llegleman's wheAeby tot. PAitz 
PassenhelmeA and Miss Minnie. StAlssel weKe joined in wedlock, on PAlday last, at the 
home oi the bAide' s paAents. The bAide Is a young lady oi excellent choAocteA, well 
known to eveAyone. The gAoom Is a young man oi steady, IndustAlous habit* and they 
have a host oi iAlends who join in congAatulatlons . 
....GAeat Bend ExamineA... ********** OctobeA 16, 1913 

VopulaA young People oaz Joined in Wedlock. 

VesteAday moAning at hali past 10 o'clock, at St. John'* ChuAch in BelioAd Town- 
ship, the moAAiage oi Miss Edna Poliuss and Ma.. Alvin F. SchubeAt was solemnized, Rev. 
HiZgendoAi peAioAming the ceAemony. ScoAes oi iAlends and Aelatlves weAe pAesent and ■. 
at the conclusion oi the moAAiage seAvi.ce. the assemblage AepalAed to the hospitable 
home oi the. bAide' s paAents, Ua. and Mas. John C. Poliuss, wheAe. one oi the most elab- 
oAate ceZebAations oi the kind in the his to Ay oi the nelghboAhood was held. About 
ZOO guests weAe. pAesent, and the occasion was one that will Aemain long in the memo Ay 
oi all. In the home the tables iaiAJLy gAoaned undeA the load oi good things to eat, the 
the menu including eveAy delicacy obtainable. In the mammoth machine shed neoA by a 
new ilooA had bzen laid and a iiAStclass oAchestAa iuAnished music ioA dancing which 
continuzd neaAly all day and thAoughout thi night. In iact, absolutely nothing had 
been leit undone that could add to the. pleasuAe oi the guests. 

The bAide Is the eldest daughteA oi Ma. and Mas. John C. Poliuss and has lived In 
Plchland County all heA Hie, HeA sunny disposition and pleasing peAsonality has made 
ioA heA a ciAcle oi iAlends only limited by the. numbeA oi heA acquaintances. The gAoom 
Is an IndustAlous young man oi good habits and has the Aespect oi eveAyone. His ioAmeA 
home was CedeAbuAg, VI., but he has been a Aesident oi Plchland County ioA the past two 
oa thAee. yeaAS. The. young couple have the congAatulatlons and best wishes oi a host oi 

to A the pAjesent the newlyweds will make thelA home with the Poliuss iamily, but 

lateA will occupy a ioAm south oi the Poliuss homestead... a wedding glit to the bAide 

iAom heA iatheA. 


HANKWSON NEWS OctobeA 23, 7973 



Miss Anna. Remand and Mr. Leo P. Puztz were married at St. Peter and Paul' s 
Church in Mantador Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. M. J. Simon oifccAXutlng. The 
ceremony was witnessed by a number oh invited guests. 

A reception hor the newly wedded couple. was given cut the home. oh the. bride's par- 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Reiland, in the. evening at which a laJigt number oh relative* 
and {/uiendi were present. 

The bride is a daughter oh one o& the well known &amilieA oh the Mantador neigh- 
borhood and hoi a host oh faLendi and well wishers. The. groom is an industrious 
young hanmex and hah the respect and esteem oh all. The. young couple have the. congrat- 
ulations oh cl large, circle, oh h^w-ds who extend best wishes hoA o- long and happy mar- 
ried llhe. 

********** OctobeA 23, 7973 


Another Belhord wedding oh prominent young people occurred Tuesday when Miss Ida 
Pankow and Mr. Gustav Medenwaldt were, united in marriage at St. John's Church. The 
ceremony was perhormed at 10:30 AM by Rev. Hilgendorh, and was hollowed by a wedding 
hestlval at the home oh the bride' 6 mother, Mrs. J. Pankow where a large number oh 
guests assembled to honor the newlyweds in a behittlng manner. 

The bride Is a Richland County product and grew to womanhood In this locality. 
The groom l& a ton oh Mr. and Mrs. Perd. Medenwald oh this city and Is well and honor- 
ably known. 

The NEWS joins their many h^wd* in extending congratulation* and best wishes. 
HANKTNSON NEWS ********** October 23, 7973 

Invitations are out hor the wedding oh Miss Alvina Poertsch and Mr. John M. Krump, 
to take place at Mantador, Oct. 30th. 

********** October 13, 7973 

The marriage oh Miss Anna Pouch and Mr. J. J. Lugert was solemnized at St. Peter 
S Paul's Church in Mantador Tuesday morning, Rev. F/t. Simon oh&iciating. A reception 
at the home oh the bride's parents h°£iowed the ceremony at which a large gathering oh 
hrlends assembled to honor the bridal couple. Both are well known young people resp- 
ected and esteemed by all, and they have the best wishes oh a host oh i^enck. 

********** October 30, 7973 

Miss Alvlna Poertsch and Mr. John M. KAump were married at Mantador this morning, 

Rev. Pr. Simon perhorming the ceremony at Sts Peter 6 Paul's Church in the presence oh 

a large gathering oh invited guests. The usual reception hollowed. The young couple 

grew up in the neighborhood, the bride being a daughter oh Mr. and Mrs. B. Poertsch 

and the groom a son oh Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krump. They have many h*iwds who extend 

best wishes. 


OctobeA 30, 1913 

MaAAiage licenses have, been issued thz past week to Adolph WoAnzn o& Gneat Bend 
and Miss Elite. M, Stack, oi Hankinson; Benniz Hottz and Lydia Rozdzn, both oi Hankin- 
son; HeAman GallmzyeA oi Banney and Miss Anna F. WalteA., Moonzton; S. Chapin and 
Clana S. Smith, both oi Hankinson, and Einzn. Godinied Johan&on and Augustinz Ovenson, 
both oi Hankinson. The. latteA couple. wexe maAAied Uov. 1st by County Judge Van AAnam. 

********** HovembeA 6, 1913 

Bud J. "Quake. disappeaAzd iAom his usual haunts the iinst pant oi the week and 
acconding to the but inioAmation obtainable was maAAied at Motion, HV. , on Monday. 
The bAidz's name was Mas. SanioAd, and the wzdding took place at thz homz oi heA sisteA. 
The gnoom Is head machinist ion. the Hankinson Automobile Co. and has madz a lot oi 
iAiends duning thz iew month* hz hah Azsided in Hankin&on. Aiten. a shont honeymoon the 
newlyweds will go to housekzzping in thz Schittz ilats. 

********** NovzmbeA 6, 1913 

The mojiniage oi Miss lydia RoedeA and Ma. Ben Hottz was solemnized at the Gznman 

Ev. ChuAch Tuesday manning, Rev. GAobowski pznioAming the ceAemony. The bnidz is a 

Richland County pnoduct, having lived in Bnlghtwood Township alt heA liiz, and thz 

gnoom is an industnious young man with a host oi intends. All join in extending con- 

gAatulations to the young couplz. 


A manAiage License was issued at Minneapolis Monday to Louis A. PnJless and Clana 
M. EiszlL. Louiz's old time Hankinson inlznds extend congnatulations. 

********** HovembeA 13, 1913 

HznbzAt W. WoAnzA and Miss Lizziz PAdkz wzaz united in thz holy bonds oi matAimony 
on Tuesday last at Wahpeton. A mznAy gnoup oi Aelatives weAe present to witness the 
joyiul event. Ma. and Mas. WoAneA am known to all. HznbzAt, betteA known as Bnuno 
is one oi oua wheat buyzns and an industAiaus young man. Thz bAidz is onz oi Wahpeton' s 
iain maids, but has been a dA.zssmak.zA h&Az ioA a iew yeoAS. Both bnide and gnoom have 
a host oi iniends who extend congnatulations and best wishes. 

AiteA thz honzymoon Ma. and Mas. WoAneA will be at homz at GAeat Bend, wheAz a 
home is in Aeadiness. They will no doubt be mzt with a tange delegation to welcome 
them home. 

GAjtat Bend ExamlneA ********** HovembeA 13, 1913 

Populan. Young People PAincipals in Two Big Weddings 

Tuesday aitznnoon at iouA o'clock, at thz homz oi thz bAidz' s patents in this city, 
Miss Elsiz Stack and Ma. Adolph WoAneA wzaz united in maAAiagz, Rev. J. P. KlausltA oU~ 

PAomptly at thz appointed houA thz young couplz took thzin place undeA a canopy oi 

iloweAS, thz bnidesmaid being Miss Lizzie AbAaham while Adolph Beling acted as bestman. 


Thz bnidz was gownzd in a cfization o& white chaXmzusz, tximmzd with pzaxl beading, 
and canxizd a bouquet oi fwszs. Olivz Gazdchz and Habzl Stack wefie ilowex gixts. 
Hiss Lzona Hanthei played the. wedding maxch. That, in the. pnesencz oi a small gath- 
ering oi immzdiatz Kzlativzs the. czxemony that joined the. young couple in thz holy 
bonds oi matnimony. 

A banquet was sexvzd by Has. Hanthei aitex thz newlywzds had nzczivzd thz con- 
gnatulations oi thzix intends and dufUng thz nzpast thz Cub band serenaded thz wedd- 
ing panty. 

Thz bntde was bonn in Beliond Township and hat, nesidzd In Zichland County alt 

hex liiz. Shz is dzszxvzdly populax and has a holt oi iniznds and wzlZ wishexs. Thz 

gnoom is a pnospexous and industxious young man tiesiding at Gneat Bend whzxz thz young 

couplz will bz at homz aitex Jan. 1st. Thzy lz{t on Soo txain 106 ion. a shont wzdding 

txip to point* in Wisconsin whzxz both havz n.zlativzs. 



Last Sunday a laxgz gathexing oi intends asszmblzd at thz Caxl Witt homz in Bel- 
iond Township to witnzss thz manxiagz oi Hiss Augusta. Witt and Ha. Axnold Hitzzl. Thz 
czxemony was pexionmzd by Rev. HiZgzndofti and at its conclusion a bountzous wzdding 
suppex was sexved. 

Thz bntde is. a daughtex oi Hn.. and Has. Caxl Witt, pionzex settZexs oi Beliond 
and among thz most pnominent ianmexs oi this locality. Shz ii> highly esteemed ion 
hex many womanly qualities and has oi intends. Thz gnoom is a son oi Ha. and 
Has. Fnank Hitzzl and has chaxgz oi his iathex's business at Gfizat Bend. Hz is an 
industxious young man who has shown manked ability and has gainzd thz Aespect oi all 
who know him. 

Aitex a shofit honzymoon thz young pzoplz will go to houszkzzping at Gfizat Bend. 

********** Novzmbex 10, 1973 

Hanxiagz licenszs havz fceen gfuvntzd to Emil Machzzl and Hiss Haggiz Thufi oi 

Lidgexwood, and Rudolph Kxausz oi Slsseton, SV., and Hiss Hinniz Woltitz oi lidgexwood. 


Ha. and Wis. Otto liztlow axz hzfiz ifiom Wisconsin on thzix honeymoon txip, visit- 
ing Aelatives and intends. 

********** .. . „„ ,„,_ 

NovembeX 10, 1913 

A pfietty wzdding took at thz homz oi Ha. and Has. Caxl Witt on Sunday last, 
when thzix daughtex Augusta was joinzd in wzdlock to Axnold Hitzel oi this village. 

Ha. Hitzzl, bettex known as "Hocus" has gfiown to manhood hexz and has many ifuznds 
Since leaving school he has had thz management oi his iathex's stofiz, being in thz 
gznexal mexchandisz and machinzxy businzss. 

Thz bftidz is a daughtex oi Hn. and Wis. Caxl Witt, oi Bzliofid, and highly esteem- 
zd by hex many intends. Thzix intends zxtznd congnatulations and best wishes. 

Aitex thz honzymoon, Ha. and Hns. Hitzzl will bz at homz in thz housz now occup- 


-cecf by Mr. and Mas. F. Mltzzl, who will Izavz soon ion North Vakisna, WA. , to spznd 

thz wintzr. 

HANKJNSON NEWS Great Bend Examine* Novzmbzr 20, 7973 

Mr. and Wis. Prank Izit last wzzk ion. North Vaklma, WA. , whzrz tlizy will 
attend the. wzdding oi thzlr daughter, Olga, soon. 

********** Novzmbzr 27, 7973 

The, ioilowlng maAAlagz licensee have, bzzn Issuzd by the County Judge the pott 
wzzk: Math Schmit and Miss Mathilda Smith, both oi PaiAmount; Christ Luzck and Miss 
Casslz 0l6on, both oi Lidgzrwood; John Shzrldzn oh Oakzs and Miss Jrznz Hobza o£ 
LidgeAwood; Carl A. Rudolph and Miss Martha Vznow both oi Barney. 

»»»*«,*«* « VzczmbeA 4,. 7973 

Otto J. Prankiurth and Miss Tlillz Nzlson, thz lattzn a Wahpzton girl, weAz 

marrlzd In that city Tuesday evening oi this week, Rev. K. P. IzyhzA officiating. 

Thz groom hoi many irlends In this vicinity who zxtznd congratulations. 


Thz maAAlagz oi Przd Backhaus and Mrs. Lena Knaak was solzmnizzd at thz GeAman 

Ev. Church this morning, Rev. A. Grabowskl officiating. Thz contracting parties okz 

well and favorably known and have thz best wishes oi all. 


Miss Odelia Wurl and Mr. John Petrlch wzkz married at thz LutheAan ChuAch Wzdnzs- 
day aiternoon, Rev. J. P. Klauslzr periorming thz ceAemony. Thz bride is a daughter 
oi Mr. and Mrs. Wm. WuAl, plonzeA rzsidznts oi Grezndalz, and has a host o{ irlends. 

Thz groom Is a prosperous young iarmer south oi town and Is likewise well known 
and highly esteemed. ThelA irlends zxtznd congratulations and belt wishes. 

********** VzczmbeA 77, 7973 

AnotheA wzdding in which prominent young pzoplz weAz thz principals occurred 
Wednesday morning when Miss Minnlz Tlegs and Mr. J. A. Westphal weAz unitzd in maAA- 
lagz. Thz ceAemony was periormed by Rev. Hilgendori at St. John'* ChuAch in Beliord, 
In thz presence oi a laAgz gatheAlng oi relatives and irlends, and was ioZlowed by a 
Azczptlon at thz homz oi thz bride's parents, Ma. and MA6. Thank Tlzgs, In Beliord. 

Thz bridz gAew to womanhood heAz and Is highly AzgaAdzd ioK heA chaAming pzrson- 
ality and many excellent qualities. 

Thz gAoom Is a son oi Ma. and Mas. Wm. Westphal and is at present a homesteader 
nzaA Plaza, NV. He Is an industrious young man oi zxczllznt habits and zstzimid by 
all who know hum. Thz nzwly wzddzd couplz will spend thz winteA with Azlativzs heAz 
and In thz spring will takz up thziA Azsldzncz on thz iarm nzaA Plaza. 
HANKJNSON NEWS ********** VzczmbeA 18, 7973 


SuAAoundzd by about thinly Azlativzs and intlmatz inlznds oi thz bnldz and gnoom, 
a pAztty wzdding took at thz homz oi Ma. and Mas. Prank Mitzzl on Orchard Ave., 


yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, when their daughter, Olga Hertha, was married to Ma. 
Etmer M. Schnase. Rev. C. N. Wolthansen o£ the Nob Will Evangelical Church oxidated 
using the ring 

The bride was gowned in white. charmeuse entraine, with Venician point ia.ce and seed- 
ed pearl ■ trimmings , caught up with orange blossoms. The tulle veil was caught up with the 
same. .Orange blossoms and bride roses were carried. The bridesmaid was Hiss LiZlian 
Merten, who wore pink cAepe de chine and carried pink roses. The groom was attended by 
Mr. Richard Mitzel, a brotker o£ the bKide. 

A colon, scheme o{ pink and white prevailed throughout the rooms, the ceremony taking 
place beneath a canopy oi pink and white ribbons secured with smilax. Mrs. C. lachman 
played Mendetssohns' Wedding March as the bride and groom entered the living rooms, and 
a^ter the ceremony Hiss Ruth Schmidt sang "Till the sands o$ the Vesert grow cold." 

A delicious wedding dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Schnase are both well known 

young people, and a^ter December 20th, will be at home to their many friends at their 

new home on Tieton "Drive, North Yakima, WA. Republic. 


Miss Emma Passbrig and Mr. Ruben Stottnow are to be married this [Thursday) after- 
noon at the home o£ the bride in Brandenburg. 

********** December 15, 1913 



John Jotikt "slippzd onz ovza" on his ^Aiends and many o£ them will iind it out £oA 
thz &iAst time, on Azading this -item. Last week fee lz£t Hankinson, giving it out that he 
was going out wzst to woAk £oa a shout time. 

As a matteA o£ iact, he jouAnzyzd to New Vo/ik City wheAz he. wa& met by a young lady 
from his old home, town in AuAtAia and thz two wzaz moAAizd. Thz aAAongzmznt had been made 
by mail and Ma. JaAski kzpt his so well that haAdly any one o£ his £Alznds even 
gwzASzd at the. puAposz o£ his tAip. 

Ma. and Mas. JaAski ate expected to oaacvz home £Aom New Vonk today and will occupy 
the. bAidzgAoom' s home, in this city. 

•*•••»**»• JanuoAy 1, 1914 

Ma. Raefaen Stoltznow and Miss Emma VaAbAig wete moAAizd on ThuA6day last at the home 
o£ thz about 7 milzs nonthzast o{ GAzat Bend. Both ate well known. Ma. Stoltznow 
is one. o£ ouA pHaspzAous young £aAmzAS. The is a daaghteA o£ G. Vasbnig. Both ate 
highly zstzzmzd by all. They will be. at home. t>oon on theiA {fine £aAm Azczntly owned by 
Ge.o. Ktueget. TheiA many friends join in extending congratulations and wishzs &ok a long 
Hie. o& health and happinzss. 

•*»*»••*•« JnaxxoAy 1, 1914 


Thursday at Wahpeton occuAAzd the maAAiogz o£ Miss LoAetta MilleA and Mt. Wm. AlbAecht. 
Both ate well known. Thz gAoom it> thz son o£ Mt. and Mta. B. AlhKzcht, who Azsldz south 
eoAt o£ town, and ii highly Azspzctzd by all who know him. 

Thz bnidz il> thz daughteA o^ Mt. and MtA. W.H. MilleA, neat TaiAmount, is highly 
Az&pzctzd by all who know heA and 4 fee has won many friends by heA kind and loving ways. 
Thz young couplz will Azsldz on thz gloom' & £aAm zast o£ town. 

Thz NEWS joint with all theiA lAlznds in wishing them joy and happineAS £oa a long 
and happy moAAied lifr. 

• *•••***** JanuoAy 8, 1914 

Judge VanAAnam o£&icatzd at a double, wzdding in thz county judgz's o££lcz at Wahpzt- 
on Wzdnzsday o£ last week. Thz contAacting paAtizs all being irom Hankinson. . .Gzoaqz 
KoaIa and Miss Nzlliz Ostby and WUliz AlbAzcht and Miss LoAetta MilleA. kit ate we££ 
known young pzoplz and on theiA AetuAn to out city in thz zvzning wzAe givzn a lively 
szAznadz by thziA friends. 

*«*****«*« JanuoAy 8, 1914 

Thz news that a maAAiogz licence was issued at Tango on Jan. 8th to John J. McDon- 
ald and Miss Anna O'Kzzfr is no suAprlsz to thz many friends o£ thz couplz. Thz NEWS 
has bzzn unablz to leaAn thz details o^thz wzdding, but enough Ia known to InsuAz Mt. 
and Mas. McDonald a Aoyal welcome on theiA AetuAn to Hankinson. Thz bAldz it> a Azsldent 
o£ FaAgo but hoA bzzn tzaching school in Elma frA szveAal months. She made many ^Klends 
dating feet stay in that locality. 

Thz gAoom is thz pAopAcztoA o£ thz WindsoA Hotel and is well known throughout this 


section. A hoit oi ifu.zr.di zxtznd congAatulatloni and beit wlihei to thz wofithy couplz. 
HANKINSON NEWS ********** January 15, 1914 

Thz mafiAlagz oi Mt. Joi. BommeAibach and Hiii VeAonlca GeAllz wai iolzmnlzzd at 
St. Phltlp'i Chufich Tueiday mo fining, Rev. Joi. F. Studnlcka oOlclatlng. 

********** January 29. 1914 

RobeAt C. Bzltin Iz&t Tuesday ioA St. Paul. Hz will fiztuJtn In a izw dayi bfilnglng 
ha> bfildz with him, aiteA which thzy will makz Hanklmon thzlft homz. 

********** fzbJuuny 5, 1914 

Ffiank HeAzog oi MantadoA. and Uiii Lena. Woldowikl oi Cayuga wzfiz maftAlzd lait wzzk 
at Tofiman and will takz up thelA KzilAzncz at UantadoA In a iew dayi. 

Thz gfuoom li a ion oi Ufi. and Hfii. H. W. HzAzog oi Gznzizo and thz bfildz, a dough- 
ty oi M*. and Urn. Adam Woldowikl oi Cayuga. \bi. HeAzog li employed at, cleAk and aiilit- 
ant by thz EaAmeAi Statz Bank oi Mantadofi. 

********** Tzbmany 5, 1914 

Gzotigz Bladow wai In town yeiteAday ftzczlvlng thz congfuatulatloni oi hli many ifiizndi 
on hl6 fizcznt maAAiagz to a young lady ifwm Iowa. Thz bxidz li a itAangeA to thlb comm- 
unity and we havz fceen unablz to Izaftn heA maiden name, but juit thz iamz, Thz NEWS joint 
with otheA iftiendi In zxtzndlng beit wlihei to thz nzwly wedi. 

********** TzbAuahy 11, 1914 

A big wedding occufiAzd at Muwiay, HV. , lait ThuAiday, thz contracting paAtizi being 
Uiii Welnkaui and Wu RobeAt HalzhaueA. Both aAe prominent young pzoplz oi thz neighbor- 
hood and havz a hoit oi irlendi and well-wiiheA. Thzy will makz thelA homz on thz groom' i 
ilnz ioAm In Elma. 


Anton Johan Johanneion oi Hankln6on, and Uiii Slgnora Alvlda Grue oi Gunvlck, MM., 
wzaz unltzd In marriage at thz county count roomi In Wahpeton Monday morning, Judge Van- 
Aaywm toying thz wordi which unltzd thli happy couplz ion liiz. 

********** Ezbruary 19, 1914 


Thz maAAlagz oi Hiii SaAah Elizabeth TayloA oi TalAmount, HV. , and Walter R. Blggi 
oi Hanklmon, HV. , took place lait zvzning at 8 o'clock at thz homz oi thz bride' i iii- 
tzA, ttni. J. F. TyleA, 2910 Emenon Ave. H. The ceAzmony wa6 witneiied by Immediate 
rzlativzi only. It took placz In thz drawing room, which wai dzcoratzd with pink car- 
natloni and ierm. Thz bridz wai unattzndzd and wai drej>izd In whitz cKzpz with iatln 
and lacz, and caAAizd a bouquet oi lillei oi thz vallzy and bfildz' i roiei. Thz fling 
izrvlcz wai u&zd, Rev. Charlei Fox Vavli oi thz Eon ChuAch oOlclatlng. A luncheon 
wai izrvzd and jonquili and ieAni wzfiz uizd. Among thz gueiti wai Hui Grace Taylor oi 
Talfunount, HV, a iiiteA oi thz bfildz. AiteA a itay In Ulnnzapolli, tot. and Ufa. Blggi 
will go to Gfizznwood iafun, Hankinion, HV. r wheAz thzy will bz at homz aiteA UaAch 15th. 
HANK1NS0U NEWS Hinnzapolli JouKnal MaAcfi 12. 1914 



A pnetty home. wedding .took place at the home, oi tin. and Mm. Smith VeSilva in thiA 
city lent evening when thein daughten, CLana May, woa united in mannJLage with At*.. Louth 
Phhadih oi font Benton, MT. The cenemony woa penionmed by Rev. E. P. Getchell in the 
pnehence oi a. hmalZ panty of, intimate iniendh. The houhe urn deeo noted with even.Qh.eem, 
and the bnidal panty took thein unden a ilonal anch to the Atnainh oi Mendelhhohn" A 
Wedding Manch played by Mhh. Getchell and Mihh Eva Jone&. MihA Joneh atho hang "0 Vnomihe 
Me." Aiten the cenemony the wedding panty hat down to a bounteouh, ioun couhhe dinnen. 

The bnide gnew to womanhood in Richland County and iA well and iavonably known. The 
gnoom nehideh at font Benton, MT. , and the newlywedh leave tonight ion that city whehe 
they wilt hoon be at home. Scone* oi iniendh in thih vicinity extend congnatutationh and 
beht wthheh ion a long and happy voyage on the matnimonial hea. 

Emit Meide and Mihh Anna Knauhe, both oi Hankinhon, wene mannied kpnil 18th by 
Judge Van knnam at Wahpeton. 

********** t, pKU . 23, 1914 

RegiAten oi Veedh Olhon and Mihh Suite Rettig wene mannied at Wahpeton yehtenday. 
The bnide iA a nelative oi the Schiltz iamiliy oi thih city. 

A wedding that ehcaped the notice oi the NEWS hecently woa that oi Mihh Ida TJLegt> 
and Mn. kuguht Vankow. The happy event occunned Sunday, kpnil 19th, at St. John' A Chunch 
in Beliond Townhhip and woa attended by a lange numben oi iniendh and nelativeh oi the 
contnacting pantieh. Rev. Htlgendoni penionmed the cenemony. The young couple have 
neiyided in thih' vicinity hince chitdhood and have a hoht oi intend* who join in extending 
congnatuLatLonA and but wihheh. 

The bnide th a daughten oi Mn. and Mhh. Thank Tiegh and ih one oi the mo At populan 

young ladieh oi the neighbohhood in which hhe nejhideh. 

The gnoom th an tnduhtniouh young ianmen who hah the hehpect and ehteem oi all. 

********** Hay 7f 7974 

W. E. Ralmen, who woa with the Tanmehh £ Menchanth Bank hene ion home time the paht 
winten, woa mannied at McLeod laht week to MihA Vina Gateh. They will hehide on the 
gnoom' a ianm neon McLeod. HankinAon iniendA one plea&ed to extend congnatulatijonA . 

********** May 14, 1914 

T-nank Wolie and Mihh Eva Tihhen wene mannied Tuesday at Tintah, MN. The^young 
couple one well known hene and thein iniendA extend beAt wi&heA. 

A manniage LicenAe woa ihhued thiA week to Edwand 0. Homuth and Mihh Vonothea M. 

Vahl. The wedding iA to take place at the Luthenan Chunch on May 2&th. 

******** * * 

A quiet wedding was Aolemnized at St. Phitip'A Chunch Monday manning when MihA Katie 

Lee and Mn. Henman Rohl wene united in manniage, Rev. Joa. T. Studnicka oiiiciatlng. 


The bftide gnew to womanhood in oun city and hoi a lange cincle oi iniendi. The gnoom ii 
pnopnieton oi the. Centnal Hotel and the couple will make thein home in that hatleny. 

********** May 14, 7974 

The mannlage o{ UU>h Clana Lelm and Un. Edwand Hehn wai iolemnized thii monning at 
10:30 AM at the Genman Evangelical Chwich, Rev. Gnabowiki oiiiciating. The li the 
daughten oi Um. HeAmine lelm oi thii city and hoi a latige cincle oi iniendi. 

The gfioom ii a itnangen In the city but ii a pnoipenoui ianmeA neaA Tafttle Lake, NV. , 
wheAe the young couple will Following the cenemony a neception in honofi oi the 
newlywedi wai held at the home oi the bnide'i mothen at which a laftge numbe/i oi nelativu 
and iniendi weAe pne&ent. 

Un. and Um. Hehn will nemain hefie until Sunday to be pneient at a bifithday obienv- 
ance in honon oi Um. Lelm, aiten which they wilZ go at once to thein home neax Tufitle 

********** May 28, 1914 

A big wedding occufUizd at the Vahl home neon StiZei ThuAiday when Uiii Vofua Ripple 

and Un. Edwand Homuth wefie united in manniage. The cefizmony wai witneiied by a la/ige 

cnowd oi nelaXivei and iniendi, and wai fallowed by a gfiand fteception in which all joined 

heantily. The young couple one. well known and have a hoit oi iniendi who extend congnat- 

utationi and beit wiihei. 


A mafiftiage LLcenie wai inued thli week to Daniel J. CoiteUbo and Uiii Anna B. Hengel 
both <7<J thli city. 

********** June 4, 1914 

Guy C. Volhamii oi Hankimon and Uiii Hannah Johmon o& BeaAdiley, UN., wtfie united 

in mafiftiage at the Uethodlit pafiiotiage in (Uahpeton lait Tuesday aitennoon. They le{t in 

the evening ho ft a tftip to Baiialo, HV. 


Invitatiom one out fan the mafiftiage o£ T-ned Gaedcke and Uiii Anna Voliini, the 

happy event to take place at St. John'i Chunch in Belfand on the 17th init. 


The fallowing mafiftiage licemei wefie inued the pait week by Judge Van Afinam: Paul 

C. SchnoedeA and Uiii Anna Walmen, both oi Gtieat Bend, Hefiman Jahnke and Many Vfieagefi, 

both oi Hankimon, Guy C. Volhamui oi Hankimon and Uiii Hannah Johmon oi Beandiley, UN, 

fned Gaedcke and Anna Voliua, both oi Hankimon. 


The mafiftiage oi Uiii Uanganet BeAnand, dauahteA oi Ufii. Uany Bennafid and Un. Uagnm 
Bafitlei oi Bell Vlaine, UN., occunned at St. John'i Chunch at 10 o'clock Tuesday manning, 
Rev. Tn. Hidden oOiciating. 

The bftide wai dneiied In white chanmieihe, tftimmed in iilk shadow lace and cafutied a 
bftidal bouquet oi white noiei. HeA bftideimctid, Uiii VeAona BeAnand, wane white cnepe 
meteuA and caAAied pink noiei. Un. Tnank BeAnand, bnothen oi the bftide wai beit man. 


The Misses Leola and Viola. /Coin, twin daughters oi Mr. and Mrs. fdnn oi Hanklnson 

were itoweA girls and Master Lawrence Klnn was ring bearer. Dorothy Bernard played the 

wedding march. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bartles villi make their home. In Wahpeton. ...Globe. Gazette. 

********** June n> 19U 


yesteAday mofinlng at ten o'clock at St. John's ChuAch In Beliord, Rev. Hllgendori 
pronounced the. Midi, that joined ior Hie. Miss Anna. Poliuss and Mr. Tred Gaedcke. The 
ceremony was witnessed by a large assemblage oi relatives and intends and at It conclus- 
ion the guests repaired to the. home oi the. bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vbliuss, 
where a gfuxnd reception was held In honoA oi the newly wedded couple. 

The bKlde 16 one oi the most popular young ladles oi the neighborhood In which she 
has resided since childhood. HeA pleasing personality and many excellent qualities have 
made many intends wheAe ever she Is known. 

The gloom Is a pAospeAous young iaAmzA, respected and esteemed by all and the young 
people axe In every way well suited to each otheA. 

The reception iollowlng the wedding ceAemony was attended by intends irom iax and 
wide. The well known hospitality oi the Voliuss home was outdone on this occasion, and 
the memory oi the wedding that was celebhated yesterday will live long In the 
oi the guests. 

The NEWS joins with oi otheA intends In extending congratulations and best 

wishes to the newlyweds. 

********* * June lg> 19U 

The moAAlajge oi Miss Ella Hanson and Ma. Wm. KAetchmann was solemnized at the 
home oi Mr. and Was. C. E. Stewart In Hdgerwood yesteAday aiteAnoon. 

The bAide grew to womanhood In Elma Township^ and the_groom Is a Hanklnson boy who 

has made good. He now holds a responsible position with a LidgeAwood mercantile ilrm 

and the young couple will make thelA home In that city. A host oi Hanklnson intends 

extend congnatulations and best wishes. 

********** June Uf 7974 

The maAAlage oi Mr. Henman Jahnke and Hiss Many DreageA was solemnized last Trlday. 



At a beautliully appointed wedding Hiss Anna Hengel became the chanming bnlde oi 
Daniel James Castelio. The Nuptial Mass was lead by Rev. Tr. Simon oi Mantador beione 
a laAge concounse oi pitends and relatives. The bride was gowned In a white brocaded 
suit, a consage bouquet oi sweet peas and smllax, and wore a picture hat oi white leg- 
hohn and plumes. 

Theresa Jeub, the maid oi honor, was dressed In a silk crepe de chine gown, with 
a coat oi Colleen Green ChlHon, a bouquet oi pink and white roses, and wore a panama 

U 6). 

Mx. Haxold Costello, oi Minneapolis, was his bxothzx's attendant. Thz music was 
iuxnlshzd by Miss Lzo Eckzs, sopxano o& Wahpzton, Miss Connzll, violinist, and Miss 
McCloskzy , accompanist, oi this city. Thz szlzctions KzyidoA-td wzxz "0 Vxomlsz Me" by 
VzKovzy, "Ava Maxia" by Gounod and "At Dawning" by Cadman, by Miss Eckzs, with Violin 
Obtigato by Miss Connell, and thz Mzndzlshon's Wedding Maxch, which was played by Misses 
ConneZl and McCLoskey. 

Mx. Costello and his bxldz Izit on the. evening txain fax a two week* tfiip through 
YzlZowstonz Vaxk and will be. at home aitex August 1st. 

The out o& town guests wvlz' Mx. and Mxs. Costzllo, paxznts oi tke. gxoom, Mx. Haxold 

Costzllo, Miss Thexesa Jzub oi Minneapolis, Miss Leo Eckzs oi Wahpeton and Mxs. lommell 

and daughtex oi Bxitish Columbia.. 

»««»«*«*«• June lSf 19U 

Mxs. Maxy E. Olsson and Mx. C. F. Kummen wexe maxxlzd at Minneapolis June 16th, and 
immzdiately aitex the. czxzmony fax New Yoxk whexz they zmbaxkzd on thz steamship 
Pennsylvania, bound fax Hambuxg. 

The bxide is a well known and populax school teachex who has xesided in Cxeendale 
Township and the gxoom is a xesident oi Wlnnlpzg, Canada. Many -{friends In the. vicinity 
extend congxatulatlons and best wishes. 

One oi thz pxettlzst wzddings oi thz season occuxxzd at thz homz oi Mx. and Mxs. C. 
E. Stzwaxt at Lldgzxwood June 17th, at 4 ?M when thzlx gxand daughtzx Ella Hansen was 
unitzd in maxxlagz to Wm. Kxztchman. Thz bxldz was dxesszd in whitz voil txlmmzd with 
Venetian lacz, woxz a veil with a wxeath oi oxangz blossoms and caxxlzd a laxgz bouquet 
oi bxldal xoses. 

Thz gxoom was dxessed in thz usual black. Miss Mabel Stine, cousin oi the bxide, 
playzd thz Lohzngxln wzddlng maxch, Rev. G. L. Shaxp, pastox oi thz Baptist Chuxch, pzx- 
faxmzd thz xing cexzmony vexy ziizctivzly. 

Aitex xzczlving congxatulations , a sumptuous ilvz couxsz dlnnzx was szxvzd. Thz 

housz was beautliully decoxatzd fax thz occasion. Only xzlativzs oi thz contracting 

paxties wzxz pxzsent. Thz bxldz and gxoom axz well known axound lldgzxwood and axz 

highly xzspzctzd by all. Thzy xzczlvzd many usziul and valuablz pxesznts. Thzy will 

go to houszkzzplng in lldgzxwood. 

•***»«**•* June 25f 7974 


Spzclal to thz HEWS July 1th, 1914 Valentine, MT. 

Miss Bzxtha Haxt, who was zmployzd fax ovex faux yzaxs at S. V. Maxsh's placz 11 
miles south oi Hankinson and movzd to Valentine, MT., with them was unitzd In maxxlagz 
to Mx. Thzo. Bxooks at Lzwlstown, MT., on Sunday at 11 noon, July 5th, at his slstzx's 

Thz xoom was dzcoxatzd with ilowzxs. Thz bxldz was dxesszd In Alicz bluz cxzpz. 
Thz bxidzsmald woxz a tan silk. Thz bxldz' s ixlznds wilt be glad to heax oi hex max- 


nlage and wij>h hen much joy. Mn. Bnooks Is a successiul young ianmen oi \Jalentlne and 

his many iniends on Sage. Cneek join In wishing him happiness. They leit ion theln home. 

on the. ianm Monday the. 6th. 

********** July u> ]qu 

Hick Wawens, Jn., made, a tnlp to nonthenn Minnesota, the ione pant oi the week and 

netunned with a -in the. penson oi Miss Minnie Coombs. The. NEWS hah no details oi . . 

the. wedding but joint* the. many iniends oi the. gfioom in extending best wishes. 

********** July 3Qf ]9U 

Invitation* one out ion the. maAAlage oi Miss Bentha MuehleA and Ma. Robent Beng, 
welt known young people oi Bnlghtwood. The. happy event Is to occun next Tuesday. 

********** Septexiben 3, 1914 

A moAAlage license was issued this week to Joseph E. Nelson and Ida. L. Voeltz, 
both o <J Hanklnson. 

********** SeptembeA 3, 7974 


Tuesday moAnlng at 10 AM at the LutheAan ChuAch In this city, the maAAlage oi Miss 
BeAtha MuehleA and Ma. Robent Beng was solemnized, Rev. J. P. Klauslen officiating. The 
ceAemony was witnessed by Aelatives and a (Jew invited guests. 

The wedding was celeb Aated in a fitting manneA at the home oi the bnlde's patents 
In Bnlghtuoood Township lateA in the day. A bounteous Kepast was senved and the hospit- 
able home was filled with happy guests, the continuing ion Into the night. 

The contracting panties aAe well known, both having JLlved In Bnlghtmod most o{ 
theiA lives. , The Is a daughteA oi Ma. and Mas. Gustav MuehleA and has a host oi 
inlends and well wis hens. 

The gnoom Is an IndustAlous young ianmeA, nespected by all. The newlyweds will go 
to housekeeping at once on the Stnong ianm In Etma which the gnoom has Aented inom W.Kinn. 

********** SeptembeA 10, 1914 

Invitations one out ioA the maAAlage oi Miss MaAlan L. Schuttz and Mn. Tned lackey. 
The happy event Is to take place Sept. Z3nd. 

********** SeptembeA 11, 1914 

The maAAlage oi Miss Manlan L. Schuttz and Ma. Fned Lackey was solemnized yesteAday 
at the home oi the' s paAents, Mn. and Mas. H. C. Schuttz, south oi the city. 

The wedding was iittingly celebnated laten in the day, and a host oi inlends enjoy- 
ed the hospitality oi the Schuttz home and joined In extending congnatulatlons to the 
young couple. 

The bnlde Is a populan young lady who has gnown to womanhood hene and is deservedly 
populaA. The gnoom Is an IndustAlous young ianmeA, nespected by all who know him. The 
newlyweds will occupy the ianm on which the gnoom's panents have nesided ion sevenal 
yeoAS past. 

********** SeptembeA 14, 1914 


The maAniage ol Uiss Anna Enkens and Ma.. AnthuA KnuegeA was solemnized at the 
home ol the. bnide's poAents, Un. and Mns. W. Enkens, last Thunsday evening, Rev. A. 
Gnabowski peAlonming the ceAemony. Ike. has Aesided in Hankinson Ion many yeans 
and hoi a host ol Intends and well wishens. The. gloom is a pnospenous young lanmen 
ol Bnightwood Township, and the. newly wedded couple will make theiA home on his line 
lanm louA miles wet>t ol the city. 

********** Oct. 1, 1914 

Henman W. Stenn and Hiss Helene Hohenstenn wene mannied by Rev. J. P. KlausleA 
yestenday monning. The ceAemony was peAlonmed In the pAesence ol a lew intimate Intends. 
The an/lived {Aom Genmany a lew month* ago, white the gnoom hah nesided in Hank- 
inson ion. sevenal yeans. The young couple have a host ol' Intends who extend best 
wishes. They will occupy the J. P. GlasneA lam south ol town which they have tented 
loti next yean. 

********** October 8, 1914 


Da. C. B. Fnost stole a maAch on his Intends hene by netunning Tntday evening Inom 
a tnip to Cincinnati, OH., with a bKide. The wedding took place at Cincinnati on Wed- 
nesday, Oct. 14th, the being Hiss HildAed H. HcConmick ol that city. 

Announcing that hie, tfup wot, pufiely one ol business, the pnospective gfwom took 
his Intends completely by sunpnise, but congnatulations afie none the less heafity and 
sincene. Vn. fnost hat, been a nesident ol oun city loft a tittle mo fie than a yeoJi and 
hat. made a holt ol Intends. The i6 a stnangen to oua people but will be welcomed 
in the social cificle ol the city. 

The young couple have gone to housekeeping in one ol the Neumann cottages whefie 
they will be "at home" alten Oct. Uth. 

********** October 11, 1914 

The maAAiage ol Hiss Elsie Schfioedefi and August foelXz, Jfi., was solemnized at the 
ImmanueJL Ev. ChuKch yestenday alteJinoon, Rev. Gnabowski olliciating. 

The young people one well, known, both having been residents ol Gtieendale Township 
lofi many yeafis. The ceAemony was witnessed by only a lew intimate Intends. The con- 
tfiacting panties one populan and highly neganded by a lanjge cificle ol Intends and all 
join in extending congnatulattons and best wishes. They will make theiA heme on the 
lanm occupied by the gnoom's panents in Gnzendale. 

********** OctobeA 11, 1914 

Ha. HeAman liegelman and Hiss Enna Bohn weAe mannied on Tntday, Oct. llnd, at 
the home ol the bnides paAents. Both afie well known heAe, the bnide being a daughten 
ol Henny Bohn, the gnoom is a son ol Tnzd Liegelman. Both gnew up in this neighbonhood. 
Ha. liegelman is in business at GoAlteld, HH. , wheAe they will make theiA home. We 
wish to extend congnatulattons and best wishes. 

********** OctobeA 19, 1914 


A moAfUagz ticznsz has bzzn tsiuzd to RobzAt ThitXin and Stziizns, both 
o£ Summit and to Emmzt E. Glznz oi Vaynzsviltz, MW. , and A. StoUtznow o& GAzat 
Bend. ********** 

A quizt homz wzdding occuAAzd at thz Hankinson ianm at I VM yzstzAday aitzAnoon. 
Hui Emlty EmmzASon and Ma. VzanJL Paynz bzing thz contAacting pantizs. Thz czAzmony 
was pzA&oAmzd by Rev. Johnson oi Jamzstown in thz pKzszncz oi Azlativzs and tmmzdiatz 

Thz buidz Is a daughtzA oi (Aft. and Mas. C. EmmzASon and Is an accomptishzd young 
lady with thz highzst oi womanly quaUXizs. Thz gttoom l ioAmzAly Az&idzd at Pollock, 
SV., but thz young couple, will makz thziA homz on thz Hankinson iaAm aitzA a bAizi 
bnJidal touA on which thzy dzpaAtzd last zvzning. Thz NEWS joint* othzK iAiznds In 
zxtznding congnjxtixlationjs and bzst wishz6. 

********** Nou . n, 19U 

T-Hzd Kath and iamily oaz attznding a Leg wzdding &ouK milzs houth oi LidgzAwood 

today. Thz contracting paAtizs oaz Ida, daughtzA oi Ma. and Mas. JuUus Ebzl, and 

MA. RichoAd Zadloii. 


HankinAon iAiznds havz Azczivzd invitations to thz wzdding oi Mist, Ottliiz Hozis, 
thz happy zvznt to takz at thz homz oi hzA paAznts, Ma. and Mas. fzAdlnand Hozi&, 
ioxmzAJLy oi Hankinson, in VoKtland, OR., on Nov. Itth. Thz gAoom to bz Is Ma. Wa&tzA 

***»***»*» HovzmbzK 19, 1914 

A quiet wzdding took placz on Wzdnzsday at thz homz oi CaAl Stottznow. ThziA 
daughtzA Ella was joinzd in wzdlock to Ma. Emmzt E. Glznz oi Paynzsvillz, MW. We 
wish to zxtznd hzaAty congAotulations. 

********** HovzmbzA 19, 1914 

Thz maAAiagz oi John P. FabzA and Mas. BzAtha WagnzA occuAAzd at MantadoA last wzzk. 


Ma.. RobzAt Ttiittin and Mist, Alicz Stziizns wzaz joinzd in wzdlock at thz homz oi 
thz bxldz'A paAznts on Tuzsday. Many iAiznds and Azlativzs wzaz pAzsznt to wltnzs& 
thz czAzmony. Both oaz wzll and iavoAablzy known hzAz and thziA many iAiznds join 
in zxtznding hzaAty congAotulations . 

********** Novzmbz U, 1914 

R. W. Mittag, onz oi oua pAominznt young iaAmzAi, was maAAizd at TaAgo on Thanks- 
giving Vay to Mlst> Elsiz Mzllkz oi that city. 

Thzy oaz spending a izw dayt> visiting at thz homz oi thz gAoom'i paAznts noAth oi 
this city. A hat oi iAiznds join in zxtznding congAotulations and bzst wishzs. 

********** VzczmbzA 3, 1914 



Thz manniage oi Miss Qdzlia Rosz Hozis and WalteA UiZliam Butznschozn was solemnized 
at the home oi the Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM, the Rev. Canl 0. Saltzman oi the 
St. John' 6 LutheAan Chunch o Relating. 

The wont a. gown oi ivony white, satin and hen. vzil oi embnoidznzd net izll 
to the. hem oi hex tnatn. It was iastznzd in a. becoming mob cap, which was caught in 
place with a cotwnet oi onangz blossomi. Hzn bouquet was oi bntde. noses and sweet peas. 

Miss Launa Hoeis was hen. sistzn's maid oi honon and Ennzst Butznschozn attended 
his bnothzn as but man.. Little Miss Clana Pennish was fUng bzanzn. The "LohengtUm" 
wzdding manch was played by Mns. PzteA Bzckzn, In.., a sisteA oi the. btUdegnoom. The 
bnidal panty took thzin place* amid a bowzn oi ilowzns, which wznz artistically annang- 
zd about the noons, chnysanthzmums being used with trailing izstoons oi ivy and zvzn- 

The ionty guzsts pnzsznt at the cznemony gneeted the. bnidal couple aiten the cere- 
mony and latex, pantook oi a sumptuous wedding suppzn. 

Mn. and Mns. Butznschoen leit ion a shont wedding tKip to the sound cities and 

they will be at home to thzin iniznds aiteA VzczmbeA 15th Pontland Onegonian... 

********** VzczmbeA 3, 1914 

Mzssns Chas. Bade and John Movius, son oi Mn. and Mns. E. A., ate on thzin 
way to GeAmany, not to help iight the Kaiszn's battles, but thz ionmzn gozs to join 
his wiiz and daughteA who ate in Hanovzn, and zxpzets to nztunn with them in the spning 
and John goes to claim thz young lady to whom hz is betnothzd. Thz maAniagz will take 
place shontly aiteA his aAnival in HanoveA. John and his bnidz will aAAivz hznz duning 
thz iiASt pant oi JanuaAy. Thz tuoo gentlemen intend to go via. Holland, but as thzy had 
made no stzameA neseAvations, thzy thought thzy might be obliged to go via Italy, as it 
is impossible to land at any Nonth sza Gznman pont at this time. 

»*•»*****» VzczmbeA 10, 1914 

Thz maAniagz oi Hiss Bzntha Johanna Knausz and Ma.. Johnniz Mattlz Bzchzl took 
placz last zvzning at 7:30 PM. Rev. Gnabowski pznionming thz cznemony. Un. and Mas. 
Ezchzl Izit ion a wzdding tAip to Plum City, WI., thz homz oi thz gnoom's panznts. 

Thzy will also visit negatives oi thz bnidz at Uanth{U.zld and St. ClaiA, MM., 
and go to St. Paul and Minneapolis ion thz wintzn. Thzy will nztuAn to Hankinson in 
thz spning to makz thzin iutxxAz homz. Thz bnidz U> a daughteA oi Mn. and Mas. Canl 
Knausz and has hosts oi intends. The gnoom is a well known young man who has been in 
tSfUs county ion yeans and is desznvzdly populaA. 

********* « VzczmbeA 31, 1914 


19 7 5 

Announcement* wene Ke.czA.vzd heAe this week oi the mcwUa.gz oi HLdd TheAeda M. 
Lunde to Ma. Benjamin E. CaA£e£on at the home. oi the' d didteA, ttu. A. 0. Oldon, 
oi TeAgud T-alld on Wednesday oi ladt week. 

The. id a daughtzA oi Mi&. Van Sweeney oi Elma and gAew to womanhood in Rich- 
land County. Shz id a populaA young lady and a holt oi inizndd join in extending con- 
gAatulationd. Thz gloom id in budinedd at Spanta, Bfl., whzAz thz young couple will be 
"at home" aiteA Teh. Ut. 

********** Januany 7, 79/5 

A moAAiage licznde was idduzd thid wzzk to Anton P. BommeAdbach and Uidd KatheAine 

Roth, both oi Hankindon. Thz mafuUagz Id to takz place next Tuesday. 


JanuaAy 14, 7975 

Thz moAAiage oi Uidi Eldie RoedeA and Ma. Richand Hedenwaldt wad solemnized by 
Rev. GAabowdki at thz GeAman Ev. ChuAch yedteAday. Thz young people afiz native* oi 
Richland County, thz bhidz being a daaghteA oi tot. and Has. Tied RoedeA. The gAoom 
id a ion oi Mn. and UAd. A. W. Medenwaldt. 

The czAzmony wad iollowed by a Aeception at thz homz oi tlxz bnide'd paAzntd. 
The nzwlywzdd have the congAatulationd oi a laAgz cinclz oi iAiendd. 

********* * JanuoAy 14, 7975 

Anton P. BommeAdbach and Uidd KatheAine Roth weAe maAAied at the Catholic ChuAch 
Tuesday manning, and a AeceptLon iollowed in which a laAge numben oi iAiendd paAtici- 
pated. The young couple will continue to make theiA home in Hankindon and will go 
to housekeeping at once. 

********** JanuaAy 27, 7975 

John TidheA and Uidd Ro4e MoAkd weAe maAAied Tuesday mohning, the ceAemony being 
pzAioKmed by Rev. Studnicka at St. Philip' d ChuAch. Both one well known young people. 

********** Januany 28, 7975 

Thz maAAiagz oi ?Aoi. Wm. A. F. Kath and Miss BzAtha Tnittin was solemnized at 
the LuthzAan ChuAch in LidgeAwood thid moKning at hali past 10 o'clock, Rev. ClozteA 

The ceAemony was witnessed by a small gathering oi invited guests and i6 being 
iollowed with a AeceptLon at the bAide's home this aiteAnoon. The young people one 
well known, the bAide had gAown to womanhood in Richland County. She id a chaAming 
young lady and had a hodt oi iAiendd and well widheAd. 

The gAoom id a don oi Ma. and Mas. August Kath oi thid city and by dint oi deli 

dacniiice and peAdeAveAance had Aealized a boyhood ambition oi decuAing a libeAal 

education, iitting himdeli ioA woAk along educational lined. A hodt oi iAiendd aAe 

pleaded to extend congAotulationd. 

********** TebAuaAy 4, 7975 


A marriage license was Issued Feb. 1st, to Ernest A. Bohn oi Great Bend and 
Miss Caroline E. Schroeder oi Wahpeton. 

********** February 4, 1915 


Wm. Schuett and C. A. Chinberg were among the guests at a iashionable wedding in 
Minneapolis last week. They had intended to invite. Vr. to join them in the, but learned that the party with whom Voc made hJut> Kecent "diet" wager 
had catted it oii, stating that he did not want to be guilty oi manslaughter. Under 
the circumstances , Voc would not make a welcome addition to the list oi wedding guests 
with whetted appetites, so they were obtiged to leave him in deoJi old St. Paul. 

The contracting parties were Leora Elizabeth, daughter oi Ma. and Mrs. J. E. Vra- 
egeA, and Mr. Otto F. Melchert, and the maAAiage was solemnized at the Catholic Varson- 
age at S:45 AM on Thursday, Feb. 11th, by Father Mclntyre. The ceremony was ioltowed 
by a Aeception at the home oi the'*> parents wheAe a sumptuous 6 o'clock dinneA 
wad served. The -U an accomplished young lady holding a position as bookkeeper 
with the Northwestern Telephone Exchange Co., and the groom is a valued employee oi 
the Street Railway Co. 

Guests in attendance at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Miller, Mr. and Mas. 
J. P. Valin, Mr. and Mrs. P. Maker, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rachner, Mr. and Mrs. V. Miller, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Conklin, Miss Ethel Hebert, Miss Gladys Conklin, Miss Teresa Friedeck, 
Miss Clara Larson, Frank Friedeck, Wm. Welsh, C. Finnigan, E. H. Holman. 

t ******* * * February IS, 1915 

Mr. Ernest Bohn and Miss Caroline E. Schroeder were joined in wedlock on Tuesday 
at the home oi the bride's parents. The groom Is well known to all here, being a nat- 
ive oi Richland County, son oi Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bohn, one oi our most prosperous iarm- 
ers near here. The bride is a daughter oi Aug. Schroeder, living about seven miles 
southeast oi Great Bend, also a prosperous iarmer. She is highly thought oi by all who 
know her, in iact both are highly esteemed by all. A number oi relatives and iriends 
were present to witness the ceremony which was periormed by Rev. T. Hinck. Mr. and 
Mrs. Bohn will be at home on the iine iarm one hali mite south oi Great Bend and have 
the best wishes and congratulations oi all. 

********** February 18, 1915 


The marriage oi Miss Leona Manthie to Mr. George Ross Fowler occurred at 9 AM 
this morning at the home oi the bride's mother, Mrs. Louisa Manthei, in this city. 
Rev. J. P. Klausler periormed the ceremony in the presence oi relatives and a iew 
intimate iriends oi the contAacting parties. 

The newly wedded couple are well known and highly esteemed. The bride has been 
a resident oi our city, ior some time and Is highly talented, a giited musician and 
possesses many attractive qualities oi heart and mind, which have won ior her a host 
oi iriends. The groom is one oi our prominent business men, universally respected 


and poAAeAAing thz conildzncz oi thz zntiAz community. 

ThoAz ifiom a diAtancz In attendancz at thz wzdding weAz Gzo. TowleA and wliz, 
poAzntA oi thz gAoom, and tint,. R. H. Slacum, a AiAteA, all oi faAgo. M. UUIza and 
wliz oi Hodman, MN. 

M*.. and Uaa. YowleA deposited on Soo tAain 10S a couplz oi houAA aiteA the ceAemony, 

ioA a bAlzi wzdding tAip. Thzy will be. "at homz" In thz TowleA AeAidzncz on Renington 

Avenue aiteA ApAil 10th. 

Thz newly wzd& wzAz given a AouAing "Aend-oii" upon thziA dzpoAtuAz thiA monning. 

********** UaAjch 4f j 9J5 

Thz maAAlagz oi fUAA Lillian EhlzAA to Ma. MaAtin Hzllwlg -Is Achzdulzd to take 

placz Feb. 10th. Thz pAo&pzctlvz bAldz iA a daughteA oi HenAy EhlzAA, one oi oua 

pAominent ioAmeAA. 

********** HaAch 4f j 9J5> 

MiAA Inga Kj'oa, who haA bzzn tza,ching in thz VzddeA diAtAict noAth oi town duAing 

the winteA, AzAlgnzd hen. position Azczntly and a izw dayA ago was maAAlzd at BAzckzn- 

hidgz to Melvin LobeAg oi WyndmeAz. Thz bAldz'A iAlzndi Jin thiA vicinity okz plzaAzd 

to extend congAatoLationA . 

********** UaAch Uf 7975 

A maAAlagz licznAZ woa iAAuzd at Wahpzton UaAch 11th to T-Azd Gfumznz oi BaAnzy 

and Mm. Loui&a John, oi BAzckznAldgz. 


Maa Rzdmon, a ioAmzA tzacheA in thz HankinAon AchoolA, wa6 maAAlzd laAt Sunday 

at hzn homz in AAkanAoA. Thz HEWS haA no dztailA oi thz wzdding. 

********* * ApAU %f J9T5 

Thz maAAlagz oi MiAA Edna M. JoneA and Ma. A. L. Ahlzn occuAAzd at ULnnzapolii 

on Wednesday, MaAch 30th. Thz bAldz iA a AiAtzA oi MhA. V. A. Young oi thiA city 

and iA a ioAmzA tzacheA in thz HankinAon AchoolA. A laAgz cOiclz oi ihlzndi, In thiA 

vicinity extend congAatulxvtionA and bz6t wUhzA. toi. and WiA. Ahlen will makz thzlA 

homz in Vuluth. 

********** ApJlU gf 1915 


UnA. Amanda Vahl and Ma. P. J. BoAibeau wzAz maAAlzd by Judgz VanAAnam at ['lahpzt- 
on today. Thz wzdding paAty, con&iAtlng oi thz bnidal paiA and a izw inizndh, motoKzd 
oveA to thz county 4 eat thiA mo fining, and the zeAzmony woa peAioAmzd duAing thz day. 

Thz bAldz iA well known, having AZAldzd hzAz Alncz childhood. Shz haA a hot,t oi 

ifiiendt and well wUheAA. Thz gloom iA a Soo employee and highly eA teemed among kit, 

aAAoclatzA. Thzy will makz thziA homz In Hankin&on. 

********** KptdZ 22 t 1915 

Thz maAAlagz oi Maa Stella Novztzkz and Ua. Mantin Woliz waA Aolzmnlzzd at St. 
Philip' A ChuAch on Twz&day monning, Rev. Joa. F. Studnicka oiilciating. Thz zzizmony 


wai witneiied by a lange gathering ol invited gaeiti and wai lollowed by a neception 

at the home, ol the' & mo then. 

The bnide ii a daughteA ol Hni. John Novetzke and hoi Lived hene lince ginlhcod. 

The gnoom li employed in Gneen'i Vnag Stone and ii esteemed and neipectzd by all. 

They have the congnatulationi ol a holt ol Iniendi. 

The will make theiA home with Hm. hlovetzke ion the pneient. 

********** ApKU lZf ms 


Joseph J. Hapnavnek ol Lowny, HN., and Hill Anna Hndlicka ol LidgeAwood; Pnank J. 

Snnka and Hill Hanie Svoboda, both ol Wahpeton; and Choi. H. Hant ol Hahkin&on and 

Hill Rugh E. Lanion ol ValZey City. 

********** KpAjUL llf 1915 

A moAAiage licenie wai iiiuzd thil week to Onnen HilleA and Hill Cecelia. Bennand 
both ol TyleA. ********** Wfl „ 6 7975 

Hanniage liceniei iiiue.d duAing the pait week weAe ai lollowi: Hay 7th, Rudolph 
Hndlicka and Mi&l Emma TunlaA, both ol LidgeAwood; Hay 10th, ChaAley F. Kath, J A. , and 
Mill Emma B. Hoeli, both ol Hankimon; May 10th, Uickola Rettenath ol LidgeAwood and 
Hill Anna S. BeckeA ol Mantadon. 

********** May 13, 1915 

Invitation* one out Ion the wedding ol Hill J da Boldt and Theo. Pnochnow, the 
happy event to take place Thuniday, Hay 20th. 

********** Hay 13, 1915 


Thi& moAning at 10 o'clock, at the GeAman Ev. ChuAch, the moAAiage ol Hill Ida 
Boldt and Ha. Theo. T. Pnochnow wa& solemnized, Rev. A. Gnabowiki penlonming the. cene- 
mony. Only a lew invited gueiti weAe. pneient, and alteA the. ceAemony a. Aeception wat> 
held Ioa the young couple at the home, ol the bnide'i patients louth ol the city. 

The contracting paAtieJ> have lived in thil neighborhood lince childhood. The bnide 
tl> a. daaghteA ol Ha. and Hni. HeAman Boldt and hoi a lange. ciAcle ol wanm Iniendi and 
well wiiheni. The gnoom ii a ion ol Ha. and Hni. HeAman Vnochnow ol Bnightwood. The 
young couple will occupy the Pnochnow lanm in a ihont time. Hn. and Hn6. HeAman Pnoch- 
now having nented the KiAich neiidence pnopenty with the intention ol moving to Hankin- 
lon about June lit. 

The NEWS j'oini a lange cincle ol Iniendi in extending congnatulationi and belt 
wiihei to the newly wedded couple. 

********** Hay 20, 1915 

Hill Clana Kunz and Hn. HeAman Hittag weAe mannied at St. Philip' i ChuAch Wednei- 


day morning at 10 o'clock. The arrived here recently irom Chicago to visit 
relatives and the. groom hoi been a resident oi Hanklnson far many years. They wilt 
make their home In this city. 

********** May 20, 1915 


A very pretty wedding was solemnized at St. John's Church, Wahpeton, Tuesday mom- 
Ing, May 18th. The contracting parties were Miss Cecelia Bernard and Mr. Orrin Miller, 
both o& Tylen.. A nine o'clock nuptial mass was read, the. Rev. Arnold Rldder oiilclatlng. 

The. bride Is a daughter. oi Math Bernard, postmaster and proprietor o{ a general 
store at Tyler, and one oi the. molt highly respected citizens oi this county. 

The groom Is a ion oi John Miller, one oi the. prosperous farmer* oi Summit Town- 
ship. Mr. and Mrs. Miller far a short visit at various cities In South Dakota and 
aiter their return will reside. In the. groom' & beautiful home. In Tyler. . 

A host oi frilends wish then a happy wedded Hie.. 

********** May 20, 1915 


A marriage license was Issued this week to Joseph Peters chelk and Mis* Magdalena 
M. Schlener, both oi Mantador. 

********** May 20, 1915 


Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 ?M, at the home o& the bride In Valley City, Miss Ruth 
Larson and Mr. Chas. H. Hart were united In the holy bonds oi matrimony. The NEWS has 
no details oi the wedding, but It Is understood only relatives and a iew Intimate frie- 
nds were present. 

The bride taught school In Greendale Township the past year and Is well known and 
highly esteemed far her many good qualities oi heart and mind. The groom has been a 
resident oi our city far some time and has won the respect oi all, both In his profess- 
ional wonk and otherwise. A host oi iriends join In. extending congratulations and best 
wishes far a long and happy wedded Hie. 

Vn. and Mrs. Hart arrived irom Valley ; City on Soo train 106 last night and will 

go to housekeeping at once In the Tyson residence property. 

********** June 3f J975 

The marriage oi Miss Rose Klar and Mr. John P. Wolie Is announced to take place 
at St. VhiLip's Church Tuesday, June 22nd. Both are well known Elma young people. 

********** June 3, 1915 

A unique wedding Is to take place soon In Homestead, li the signs at the county 
judge's oOlce are properly Interpreted. On May 31st, licenses were Issued to Bernard 
I. Braaten and Tollei Olaus Braaten, two brothers, to marry Miss Clara H. Skare and 

Miss Annette Skare, sisters. AH faur oi the young people are irom Homestead. 

********** June 3> J975 


It 16 neponted that T-ned Zlzgzlman, Jr. , was marnizd at Gariield, MW. , last 

Saturday, We have, been unable to learn the. name. oi the., but she is a Minnesota 

girl and we wish to extend our hearty congnatulatlons . 

********** June 3> J9I5 


The mamiagz oi Miss Rosz Klan to John P. Woliz is announced to take place at St. 

Philip's Church next Monday. 

********** June n> T9J5 


Tuesday evening, In the. pnzsznce oi a small party oi guests, at the. home oi Mr. and 
Mns. L. LohK, Rev. H. C. Juzll pronounced the wonds that joined In wedlock., Miss Connie. 
Lohn and Mr. Jos. A. Motls. 

A wedding ieast iollowed the. ceremony, and the young people were showered with the. 
best wishes oi the assembled guests. 

The. young couple one. well known and have. the. congratulations oi a large circle oi 

iniznds throughout this station. Thzy will in EOington. 

********** June 17f m5 


Monday manning at 10:30 AM thz mamiagz oi Ml&s Rosz Klar and tin. John P. Woliz 
was solemnized at St. Philip's Chunch in thz pnesencz oi a langz gathering oi iniznds , 
Rev. Jos. F. Studnicka oiilclating. 

Shontly aitzn thz ceremony thz guests ionmed a procession and drove to thz homz 
oi thz bnidz's panznts, Mr. and Mns. Wm. Klan, down nzan thz South Dakota bondzn line, 
whznz thz wzdding was ilttingly celebrated. A big banquet was spnead and scones oi 
iniznds panticipatzd Jin thz , which continuzd throughout thz day and ion 
Into thz night. 

Thz bnidz has nzsldzd in this nzlghbonhood since childhood and is zstzzmzd by all 
ion hzn many high qualities oi hzant and mind. Thz gnoom is a pnospznous young iarmzr 
who has thz nzspzet oi a langz cinelz oi acquaintances. Thz HEWS joins with a host oi 
iniznds in extending congratulations and best wishes. 

********** Jme _ 24, 7975 


Marnizd on Saturday June 12th, 7975, at Missoula, MT., Mr. bliZUam Mylzs Potts 
and Miss Connetia Vuiiy. Announcements to that ziizct wzrz nzczlvzd hzrz last wzzk 
by iniznds and nzlatlvzs oi thz young lady. 

Miss Vuiiy is a daughter oi Mrs. M. K. Sargent oi this place and has ior thz past 
two years taught in thz vicinity oi Helmville, MT. She Is a well educated young lady 
and has a host oi iriends who wish her every happiness. 

The groom, we understand, l& connected with the Tierce Ranch at Helmvillz and is 
a young man oi sterling character. To them thz Pioneer with many others extends con- 

gnatulations and good wishes ion an abundancz oi good iontunz and prosperity 

Wyndmere Pioneer July 1, 79 75 


Ufi. Aaguht Zlegetman and Ulhh Ida Gaht weAe united In holy bondh oh UatAimony on 
Wzdnzhday, June IZfid, at the homz oh the.' & paAenth, MA. and Mfih. Ttied Gaht. Both 
one. well and havo nobby known to alt heAe. 

Ma. Zlzgzlman ih a hon oh Efied Zlzgzlman and ih one oh oua upfiight InduhtAlouh 

young lanmetu. The bfildz ih welt known fan hen. high qualitlzh and both have the con- 

gfiatulatlonh and bzht wlhhzh o& alt. They Mill be at home on the Rudolph KfieugeA {anm 

which Ma. Zlzgzlman hah Kented hoA thlh hzahon. The ceAemony wah peAhofimzd by Rev. T. 


********** ■i. l f u f iqic 

...GAeat Bend Examine*... Jux.y i , iris 

YopuloJi Young Couple Mafifilzd at Bfrnndt Home Laht Evening 

A pAetty home wzddlng occuAfuzd at the homz oh Mfih. F. H. Btumdt laht zvznlng whzn, 
at 7 o'clock ?M, Rev. A. Gfiabowhkl pfionounczd the wofidh that joined Ion tihe Mlhh Hati- 
vllle Bnandt and Mt. William C. Hanzwald. Thz ceAemony was, peAfa fumed In the pAz&encz 
oh fuztatlvzh and a lew Intimate ifu.end&, and wah hotlowed by a wedding huppeA. 

Thz contracting pafitleh okz well and havofuably known hzKz. Thz bnide ih a daughteA 
o^ Ufa,. F. H. Bfuxndt ahd hat, fiehlded In Richland County alt hzA tihe. Shz hoi a plzahlng 
pzfihonality and hoi a hoht oh ^t-tendi and well wihhzAh. 

Thz gfioom, ah thz traveling Azpfiehentatlve ho*- Mac Vonald Bfioh. oh Mlnnzapotlh In 
thit> tzAAitotvy, hah made Hanklnhon hih hzadquaAtzAh h ofl a nwmbeJi oh yeoAh. He hah an 
enviable fieputatlon ah a filling young man and hah many wanm h^iendh In ouA city. Thz 
NEWS joinh with a hoht oh £t-i.endA in zxtznding bzht wlhhzh. 

Thz nzwlywzdh Izht thJUh mo fining on a bfilzh wzddlng tAlp In thz wzhteAn paxt oh the 

htate. They will make thzlfi homz In Mlnnzapotlh. 

********** JuZy J5f J9J5 

Rfiztty Homz Wzddlng at Aim Homz Tuehday Evening. 

Onz oh thz pfizttlzht wzddingh oh thz heahon occutvied at the homz oh Mfi. and MAh. 
H. A. ktm Tuzhday zvznlng at t o'clock whzn thelft daughteA, Mihh BzatAlcz film, became 
the bfildz oh M*.. ChehteA A. Hotkehvlg oh Gibbhbofio, NJ. , In thz pfizhzncz oh thz immzd- 
latz tfa/ac&/ and a ^ew glnl hAiendh oh the bfildz. 

Mihh UaAion Aim, hlhtzA oh thz bfildz, wah maid oh honon. and thz gfioom wah attzndzd 
by Ma. Chzhtzfi Mm. A hlmplz and impfizhhlvz filng heAvlcz wah peAhoAmed by Rev. H. C. 
Juell. Little Mihh KatheAine Spotthwood wah filng bzaAzA, cafifiylng thz filng In the 
heaAt oh a fuohz, pfizczdzd thz bfildz and hzfi hatheA. 

Mlhh Eva Joneh hang "Dawn" and thz bfildat paAty enteAed to the htfuzinh oh Mendet- 
hohn'h Wedding MaAch, fizndzAzd by Mihh lucllz Kinney. 

Thz Aoomh wzaz beautlhulJty decofiatzd with a pfvohuhion oh tf&wew and the ceAzmony 
wah peAhofimzd undeA a htofial afich oh pink and white fioheh on a background oh gfieenzAy. 

Thz bfildz wo fie. a chaAmlng gown oh cAeam cAepe de chine and hhadow tacz and the 
bfildzhmald' h gown wah oh pink chlhhon. 


A dainty suppen wad deAved aiteA the cenemony, the table beting deconated with pink 
and white dtneameAd and huge bowld oi pink and white dweet pead. 

The bnlde Id one oi Hankindon' 4 own young ladleA, having been bonn and bnought up 
henc, and the gtwom Id a veAy estimable young man, a chemldt in the employ oi the Luca6 
Taint, Co., oi Gibb&bono, NJ. 

UlddeA Vjuth and Genevieve Holkesvlg, AldteAd oi the gtwom, weAe. pnesent, inom Tango, 

Honth Dakota. 

' The young couple leit on the, evening tnain ion theln iutune. home at Gibbdbono , with 

the congnatulationd and bedt wldheA oi a ho&t oi iniendd. 

********** JuZy llf 1915 

Invitations one out ion the ionthcomlng wedding oi Uidd Anna Uedenwaldt and Un. 
Gudtave Hubnig, to take place on ThuAdday, July 19th. 

Uanniage licensee Id&utd the past week: Ttied Bladow oi Hankindon and Uidd Eldle. 
UilleA oi ElAoy, WI., on July Uth: Gudtave. Hubnig and Uidd Anna Uedenwaldt, both oi 
Hankindon; CheAteA Adolph Holkedvig oi Tango, and Uidd BeatJu.ce Ethel Aim oi Hankin- 
don on July 19th. 

********** JuZy llf T975 


ThiA aiteAnoon at 2:30 ?U, the mannlage oi Uidd Anna Uedenwaldt and Un. Gudtav 
Hubnig wad Aolemnized at the. GeAman LutheAan ChuAch, REv. J. P. KlauAlen peAioKming 
the cenemony. A small paAty oi invited gueAtd weAe. in attendance. 

A Atception ion. the young couple will be given at the home oi the bnlde' d panentd, 
Ma. and Und. Tnank Uedenwaldt oi Sonona, on Sunday, August HI. 

The young people one. well known, having nesided in this nelghbonhood all theiA 

lives, and a laAge clAcle oi iniends extend congnatulations and beAt widheA ion a long 

and happy maAAled Hie. 

********** JuZy Z9f 19n 

William PaAlzek and Uidd Hazel J. Wolie, both oi LidgeAwood, weAe maAAied at 
Wahpcton on Tuzdday. 

********** August 5, 7975 

Uannicd at the home oi U. V. Keeney in Wahpeton, ChanleA A. VonAon oi Tainmount 
and Ulss Inene CeAvent oi Tainmount, Rev. Vuden oiiiclating. They will take up theiA 
neAldence at the ianm home oi Un. VonAon, neon Sonona. 

********** August 5, 7975 

It was 8. C. Monnon and not ChanleA A. who mannled Ulss Inene Cenvent oi Tainmount 

last week. The NEWS wat> mlsinionmed ad to the InltiaUoi the gnoom, 

* * * *C2*9)' * August 72, 7975 

Calix F. BaueA Dlins Charming at Turle lake.. 

Cupid scored another victory and Incidentally provided one, oi the. popular, young 
ladles oi this vicinity with a "Right Bower." loti Hie Monday, August 16th, when hliss 
Teresa Reuten became the. oi Calix F. Bauer, the ceAemony occurring In St. Cath- 
erine's CAthollc Church at Turtle Lake, with Rev. F*. Stroemmel o{ Wilton o dictating. 

Ike. happy couple were attended by R. C. BaueA, brother oi the groom, and Miss 
Lizzie. Reuten, the bnlde's sistzA, and aitzr. the. ceAemony a wzddlng bueakiast was 
seAved to the bridal paAty and a iew Intimate. irlends and relatives at the home oi 
the bride's iatheA, Wm. Reuten, seven nontheast oi Turtle Lake. 

Both young pzople oaz well and {abonably known In this vicinity, the bride having 
grown up to womanhood In thz TuAtlz Lakz neighborhood, and thz groom having been con- 
nzctzd ioA quitz a long time with thz first Statz BAnk, oi which he Is now assistant 

Ma. and Wis. BaueA Izit thz day oi thz wzddlng ion a tAlp to Hanklnson, thz ion- 
meA's old homz, and ifiam thzAz to points in Minnesota, making the tAlp In the groom's 
new Overland. Thzy will Aetum to UndeAwood the iiASt paAt oi Sept. Thz TIMES joins 
with the many irlends oi the. young couple In congratulations and best wishet. 
UNVERWOOV TIMES.... ********** August 26, 7975 

Callx F. BaueA and bride have been spending a part oi the honeymoon at the home 

oi his paAznts, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. BaueA, in GAeendale. An account oi thz wedding wiil 

be iound elsewheAe in this issue. 

********** Aagal)t 26f j 9J5 

Invitations have been issued ion. the ionthcoming wedding oi Miss Erna Medenwaldt 
and Herman RoedeA, well known young people oi this neighborhood. The happy event Is 
scheduled ioA September 28th. 

********** SeptembeA 16, 7975 

MoAriage licenses Issued during thz past week: Herman RoedeA and Miss Erna Meden- 
waldt, both oi Hanklnson; AliAed J. Mueller and Miss Laura Meyer, both oi Wahpeton; 
Arthur. J. Miller and Miss Catherine J. Rlschard, both oi Wahpeton. 

********** September. 16, 1915 


Alined M. Larson, the Soo's genial entative at Mantador, has returned to 

that place with a bride. He was manrled at Sedan, MN., on Aug. 30th, to Miss Florence 


********** September. 21, 7975 

Miss Kathleen Buaaows, daughter, oi Ma. and Mrs. TAzd Buaaows oi this city, was 
married at Minneapolis on Wednesday oi last week to Ma. A. H. Riley. The bride is 
well known here and hen intends one pleased to extend best wishes. 


Thz gftoom is employed in thz Hinnzapolis zlzctric tight plant and the. young 
couplz will make, theiA home, in that city. 

«««**«»»** Szptzmbzr 23, 7975 


ThzodoAz A. H. Hachzzl and Hisi Vzra HaAgaAzt fostzA wzaz moArizd at Wahpzton 
Tuesday, the. czAzmony beting pzriormzd at thz Hzthodist PoAsonagz. The. groom gum to 
manhood in Hankinson and has a hoht oi iriznds and well wisheAS. 

The. is a daughtzA oi Has. Thai. fo&tzA oi HiLnoA, and hoi visitzd hzAz 6zv- 

zfuxt times . Shz is a charming young lady and will be welcomed to ouA city by thz many 

iriends oi thz gtvoom. Thzy will makz this city their iutune homz. 

Thz NEWS joint with their friend* in zxtznding congratulation* and bzit wishes. 



Yesterday manning at 10 AH, at thz Lutheran Church in this city, Rev. J. P. Klau- 
iler joined In marriage, HiS6 EKna Uzdznwaldt and Ha. Herman RoedeA. Thz ceremony 
was witnessed by a goodly gathering oi relatives and iriends, and at it conclusion 
thz wzdding paAty dzpaAtzd ior thz homz oi thz bride* & patents, Ha. and Has. W. J. 
Hedznwaldt, in Brightwood Township, whzAz thz wzdding was czlzbAatzd in thz time hon- 
oAzd way. 

Thz young couplz oaz both nativzs oi Richland County and havz a laAgz numbzA oi 
iriznds and well wishzAS. Thz iamilies oaz pAominent in theiA neighborhood. 

********** SzptzmbzA 30, 7975 


Thz moAAiagz oi Hist Lzna Poliuss and Ha. Edward C. Bladow is announced fa A Wzd- 

nzsday, Oct. 10th. Both cw.e pAominznt young pzoplz Azsiding north oi thz city. 

********** OctobzA 7, 7975 

Invitations ate out ioA thz moAAiagz oi Hiss Florence Spzthman and John P. Roth, 
thz czAzmony to takz placz at Clairz City, SV., on Tuzsday, Oct. 12th. Thz young 
pzoplz will occupy thz Spzthman iarm nzaA ClaiAz City, South Dakota. 

******.**** October 7, 7975 

A moAAiagz licznsz was istuzd by Judge VanAmam this wzzk to Szvzrt 0. Ostby 
and Has. Lillian Nzumann. 

********** Octobzr 7, 7975 

Elaboratz function ior Poliuss - Bladow Nuptials 
A wzdding that will livz long in thz memory oi thz guzsts occuAAzd in BrandznbuAg 
Township yzstzrday whzn thz maAriagz oi His* Lzna Poliuss and Hr. Edward C. Bfa.dow was 

Thz czAzmony occuAAzd at 10:30 AM at St. JOhn'l ChuAch in Bzliord. Rev. Hilgen- 


dori oiilclating. Following the church, the assemblage repaired to the. Poliuss 
iarm home, on the. banks oi thz Wild River, where more than ZOO persons joined In a 
celebration oi the marriage. An Immense dance halt had been built especially ior the 
occasion, likewise a dining hall and kitchen, and to describe the social oi 
the. wedding Is beyond our ability. SuOlce It to say that everything Imaginable In 
the way oi good things to eat and drink had been provided In quantities that proved 
more, than abundant. The grounds and buildings were lighted by electAlclty irom a plant 
Installed especially ior the occasion, the Hanklnson Band garnished music throughout 
the day and night, and dancing and otheA amusements kept the guests busy every moment. 

The young couple axe known to everyone In this section. The bride Is the only 
daughter oi Ua. and Was. Gustai Poliuss and grew to womanhood on the home iarm. She Is 
a gifted young lady, esteemed by all far her many excellent Qualities. The groom Is a 
son oi Wa. and Was. Albert Bladow and Is an IndustAlous farmer, destined to take his 
place among the solid citizens oi the Wild Tti.ce neighborhood. Both iamilies are among 
the pioneers oi the county and have taken a prominent part In the development oi the 
section In which they reside. 

The wedding was by ior the most elaborate In the history oi the county and the 
guests will remember It ior years as one oi the happiest occasions oi their experience. 

********** October 21, 1915 

Announcements have been received by irlends here oi the marriage oi Hiss Wllhelmlna 
Brummund and Wa. Arthur Thorson at HeArled, SV. , Wednesday, Oct. ZOth. The bride Is a 
daughter oi Wa. and Was. Julius Brummund and has a host oi irlends here who extend con- 
gratulations and best wishes. The newlyweds will be "at home" at Aberdeen, SV., aiter 

Unv 15th ********** 

Ncv - lb ™- October 11, 1915 


Invitations are out ior the marriage oi Wlss Lizzie Ttichled oi this city to Mfc. 

Peter Onsrud oi Rutland, to take place at St. Philip's Church Saturday morning. 

********* * 

A marriage license was Issued this week to Harry H. Velzl and Wlss Tressa Walt- 
man, both oi Barney. 

********** October 11, 1915 


The moArlage oi Wlss Lizzie Ttichled oi this city to Mt.. Peter Onsrud was solemn- 
ized at 9 AW Saturday morning at St. Philip's Church, Rev. Studnlcka oiilclating. 
following the ceremony a large number oi irlends oi the young couple assembled at 
the Ttichled home and ilttlngly celebrated the happy event. 

The bride l& a popular young lady and has a large circle oi irlends and well 

wishers. The groom Is employed In Green Bros. HardwaAe Store at Rutland, where the 

newly weds will make their home. , „„ ,„„„ 

*-» ********** October 28, 1915 

£32) • • 

T allowing aAe the moAAiage licenbei ii&ued duntng the past week: HaAKy Huieth 
oi McLeod and Hut Palma John&on o& Homestead, on the. 22nd, PeteA On&nud oi Rutland 
and Ma& Elizabeth Ptcheid oi Hankin&on, Oct. 21 bt; Louie Helmen. and Hu>& Pauline A. 
Lenz, both oi Lidgenwood, Oct. 2Ut; Paul VJLlbnandt and Hub Anna Pohl, both oi Hank- 
inbon, Oct. 21 bt. 

*••**»••*« OctobeA 28, 1915 

MaAAiage. licenbeb wene ibbued duAing the. put week to Chanleb VandenweAii and 
Hibb EOie GuntheM, both oi fainmount, on Nov. 3nd; Jama Shonma and Hibb Bebbie 
KaAel, both o£ Lidgenwood, Oct. 30th; WalteA S. Andnub oi WyndmeAe and Hibb Edna A. 
PeteAbon oi Vwight, maAAied by Judge VanAnnam at the count hoube on SatuAday, Oct. 30th. 

• •*•*•••»* NovembeA 4, 7975 

Geonae WaweAb oi FaiAmount and HLbb Subie Paubt oi Bnibtol, SV., wene manAied at 
the. Count Hou&e in Wahpeton on Nov. 4th, by Judge Van Annam. Hankinbon iniendb oi the 
gAoom aAe pleated to extend congnatulationb. 

Hibb Hinnie Stack oi Bnightvoood and Hn. Geonae WuAbt wene maAnied by County Judge 
Van AAnam at Wahpeton the iiAbt oi the week. 

• ••«••••*« NovembeA 11, 1915 

Hibb Palma JOhnbon oi Homebtead and HaAAy Rubeth oi HcLeod weAe maAAied at the 
bntde'b home Nov. 7th. The bnide ionmenly taught bchool In the Hubnig neighbonhood 
eabt oi Hankinbon. 

HaAAiage licenbeb wene ibbued duning the pott week ab fallow- Jen6 StowneA 
Vonxim, Wahpeton, and Hnb. Homy PeteAbon, Elbow Lake, MW., on NOv. 6th; John F. Keat- 
ing and Hibb Canoline C. ZanzingeA, both oi Wahpeton, on Nov. Zth; Vavid G. Johnbon 
oi Wolventon, HN., and Hibb Selma Entckbon oi Chntbtine, on Nov. 5th. 

«»«*««***« NovembeA 11, 1915 


A quiet home wedding occunAed Sunday at the home oi Hn. and Hnb. Aug. Bladow, 
nonth oi thib city, when thein daughten, Hinnie, wab united in manAiage to Mfc. Gilbent 
HilLeA oi ElAoy, VI. Rev. Gnabowbki peAionmed the ceAemony in the presence oi a iew 
intimate intend/* oi the contnacting paAtieb. 

The young couple aAe well known and have many intend* in thib vicinity who aAe 
pleaded to extend bebt wibheb. Immediately aiten the ceAemony they leit ion Elnoy, 
VI. t to bpend the winteA. The gnoom'b mothen, who wab hene inom Wibconbin to attend 

the wedding netunned with them. 

•«**«•*•** NovembeA 25, 7975 



Invitations axe out feA the forthcoming wedding oi Misi Ellnona Bladow to Ma. AlbeAt 

Exnst. The happy event will take place next Tuesday, Nov. 30th. 

******** n»* 

The maAAlage oi Geo Age WaweAi and Mlii Susie Paust was peAfenmed by the Cathotic 
pAlest at Palnmount instead oi by Judge Van AAnam oi Wahpeton, as wai eAAoneously itated 
In a Accent issue o£ the NEWS. 

********** November 25, 7975 

Mlii Anna Stein and Ma. ARthuA A. Cotvpe weAe moAAied at 4 o'clock Tuesday aitennoon 
at the Lutheran Parsonage, Rev. J. P. KlausleA peAioAming the ceAemony in the pxesence 
oi Aelativei and intimate iAlends. 

The newlywedi leit on the evening tAaln ion. Wisconsin to spend theln. honeymoon. 
They will make their home at Havana, NP. , wheAe they will be "at home" aiteA Dec. 12th. 

The bride has many irlendi heJie who extend congratulations and best wishes Ion a 
long and happy maArled life. 

********** Uovemben. 25, 7975 

Sheldon Girl MaAAled Man five Times HeA Age 

He wa& 87 and liked to loll back In the tonneau oi hii touAing can. She wai 77 and 
ihe loved to make the big can. hit the ipeed limit. And io they weAe maArled, reversing 
the more, uiual ordeA oi Aomance, In which the Aich young widow mahAiei the daihing young 

According to a telegram which Aeached Sheldon lait week, Captain N. A. Marshall, 87 
hoi been moKAled at Vaytona, PL., to Miss Elile SeveAion, 77, one &i£th hii age. 

The couhtihip began at Sheldon lait Spring, lait March, fallowing the death oi hii 
ilnst wife, Captain Marshall, one oi the oldeit and wealthiest resident oi that place, 
became ieAiouily ill. Mlii Elile SeveAion, the glhl who hoi now become hii wife, volun- 
teeAed to nuAie him. Slowly, afeeA ieveAal monthi, the girl's vigil wai rewarded and the 
aged man wai nuAied back to health. 

When Captain Marshall became convalescent the glhl volunteeAed to act ai chauHeuA. 
Each day ihe dAove him into the countAy. A short time ago he decided upon a tAip to Plorlda 

Captain Marshall had been maAAied 56 yeaAi when hii ilnst wife died. 

*•*****•*« VecembeA 2, 7975 

Tuesday monning at hali pait 70 o'clock, the maKAlage oi Hiii EULnora P. Bladow to 
Ma. AlbeAt EAnit wai iolemnlzed at St. John' i ChuAch In Belferd Towmhlp. Rev. Hllgen- 
dotil peAfermed the ceAemony In the pAeience oi a laAge numbeA oi relatives and intends, 
and at its conclusion a Aeczptlon was held at the home oi the bnlde'i parents, Ma. and 
Mas. Chas. Bladow. 


The contracting parties have grown up In this vicinity and are well and {avorably 
known. The bride it> a charming young lady o{ pleading personality, and the groom l& a 
promulng young man o{ InduAtAloui habits who hoi the respect o{ everyone. 

The NEWS joins theOi many {rlends In extending best wishes {oa a long and happy 

married Hie. 

**»««»»»** Vecember 2, 7975 

■Arthur W. Griepentrog and Lizzie PasbAlg were joined In wedlock on Tuesday lost at 
the home o{ the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vasbrig. 

Bride and groom axe both well and {avorably known heKe and thelti many {riends join 
In extending hearty congAotulations . The ceremony wot, per{oAmed by Rev. T. Hlnck. 

They will be at home on the Aug. Griepentrog {am during the winter, and In the 

spring will move to their own {arm six miles notith o{ GAeat Bend. We wish them success 

and happiness. 

• *•••*•••« Vecemben. 2, 7975 


The marriage o{ Trances Strub and Henry S. Biggs occurred at Wahpeton on Tuesday 

o{ thli week. The contracting parties axe welt known and a holt o{ {riends are pleated 

to extznd be&t wishes. 

»»«**«*«** Vecember 9, 7975 

President Wilson and Mrs. Gait afie to be married Pec. 18th, according to o{{lclal 

****** ««** VecembeA 9, 7975 

Marriage licenses Issued this week were to the fallowing parties •■ Carl V. AlbeAi 
and Miss Clara Helen Macheel, both o{ Hanklnson, on Vec. 7th; TAymond H. Marsh o{ Valen- 
tine, Montana and Miss Viola E. Calkins o{ Hanklnson, on Vec. 7th. 

The maAAlage o{ Miss ClaAa Macheel and Mr. CaAl Albers Is to take place tonight at 
the home o{ the' 6 mo then. 

••••*•*•*« VecembeA 9, 7975 

Just as we go to press we have received the ApoKt that Mr. Arnold WoAneA and Miss 
Evelyn Teshovasky were joined In wedlock at the home o{ the bAlde's parenti, Ha, and Mas. 
Louie Teshovsky, o{ Tyler. Mr. WoAner Is one o{ our pAomlnent citizens, engaged In the 
lumber business with hli> {other, John Worner. 

The bride Is a daughter o{ Mr. and Mrs. Teshovsky o{ Tyler, a young lady highly 
esteemed by all o{ her {riends. We wish to extend our hearty congratulations. 

The happy event occurred on Oct. 24th but the news did not reach the reporter until 
thl6 late date. 

»»*«»»**** Vecember 9, 7975 



Canl B. Alburn, and Hiss ClaAa H. Machzel wznz mannlzd at thz homz oh thz bnidz's 
motheA, Mas. Gzo. Machzel, In this city, fAlday zvzning, Rev. GAabowskl peAhoAming thz 
ceAzmony. Only Aelativzs and a. £zw intimatz &fu.zndi> wzaz pAzsznt. 

Thz bAidz has bzzn a. Aesldent oh Hankinson sincz childhood and has a laAgz cixclz 
oh tjAtendi. Thz Qfuoom is pAopAiztoA oh thz West Hotzt and is well known as a ball play za 
oh tfcw-t calibAz, having bzzn a mzmbzn oh Hankinson's championship team hoA szvzAal yzans. 
Thz NEWS joins with scoazs oh tfAtenda oh thz populaA young couple in extending best wishes 
hox a long and happy moAAlzd lih*.. 

********** PecemfaeA 16, 1915 


Two wzdding In GAzendalz Township EAlday involvzd houA well known young pzoplz oh 
that nzlghboAhood. 

Raymond H. Uajuh oh Valzntlnz, Montana, and Miss Viola Caulkins oh GAzendalz wzaz 
madz onz by Rev. Iao. J. McFaAlnad, and at thz samz timz 0. Tznn Caulkini, and Miss Hazel 
Mouaza wzkz jolnzd hoi llh& by thz samz pastoA. 

All oh thz young pzoplz gfizw up In GAzendalz and havz known zazh othzn slncz childhood. 

Thzy havz thz congAatulations and best wishes oh a host oh ^A/cencij. 



John R. Jones this moAning Azczivzd a cablzgAam hnom h&n-ohh Canton, China, wondzd 

"GAzetlng Voua ChiloAzn." This mzans that MangaAzt V. Jones and Va. John Allen Hoh~ 

man oh Kung Vzz Mzdlcal Collzgz at Canton, wzaz mawilzd on Wzdnesday, Vzc. 15th, thz 
culmination oh a ptiztty rwmanzz that bzgan shoAtly ahteA Miss Jones zntzKzd on heA duties 
as a missionoAy in China. 

Thz gAoom was a guest at thz Jones homz in this city h ofl a i m £ * a *A i &&■ P<&t ^ummeA 
whzn on hit, Izavz oh abszncz to thz Unitzd States. RaAticulaAS oh thz wzdding wilt bz 
given lateA whzn Azczivzd. 

Thz bnldz it, a gihted young lady whosz pleasing pensonatity hoi won heA a warn ciAclz 

oh genets on hzn occasional visits to thz Jones homz duAlng thz past £ew yeans. 


Clydz Mitton, pAopietoA oh Ihz MzAchants Hotel at Wahpeton, and widely known, wa& 
maAAizd at Uoonhzad Tuesday to HI&6 Waxy E. Randall oh Boston, Massachusetts. 

********** VzczmbeA U, 1915 

We axe plzaszd to KzpoKt thz maMiagz oh Ma. WaLteA Rasbnlg and Mas Alma Eohn, which 
took placz Tuesday, Vzc. 7th, at thz homz oh ihz blldz's patents, M*. and tins. Thzo. Bohn. 

M*. Vasbnlg is a son oh Chas. PasbfUg and thz bfildz is a daughter oh Thzo. Bohn. 
Both oaz well known heAz and havz a host oh tfAtencfi who wish thzm a long lihe. oh pnos- 
pexity and happiness. 

Thz ceAzmony was peAhoKmzd bu Rev. T. Hinck. Ma. and Maa. Vasbnlg will bz at homz 


soon on the &ahm now occupied by H. Ztwmmund, which they have. purchased. We wish to 
extend heanty conghoJbjJbxtJions . 

*«***«***« VecembeA. 76, 7975 

August Abraham received wo Ad this week announcing the mahhJbage otf Hiss Emma, his 
second daughter., to Ma.. F. C. Paske o£ Crookston, MN. , at Chicago, the. &irst o& the week. 
The. news came as a complete. surprise to the. Abraham family. Hiss Emma was home a (ew 
days ago but did not give. the. least hint oi hen. Intention to wed. 

The. bride 16 the. second daughter. o& Ma. and Hrs. August Abraham and grew to woman- 
hood here. She. hah a large circle o& friends. The. groom Is the. proprietor of± a large 
automobile, garage at Crookston and also hoi a branch at East Gtuand forks. The romance 
began when the. was a student at the. Crookston Business College several yeans ago. 
The NEWS joins other. Hanklnson friends In extending congratulations. 

• **•»**«* * VecembeA. II, 7975 

Bruno F. Vttlel and Hiss Hilda C. Popp, both o& Great BEnd, on Vec. 24th, by Rev. 
Thlele, pastor o& the Evangelical ChuAch oi that place. 

•»»*•**«•« VecembeA SO, 7975 



Thz nzpont o{ thz manniagz ol Snuno Vnizn to Ui&i Httda Vopp laltzd to nzazh thz 
wnitzn at, thz happy event wai puttzd oil nathzn on thz hty. Howzvzn, we vtiAh to zxtznd 
hzanty congnatutatiom and bz&t wi&hzA. 

********** Januany 6, I9Z6 

Thz manniagz ol MUi Many Schnam and Ma. GzoAgz Goll wai totzmnizzd at St. PkiZip'6 
ChuAch on Monday monning, Rev. Fa. SchzmmzZ oHiciating. Thz zzAzmony wa& pznlonmzd In 
thz pnzizncz ol nzlativzA and a (Jew Jbnmzdiatz Inizndi. 

Thz bnidz iA a daughtzA OfJ Ma., and Mm. Matt Schnam ol tha, city and hah a tangz 
cinctz ol Inizndi who nzgnzt hzn nzmoval Inom thz city but join in zxtznding zongnat- 
utationt, and bz&t wii>hz6. Thz gnoom i& a nz&idznt ol Lidgznwood whznz thz young couplz 
witt makz thziA homz. 

********* « January 73, 7976 


Ma.. Chat>. W. Roi&ow and Mi&6 St. John ol Rzzdivittz, WI., on Vzc. 29th, at 
thz homz ol thz bnidz' A panznti at Rzzd&vitZz. 

Mn.and Mm. Ro&Aow annivzd hznz tut week and okz &zttlzd on thziA lanm 1\ mitzh 
za&t ol Gxzat Bend. Ma. Ro&iow <Lt> one ol oun pno6pzAou& lanrnzm and thz bnidz te> a 
young Lady Inom thz EadgzA htatz. We with to zxtznd congnatutation& to thz happy young 
co "^ e - ********** Januany 73, 7976 


On Thuniday, Jan. 13th, at thz homz ol Ma. and Mu. Gu&tav Ezting, Ma.. J. M. SmzAOA 
to Ma>6 Enna Ezting. Rev. G. C. Thiztz pznlonmzd thz zzAzmony. 

Thz bhJidz ti a daughtzA ol Ma. and Mm. Gu&t Ezting, and has gnown to womanhood hzAz. 
Shz -U wzlt known Ion hzA high quatctizA, and thz gznttzman from Tango hoi czntainty won 
a pAizz. 

Ma. SmzAaA i& In thz Azat z&tatz bu&inzAi at Tango, dzating in city pnopznty. Thz 

happy couplz dzpafttzd on SatuAday Ioa thziA homz in Tango. We wi&h to zxtznd ouA mo&t 

hzaAty zongAatutationi . 

********** Januany 20, 7976 

A doublz wzdding tt> ichzdutzd fa A Tuuz&day, Fe6. 15th, at thz Ludwig Tau&ch homz 
noAth ol Hankln&on, whzn Mlt>6 Many wilt bz wzddzd to Wl. Eznt Gina, and Mt&i CZana to 
Ma. John FozAtich. Thz zzAzmony witt bz peAloAzmzd at St. YztzA and ?aut'& ChuAch at 
^ayvCadoA. * ******** * F£fa ^^ ^ w6 

Knnounczmznt ol thz maAAiagz o& Mi66 Ruth LowAy to Ma.. RobzAt W. RuAtztt hah bzzn 
Azczivzd by Hanktn&on Inizndi. Thz happy zvznt occuAAzd on Tuesday, Feb. 8th. Thz 
bAidz U> a daughtzA o{ Ma. and Ma&. W. S. Lawny, fanrnznty o{ HanfUn6on, and hzn many 

inizndh hznz anz plza&zd to zxtznd congnatutationi . 

■ * * •• <* ** * * * * T-zbnuany 3, 7976 

Four Popular Young People Wedded Tuesday 
A pretty double wedding, the brides being sisters, was celebrated Tuesday. The 
contracting parties were'- Miss Mary Pausch and MA. Bert Gira; Miss Clara Paul, ah and 
Mr. John L. Foertsch. 

The ceremony was periormed at St. Peter S Paul's Church in Mantador in the. pres- 
ence, oi a happy gathering o& invited guests, and was iollowed by a grand reception at 
the. home. oi the. brides' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Pausch. 

The. young people are aJUL well known and popular, and the HEWS join* with a host oi 
iriends in extending congratulations. 

•****•***« February 11, 1916 


A very pAetty wedding occurred at the. home oi Mr. and Mas. Claude. P. Rowley Tuesday 
even-dig at 6:30 PM, when Miss Motile. Lohr, a sister o{ Mrs. Powley, iormerly oi Wahpeton, 
was united in marriage to Mr. HaAAy V. Mitchell oi Hew York City, Rev. H. W. Hynes o& 
the Edgeley M. E. Church was the oOiciating minister, using the double ling 4eAv-t.ce, 
with the little Miss Jean Powley, niece oi the. bride, acting as King bearer. 

The. bfii.dc was handsomely dressed in a simple, draped gown oi white cAepc dc chine, 
and caAAied a huge bouquet o{ lillies oi the valley and bride's roses. The only jewelry 
woAn was a necklace which was the giit oi the gAoom. The gtwom was attiAed in conven- 
tional black. 

Following the ceremony a iour couasc dinneA was seAved, with the Misses Puby PoKteK 
and Hazel StoutenbuAg, serving the same in a most delightful manneA. 

Mr. Mitchell, the gAoom, is a draughtsman oi the national Board oi Fire Underwriters 
oi Hew Vork City and although known by only a iew in this city, Is veAy highly esteemed 
as Is also the bAlde, who has visited hen. sisteA heAe, and is a chaAming and accomplished 
young lady. 

The out oi town guests who were pAesent at the ceAemony were: Ma. and Mas. E. P. 
Mitchell and Ma..' V. F. Mitchell oi Tappen, HV.; Mas. J. J. LohK oi Hankinson, MP.; Mk. 
Will T. LohK oi Crystal Springs, HV.; and Miss Gladys LohK oi Wahpeton, HV. 

The happy couple leit on the Milwaukee Wednesday aiteAnoon ioK Hew VoKk City, and 
will make theiA iutuKe home in Brooklyn, HV. The Mail, with a host oi well-wishers here, 

extends best wishes and congKatulations Edgeley Mail.... 

»•••«*•*•* February 24, 1916 

MaAAiage licenses weAe issued during the past week to John P. Helmer and MiJ>s Marie 
E. Lentz, both oi Lidgerwood, Feb. 13rd; Otto F. Bartz and Miss Ida Hubrlg, both oi Hank- 
inson, Feb. 16th; and Peinhard Hoeis and Miss Louisa Kath, both oi Hankinson. 

»•*••••••« February 24, 1916 

Invitations are out ior the marriage oi Miss Ida Hubrlg to Mr. Otto Bartz oi Waldo. 

•••»»•*•*• February 24, 1916 



Marriage licenses Issued dusting the. past week wete to John 0. Tiseth and Miss Marie 
He, both o& AbeAcAomble, Feb. 25-tfi; Raymond A. McCom and Miss Sage, both oi Talrmount, 
Feb.- llth; and Geo. P. Max and Miss Lillian fovea, both oi lUahpeton, Feb. 24th. 

********** HaAch 2f 19U 


The. marriage oi Miss Louisa Kath and Mr. REinhardt Hoeis, both Abiding south oi 
the city, was solemnized at the Lutheran Church thU manning at 11 AM, Rev. J. P. Klaa6- 
leA officiating. 

The bKide is a daughten oi Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kath and the. groom Is a prominent 

young {amen. A host o{ iriends ate pleased to extend congratualtlons . 



The marriage oi Miss Marie. Lentz and Mr. John P. Helmer, both residing south oi 

Lldgerwood, occurred today. The bride is well known here. 



This mo fining, at the Jmmanuzl Evang. Church, Rev. Grabowskl pefiio rmed the ceAemony 
that joined In marriage bliss Ida. HubAig and Ma. Otto BaAtz. A iew iriends and nelatives 
witnessed the ceAemony, and the wedding will be celebAated In royal style at the home oi 
the bride's paAents, Mr. and Wis. Gottlieb HubAig, this aiteAnoon and evening. 

The young people ate well known, having gnown up In the HubAig neighborhood east oi 

the city, and The WEWS joins otheA iriends in extending best wishes. 

********** UaAch lf 19U 


A wedding that escaped The NEWS last week was that oi Hiss Hilda Milbrandt and Ma. 

Joseph JaegeA. The bnide Is the daughteA oi Mr. and Wis. HeAman HilbAandt, prominent 

residents oi this city, and the groom is employed In the. mercantile establishment oi 

Lindeke, KjelstAup & Co. Both have a host oi iriends who extend best wi&hes. 

********** U(Vu j k 9f T9J6 


Ambrose W. McDonald and Miss Martha GlxmdeA, both oi Hanklnson, were married at the 

court house in Wahpeton by County Judge Van Arnam. Their iriends join in extending best 
wishes. ********* U(Vlch 9f 19U 


The. mcwuage. o( Miu Jtuiz Coppin to M*. Otto HuekleA uxu, iolmnizzd at the Luth- 
eAan Chundn. thii morning in the. pJiz&ence. o{ xdbativeA and a {ew intimate. (rizndi,. Rev. 
Klau&leA occulting. 

The. contKacting paKtieM have. Lived in thii neighborhood &ince. childhood, in (act 
both axe. native* o( Bfiightwood Town&hip, and both ale. membzu o{ prominent (amities. 
They okz dueAvedly popular, and The. HEWS join* theJUi many (riendi in extending congrat- 
ulation* and but wUheM. They wilt continue, to rzbide. in Zrightwood Town&hip. 

********** UaAch Uf 1916 


\tojuiiajgi licen&eA wete Luutd during the. pa&t week to Wm. M. EbeZ o& lidgemood 

and Mi6A Hulda Eoehning o( Hankin&on; and to Albert Grob and Ui&4 Luly Hell both o£ 
Hankin&on. ********** UaJulk 23> 19U 


AlbeAt Grob and UL&6 Lulu. Hell wzaz married at the. home, o( M*. and Uu. Frank Budack 

in WahpeXon on Wednesday, UaAch 12nd, by Rev. Edmund Mecte oi tht Ev. Lutheran Church. 

Tht young ptoplt are. will known and their (riendh okz pleMed to extend beAt wiihti. 

They aKe staying at Edgewood Farm with tht VeXteMon (amity (or. tht prsMent. 

********** UaXcK 30f 19U 



A that neaAly {Wild thz laAgz St. Philip's ChuAch attzndzd thz iunzAal 
o& Thank J. Kzinkz last SatuAxlay mo fining. Rev. Fa.. GAumbowski oi Genes eo delivzAzd 
thz iunzAal senmon and othzA pnizsts poAticipating in thz 4eAv-c.ce weAe Fa£heA Jos. F. 
Studnlcka, TathzA. VzizA oi LidgzAwood, FathzA Gayduszk oi Wahpzton, and EathzA Bubiz. 

Thz pall bzanzAS wzaz J. P. GlasnzA, Matt Jost, P. Falion, Jacob Hentz, HubzAt 
HzAxLing and L. SchaizA, all old tbnz iAiznds oi thz dzczaszd. 

Rzlativzs iAom out: oi town who wzaz in attendance: Thomas Reotfee and son PztzA 
RzAJikz and daughtzA Chfujstina Peinke oi Elnuiood, Wl.; Jos. Peinkz oi Elmwood, Wl.; Mas. 
August Stabnow, Ma. .and Mas. A. Coaouz, Ma., and Mas. Jos. Manikowski, Ma. and Mas. Thzo. 
Manikowski, all oi ZAZC.kznAA.dgz; Thomas Manikowski oi MooAzton; M. J. Vonava oi Wynd- 
mzAz; Ma. and Mas. Thos . GzAZSzzk oi LidgeAwood; Ma. and Mas. M. SilvzAthoAn oi Cayuga; 
Maa. Ed. Stanlzy, Mas. K. Pydynowski, Ma. and Maa. John Mackovich, Ma. and Mas. MaAtin 
Mackovich, Ma. and Mas, Thos. GzAZSzzk, all oi Gznzszo. 

Thz Azmains wzAe laid to Azst in thz Catholic CzmztzAy south oi town. 
HANK1NS0N NEWS ********** Jun( , n ^ j 9J3 

FAiends oi E. H. CaAtzA sympathize with him in thz dzath oi his wiiz, which sad 

zvznt occuAAzd at Bolozi, MS, last wzzk. No poAticulaAS have been Aecexved hzAz.. 

********** June J9> 1913 

Paul BuAg Izit Tuesday ioA his old homz in Wisconsin in AZSponsz to a mzssagz 
stating that his agzd iathzA was not zxpzctzd to live. Mas. Rudolph MillzA, a daughtzA, 
aAAived homz Fniday i/wm a similan. jouAnzy. 

EncfAe EndAzson, a pAominznt ianmzA Az&iding nzoA VzlamzAZ, SaAgznt County, was drag- 
ged to dzath by a tuxnaway tzam with which he was plowing Monday. ThzAZ axz six ckildAcn 

Izit without a iathzA oa mothzA, Maa . EndAzson having dizd a izw wzzks ago. 


A mzssagz. Azczivzd hzxz last evening announced thz dzath oi C. H. King at Alexan- 

dAia, MM. Vzczaszd had Azachzd thz advanced agz oi 84 yzaAS and dzath was duz to thz 

iniiAmitizs oi old agz. Hz was a kindly old gzntlzman and had many iAiznds in Hankinson, 

having spent much oi tils time with his sons hzAz, E. A. and M. H., daning thz past izw 

yzaKS . Thz Azmains will be takzn to thz old homz at BAandon, Wl., ioA buAial. 


Pa. A. B. Nzwman, FotonzAly oi GAzat Bznd, PAincipal. 
Va. A. B. Nzwman, a iohmzA Azsidznt oi GAzat Bznd, in an insanzly jzalous Aagz, 
shot two womzn and thzn kiSULzd himszli by taking poison at Canson, NT)., last ThuAsday 
night. Va. Nzwman was wzll known hzAz, having pAacticzd his pAoiession at GAzat Bznd 
and was also pant ownzA oi thz dhug stoAZ at that place ioA sevzAal yzaAS. He was a 
"good Fzllow" and populaA with pzoplz oi all classes, although his intimatz iniends 
weAe awoKz oi his weakness ioA the gentlen. sex. He leit Gxeat Bznd a little ovza iouA 


year* ago, locating at Car*on, a *mall town in UoAton County where he opened a dung 
*tare. and pro*pered. 

The detail* oi the trage.dy enacted are be*t told Jin the. iollowing *pecial: 

Mandan, NV., Jane 20th Vr. A. B. Newman *hot Mr* . J. E. Young, wiie oi a iormer 

Hethodiit miniiter, and Mr* . Charle* E. Crary and committed at Canton, Ronton 
County la*t night, at, the. cJUmax oi a love aiiair, according to evidence brought oat 
at the inque*t today. Vr. Newman was infatuated with Mr*. Crary. He apparently intend- 
ed to kill Mr. and Ur*. Young and Alired Ander*on, whom he believed had ob*tnixcted hit, 
*uit, and Mr*. Ouixy. 

Mr*. Young alone may die. She it in a Mandan Hospital with a bullet lodged in hex 
jaw ok *kull. 

M/14. Crary i* *uiiening only irom wound* in hen. arm. The men were not *truck by 


The aiiair began *evenal month, ago when Uta, . Crary, who it, the mother oi two *mall 
boy*, *eparated irom hex hu&band and went to work in the drug *tore oi Vr. Newman, who 
wa* one oi the be*t known phy*ician* in We*tenn North Vakota, and considered wealthy. 
Vr. Newman began paying her attention*, it wa* *aid, and a*ked hen. to obtain a divoAce 
irom hex hu&band and maAAjy him. 

She rejected him. Friend*, in the meantime, were trying to bAing about a concili- 
ation between Mr*. Crary and hen. hu&band, and Vk. Newman heand oi it. 


He *u*pected it wa* thAough the. inilaence oi the Young* and Ander*on that he had 
been rejected. 

La&t night Ma. and Ma*. Young, Ha*. Crary and AndeA*on, a* a committee in change 
oi a Fourth oi July celebAation, planned to go to Flaiher to oAAange ioA mu*ic. Vk. 
Newman accompanied Young to hi* home, whene Andenon'* automobile wa* waiting. 

The doctoK iir*t went into the hou*e, whene he chatted ion a time with the women. 
When the paAty wa* neady to *taAt Vn. Newman held the doon oi the automobile open ion 
the member* to *tep in. 


Ju*t a* Young, the la*t one, mounted the *tep, the doctor dnew an automatic pi*tol. 
He aimed iir*t at Young, who dnopped to the gAound. Then he turned the weapon on the 
women. He iired twice at Mr*. Young and once at Mr*. Crary. 

A* he itepped clo*er to *hoot Andenon, Young grappled with him. The men iell and 
the doctor attempted to *hoot him*eli, but Young got the pi*tol aiter one *hot wa* iired. 
The doctor then gripped Young by the throat. By thi* time a number oi men arrived and 
two pulled the doctor irom Young. 


Vr. Newman got up and walked to hi* drug *tore. By the time he reached it, the town 
wa* alarmed and threat* to lynch him were heard. The doctor locked the door irom the, 

C43) Then Young annJLved and pleaded ion medicine, ion. the wounded women. He was in- 
vited imide, but neiu&ed to go. FinalZy the. docton. thnew Aome medicine oven, the t/umiom. 

Constable Hameny anntved and demanded entrance. The doctor aiked who had been &hot, 
was told and Ahouted back that he would get hiA medicine cose and go to them. 


He stepped behind the counter, took down a bottle, removed Aome oi the contents and in a beaken.. The owwd, watching, thought he wai> pnepantng medicine ion. hiA vic- 
tim. FinalZy he stepped into the back twom out oi bight. 

When fifteen minute* pasAed, and he did not n.etun.n to the inont oi the Atone, the 
Constable bnoke in the dooK. He &ound the docton. dead on a couch in the mean. noom. The 
bottle he had taken inom the Aheli was neanby. It contained potasAium cyanide. Vn., 
Newman had washed down a lange da&e oi it with whiskey. 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + 

Uandan, NV., June 24th Vnobing ion, the butlet iined by Vn..,A. B. Newman, at CanAon, 

that penetnated the head oi UnA. J, E. Young, wiie oi a ionmen. ministen. oi CanAon, doc- 
tonji iound the leaden missile back oi hen. night eon.. No attempt was made to nemove the 
bullet. She has a Alight chance ion. n.ecoveny. 

Won,d inom CanAon iA to the eiiect that the townspeople one making eveny eiiont to 
huAh the aiiain.. UnA. Cnany, clenk in Newman* A dnxug Aton,e, who received a Acalp wound 
inom anothen bullet iined by hen. employen, who, aiten the Ahoottng committed Auicide, 
KeiuAZA to discuss the case. She iA nM.pi.dly necovening inom the Ahock and hen. wound iA 
not seniouA . 

Newman' A mothen and siAten, who Live at San Viego, CA., wnote to the authonJXieA 
at Canson td have his nemains ionwanded to them, but the condition oi the body was Auch 
that it was taken to Amenia, NV., and bunied thene. In the Amenia Cemeteny one bunied 
the ioAten. panents oi the physician. 
HANK1NS0N NEWS ********** Jtme 2 6, 1913 

UiAA Emma Lindblom, a young woman inom Wyndmene, died at Fengus Falls as the nesult 

oi nunning a needle into hen. hand Aome time ago. Blood poiAon developed, and the swell- 

ing extended to hen. thnoat and Ahe stnangled to death. 

********** Jane Z6> 7973 

Uns. Vonathea Canotine Seeietdt died at the home oi hen. daughten, UnA. GuAtai Lenz, 
in Elma TownAkip., at 3 AM yestenday manning, at the nJbpe old age oi S4 yeans and 
monthA . Deceased, whose maiden name was Reinke, was bonn Match 25th, 1829, in Pommenin, 
Genmany, whene Ahe gnew to womanhood and was mannied to Wm. Seeieldt. The couple mig- 
nated to HutchinAon, UN., moving inom thene to Hankinson. The huAband died iiiteen yeanA 
ago. Since that time UnA. Seeieldt has made hen home with hen daughten., UnA. lenz. Five Aunvive hen....Canl and Fned Seeieldt, who neside in Robents County, SV.; Henman 
at HutchinAon, UN.; UnA. Geonge Kuhlwein and UnA. G. Lenz, both oi Hankin&on. Deceased 
was ill about a month and hen death was due to the iniinmities oi old age. She was high- 
ly eAteemed and hen death iA sincenely moufined by alt who knew hen.. The iunenal will be 


hzld Fnlday, Rev. Gnabowskl to conduct the. sznvlczs. 

HANKJNSON NEWS ********** June Z6> 79J3 


Chanlzs Hznny King dlzd at the, home. oi his son, A. C. King, southwest oi this city, 
Wzdnzsday evening, Junz'18th. Ma. King was bonn ApAll 3nd, 1829, at Onondaga, NY. Hz 
gAzw to manhood In thz old homz, whzAZ hz attzndzd school and IzaAnzd thz canpzntzn's 
tAadz. Hz was mannlzd theKz on May 13th, 1853, to Hiss Janz E. Bannum. Ma. and Mns. 
King and thzln young son movzd to Wisconsin In 1856, izttling on a imall ianm at Mato- 
mzn, Ma. King continuing woAk as a canpzntzn. Thz family movzd to Bnandon, Wl., In 1895, 
whzAZ thzy livzd until Mas. King's death In 1901 . AitzA that timz Ma. King madz his 
homz with his thnzz sons until thz dzath o{ Mas, A. C. King hznz thnzz yeans ago. Slncz 
that tlmz hz has madz his pznmanznt homz with his son hznz. Thz dzczaszd leavzs thnzz 
ions, Emmztt A. and Mzlvln H. King, oi Hanklnson, NV., and AlbzAt C. King oi LaGnand. 
Thz thnzz hons and Mas. Emmztt A. King wznz with thzln, ^athzn. at his dzath. 

Funznal sznvlczs wznz hzld at thz King homz &outhwzst oi town Thunsday afitznnoon, 
June 19th, at thnzz o'clock. Thz nemalns wznz taken to thz old homz at Matomzn, Wl., 
and wznz Intznnzd bzsldz tho&z oi Mas. King. Thzy wznz accompanlzd by Mn. and Mas. E. 
A. King, M. H. King and A. C. King and daughtzn, Miss Fanny King. Sznvlczs wznz hzld 

at thz old homz Satunday a$tznnoon Alzxandnla {Minnesota. ) Post-Nzws 

HANKJNSON NEWS ********** Ju ^ 3> J973 

Anton Mlkschz, a nzsldznt oi Wahpzton slncz 1879, and well known thnoughout this 

szctlon, dlzd Tuzsday zvznlng a^tzn an Ittnzss oi but a izw houAS. Vzczaszd was making 

pnzpanations to czlzbnatz his 74th blnthday, which would havz occuAAzd on July 10th. 


Thz Inidnt child oi Ma. and Mas. FAed VzddzA dlzd Monday aitzA a bAlzi Ittnzss 
agzd 4 wzzks. Thz stAlckzn panznts havz thz sympathy oi all In thz lo66 oi thzln 

little onz. 



Mas . Fnzdznlcka Mlttag dlzd at thz homz oi hzn daughtzn, Mas . Chas . Laboda, Fnlday 
night, July 4th, agzd 86 yeans. Vzczaszd had bzzn In poon health ion some tlmz and 
dzath was duz to thz Inilnmltlzs oi old agz. 

Vzczaszd, with hzn husband, szttlzd on thz pAzsznt t>ltz oi Hanklnson In 1881, iiting 
a homzstzad on thz SW \ szctlon 13, which land now constitutes thz zntlAZ business szct- 
lon oi thz clXy oi Hanklnson and a langz poAtion oi thz Azsldzncz dlstAlct. 

Thz husband dlzd szvznal yeaAS ago. Vzczaszd Is sunvlvzd by six childnzn. . .Hznman 
oi this city, Hznny oi Fzngus Falls, MN., Cant oi Gneat Bznd, FAed oi Thompson Falls, 
MT., Mas. Cant Laboda oi Hanklnson and Mas. KohAt oi Chicago. 

Thz iunznal was hzld at thz GzAman Methodist Chunch In Gneat Bznd Monday. 
HANKJNSON NEWS ********** J(J ^ ^ J9J3 


John UcVougall oh kntzlopz Townthip, onz oh thz pionzzn. nztidzntt of, Richland 
County, dizd at hit home, neon. UooKzton on July 2nd, aged 77 yzant 


Thz body oh Owzn Tnalnzn. oh Hinnzapolit, a tJuxntiznt bnick layzn, wot takzn h*-om 
thz nJivzn. at Wahpzton Satanday. Thz body had bzzn in the. watzn. tzvznal day* and it it 
tuppotzd the. dnowning wat accidzntal. 


Unt. Uittag oh Hankinton died on Satanday latt at thz age oh &6 yzant and wat bunizd 
hzKz in thz Gnzat Bend Cemztzmj. Hothzn. UiXtag wat wzll known through thit countny, hen. 
high pni.nciplzt and kindnztt intpinlng lovz to zvznyonz. Shz Izavzt h ouJl ■ ioni an d ^° 
daughtznt to mounn thz lott oh a dzan. mothzn, alto many gnandchUdn.zn. Rev. 6. C. Thizlz 
pn.zadn.zd thz tfaneAa£ tznmon. 
HANKINSON NEWS . . . ,Gn.zat Bend Examine*. . . . July 10, 19 1 3 

Ebbo Upkzt dzpantzd latt night ho* Iowa in Kztpontz to a menage announcing thz 

dzath oh hit |{atfiet at thz old homz. 

********** JuZy , 7> , gJ3 

Thz dzath oh Hajon. C. W, Euttz oh Ramon County mankt thz patting oh another, pionzzn. 

Kztidznt who wa& actively idzntihizd with thz political and matznial upbuilding oh Month 

Dakota. He tznvzd tzvznal tznmt in thz IzgitlatuAZ and wat> idzntihizd with thz old ttal- 

wanJt zlzmznt at all timzt. 

*********** July 24, 7973 

Noticz wat received yzttznday by Hnt. Hzlliz M. Kna.utz, Kzconding oh thz local 
Royal Nzighbon Camp, oh thz dzath oh Mitt Hilliz Johnton at hen. homz in Rivzn Vallt, 0/T. 
fleceased wai a honmzn Hankinton Kztidznt, having been engaged in- thz dAzttmaking butinztt 
hznz in thz zanly dayt. Shz Izht about tzn yzoAt ago but hat vltltzd h*lzndi hzn.z at 
IntzAvalt tincz. Newt oh hzn. dzath zomzt at a thock to oun zanly nztidzntt among whom 
thz wot well known and highly zttzzmzd. Shz n.ztainzd hzn. mzmbznthip in thz local Nzigh- 
bon. Camp and cannizd $1,000 intunancz in thz ondzn.. 

********** JuZy 31f J973 

Vk. Spotttwood Vied at Hinnzapolit Monday Moaning. 

A menage Kzczivzd Monday monjning announced thz dzath oh Vk. Chanlzt P. Spotttwood 
at Hinnzapolit at 7 o'clock whznz hz had bzzn undzn. mzdical tKzatmznt. 

Pnobably no nztidznt oh Hankinton wot at intimately known to thz pzoplz oh thz tun- 
Kounding countAy h *- ™i£zt at wot Vn.. Spotttwood. Locating hznz in thz lattzn 'SOt whzn 
thz town wot tmall and thz countAy tpantzly tzttlzd, hz toon zttablithzd a langz pnacticz 
and wot thz |{amck/ phytician oh pnactically zvzny onz oh thz pionzzn tzttlznt oh Ihit 
Kzgion. Big hzantzd and gznznout by natuKZ, kindly and zngaging oh pzntonality, hit 
pnztzncz in thz tick noom ohtzn did mon.z h 0K -^ e P&tiznt than thz mzdicinz on. tnzatmznt 
adminittznzd. Latzn hz zttablithzd thz Hankinton Hotpital, an intttfution that wot crowd- 
ed to itt capacity at long at thz docton. Azmainzd in pzntonal change, Hz nankzd at onz 


oi thz vznjy bzt>t physicians in thz nonthwzst. 

Chanlzs P. Spottswood was bonn in Hinnzsota on Nov. 13nd, 1863, and was thznzionz 
in his iiitizth yzan. Entznlng thz Univ. oi Minnesota, hz gnaduatzd with honont, inom 
thz mzdical dzpantmznt and toon aitznwands located in Hankinson whznz hz hat, nzsldzd 
continuously zvzn sincz, except a couplz oi yzans spent in Flonida. 

Soon aitzn locating hznz hz was mannlzd to Katz R. who has ptiovzn hznszli a 
t/uxz hztpmatz throughout thzin mannlzd lifiz. Oi thz union two childnzn wzne bonn, Anthun 
and Kznnzth, both oi whom anz now gnown. 

Vzczaszd wat> a membzn oi szvznat inatznnal ondzns and cannizd insunancz o& $6,000 
in thz Uodznn Woodmzn, Woodmzn oi thz Wontd and Vzomzn. 

Tunznal sznviczs wznz hztd at Hinneapolis and thz body was takzn to Fanmington, UN., 
ion intznmznt. 
HANKWSON NEWS ********** August 14, 1913 

Rev. E. P. Gztchztl nzczivzd wofid this wzzk oi thz dzath o£ Ctinton J. Loomls, thz 
young man who was associatzd with him in thz publication oi thz Wzzkly VisiXon up to thz 
time hz was takzn ill with pneumonia last wintzK. It will bz nzmembznzd that Un. loomls 
spent szvznat wzzks in thz Bnzckznnldgz Hospital hovening between liiz and dzath, but 
ilnally nzcovzned suHicizntly to bz takzn to thz homz oi his panznts in Tunkhannock PA. 
He was undzn thz doctor's cote thznz up to thz timz oi ha, dzath, but had gainzd stnzngth 
znough to assist In light wonk on thz ianm and his ultimatz nzcovzny was coniidzntty 
expected. We quotz inom his iathzn's lettzn, datzd Aug. 5-di; "Ctinton dizd last night at 
ilitzzn minutzs to szvzn. Thz iunznal wilt bz hztd at thz homz Thursday at 1 PM, Rev. 
Jamzs Rainey oi thz Tunkhannock Baptist Church oxidating, with intznmznt at Sunnysidz 

Dzath wai, duz to a thnoat complication that wai not considzrzd serious until a (Jew 
hours bziorz dzath ensuzd. News oi thz dzath oi thi6 young man, who madz many iriznds 
dwiing hit, short rzsidzncz hzrz, comzs at, a gKzat shock, and thz stnlckzn panznts havz 
thz t>incznz sympathy oi alt in thzin gnzat tost, . 
HANKWSON NEWS ' ********** August 14, 1913 

August R., tUtlz onz yzan old son oi Mrs . A. A. Miller, dizd this morning oi spinal 
mzningitls, aitzr an iZlness oi but a izw days . Thz stricken mother has thz sympathy oi 
thz zntlnz community in hzn bznzavzmznt. Thz iunzAal iZKviczi wilt bz hztd at 11 AM Xo- 


Caul Wahlzn dizd on ThuA&day la&t at thz homz oi hit, t>on on thz ianm, aitzn a pKo- 

longzd itlnzii. Ma.. \Kahtzn. wot, a citizen oi this vittagz, having nztOizd iKom thz ianm 

&omz yzam, ago. Hit, wiiz dizd last lummzn and iincz that timz hit, hzatth hat, iaitzd 

until dzath nzlizvzd hit, t,uHzning. Hz wat, a man oi high quatitizi, nzhpzctzd by zvzny- 

body, and wilt bz mii&zd by hit, many inizndt, in thit, community. Thz iunznal was hztd 

on Saturday, Rev. T, Hinck conducting thz t,znviczt,, 

HANKTNSON NEWS ,,. .Gnzat Bznd Examinzn August 21 , 1913 



Endenlin, MP,, Aug, Z6th t , , , , ,Ennest Van Huoten, a young man about seventeen yeans oi 
age was killed hene yestenday. He was engaged in hauling gnain inom the Qle Chnistian- 
son ianm west oi town to the Eanmens Elevaton hene. Just as he was leaving the elevaton 
he dnopped one oi his Line* and the team /van away, 

Aiten tunning about a block one oi the honses stnuck an iAon tying nod killing It 
instantly. At the lame time the. young man was thnown unden the wagon with the nesult 
that hi* skull wai cnushed and he died in a iew minute/*. He leave* an aged mothen 
nesiding at Ladysmith, WI. 

»*«**«*»«* August U, 1913 

Edwin, the ioun months old ion oi Ma., and Uns. Thank Uedenwaldt, died Saturday 
aiten a bniei illneii. The iunenal wai held Monday, ien.vic.ei being conducted at the 
Luthenan Chunch by Rev. J. P. Klauslen. The stnicken paAenti have the iympathy oi all 
in theiA Ion. 

•»**««**** SeptembeA 4, 1913 

Joizph, the iive yean, old ion oi Ma. and Uns, Bent Stovnen neiiding iouth oi Uoone- 
ton, died Tuesday aitennoon aiteA an illneii oi but iive dayi. Stomach tnouble wai the 
cause oi death. The panents have the iympathy oi all in the Ion oi theiA little one. 

Thomai J. Downey wai iound dead in bed at Wahpeton eanly thii week. He wai about 
to move his iamily inom ExceliioA, UN., to Wahpeton, having necently bought the elevaton 
at TyleA, thii county. Death was due to heaAt iailunt. The body was taken to Blooming 
Pnainie, UN.,, ion intenment. 

»*«•*****• SeptembeA 4, 1913 

GiAl Instantly Killed at Neighboring Town. 

Uilnon, ND., Sept. 6th Bessie Fonnest, the 12 yean, old daughten oi A. .Fonnest, a 

well known nesident oi- this place, met death in a peculian. mannen whiLe playing with a 
cAeam sepanaton in the inont oi a local handwane. stone. 

The child had been sent to the stoAe on an ennand and aiten being waited upon leit, 
the clenk nemaining in the. neon oi the stone, whene he was placing some goods. Passing to 
the inont oi the stone, a iew minutes laten, he was honniiied to iind the body oi the child 
lying on the iloon neon a cneam sepanaton, the nibbon wonn in hen hain still caught on the 
handle oi the machine. A gaping wound in the top oi hen head indicated a sevene blow inom 
tlie handle oi the nevolving sepanaton. 

The supposition Is that as the wheel tunned with gneat velocity, hen head was hunled 
against the bowl when the handle, about the night height to catch the nibbon in hen hain, 
swung anound. The clenk nemembened heaning the machine tunn a iew moments beione and see- 
ing the child watching it. Death was instantaneous . 
HANKJNSON NEWS »*»***»«»» Septemben 11, 1913 


Ma. and Maa. Gzo. Won.nzn and W. A. ZfianddL Izit ion. Chilton, WI., on Monday to 
attend thz iunznal oi a n.zlatlvz who iuddznly dlzd. 
GkzjoJ: Band Examine*. ********** SeptembzA If, 79/3 

Thz tittlz two yuan, old 4>on oi Ma. and Maa. Choi. Eladow, Jn.., died Tuzhday night 
aitzn. a bnlzi IMnzii . Thz iunznal wot held Wzdnz&day aitznnoon at thz Luthznan ChuKch 
nonth oi town. Rev. HlZgzndon.i conducting thz &ZKvlcz& . Thz sympathy oi zvzny panznt 
gozi out to thz i&ujckzn family In thz ton oi thzln. tittlz onz. 

********** SzptzmbzK U, 7973 

Thz dzath oi Augu&t Bzting at hl& homz nonth o<$ Gtizat Bend la&t Sunday Aemovea 
anothzn. oi thz Richland County plonzzm. Hz wat> a natlvz o£ Gz/unany and ovzn. 90 yzaju 
oi agz. Hz <U iunvlvzd by two 6ont> and thnzz daughtzte. 

• *••••*•*• SzptmbzK U, 7973 


Elbow Lakz, MN., Szpt. 11th Ovzntakzn by thz itonk whllz accompanying thz 

Kzmalm> oi hzn. hu&band to Hznd&t&on, MN., ion. bwilal, UfU>. WltUam Fnltz oi Vonnybnook, 
NP., wat> a&&l6tzd iKom a tnaln hznz and In a nzanby oiilcz building gave blnth to a ion. 

Thz hu&band wat> dnownzd on Sunday nzan. Vonnybnook whllz hunting. Thz couplz had 
bzzn mannJLzd Iz&i than a yzaK. MA4. Thomai Uoiiztt oi Vonnybnook Kzmalnzd hznz to 
attznd thz young mothzK, whllz E, T. Can.zy oi thz Nonth Dakota town z&contzd thz body 
oi Y-nltz to Hzndzt&on, whznz It wa& butilzd today. 

********** Szptzmbzn. IS, 7973 

Pa. C. H. McVonztl tizczlvzd a mziiagz Efilday announcing thz dzath oi hl6 iathzn. 
In Chicago. Vzczahzd had bzzn In ialling hzalth ion. t>omz timz and thz znd wot, not un- 
zxpzctzd. Hz vliltzd Hankln&on a izw month* ago and made many inJLzndh who hlnczn.zty 
KzgKzt thz nzw& oi hl& dzath. 

********** Szptzmbzn 25, 7973 

Thz Iniant child oi Ma., and Maa. T. W. Robzy, bonn Thuuday monnlng, iunvlvzd but 
twzlvz hounA, pai&lng away ThuMday evening. 

********** Szptzmbzn. 25, 7973 

John Vahlqult>t'& condition lb Auch that It 16 thought hz can iunvlvz but a izw day*. 
Hz JLl> &uiiznlng inom canczn. oi thz itomach and calmly awaltt, thz znd. Ma. Vahtqulit l& 
onz oi thz plonzzn izttlzu oi GKZzndalz, hti> wliz bzlng a daughtzn. oi Ma. and Maa . C. 
LUk, ionmznly oi thl& Hz had a iamlly oi zlght chlldnzn. 

********** Szptzmbzn. 25, 7973 

Owing to thz ab&zncz oi thz wnitzn. thznz iallzd to appzan. nzm oi thz dzath oi Aug- 
ust Bzting, which occunxzd on Monday, Szpt. 15th. Thz old gzntlzman had attalnzd thz 
agz oi 90 yzam> and wat> halz and hzanty until a izw wzzki bzionz hli dzath. Hz wad onz 
oi thz plonzzn. 6zttlznt> oi thl& county, coming hznz &omz thlnty yzanh ago. Hz Izavzi a 
widow, thn.zz &on& and two daughtzns. Thz iunznal wai hzld on Wzdnz&day, Rev. C. G. Thlzlz 
conducting thz &znvlcz&. Thz n.zmaln& wzkz told at Kz&t In Gn.zat Bznd Czmztzny. 

m'KV>'SOu NEWS . . , .GAeat Bend Examine*. . , . Szptzmbzn 25, 79 73 


BAandznbzAg Vi.onz.zfi Succumb* to Apoplexy. 

Augutt Bohn, one. oi thz zaAly tettleAt in BAandenbuAg Townthip, AuHeAed a iatal 
AtAoke oh apoplexy at the. home. oi hit daughteA, Uaa . Gutt Stach, at CaAAington yetteA- 
day moAning. 

Ma, and UAt. Bohn depaAted a couple, oi dayA ago ioA BUZingA , MT. , to vltlt thelA 
dauqhteA UAt. G. E. Be/uj. They stopped oii to vltlt in CaAAington and while in the yaxd 
at the Stack home he tuHeAed the. AtAoke that Aetutted in hit death a iew houA& lateA. 

Two tont leit latt night ioA CaAAington and bAought the. Azmalnt back to GAeat Bend 

Deceased wot a native, oi GeAmany and settled in BAandenbuAg 37 yeoAA ago. He wot 
well known thAoughout that Aectlon and held in high etteem. A wifie and t even chlldJien 
tuAvlve him.... Maa. T-Aed WoAneA oi Hilt city, Uaa. G. E. Be^g oi BillingA, MT., Maa . Gutt 
Stach oi CaAAington, ThzodoAZ, Emit, Ludwig and RzlnhaAt, all oi BAandznbuAg. TheAz oaz 
alto tJiAZZ bAothzAt, WiZtlam, AlbzAt and HeAman, all oi BAandenbuAg, and thAZZ tlttzAt, 
UAt. C. KAizgzA oi BAandenbuAg and Uaa , Stein and Mac. SchAozdzA oi FzAgut Vallt. 

Thz iunzAal will 6e hzld SatuJiday aiteAnoon at thz GeAman LutheAan ChuAch in GAeat 

Eznd - OctobzA 2, 7973 

EAwin Johnton ?atA.ed Away Sunday Evening. 

EAwin Johnton died at thz Wahpeton HoApital laAt Sunday zvzning at 8 PM iAom an 
acutz attack oi appzndicitiA . 

Veceated woa just oi agz, boAn in Richland County, and hit, untimely death camz oa 
a gAeat Ahock to acoaza oi iAiendA thAoughout thiA Aection. 

He woa taken to the hoApital with the hope that an opeAation would bAing about hit 
AecoveAy, but pneumonia and otheA lung complication!, Aet in that made an opeAation im- 
poAAible, and the doctoAA could do little beyond Aelieving the AuHeAing oi hit latt iew 
dayA on eoAth. The end came peaceiully at the cloAe oi a Sabbath day. •,. 

The body wot bAought to Hanklnton and iuneAol AZAviczt weKe held at the CongAegat- 
ional ChuAch Wednetday moAning at 70 o'clock. Rev. E. P. Getchell pAeaching the Aenmon. 
The ediiice wot illled with iAiendA and neighboAt who had known him iAom eaAly boyhood, 
and genuine Aoaaow iHled eveAy heoAt. IntzAmznt wot made in Tytonvillz CemetzAy betide 
hit iathzA and not iaA iAom the place wheAe he wot bo An. 

EAwin LewiA Johnton wot boAn ApAil 26, 7 892, in GAeendale Townthip, and at the time 
oi hiA death wot 27 yeaAt , iive montht and nine dayA old. Hit iatheA, FAank Johnton, 
died when EAwin wot a baby, and the latteA lived with hit gAandpoAentA , L. A. and E. U. 
on thz iarn and in Hanklnton wheAe he attended Achool until he wot old enough to woAk, 
aitzA which he lived with hit motheA on heA iam in Wand County ioA teveAal yeaAt . He 
then came back to Hanklnton and leaAned the cement hollowoAe and building butlnztA . A£tzA- 
waAdA hz wot In thz employ oi thz Soo Railway Co., In azvzaoI dlUzAznt capacities , hit 

latt occupation being that oi coa intpectoA at the Hanklnton ttation. He wot a young man 


oh rare natural talent, alway* willing to do anything he faund to do that wa* honorable, 
and remunerative, being carehul oh hi* earning* and alway* trying to help his tf-'u.endi . 
He wa* exceptlo natty pure minded, being po**e**ed oh none, oh the. vice* on. bad habit* 
that beset the young men oh this generation. 

He wa* a member oh the Congregational Church oh Hanklnson, and having a natural In- 
clination to make hlm*elh u*etfu£ to hit, many htilendt, and relative* wa* looking honward 
with pro*pect* bright hor a long ll^e oh u*ehulne** and happlne**, and his being cut 
down In the very dawn oh promise I* a *ad blew to hi* many *om.owlng a**oclate*. 

October 9, 1913 
Tran&lent Laborer Succumbed to Heart Failure. 
Martin Smith, a transient laborer, died oh heart hallure at about daybreak Sunday 
morning at the Wlnd*or Hotel, He wot, sleeping with Jame* Shea and the latter wa* awak- 
ened by the death throe* oh hli bedhellow. By the time a doctor could be summoned Smith 
had pa**ed away. 

Vecea&ed wai a laboring man who had worked In: thl* vicinity the pott two *ea*on*. 
In 1912 he worked hor Joe Little and this *ea*on wa* employed by Wm. Bohn during harvest 
and later on the Erlck&on threshing rig *outh oh town. He made a trip to Minneapolis 
last week, returning Saturday night. He wa* 28 or 30 yean oh age. Ehhort* to locate 
relatives have been h^tlle. He ha* been heard to *peak oh a hitter In Canada but none 
oh hit, a**oclate* knew her name or addre** . 

Le** than two dollar* wa* hound on hi* per*on and It wa6 hound nece**ary to bury 
him at public expense. Thl& wa* done Tuesday morning. 

»»»*»«•»«» October 9, 1913 c 

John Kiel wat> called to Marshall, UN., to attend the huneral oh a *lster who was 

the victim oh an automobile accident. co r 

• **«*****• October 9, 1913 £ ' 

In reporting the lad new oh the death oh our old comrade and neighbor, Augu*t Bohn, 
the name oh Henry Bohn oh Brandenburg, wcu> omitted at> one oh the brother*, being hour 
brother* Instead oh three a* stated. 

The Inhant *on oh Mr. and Mr*. Wm. Ecke* died on Saturday la*t at their home three 
mile* east oh Gneat Bend, and the remain* were laid at nest In the St. Jo*eph Cemetery. 
The parent* have the *ympathy oh all In the lo** oh their little boy. 

The huneral oh Augu*t Bohn wa* largely attended. Although It wa* raining, a large 
number oh learn* turned out. Tho*e h^om out oh the county were Mr. and Mr*. Schroeder 
and Stein oh Fergus Fall*, Juliu* and Ml** El*le Hammermel*ter oh Hill Point, WI., Herman 
Vomer, Hugo MIXzel and wive* oh Aberdeen, SV., Mr*. King oh Mlnneapoll* and Mrs. John 
Strl**el oh Fergus. 

C51) 0218737 

Sadie., the Little. thAee yean old daughten oi Un. and Unt, . Otto Voeltz, died Sun- 
day aitennoon inom pneumonia, and complications . She had neven been stnong and was un- 
able, to withstand the. navages oi the disease. The. iunenal was held Wednesday, Rev. 
Gnabowskl conducting the. The. stAlcken iamity have the. sympathy oi all In 
theln beA.eaveme.nt 

********** Octoben 11, 1913 


Gnasston, MN Advance The iunenal oi John Vahlqulst, bnothen oi Enlck 6. 

Vahlqulst oi Rice CAeek, and known hene because oi numeAx>ut> visits in this community, 
was held Monday at 2 o'clock ?U, 

Rev. Renijxs oi Bnaham deJU.veA.zd the. senmon, while the. obsequies weAe In change oi 
N. E. kndenson. 

A laAge numbeA oi inlends and Kelatlves wene pn.eAe.nt to pay tribute to the. memory 
oi the deceased and fallow the. nemalns to the Gnasston CemeteAy whene Intenment was made. 

Ma. Vahlqulst died at hie, home, In the. township oi GKeendale, Richland County, W., 
Fnlday, Sept. 26th and was at tht time oi death 49 yeans, 8 months and 25 dayt> oi age. 
Ton the. past two yeans he has been a suiienen inom cancen oi the stomach which aiilict- 
ion wot, the. cause oi hU death, He wot, a succes&iul ianmen and the. possesson oi a ilne 
place which he and hit, iamlly had built ion themselves thnough theln Industny and inug- 

Un. VahlquiAt Is sunvlved by hit, panents, Ma. and Uns. Veten Vahlqulst, who make, 
theln home with theln son Enlck in Rice. CAeek, and by a wlie and iix sons and two dau- 
ghter who nzslde in Dakota, A slsten, Mas . Chat,, T-Ke.dlu.nd, lives neon Gnasston, ano- 
theA Aesldes In StUlwaten, while too one. stOl In Sweden. Thene Is anotheA slsten, 
whole wheneabouts we iaJULed to leaAn. 

To the iamlly and Aelatlves tht Advance extendi Its slnceAtst sympathy In theln 


********** OCTOBER 23, 19 73 

Wm. Manquandt, EaAly Settlen HeAe Vie* In Sangent County. 

(tim. Manquandt, one. oi the. ilnst white settlens In this Aeglon, died at hit, home 
neon. Buiialo Lake., SaAgent County, SatuAday aiteAnoon at 5 o'clock fallowing a stnoke 
oi panalysls. 

Veceased was one oi the. eanllest settlens In the. vicinity oi Hanklnson, having 
settled on what It. now the. Nehmen place, nonth oi town oveA 35 yeans ago. latex he 
moved Into what l& now BAlghtwood Township and until about six yeaAi, ago occupied a 
ianm faun, mile* west oi town, now owned by Tned Kmiegen. When Mn. Manquandt ilnst 
located hene the. countAy wai> peopled mostly by>, and one oi hit. wanmest intends 
wot Chiei Monan aiten whom Monan Township was named. The latten died ten yean* ago 

the pott summen, and at that time Ha, Manquandt iunnlshed The NEWS with a lot oi data 


regarding the old chlei and Incidentally told ai his early experiences among the Indians . 
Ton. one. winter aiter he. moved here the. government kept a squad oi soldiers quartered on 
what Is now the Kinney iarm neon, lake Moron, and the lite o& their tog iort can s till be 
seen just east o tj the lake. Chlei Moran was burled on the hill overlooking the lake 
irom the loath. 

Wm. Marquardt was born In Germany and was 72 years oi age on Feb. 14th last. While 
still a young man he came to America and on the oat bfieak oi the Civil Wan. enlisted In 
the Federal Army, serving with distinction throughout the ilve years. The latter pant 
oh his ll^e wot, spent on the western irontler, and ior mofie than a third oi a centuAy 
he. was Identified with the development oi Richland County. Aiter disposing oi his iarm 
In Brlghtwood Township he bought a place adjoining the city oi Lldgerwood, but sold this 
about three yeafis ago and moved to Sargent County where he purchased a ilne harm near 
Buiialo Lake. He leaves a widow and eight children, all grown, to mourn his death, viz: 
Frank, Vavld, William, Fritz. and Ralph; Jennie., Josle and Gertrude., all oi whom are mar- 

The iuneral was held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, and among those irom here. In . 
attendance were Chas. Stack, Jr., and wlie, the latter a daughter oi the deceased; Her- 
man Prochnow and wlie, Fre.d Krueger and wlie and Wm. Brummund and wlie, all old neigh- 
bors oi the deceased. Interment was made In the. Cemetery about a mile irom the Mar- 
quardt home near Buiialo Lake. 

• ••••••••« October 30, 1913 

Ed. Boucher Loses Llie. by Overturning oi Load oi Lumber 

While riding out to the Wild Rice River In the vicinity oi Mooreton, last Friday 
aiternoon, a bridge carpenter by the name oi Ed. Boucher, oi Minneapolis was Instantly 

The load oi lumber on which he. was riding got out oi the road and In some way was 
upset, some oi the lumber ialllng upon the body. But post mortem examination revealed 
no cuts or bruises, and whether death was due directly to Injuries or was the result oi 
heart iallure brought on by the shock oi ialllng will probably never be deilnltely known. 

Neither oi the other two men who were on the wagon with him at the time was Injured, 
and It seems reasonable to conclude that the man had a weak heart which succumbed to the 

The. young man was apparently about 25 or 30 years oi age, and was employed by the 
Jones Bridge Co., oi Minneapolis, which was promptly notliled oi the. accident, and Mr. 
Jonzs arrived next day and directed undertakers Onstad S Vaughn who had It In charge, 
to ship the body back to Minneapolis ior Interment, which was accordingly done. 

********** October 30, 1913 

Chas . Jasmer and Mrs . Herman MUbrant leit this morning ior Leola, St?..,, to attend 
the iuneral oi a little nephew, son oi Joseph Hoeit, which Is to take place today. 

********** October 30, 1913 



The body oi August Janlch, fonmzAly a blacksmith at Ransom, was found undzA the NontheAn Depot at Cayuga Fnlday morning, with hi* throat 6e.veA.zd eon to ear. 
Condition oi the body Indicate* that hz had been dead for. several days, probably too 
weeks, and It Is bzllzvzd that hz commlttzd suicide. He was last seen alive too weeks 
ago and ab theKe Is no known cause foA hi* taking hie, own Hie considerable mystery 
suAAounds the. case. 

The. dead man I* about 55 yean* old and leave* a large family In Montana. He with 
the. family moved inom Ransom tote, this summer to Aeslde on a claim In Montana. Two weeks 
ago hz arnlved and was seen and spoken to by several local people.. Nothing mon.e seems to 
have, been heatid oi him until the. body wa* found. Local authorities ans. Investigating 
the. case. 

********** OctobzA 10, 7973 


Sheldon, NV., Nov. Ut. , . .Alfred Wall o& Owego Township plowed up too skull* and 
one. complete, skelton. They oaz. believed to be. the. Kemalns oi what wot, known as the 
Hadlzy Colony, which located on the. kite. In the. early sixties and were aiterwards mass- 
acAzd by loving bands oi Indians. The. settler* took up land for. about ilve mile* 
anound the font thzy established, living at a central point a* pnotection against the 
Indian*. The. thzony I* that the Indian* swept down on the. colony tome, day when the men 
weAt at wonk and murdered the. entile, band. 

Many oi the olden. ent Aesldents n.emembzA the. old buildings and tAznche* at the. 
colony. It I* supposed that the. bodle* weAZ glvzn a shallow buAlal by the. Indian* on. by 
soldier* who found them latzA. The ileld In which the. skeltons weAZ. discovered had been 
wofikzd foK many yzan* but was nz.vzA plowed to a depth which unearthed the. bone* till thl* 

An examination oi the. skull* Indicate they weAZ cleaved with some sharp InstAument. 
ThzAz It, every Indication that the. bone* one. those oi white* a* the. skulls have not the 
Indian conformation. 

********** November 6, 7973 

Juliu* Wz*tphal Passed Away Early Thl* Mo fining 

Oua community wa* shocked when It became known today that Juliu* Westphal, a pioneer 
resident and highly n.e*pected citizen oi the. city, had died at an early hour thl* mofinlng. 
While, he. wa* known to be critically III, It wa* not *uppo*ed that hi* condition wa* dang- 
zaou*. He had been conilnzd to the hou*e foA about wzzk&, and last zvenlng took a 
tuAn foK the. wonse. At fouA o'clock thl* moKnlng he. passed away. 

Vecea*zd wa* a native oi GeAmany wheAZ fee ilrst saw the light oi day 66 yean* ago. 
He to manhood there and wa* a membeA oi the. GeAman AAmy In the Wan. oi 1870-71, Vur- 
Ing that time, hz contracted a kidney aUbnznt that ha* aifoctzd him even, since and which 
wa* the indirect cause oi hi* death. At the clo*z oi the war hz came to AmeAlca, settling 


iiA*t in Minne*ota. He ioAe*aw the advantage* oiieAed to *ecuA.e home* on the. iAontieA 
and 35 yean* ago, in company with E. HungeA and otheA *tuAdy Genman*, he. came to Richland 
County. Locating on a ianm neon. GKeat Bend, he taboKed ioA yean* and by caAeiul manage- 
ment and acquired a comioAtable. ioAtunz. About * even yean* ago he rented the ianm 
and became a Ae*id.ent o{ Hankin*on. 

He i* iuxvived by a wtdow but no chJULdKen wexe even, bo fin to the couplz. 
Kelative* one film. We*tpahl, the only bAotheA, and Ma*. Augu&t Radditz oi thi* city, one 
*i*teA who Ke*ide* at Sanborn, MH., and one hi*teA In Genmany. The *i*teA iAom Sanbotin 
td expected to aASiive hefie in time ion the iuneAal. 

Vecea*ed wa* highly Ae*pected and a devout membeA oi the Lutheran ChuAch. He wad 
active in e/iecting the itne Lutheran Chutich In owl city. He led an exemplany Li£e and 
a ho*t oi AOAAowing iAi.end* mouAn hi* ton. 

The iunenal will be held Saturday at the Luthetian Chutich. 

»•••*•*••• NovembeA 73, 7973 

John P. Thill, a pianeeK nehiAent oi Lihenty Gtiove Township, died la*t week at the 
home o^ hi* ion PeteA. Vecea&ed wa* the iatheA oi Ma*. Wm. limmeAman and Ha*. Wm. Hutton, 
ioAmeA Hanktn*on Aeiident* . 

»«*•*»«»»* KovmbeA 73, 7973 

Ma*. Theo. W. Gilli*pi.e died at heA Lidgexwood home la*t SatuAday. She leave* a 
hu*band and two ok thAee childjien to mouAn theiA gAeat los>&. 

John Schmitt, a pioneeA A.e*ident oi Summit Town*hip, died Monday at the blahpeton 
HohpiXaJL ifiom blood poi*oning. La*t week hi* hand wa* teAAibly mangled by a coKn ikned- 
deA and lockjaw Ae*ulted, cau*tng hi* death. He wa* 60 yean* oi age and had Ae*ided In 
Summit Town*hip 6ince 1881. 

Ed. WagneA oi MantadoK, well known to many oi oua people, died at the BAeckenAidge 
Hospital la*t FfUday moAning. He had gone to the ho*pital ioA. an opeAation ioK heAnia 
and the doctoA* weAe pKepanJing to take, him to the opeAoting Aoom. While the attendant* 
wejie waiting he ga*ped and expixed without waAntng . 

Vzceaied wa* a middle aged man and on KpAJJL 2nd oi thi* yean, wa* manxied to Mn* . 
John Kot*chevaA, Keltct oi the late John Kot*chevaA oi MantadoA.. The Kemain* wexe taken 
to Mantadon. and iuneAol izAvice* held Sunday aiteAnoon, Rev. Pa.. Simon* in chaAQe. 

»»«****«** HovembeA 73, 7973 


The body oh Ross Smith, a resident oh Hanklnson h *- a short time, about eight years 
ago, was shipped through here Monday. Deceased died at Hat, Alberta, Canada, 
and the remains were being taken to some point In South Dakota hor burial. The body 
wot In charge oh his aged mother. 

*********** November 20, 1913 

Fled Dlbbert wot called to Rolette, ND., the hore part oh the week by wond that a 
brother, Gustav Dlbbert, had been crushed to death beneath a house that he wa6 helping 
to move, ^twrn the abandoned vintage oh McCumber to Rolette. He had crept under the build- 
ing to adjust some rollers when the tlmbeA gave way. Deceased was thirty years oh age. 

********** WovemfeeA 20, 1913 

Herman Kath, a bnother oh Fred Kath oh this city, died at Glendlve, MT. , Friday 
oh pneumonia. Deceased was 42 yeans oh age and leaves a wlhe and six children. Fred 
Kath and parents le^t here Thursday and were, joined at ElsmaAck by Gust Kath oh Max, 
and all arrived behore the end came. 

********** November 20, 1913 

Matt Brakke, hormerly Register oh Deeds oh this county, died recently at his home 
neon. Kent, MN., aged 57 years. The deceased came to this county In 1882 and was elected 
Register oh Deeds In 1892, serving two yeans. 

********* * November 21, 1913 

The twelve, yean old daughter oh Mr. and Ibis. John Hynlng, prominent hormers neon. 
Mantador, died last Friday. Deceased had been an Invalid hor some time and the end 
was not unexpected. The (JuneAad was held Monday at St. Peter S Paul's Church at Manta- 
dor. The stricken <{anvt&/ have the sympathy oh all In their bereavement. 

********** November 21, 1913 

Mrs. A. P. Jones received a message yesterday announcing the death oh her mother 
and leht on the evening train hon the old home near Cooperstown, ND. 

********** December 4, 1913 

J. A. Barker, well known In Hanklnson and Wahpeton, died yesterday at North Adams, 
Massachusetts . Mr, Barker vls-ited Hanklnson a (Jew weeks ago and was then very hzzble 
but hoped that a change oh climate would Improve his condition. He had neached an ad- 
vanced age, however, and news oh his death came as no surprise to his |{Atenc&s here. 
He Is survived by a wlhe and one son, A. J. Barker oh this city, 

********** December 11, 1913 

The Inhant daughter oh Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Holberg, residing several miles south oh 
town died Monday ahter an Illness oh cl h^ hours. The sympathy oh their h^t-nds a nd 
neighbors goes out to the stricken parents In the loss oh their little one. 

********** December 11, 1913 

Gottlieb Schulz Passed kway Last Friday. 

Gottlieb Schulz, a pioneer resident oh Richland County, passed away Friday, Pec, 


12th, at 11:05 AM, aged 79 yeans, 7 months and 11 day*, at his home. in Hankinson. 

Deceased was a native oi Germany, born May 1st, 1834, in Sommeriield, Konigsberg, 
On, 2nd, 1862, he. married Louise. Nlethan who survives hun y Eleven children were 
born to this couple. In 1884 they came to America and have been Kespected residents 
oi Richland County fan. many yearn. 

On Match 2nd, 1912, the golden wedding anniversary oi the aged couple was held. 
Deceased had been iaillng fan. several months and the tenderness and anxiety oi the aged 
wiie dunging his last days was pathetic. She ministered to his wanti faJLthfaJUby and 
without a complaint and mourns deeply the. loss oi hen. mate fan. the past iiity years. 
She wWL now make hen. home with hen. son, H. C. Schulz, south oi town. 

The fanennJL was held Monday, ten.VA.cei> being conducted by Rev, Grabowski at the 
GeAman Ev. Church. 

HANKINSON NEWS ********** December 18, 1913 

Sebastian Gilles , a pioneer Kesident neon. Great Zend, died Monday, aged 74 yearn. 

The iuneral was held today, 


C. E. Coleman, a conducton. In the Soo employ fan. thinty years, died on Tuesday oi 
last week at Minneapolis a^ten. a lingering Illness irom enlargement oi ike heant. At 
the time oi his last illness he had a nun on trains 107 and 108 between Enderlin and 
St, Vaul. He was well known to patrons oi the Soo line and the tnaveling pubtic will to hear oi his death. 


Well Known Resident* oi City Pass Away, 

The people oi our city were shocked Tniday morning by news oi the sudden death oi 
Tnank J. Haas at EULendale, where he had been ill with typhoid iever fan. several weeks. 
He had practically recovered irom the. disease, and It was thought he would be able to 
n.eturn to Hankinson within a iew days, but a sudden collapse resulted in hit, death be- 
fare Mrs. Haas, who had leit his bedside but a iew day/, to pKepare fan. hi* n.eturn 
to Hankin&on, could Keach there. 

The NEWS Kegrets that it has been impossible to secure data fan. an extended obit- 
uary oi the deceased. He was about 35 years oi age and came to Hankinson in June oi 
1912, entering the employ oi S. P. Iceland 6 Sons, Co., as bookkeeper. By strict att- 
ention to business he earned the esteem oi his employers, but owing to his reserved 
manner fanmed iew Intimate acquaintances. Oi excellent habits, industrious and pain- 
staking, he made the interest oi his employers his chlei concern, and at the tune 
gained the respect and esteem oi all who knew him. A iew months ago he was married to 
Estella Smith Jackson, a fanmer teacher In our public schools, and the sincere sympathy 
oi all goes out to the young widow in her deep aiiliction. 

Deceased Is survived by his parents who reside at EULendale, also by a iamlty oi 


gAown bxotheAS and slsteAS . 

Thz fiuneAal was held at Ellzndalz Sunday, and while, poon. thaJLn connections made it 
■imposslblz {on. any ojj his Hankinson &fu.znds to attznd, they wzfiz theAZ In spifiit and 
weAZ fizpAzs zntzd by a numbzA orf filoAal of^eAinqi. 

********** VecembeA IS, 7973 


Wis. ZeAtha Radditz, wl£z 0(J August Radditz, died at hex home. In this city Thufis- 
day evening, Vet, 18th. 

Vzczaszd had bzzn a suI&zaza (torn asthma fan the. past {l^tzzn yzanjs but was cAiti- 
cally III only a (Jew day*. Evzn up to the. time, death znsuzd hex condition was not con- 
ii.deM.ed dangeAous . 

Vzczaszd ww boKn, Feb. 2nd, 1852, In PommZAeln, GeAmany, and was mairUzd to August 
Radditz on Oct. 12th, 1878. Thz family camz to America hhonJULy a^teK thz mawUagz, loc- 
ating $inst In Uinnzsota and combig to Vakota In 1884. Wi. Radditz {lust held a position 
on thz Kzy&tonz {am but movzd to Hankinson in 1890 wheAZ they have slncz Azsldzd. 

Vzczaszd Is suAvlvzd by thz husband, onz &on Wm. H., o{ this city, and onz buotheA 
Wm. Wzstphal. Hzfi iudden death was a gfizat shock to icoizs o{ old {fiiznds in this 

Thz {unexal was held Sunday, Rev. Gxabowskl conducting thz ieAvlczs at thz Genman 

Evangelical Chinch. 


Guit PztzASon, (ofuneAly zngagzd In thz blacksmith buslnzss at Hankinson and Vzunon, 
dizd at, thz izsult o{ hzant {oIIuaz last wzzk according to advices nzcelvzd {Kom Sask- 
atchewan to which province he movzd about &zvzn yeans ago. 


Thz sad news just amilvzd hznz o{ thz death o{ Wis. TtUttln, mothzn o{, Chas . Tuittin 
and Has. Alb. Ghfionkz o{ this placz. Shz dizd at hzK homz southwzst o{ Hanklnson. 

....G/ieat Bend ExamlnzA. . . 
Szbastlan Gillis , bhotheA o{ PeteA GUUUjs , dizd at thz latteAS homz on Monday, last 
wzzk. Thz {unzhal was held ThuAsday {Aom St. Joizph ChuAch. Rev. Meyet. conducted thz 
szavIczs. Vzczaszd was a su^zAzn, o{ canceA o{ the stomach and death camz as a nzllz^ 
to his su^eAings. Hz had attainzd thz agz o{ 77 yzaxs . 

....Gfizat Bend ExamineA . . . VzczmbeA 25, 7973 


Third Member oi Family Gone Within Eight Month* 

Unlvenal sympathy goe* out to Ma*ter Ervln Miller, the. only *urvlvlng member o& a 
iamlly oi iour that were all happy and In good health eight month* ago. Hit, mother, Mr*. 
Elizabeth Miller, panned away Saturday morning at 3'i30 AM aiter a brlei lllne**, hen. 
condition not being con*ldened critical until a iew hour* bciore the end. 

Death resulted irom complication* due to liven, trouble. She wa* III about a week 
and not until the la*t couple oh day* wa* hen, condition thought to be *enlou&, and even 
up to Friday aitemoon iatal re*ult* were not anticipated. 

Augu*t A. Miller, hu*band oi the deceased, died la*t Hay aiter a brlei lllne**. 
Vunlng Augu*t the baby pa**ed away, and now with the death o& the mother, little Ervln, 
thirteen yean* old, I* leit a* the ta*t member oi the family. 

Elizabeth Miller wa* born 39 yean* ago at Rockvllle, MN., hen. parent* being Mr. and 
Mr*. Math Hengel. About 18 yean* ago *he came, to Hankln&on, and on April 25, 1898, *he 
wa* mannled to Augu*t A. Miller. She li> *urvlved by *l*ten* and *lx brother* . . . 
Mr*. John Elchen* oi Cold Spnlng*, MW., Un*. Anton Lommel oi Ca*tlegar, B. C, Hi** 
Anna Hengel oi thl& city, Gothand Hengel oi Tn*on, Sa*k., Peter and Math Hengel oi Ana- 
moo*e, WP., Hike and John oi St. Cloud, MW., and Jo*eph Hengel oi Wadena, MW. All were 
here ion. the iunenal except Mr*, lommel, Gothand and John Hengel. 

Vecea*e.d wa* a devoted wlie and loving mothen., dome*tlc In hen. ta*te* and beloved 
by all who enjoyed hen acquaintance.. The gnlei oi the tittle boy leit parentle** lt> 
pathetic In the extreme. 

Funeral *ervlce* wene held Monday ionenoon at St. Philip'* Chinch, Rev. Jo*. F. 
Studnlcka conducting the *ervlce*. Intenment wa* made In the iamlly lot In the Catholic 

»*«•»•*•*« Januany 1, 1914 

Simon \OuJ>toiien*on, a young man vl*ltlng at the Ian* Lan*on home at Murray , died 
ye*terday oi diphtheria aiter an lllnee** oi but a iew houn*. Vecea*ed, who*e home. I* 
In Canada, ha* been attending the Science School at Wahpeton and wa* *pendlng the. Holi- 
day* with inlend* neon. Munnay. The Innoad* oi the. dl*ea*e. wene *o napld that he pa**ed 
away about ten minute* beione the arrival oi a doctoK. HI* *udden death irom the dread 
dl*ea*e ha* *pnead consternation throughout that nelghbonhood and the re*ldznt* oi all 

age* one being vaccinated a* napldly a* the work can be done. 


The treacherou* Ottentall Plver claim* It* negulan toll oi human Hie eveny wlnten 
oven, at Eneckennldge. La*t week Little. Otto Kohnk, *even yean* old, wa* *katlng along 
the. Ice on the edge oi the river, the main channel being entirely open, and he *kated 
Into the nlven, dl*appeanlng beione help could be *ummoned. The body wa* not recovered. 

********** - , tow 

January 1, 1914 

The NEWS is in oh a lettex ^nxim W. C. Chapman, at St PetexsbuAg, PL., who 
Is endeavoAing to locate. Aelatlves oh one Haxvey Thompson, an aged NoAwegian who was 
hound dead Jin a shack neon that city last week. 

The man wot, somewhat oh a heAmiX bat lettexs h ou -nd among ha> possessions indicated 
that he has Aelatlves Aesiding neon. Hankin6on. He. leaves a small sum oh money and some 
land intexests. One lettex h*om 0. A. Thompson, in which he. speaks oh poAtles who Aeside 
in Hankinson. Deceased is thought to have, lived in NebAoska at one time and was a Union 
vetexan as he. dxew a pension oh $24 a month. Anyone, having knowledge oh this case will 
conheA. a havoA on all concerned by communicating with The NEWS. 

HANKINSON NEWS ********** Januaxy 1, 1914 

The baby daughter, oh Ma. and Mas. Robext Dumke, who Aeside noAth oh town, died Wed- 
nesday moAning at 3:30 AM, aged nine months and nine days. Stomach complications Aesult- 
ing h*- om teething was the cause, oh death. 

The little one had been ill hoA neaAly two months . The stAicken poAents have the 
sympathy oh all in the loss oh theiA only child. The time h<>A the hunexal has not been 
hixed at this WAiting, but will pAobably be held at some time PAiday. 


Mas. lizzie Monks Plaph died at the home oh hen. daughtex, Has. Maxtln Meyex, neax 
MuAnay last PAiday, in the 84th yeoA oh hex. age. Deceased was a native oh GeAmany and 
came to this countAy with hex husband 31 yeaxs ago. 

About (J-u/e weeks ago she came up hwm hex home at Wood Lake, MN., to visit hex daug- 
htexs neax MuAnay... .Has. Meyex, Mas. C. Henke and Mas. J. liebaxth. The txip was too 
much ho a hex and death Aesulted jj/iom the inh-ixmities oh old age. 

Besides the daughtexs mentioned above, she is suAvived by two sons in Minnesota. 
Deceased was a kindly old lady and hex death is sincexely mouAned by the homily oh child- 
Aen and gAandchildxen. The h'anexal was held Monday, sexvices being conducted by Rev. 
Cloitex at the chuAch neax MuxAay. TnteAment was made in the cemetexy neaXby. 

********** Januaxy 1, 1914 

The sad news oh the death oh theiA aged mothex, Mas. Gottlieb AbAoham, was Aeceived 
hexe Sunday by August AbAoham and Mas. Julia Heling. Deceased was a Aesident oh Hankinson 
hoA many yeaxs, leaving hexe about eight yeaxs ago to Keside with hex daughtex, Mas. Theo . 
Heling, at PoAtland, OR. 

She was boAn in GeAmany 84 yeaAS ago, was maAXied thexe, and came to Amexica in 1870. 

She was the mothex oh eleven childxen, six oh whom axe living to mouAn hex death: August 

AbAoham and Mas. Julia Heling oh Hankinson, Mas. Theo. Heling and Mas. P. W. Hoehs oh 

PoAtland, OR., Mas. Albextlna Langbehn, Spokane, WA., and Mas . PAed Schmidt, Modesto, CA. 

She also leaves a bAothex who lives at Kingston, Wl . Thixty gAand childxen and eighteen 

gAeat- gAandchildxen also suAvive hex. 

********** Januaxy 8, 1914 


TAank Knuppel received a mebbage on SatuAday that hlb motheA had died at Reebevllle, 
VI. He depaAted at once to attend the. £uneAaZ, 

«*••••***« January U, 1914 

W. C. Hanewald, the. well known tiepAebentatlve of, McVonald BAob. In thlb teAAltoAy, 
xecelved a mzbbage Tuesday evening announcing the death oh hlb aged hatheA at the home In 
St. Paul. He le&t on the ilKbt tAaln to attend the {ane/uil. 

********** January 29, 1974 

HeAman SchuZtz Packed Away Suddenly SatuAday 

HeAman Schuttz, a ploneeA bettlex, died oh heaAt ^aituAe at hlb home noAthwebt oh 
town Satunday. White hlb health had been pooA hoA beveAal month*, the end came suddenly 
and wab entlAely unexpected. 

Veceabed wab botin Oct. 6, 1854, In GeAmany, and came to thlb countny while btlll a 
young man. Settling fiiMt at VetAolt, MI., he. joined the ploneeAb who came to Richland 
County, and located on what lb now known ab the Pnank Tlegb iahm noAth oh town, In 1880, 
LateA he bold thlb lahm and blnce that time hob Aeblded on a ^aAm j'ubt ea&t oh the land 
hlllb and noKthwebt oh Hanklnbon. 

He lb buAvlved by the widow and eight chULdAen, {oun. oh whom one tXlll at home. 
Veceabed wot, an IndubtAloub hatuneh. and had the. Atbpect oh all who knew him, and hlb sud- 
den death came a& a gfieat bhock to a loAge oh old time ifilendc. 

The iuneAal wab held Tuebday at MantadoA, Rev. F/i. Simon conducting the beAvlceb . A 
lafuge numbefi oh (jAxenda |$o££owed the Aemalnb to thelA h^in^ netting place In the Catholic 

********** FzbAuaAy 5, 1914 

Ma. and MAb. Levi Nadeau, Aebidlng bouth oh town, mouAn the lobb oh theln. baby who 
died SatuAday, PuneAol beAvlceb weAe conducted at the home. Monday ahteAnoon by Rev. Txa 
S. McY-oAland. 

********** r-ebKuany 5, 7974 

Ole Heglle, Sa., tfa-tfie*. oh Andrew Heglle oh Walcott, died SatuAday night at Walcott, 

at the advanced age oh win&ty one. He came to thlb county In 1878 and hob been a Kebldent 

heAe even. &lnce. 


CoAoneA Hebb wab called to Mooneton, Monday moKnlng, to examine the body oh Jab. R. 

Tilt, well known In that vicinity, who died buddenly Sunday night. Tltt had no Kelatlveb 

In thlb paAt oh the countAy and the body wab taken to Wahpeton ho*. buAlal. The coAoneA 

bound that an Inquebt wab unnecebbaAy, death having Kebulted ^m heoAt |{<u£at.e. 


The. Inhant child oh Ma., and MAb, GabAiel Knudben, bouth oh town, died SatuAday, aged 
tuoo dayb. The hunzAal wab held Tuebday. 

********** PcbtuxaAy 19, 1914 


MAt>. Joe Beilk, a well known Aehldent o{ the E{{lngton countAy, died Sunday moAnlng, 
the Aetult o{ compllcatiom, {ollowlng child blAth. 

Vecea&ed wat, 14 yeaAt, o{ age and leaves a husband and {amlly o{ imall chlldnen to 
mouAn heA lost,. The Aemalns weAe taken to the. old home at Reno, Pope. County, MN,, {oa 
buAlal. The AtAlcken {amlly have the. sympathy o{ all Jin thelA beAeavement. 

********** T-ebtauvuj 19, 1914 

The. infant child o{ Ma. and Mas. Stave., Aesldlng neat MuAAoy, died Tuesday, age one. 



The. Mlsies Wall{louA Aecelved a menage last week that thelA {atheA was t>eAlously 

III. They departed {ok his bedside, at once., 

********** U(Vich St 19U 

Mas . lilphy MuAphy, pAobably the. oldest Aesldent o{ oun countAy, died at hen. home 

neon. MantadoA Tuesday, She. had Aounded out nearly a centuAy and death came {Aom the. 

ln{lAmltleJS o{ a^e. She was the. motheA o{ Mas. Smith Ve Sllva o{ this city. 

********** UaAQh J2f W4 

Mas. Hell, PetteASon and 6on, A. C, aAAlved home yesteAday {Aom W<Umot, SV., wheAe 

they wexe called by the. t,udden death o{ CaAl Knutson, Mas. PetteASon't, bAotheA-ln-law. 

********** Ma/uJl J2> W4 

J. A. VwyeA was called to LoAetto, Wl., the. {one paAt o{ the. week, by the death 

o{ his hXAteAj, Mas. Michael Plemmlng, who had been In {ailing health {oa heveAal month*. 

»*««****** UaAch 19f 19U 

Pfiank MotheA, {atheA o{ Mas, . Louis LohA, died at the WlndsoA Hotel at an eaAly houA 
Monday moAnlng {Aom t>hock Aesultlng {nam a {all on the sidewalk In {Aont o{ the hotel. 

Deceased, home was at Paynesvllle, came In on Soo tAaln 105 Monday moAnlng 
{oa a visit wtth his daughteA, He had t>ent no woAd o{ his coming and not caAlng to aAouse 
the {amlly at that eaAly houA, he decided to go to the hotel until daylight. In {Aont o{ 
the dooK he clipped and {ell but was able to iumrnon help and was taken to a Koom and med- 
ical old summoned. No leAious InjuAles could be {ound, but the ihock wae> too much {oa the 
aged man and he passed away moAe as the Aesult o{ weakness than {nom the InjuAles sustained 
by the {all. 

Deceased was a veteAan o{ the Civil WaA and wot on Uncle Sam' t> HonoA Roll as a pen- 

iloneA. He had vlslXed hexe {Aequently and hlt> &udden death undeA 6uch dlstAest,lng clAcumz 

stances was a gAeat thock to hid {Alends . He was In hit, 75th yeaA and It, luAvlved by hit, 

daughteA, Mas. Louis LohA, o{ this city, and a ion and daughteA at Paynesvllle. The body 

was taken to that place Tuesday {oa buAlal. 

********** UaJlch 26 t 1914 


Knudt Bandsen, agz 65, was itnlckzn with panalysis at VzLamznz, while. thz 
iunznal oi his daughtzn, Mns. 0. M. Stzingaand, who had paiizd away only a iew dayi pxz- 
vlous . The. old man wai neaning the. chuAch, wheAZ the. iunznal wai to be. held, when he. wai 
StAickzn. Hz was takzn Into a nzanby homz and dizd that night about 11 o'clock. 

This li thz thind death Jin the. family ilncz January . Mns. Stzingaand lost a baby 
zanly In Hie. yean.; and thz death oi the. littlz one. wai a hand blow to the. mothzA. 

********** KpflU 2f 19U 

Well Known HaAdwanz UeAchant Callzd to thz Bzyond 

Enank Ed. Bnandt, a well known buiinzii man and AZildent, dizd at his homz 
in thli city Eniday moAnlng at 5 AM., following an illnzii oi szvznal wzzki. 

Vzceaizd wot, a natlvz oi Gznmany, boKn in. July oi 1868, and camz to thz Unitzd Statzt> 
with his paAznts whzn Izii than a yean old. Thz family szttlzd in Wisconsin whznz hz 
xzsidzd until manhood. Hz camz to Nonlh Vakota in 1890 and was located at Bnzckznnldgz, 
GKzat Bend and othzn points, ioA shont IntzAvaJU until in 1901 hz camz to Hankinson and 
went into thz handwaAZ builnzss with hi* bnothzA Hznman in which occupation hz wai zngagzd 
up to thz timz oi hii death. Hz wai moKAlzd in 1893 to MiiS Guita Uzcklznbzng and oi this 
union thnzz childKzn sunvivz. . . .Ult>s UaAvillz, Clanzncz agz 18 and MaAjonlz agz 17, all oi 
who anz still at homz. 

Vzceaizd wai onz oi a iamily oi iouKtzzn childKzn, ninz oi whom an.z itill living... 
szvzn siitzns, all manxizd, and two bnothzns . Thz agzd mothzn. ii alio alivz and nziiding 
in thz itatz oi Washington. Thz only Kzlatlvz in thii vicinity ii thz bnothzn Hznman 
with whom dzczaizd wai in pantnznship. 

Vzceaizd wai a quizt, hand working man, a kind iathzn. and indulgznt huiband. Hz wai 
a mzmbzn. oi thz local Modznn Woodmen Camp and cannizd $1 ,000 imunancz in thz on.dzn. Hz 
alio bzlongzd to thz iinz dzpaxtmznt. Thz zitzem in which hz wai hzld wai attzitzd by 
thz langz attzndancz at thz iunznal, which wai hzld Tuziday aitznnoon. Thz iznviczi wznz 
conducted by Rev. A. Gnabowiki in thz Immanuzl Ev. Chunch in both thz Engliih and GeAman 
languages, and thz chuAch wai too imaJUL to hold thz cAowd. 

Thz caikzt wai covznzd with magniiicznt ilonal oiizningi inom thz iinzmzn, citizem, 

Woodmen, Ladizi Aid Society and individuali, and thz iiAzmen wznz in attzndancz in a body. 

Thz pall beaAZAi wznz A. H. Mzlchzn, T-Kzd WonneA, Wm. Zizgzlman, F. H. Vzitz, H. C. Hoii- 

man and Otto Schnozdzn. At thz conclusion oi thz iznviczi a langz concouAiz oi inizndi 

iollowzd thz Azmaim to thzin iinal KZitlng placz in thz czmeXeAy just iouth oi thz city. 

********** Ap/UZ 9f r9J4 

Thz littlz iix months old son oi Ma. and Uns. L. E. Liik oi LaMans Townihp dizd Sun- 
day night aiteA a shont illness oi bnonchial pneumonia. Thz iunznal was hzld Tuziday at 
thz Tyson Chinch, Rev. UcTanland conducting thz sznvicz. Thz sympathy oi zvznij panent 

goes out to thz bznzavzd iamily in thz loss oi thzin tittlz onz. 

********** ApAjJt 9> J9J4 


GzoKgz Haas, a bxothex oi thz latz Flank 3. H<xau> oi this city, dizd at his home. in 
Ellzndalz on Maxch 27th, aged 38 ye>tvu>. Hz leaves a wiiz and loan. childxzn. 

********** ApJlU 9f I9M 

Tome*. Residznt freed Suddznly at St. Paul. 

S. S. Ramizy, a fofunzx KZiidznt oi owl city, was found dead last Pftiday moKning. He 
had been In pooK health foK iomz time, but his iuddzn death was wholly une.xpe.dted and came. 
as a gxeat shock to his many ifiiends. 

Samuel Shexidan Ramizy wai boKn Jan. 14th, 1882, at EUswonth, Wl., whexz his boyhood 
was ipznt. He came to Hankinson ten yeaxs ago and foK a tunc was In the. employ oi W. W. 
Lillzy, a bKothex-in-law. latex he zntexzd the. employ oi the. Westexn Expxess Co., as M.e44- 
cnazK, tunning on the. Hankimon-BismaKck tine.. He wai maxxizd to Miii Schuett oi 
this city. At the. time. oi his death, fie had a Kun on the. Soo with headquaxtexi at St. Paul. 

Besides the. tittle, daughter, he. leave* paxznts, Ma. and Mas. W. H. Ramizy, one bnothex, 
R. V. Ramizy, and two listens, Mas . W. W. Lillzy and Mas. C. W. Lake., all Kesiding in Honth 
Yakima, WA. 

Vzczaszd was populax with, all and hzld in high estzzm. Thz Kailxoad boyi with whom 
he. had been asiociatzd duxing the. pa6t eight yzaxs tuxnzd out to thz number, oi 28 Ion the 
iunexal which wad held Tuesday mofining at thz CongKzgational Chuxch. Thz iexvices wexe 
conducted by Rev. Getchell and thz Kailxoad mzn had change at thz cemetexy. Thz iathzx 
was thz only Kzlative ablz to be hzKz foK thz iunexal. 

Thz Kailxoad men in attendance wexe'. E. P. Callahan, F. S. Maxkham, lewis Lanson, 

E. L. Tunnzll, T. 3. Meisenbuxg, A. G. Tunnex, 3. M. BKooks, A. Moe, P. 3. Mansh, A. E. 

Pounds, 3. W. Haxnis, P. C. Hazzaxd, C. A. Kxembs and E. E. Omitead, all oi Endextin, W., 

L. W. Whitz, C. W. Cowell and F. 0. Robinson, all oi Minneapolis : ; W. W. Wintexs, Robext 

Becken and E. C. Chappzll, all oi St. Paul; and T-Kank Kuehl and W. C. Izita oi Hankinson. 

********** Ap/UZ Hf 1914 

Thz yeax old ion oi Ma., and Mas. Otto Vozltz, Kesiding on thz Knaak ianm adjoining 

thz city, dizd yestexday aitexnoon aitex a bftiei illness. Thz iunexal will be held 

tomoKKow at thz Immanuzl Ev. Chu/ich, Rev. Gfiabowiki to conduct thz 6ZK\)icz6 . 

********** kpfUJi Uf 1914 

Well Known Bu&inz&6 Man Vizd Satuxday Mofining. 

MathioA Schittz. 3k., dizd at a Minneapolis Hospital Satuxday mofining at 12:45 AM 
following a lingering illnzbl. Whilz thz znd wa6 not unzxpzetzd, nzw6 oi his dzmisz ca&t 
a gloom ovzn thz zntiftz community whznz hz wai known to zveAy man, woman and child. 

Mathiai Schiltz, 3k., woj> boKn in LuxembuKg and at thz timz oi hii death wai 34 yeau , 
7 monthi and J 5 dayi oi agz. Whzn hz wai about onz yzoK oi age hli paKznti camz to thz 
United States, locating iitet In Minneapolis in 1879. Two yzans latex thzy camz to Vakota 
and located on a homestead in what is now Elma Township whexz dzceaszd gKeiu to manhood. 
About iix yeaxs ago hz puxchaszd thz gnocexy buiinesi oi Richaxd Bolz and continued in 


builnzii up to thz timz gh hli death. Hz wai honzit and itnalght honwand In hli dealing, 
genial with all, and had the good will, and eiteem oh the. entlxe community. A lew wzefu 
ago he uxu, itnlcken with an ailment that hailed to yield to medical tneatment and hon 
thz pa&t month hli death wai expected at any tune. 

Vzczaied nzvzn mannled and li iunvlved by thz aged patient/* . one. bKothen [John Schlltz 

oh Elma) and two ilitem: Mn& % N. Sand n.eildlng nzan White. Rock, and Mlii Many Schlltz oh 
thlu' city. The. body annlvzd Monday monnlng and the f$uneta£ wai held at the St. Philip' & 
Chunch Tuesday honenoon. Rev. Jo*. F. Stadnlcka conducted thz iznvlczi, aalitzd by Pm . 
Gayduizk and Meyeni. Thz Catholic Onden, oh Ponzitzm attended thz iznvlczi In a body and 
hollowed thz Kzmalm to thzln hlnal nzitlng In thz Catholic Cemetzny. The pallbzanem 
wznz: E. P. LaQua, Math Joit, J. P. Gtainzn, Mantln Bommzmbach, Hugo KAautknemzn and Mike 
Klnn. Thz caiket wa6 covzned with hk>Aal tnlbutzi ^m ionnowlng )5-tcend6 and nzlghbom. 
and thz attzndancz wai langz. Among thoiz h ,wm a dl&tancz: MfU. Jacob Lick oh Bon.dulac, 
hW., a nlzcz, Pnank Rzttlg oh Wahpzton, thz Kalizn hamlly, Math Sand humify, thz Bnandzn- 
bungzn homily, John HebeA. and Mm. Pohl oh Whltz Pock. 

Vzczaizd wai a membzn oh the Catholic Onden oh Poneitem and cannled $2,000 llhe 
Imunance In thz ondzn and alio $2,000 In thz Mlnnziota Mutual Lihz Co., oh St. Paul. 

John Lubznow, an account oh whoiz death appzam on thz Gneat Bend page, wai onz oh 
thz zanllzit iettlzm In thli Azglon, having located neon. Gieat Bend about honty yearn 
ago. In thz eaAly dayi hz wa5 a h^at boatman on thz Red R-cvet. and hloatzd many loadi oh 
mznehandliz to and h^m Wahpzton. 

Vlzd, at hli homz on Pnlday, John Lubznow, agzd 69 yzam . Vzcza&zd had bzzn a iuhh- 
en.en oh panalyili , and death came ai a xellzh to hli iuhhenlng, hz had bzzn conhlnzd to 
hli bzd duAlng thz pait ievenal yzau, 

Hz wai a itAong nobuit man bzhonz hli lout lllnzii and wai oh thz hi*** plonzzn izt- 
tlenj, oh Richland Co. Hz wai a man oh chzeA-hul natuAz and always Heady to help hli neigh- 
bor; wai a pAoipenoui (Jot/net up to thz tlmz oh hli lllneii. 

Hz leavei a lange homily. Thz nemalm wene laid at neit In thz Gneat Bend Cemetzny. 
Rev, Thlel conducted the iznvlczi. 

....Gieat Bend Examine*.... ********* * ApxU 2 3, 1914 

Mfu. Albznt WKzgz Paazd Away at Homz Uzan Stllzi. 

Mfu. Albznt Wnzgz, onz oh thz county'6 plonzzn nz&ldznti, dlzd at hzn homz on thz 
StlZzi (JaAm wzit oh thli city Pnlday, Apnil 24th, ahtzn an IZlnz&i oh ziahtzzn months. 
Vnop&y and heant tnoublz wai thz cauiz oh death. 

Vzcza&ed wai bonn In Pomznn, Gznmany, May 19th, 1&65, and at thz tlmz oh hzn death 
wo4 4i yeoJU, 11 monthi and £tve dayi oh age. She wai mannled to Albznt Wnzgz July 21it, 
U92, and on Auguit 9th oh thz iamz yzan they camz to thz UniXzd Statzi, locating In Rich- 
land County. They annlved In Hanklmon on Aug. 24th and havz nzildzd In thli vicinity 


ever tlnce. Eight children turvlve her, the youngest hour yeant o£ age. 

Veceated wot highly et teemed by her nelghbort and her untimely death It tlncerety 
mourned by a ZaAgz circle oh ijAxendi. The tympathy oh all goet out to the. ttrlcken 
hoi band and tonrowlng children. 

Funeral tervlcet were held Sunday, Rev. Clo&teJi conducting tame and a large gather- 
ing oh hfu.tndj> were In attendance.. 

********* « ApfUZ 3Qf 19U 

Thz Infant child oh Mr, and Mrs. Jahnke died Sunday night. Funeral tervlcet were 
held Tuetday. 

The. Infant child, oh Mr. and Mrt . Jot , Foerttch, retidlng near Mooreton, died yetter- 
day. The £aneAa£ will be held tomorrow. 

Mr. and Mrt. John R. Scheller oh Greendale mourn the death oh their Inhant child. 
The little one patted away a (Jew hourt ahter birth. 

********** May 1, 7974 

Word wot received here Monday oh the death oh Mit. Per Peterton at the Jamettown 
Hotpltal. Veceated wa6 the widow oh Per Peterton who ho^unerty retlded down near the ttate 
tine. The nemaint were brought to Hanklnton and taken to the old home hot- Interment be- 
tide her late hatband. 

One oh the mott remarkable catet oh premonition oh death that hat ever come to light 
In the northwett It told In connection with the dexuth oh Hick Tryba who died at hit home 
near Wahpzton tatt week. 

Though teemlngly In the bett oh health, Tryba tuddenly became pottetted oh the Idea 
that hit death wot near, and on the prevlout Saturday vltlted a Wahpeton attorney who 
drew hit will, 

Tuetday night, InhoKmlng hit h (m ^ J i he believed the end wot near, Tryba xetired to hit 
room where he wot (Joixnd dead within an hour. 

*«»«»«**** May U, 1914 

Wallace Forett Zrandel, the youngett child oh Mr. and Mrt . W. A. Erandel, aged 1 year 
and 3 montht, died on Sunday moinlng. He had been III £oa. tome tune with the whooping cough 
and compllcatlont tet In which were more than hit phytlcal condition could ttand and he 
leht thlt woKld oh troublet and pain. He wot the joy oh the home and there are no woxdt 
to exprett how much hit tittle tmlllng <{ace It mltted, but tuch It tlh*.; while In the mldtt 
oh tlhe we are In death. The tittle darling leavet a heart broken mother, tfa^teA and three 
brothert to mourn hit departure. The huneral wot held on Tuetday h*°m the Evangelical 
Church, Rev. Thlele conducting the tervlcet. 
....The Great Zend Examiner.. ********** May 14, 1914 


John Mohh^t, employed with the Merry -Go -Round crew oh Corey Bros, shows , died 
suddenly at Lidgerwood Saturday morning. Veceased had consulted local physicians, as he. 
had complained oh not heeling well. Picked up on the. street by a policeman, he. vocu, taken 
to the. city jail and lay down on a cot. latex the s how people mined him and Instituted 
a search, but when they hiJ^Hy located the mining man, he was unconscious. He was Push- 
ed to the hospital but neve*, regained consciousness. The coroner held an inquest but no 
definite cause oh kit, death was made public. It is rumored that an overdose oh headache 
tablet*, hastened the end. Deceased was 26 yeans old, unmarried, and the body was shipped 
to the home oh hli mother at Grand Rapids, MI. 

CanJl Vasbrig arrived home Monday morning h Jl0m Horlcon, fill., where he wad summoned 

recently by the sudden death oh his sis ten.- In- law. 


John Bovey oh Breckenridge, an employee oh the Otter Tall Light S Power Co., was 
electrocuted while working on an electric light pole In that city yesterday morning. He 
was hormerly a G. W. brakeman but went to work hoi the electAlc company ahteA he had been 
laid ohh by the railroad company a shout time ago. He leaves a wlhe and one child. 

************ Hay 21, 1914 

Mr. and Mas, Herbert L. Tyson oh Kenosha, fill., had the muhortune oh losing their 
tittle daughter, Marguerite Elizabeth. Born Way 11th. Vied Hay 23rd. 

********** Hay 21, 1914 

Albert Layton, editor oh the VeLamere Mistletoe, died suddenly last week oh gall- 
stones ahten. an Illness oh but a (Jew hours . 

Mr. Layton visited Hanklnson about hourteen years ago and bought the presses then 
In use in the NWS 0(J(J.tce. The machines have been used to print the Mistletoe ever since. 

»***»***** May 2%, 1914 

Frederick, the tittle two year old son oh Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Stottenow oh Great 

Bend died May 28th. 

********** Jane 4f j 9M 

The Inhant child oh Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stottenow died last Friday h*-om whooping 
cough and complications. The hunenal was held Monday and the remains laid to rest In 
the Great Bend Cemetery. 
Great Bend Examiner.... ********** June 4# 7974 

Mrs . Arthur Krleger died at the Breckenrldge Hospital Monday hollowing an operation 
hor appendicitis . She was taken to the hospital Friday but it was not thought then that 
her condition was dangerous. Sunday she was in a more critical condition and an operation 
was decided upon, but she sank steadily and passed away during Monday ahternoon. 

Deceased was 22 years oh age, a daughter oh Mr. and Mrs. August Hoehs oh this city 
and is survived by the sorrowing husband and three small children. The (Jam^&/ Keslde 


on thelA frne ianm we*t oi the. city. The. frneAal wa* held thl* aiteAnoon, *eAvlce* being 
conducted by Rev. J. P. Klau*leA at the Lutheran Church. ScoAe* oi *orrowlng relative* 
and irlend* wesie In atte.nda.ncz to pay tribute, to one who wa* beloved by alt who knew hen.. 

* * • * * June 77, 7974 

The. NEWS wai In etvwn. la*t weefe In Aegard to the iunzral *eAvlce* ior the late. 

Mr*, kfithan. KrlegeA. The. frneAal wa* held from the. GeAman Immanuel Church, Rev. Grabow*kl 

conducting the *eAvlce*. The church wa* illled to It* capacity with, *orAowlng irlend* and 

a long proce**lon followed the. Aemaln* to thelA {Inal Keating placz In the. cemeteAy *outh 

oi town. 

• ••****«», June n> 19U 

The. Infant child oi Ma. and Mr* . Alfred H. Bladow, Ae*ldlng *outh oi town, died 

Monday irom bowel trouble., aged *lx month*. The. iuneral wa* held Tuesday. The *trlcken 

paAent* have. the. sympathy oi all In thelA lo** . 


Hick Po**, a prominent iarmeA re*ldlng northea*t oi MantadoA, died Prlday from 

blood poltonlng. HI* knee wa* InjuAed by a iack-*cAew while moving a building *ome time 

ago and blood pol&on Ae*ulte.d\ Ve.cea*e.d wa* a man oi middle, age, highly Ae*pected and lt> 

iuAvlvzd by a wlie and iamlly. The. frneAal wa* held at Mootieton Monday. 


Scoa.c6 oi *orrowlng irlend* attended the. iuneral *eAvlce* ion the. late Nick Po** 
which wenz held at Moonzton lat>t weefe. In addition to neighbour and irlznd* irom the. 
neighborhood In which dzcza*zd had ne*ldzd ion. many year*, the. frUlowlng wenz In attend- 
ance irom abroad'. Jake Po**, Plenz, MN., Veten. Po** irom Canada; Mn. and Mr*. Carl Haul, 
and Mr*. Pete*. Schanu* oi New Ptiague, MN., Mr*. Glynn and Mr* . Pnznkz, Belle Plalnz, MN., 
Joe. Hau*, Hopkln*, MN., M*.. and Mr*. John fetter, Mti. and Mr*. PAzd Pzttz* and Ml** Kate 

Pzttz*, K*hton, Iowa. 

********** Jane f5> 19U 


lulla Bladow, the. youngest child oi Ma. and Mr*. Klfrzd H. Bladow, aged 5 month* and 
and 25 day*, died on Monday monnlng oi la*t week. She had been III frn ilve day* with 
*tomach tnouble which wa* moAe than heA phy*lcal condition could *tand, and *he Izfr thl* 
would oi tAouble* and pain. 

She wa* the joy oi the. home and thzre ate no word* to zxpre** how much heA little 
*mlllng fret I* ml**zd, but *uch I* Hie, while In the mld*t oi Hie we one In death. 

The. little doAllng leave* a heart bnoken motheA, frtheA and one. brothzr to mouAn 
heA dzparturz. The iuneAal wa* held on Tue*day irom the. lutheAan ChuAch, Rev. Hllgzndori 
conducting the *eAvlce*. 


We wl&h to expAe** ouA thank* to irlend* and neighbor* frn thelA klndne** and 
*ympathy dunlng the. lllne** and death oi oua loved one. WoAd* iall to expAe** oua apprec- 
iation and gratitude. Ma, and Mr*, Alfred Bladow and *on, Raymond, 


Ma., and Mk& . S. Him* attzndzd thz iunzKal oi E. C. SnydzK at Wahpzton Sunday. 
Vzczatzd wa& fullzd by touching a livz wIkz In thz ba&zmznt oi hit, homz In Wahpzton 
la&t wzzk. 

»••***•*•• August 73, 1974 

Thz Catholic woKld It, In mouKnlng ovzk tkz dzath oi Popz Plat, X who cLLzd at Rome 
Tuz&day aitzKnoon. WoKKy ovzk thz EuKopzan Wat, couplzd with a azvzkz cold, it, thought 
to havz bzzn thz caa&z oi ha> dzml&z. 

A. Mc Vonald Pat>4z& Away at thz Homz oi Hit, Son 

AbKam Mc Vonald dzpaKtzd thii lliz at onz AM Sunday moKnlng at thz homz oi hit, ion 
John Mc Vonald In thlt, city. Vzcza&zd iuiizKzd a paralytic ttKohz Monday, Aug. 10th, and 
wa& unablz to t>pzak iKom that timz until thz znd came. 

Vzczai zd wot, a nativz oi New Yolk itatz and had ft.zach.zd thz alottzd ipan oi thKzz 
&con.z yzau and tzn. Ton. two yzau hz uxu> In thz Union Aftmy duKlng thz Civil Wan, bzlng 
In GznzKal ShzKman'6 command. He It, iuKvlvzd by tlnAzz daughtzKt and thKzz &ont>, two 4>tzp- 
daughtzftA and onz &tzp-lon. Tho&z who wzfiz at hit, bzd&ldz duKlng hit, la&t illnzhi, wzkz 
hit, daughtzKt,, Mm,. R. MltlzK oi Calzdonla, {til., and Mm. Wm. Buli and 6on Pui&zll oi 
Whitz Beat Lakz, MW. MA4. Alva Put&zU. and dughtzK Uabzllz and t>on GzoKgz oi PoKtagz, 
Wl., GzoKgz and ChoKlzt> Mc Vonald oi Caledonia, {til., and John Mc Vonald and PobzKt BKodlz 
oi Hankln&on. Tho&z unablz to attznd thz iunzKal wzkz hit, daughtzt, Mtu> . M. E. Eat>tman 
oi WzavzKvlllz, CA., and itzp-daughtzK, Mm. GzoKgz Hincknzy oi Nlhill, MT. 

PunzKal t,ZKvlczt, wzkz hzld Tuz&day moKnlng at 10 o'clock at thz Windt,oK Hotzl, Rev. 
Gztchzll conducting thz t,ZKvlcz6. Thz Kzmalnt, wzkz laid to Kz&t In HlZl&ldz CzmztzKy. 

********** August 10, 1914 


Mk&. EKnzitlnz WUhzlmina JahK dlzd at hzK homz In this city Tuziday moKnlng, agzd 
76 yzam, aitzK an lllnzhl oi about tzn dayt> . Vzath KZ&ultzd iKom thz InilKmltlzt, oi old 
a 3^- Vzczaizd wot, a nativz oi KanzidoKi, Wz&t PKubtlix, whzKZ 4>hz wot, boKn on June 14th, 
1%l%. In 1855 ihz wot, maKKlzd to Wm. JahK at WambuKg, Wzt,t PKut>6ia, and In W& thzy came 
to AmzKlca, locating In St. Paul, Six montht, latzK thzy tzttlzd on a homz&tzad thKzz mitzt, 
noKth oi Hankln&on on thz Wild Picz PJivzK. In 1SS6 thzy movzd to Hankimon, and built onz 
oi thz iiK&t hou6Z& In thz new town. Wm. JahK dlzd In 1902 and t>lncz thai timz thz widow 
hah livzd alonz In hzK cottagz on EKlghtwood Avenue. 

Vzczaizd wot, thz mothzK oi thlKtzzn chlldKzn, &lx oi whom aukvIvz hzK. . .Mk& . Mlnnlz 
LotzzK oi BKZckznKldgz, Mte>. BzKtha LiniZ oi Staplz&, MN,, CaKl JahK oi Otxuby, MW., Mk&. 
Emma HoUman oi EndzKtin, Mk&, MaKy Wzlnkaui oi Mlnnziota Town&hlp, SV., and Mk& . ClaKa 
Hoiiman oi Hankln&on. ThzKZ okz 39 gKa.ndchU.dKzn and 32 g4.ea*-gAanc/i££dA.en'. All thz 6UK- 
vlvlng chlldKzn oi dzcza&zd ate hzKz. 


The death oi Jos. Blonigen, one oi the. most prominent citizens oi Beliord Township, 
occ.unA.zd at the. Bx.eckejvU.dge Hospital the latter pant oi last wzzk. 

Vzczaszd was a man who made. iriends with all and wcu> generous to a iault. His un- 
timely death was a gfieat shock to hundred oi ifu.en.di thJioughout thz county, and the. iuneral, 
which uio6 heZd at Mantador Monday, was oi the. largest gatherings ever heLd Jin the township. 

He Jus survived by a wiie and iamily who mourn the. loss oi a loving husband and iatheA. 

The sympathy oi all goes out to them in their gKeat bereavzmznt. 

********** June Z5f 19U 

Arthur Arnzson rzczivzd a mzssagz Monday morning the death oi his sister, 
Wis, Cooper, at Marshall, MN. Deceased was thz victim oi a paralytic stroke and her 
sudden death was a gfieat shock to thz iamily. 

Shz wad 32 years oi agz, married, but Izavzs no chU.dn.zn. Mr. Arnzson Izit hzfiz 

Monday to attznd thz iuneAol which wilt bz held at thz old homz in touchwood, IA- . 

S. Arnzson, iatheA oi the deceased, and Mr. and Mrs . T. C. Thompson oi New EHington, also 

Izit thz samz day. 

********** JuZy ^ J914 

Wis. UlAicka Kamkz died at the homz oi her daughtzfi, Mrs. Hzlzn Luckzn, a shoKt 
distancz nofith oi Stiles, Uonday iorenoon at 11 AM, agzd 71 yzans. Vzceaszd had bzzn in 
pooA health iofi some timz and thz iniirmities oi advancing yeans hastznzd thz znd. Vzceas- 
zd was a widow and is sufivivzd by thz daughtzfi, Mrs . Luckzn, and onz son. Thz iuneral was 

hzld Wednesday aitzAnoon at thz German ChuAch south oi Stilzs. 

********* * JuZy 23> J9U 

Alired. Kotchian, a well known iarmer fizsiding nonthzast oi Lidgerwood, was instantly 

killzd by Lightning dufUng Tuzsday night's stofun. Deceased is a young married man is sur- 

vivzd by a wiiz and onz child. 

********** JuZy 23f J914 

Aaron J . Bzssiz, iofunefily oi Wahpeton and well known throughout the county, dizd Sun- 

day in New Yoxk City oi Hodgkins diszasz, a hardening oi thz glands throughout thz body. 

********** JuZy 5Qf 19U 

Thz littlz two months' old daughtzfi oi Mr., and Mrs. John Glandzfi dizd Thufisday oi 

whooping cough. Thz iunznal was hzld Saturday, szfiviczs being hzld at thz homz just wzst 

oi thz city. 

********** August 6, 1914 

Louis Henry, son oi Ma. and Wis, Julius Link, Azsiding neon Sonora, died Tuzsday oi 

diphthzfUa, agzd 7 yeans and 11 months. The bufUal was held Wednesday aiternoon, the remains 

being interred in thz Luthzran Cemetery Rev. Klausler oiiiciating at the burial which was 



The iniant child oi Wi. and Wis, Jos. Hoiiman, residing near Mantador, died this 

m£m ^s- ********** ^^ 6f 1914 


The £uneral will be held Saturday afternoon at 1 PM, services to be held at the 
German Ev. ChuJich. 


Information as to thz where about* oi Fred Schmidt, a lam hand who worked In thlt, 
vicinity up to recently, Is wanted by nelatives In Minneapolis. A sister, died a week ago 
and another. sister Is at the point oi death, and hit, aged mother. It, thin, le^t alone. 
Anyonz knotting hit, where abouts will confer, a great favor, on thz {amlHy by notifying this 

Andrew Jarskl, a prominent Austrian- American citizen oi our city, pat>t>zd away early 
thlt, afternoon. Deceased had bzzn In falling health fax t>omz time and thz znd wot, not un- 

He lt> survived by a wl£z but no children, 

»•••••«•*« September 3 7974 

Andreas Jarskl wot, born Szpt. 15th, 1865, and dzpaKtzd thlt, Ufa Szpt. 3rd, 1914, 
Hz was a natlvz oi Austrlxin-Gallcla and spent most o£ his Ufa In that country, migrating 
to Hanklnson In 1896. 

Hz arrived hzfiz Szpt. 19th oi that yzaK and hat, ever since bzzn a pKomlnznt member 
0(J our Austrian colony <?<$ American citizens? Hz served at, alderman faom hit, ward and wot, 
otherwise active In thz avoirs oi hit, neighborhood. 

A wlfa survives him to whom thz sympathy oi a large circle oi friends Is zxtzndzd. 
Thz faneral was hzld Saturday, services bzlng hzld at St. Philip's Church, Rev. Fr. Stud- 
nlcka oxidating, Thz Vzutschzr Krleger und Schutzzn Vereln attzndzd thz faneral In body. 

• •*•»»•**« September 10, 1914 

John Buntln, a brother of, Frank and Wm. Buntln, farmerly ojj this placz, dlzd at 
St. Tout last week. Thz body was takzn to Lidgerwood far bufilal. 

••••••••*• September. 10, 1914 

Vzath oi A. W. Sears, Hzad oi Well Known Housz 

Richard W. Szats, faunder o& Szoas, Roebuck S Co., Chicago mall order housz, whosz 
business career has bzzn onz oi thz most nomantlc In America, dlzd at a hospital In 
Waukesha, WI. 

To rise iram a railroad telegraph operator to a position among thz country's best 
known capitalists was thz accomplishment o£ Richard Sears, Onz opportunity camz to him. 
Hz never had a wish fan. another.. 

Bonn In Spring Vallzy, MN., 57 years ago, Richard Sears izd thz samz Ufa as thz 
average Minnesota boy In a small town. Hz playzd around thz nallxoad stations, met the 
trains and wanted to be a telegraph operator.. He became an operator and moved to Red- 
wood Falls, MN., where he took a position at $50 a month, 


It was not long beione he became, dis& cutis iied with his lalany and engaged Jin the 
iuel business on the Aide. He was loon making moKe than his lalany -in his -Line. 
The mail onden business came to him, as it did. to hundneds oi othens, bat he law the . 

Ton good jewelled watches o{ itandand make, with nickel cose, naiXnoad men wene 
paying $20. Seans one day lent ion a watch at a lowen, laid to be a good time 
keepen. He received the watch a. good one, and the home tending it suggested that he 
hell tome oi them to otheu naJUUioad men. That night he tent a letten to the manuiactunen 
asking Ion. a pnice in helting lots on a watch that would give the lenvice oh the kind 
lelLing ion $20. The an&wen was $9.40 each. Immediately nailnoad men along the line 
wene asked ii they would buy luch a watch ion $11.90, with the pnivilege oi examination. 
Enough men wanted that watch to make Seans a ptuo&it oi $200 on his iinst onden. 

That was the beginning oi his gneat mail onden business . He gave up hit> job in 
Redwood T-alls and moved to Minneapolis, whene he nented pant oi a building and continued 
hii watch business. The business enlarged and in 1890 it was big enough to wannant open- 
ing a Chicago bfuinch. Then the bnanch became the main oiiice and in 1S91 the concern 
was moved to Chicago. Thene Un. Seans ionmed a pantnenship with A. W. Roebuck and the 
iinm continued to i ell watches. 

With the coming oi hand times in 1893, money was needed ion. and cloth- 
ing and the watch buying ielZ oH. It was then that Seans decided to bnanch out and 
install a line oi hand-time goods. A genehal merchandise itock was installed and the 
company pnognes&ed Ateadily thnough the iinancial htningency when olden. iinns had to 
iight to ketp above waten. 

**»***••** October 1, 1914 

Nem was neceived here this week oi the death oi Geonge W. Com., a ionmen nesi- 
dent oi oun ciXy, at his home in West Concotid, MW., Sept. 8th. Veceased was a native 
oi Vermont whene he was botw on June 17th, 1849. He moved with his patients to Vodge 
County, Wl., when 16 yeans oi age and was mannied to Emma Leiiingwell in 1871. They 
moved to West Concotid, MN., in. 1875 and came itiom thetve to Hankinson in 1901 . His 
wiie died during the time they tiesided in this city. In 1909 deceased moved back to 
West Concotid whetie he was again mannied in 1910 to Mns. Emma KinkZand who tunvives him. 
He alio leaves one daughteti, Has. W. A. Gog&tetten, and one btiotheti and one listen, who 
tieside in Michigan. 

Deceased was a member oi the Masonic inatennity and was buttled under the auspices 
oi that otideti. A holt oi old iniends in Hankinson learn with sincere tiegtiet the new oi 
his death. 

Vti. Catil Kauiman, ion. many yeans a resident oi Wahpeton and one oi the pioneens oi 
the county, died at Gascoyne, W., Sept. 18th. Veath was due to lono&is oi the liven. 
The body was taken to Bowman, WO., ion bunial. 


Va. Kaufman was an old time. pfta.cJUJU.ontn. and had a big among thz GzAmans 
o& the. county at onz turn. He was thz ^iAst coAonzA oh the. county and szAvzd szvzaoI 
tzAms Jin that capacity. 

********** Oct. 1, 1914 

Mas . Mc Moaaow Vizd SuddznZy, Mas . MbzAt Jahnkz Vzad 

Thz community was 6h.ock.zd whzn wo Ad passzd $Aom mouth to mouth that Mas. kdzlinz 
McP.oaaow had passzd away shoAtly bz^oAz twzlvz o'clock SatuAday night at thz homz o& hzA 
& on- In- taw, N. J. Pzltz. Hza condition had not bzzn consldzAzd szaIous and thz znd camz 
Suddznly, even bzfioAZ a phy Aldan could bz summonzd. To A a long timz dzczaszd had bzzn 
tAoublzd with a goltAZ, and complication/* ^Aom this dlszasz causzd hzA dzath. ThuAsday 
0(5 lout wzzk shz made a tAlp to lilahpzton and was advlszd by Physicians thzAz to go to 
RochzstzA, MN., £oa tAzatmznt. Shz AztuAnzd homz and had plannzd to makz a tAlp to thz 
Mayo Institution at> soon as shz hzlt ablz to tAavzl. SatuAday zvznlng, afitzA spzndlng 
thz day In bzd, shz was appaAzntly no woasz than &oa thz pAzvlous szvzaoI days and It 
was not until a $zw momznts bz^oAz thz znd that mzmbzAS o& thz family Azalizzd that shz 
woa almost bzyond human old, 

Dzczaszd was In hzA ^oAty ninth yzaA and had bzzn a Azsldznt oh Richland County 
£oa moAz than 35 yzaAS , Coming iAom Iowa In thz lattzA ' 70s thz family $lut locatzd 
nzaA Wahpzton. A ijew month/, latzA thzy szttlzd on a iaAm In what lt> now GAZzndalz Town- 
ship, Hzaz thzy Azsidzd In thz zanly days whzn Elizabzth, MN., was thz nzoAZSt gAaln 
moAkzt and milling point, and up to thz pAzsznt timz. Ua. McMoaaow dlzd nlnz yzaAS ago, 
Izavlng his widow with a family oh tzn chlldAzn, thz youngzst a baby boy oh U months. 
Thz widow took up hzA buAdzn bAavzly and contlnuzd to Aun thz ianm up to thz timz oh hzA 

Shz Is suAvlvzd by tzn childAzn, szvzn boys and thAzz gills, viz: PAank, Joe, Phil 
RobzAt, LzonaAd, "Bunny", and Eddlz; Mas. Kddlz Pzltz, Joszphlnz and UoAgaAzt. Ml wete 
hzAz ioA thz ^unzAol zxczpt PAank, Phil and Rob, whosz whzAZ-abouts wzaz unknown. Thz 
aged poAznts ate also ativz and Azsldz at MoakIs, UN. Thz mothzA, Mas. LzUuz, and hzA 
daughtzA wzaz hzAz ioA thz iunznal which was hzld at St. Phillip's ChuAch Tuesday faAznoon. 
TntzAmznt was madz in thz Catholic CzmztzAy south oh thz city. 

Vzczaszd was a good woman, AZSpzcXzd by all, a kind and Indulgznt mothzA and a ^alth- 

hul iAlznd and nzighboA. Hza dzath Is slnczAzly mouAnzd. 

********** 0c ^ gf 1914 



Many, bzlovzd uxifie. oi Albznt Jahnkz, dlzd at thz Bn.zckznfu.dQt Hospital Monday 
night at 10:30 PM oi typhoid izvzn. Shz was takzn to thz hospital just a week bzionz 
thz znd, and zvznythlng posslblz was donz to savz thz lliz oi thz young wliz and mothzn, 
bat oi no avail. Undertake*. Wlppznman took changz and accompanlzd thz body back to Hank- 

Vzczaszd was botin nzafi Gnzat Bznd and was 23 yzanjs, 6 months and 7 7 days old, 
Exczpt ion, a shont nzsldzncz at Fzngus Tolls, shz llvzd In Richland County all o (J hzn 
lliz. Hzn. iathzn, Fnzd Nzumann, Is a wzll known nzsldznt oi Bnlghtwood Township. Foun 
yzanjs ago shz was mannJLzd to Albznt Jahnkz and Is sunvlvzd by thz stnlckzn husband and 
a llttlz daughtzn A slstzn Is also living. Thz bznzavzd nzlatlvzs havz thz 
sympathy o& all In thzln gnzat loss. 

Thz iunznal was hzld this monnlng, sznvlczs bzlng conductzd by Rev. Klauslzn at 
thz Luthznjan Chunch. Thz nzmalns wznz laid at nzst In thz czmztzny nonth oh town. 

********** Oct. S, 1914 


Thz dzath oi Folsom Vow at Wahpzton last Thursday nzmovzs inom zanth onz oi thz 
county's zanllzst plonzznjs and onz who was wzll known. Hz had nzachzd thz Klpz old age 
oi monz than zlghty yzans and up to thz last izw wzzks was a wzll known ilgunz about thz 
itnzzts oi Wahpzton, always with a chzzny gnzztlng ion acqualntanczs not only In his own 
city but inom all pants oi thz county. 

Ton many yzam, dzczaszd sznvzd as a county justlcz oi thz pzacz and much oi thz 
justlcz count buslnzss oi thz county was tnansactzd In his counts. Thz iunznal was hzld 
Satunday and a langz numbzn oi inlznds paid thzln ilnal tnlbutz oi nzspzct to onz who 
was unlvznjsally zstzzmzd] 

********** Oct. 8, 1914 

A. P. Jonzs was callzd to St. Paul Satunday night to attznd thz iunznal oi his 
oldzst bnothzn who passzd away at a sanltanlum Thursday. 

Vzczaszd was ionmznly tnavzllng audlton ion thz Soo but at thz tlmz oi thz Reno 
gold nosh nzslgnzd his po6ltlon and jolnzd thz thnong oi pnospzctons . His systzm was 
undznmlnzd by thz hardships zxpznlznczd and his hzalth has bzzn stzadlliy ialllng zvzn slncz. 


E. J. Ennst, a nzsldznt oi Hanklnson ion thz past twznty yzans, dlzd at his homz 
on Flnjst StKzzt Satunday aitznnoon. Vzczaszd had bzzn a suiiznzn inom stomach tnoublz 
ion many months and thz znd was not unexpected. 

Vzczaszd was a natlvz oi Gznmany and was 57 yzam oi agz. Hz camz to this countny 
whzn a young man and about twznty yzanjs ago came to Richland County, whznz hz was zmployzd 
on thz Kzystonz ianm ion qultz a whllz. About szvzntzzn yzans ago hz movzd to Hanklnson 
and has nzsldzd hznz zvzn slncz. 


He wa* manxizd about that timz to Hi** WzbeA, a daughtzn. o& Wm. Wzbzn., and *hz him to-gzthzn. with a iamily oi *ix chU.dfie.n, iivz boy* and onz gixl. Vecea*zd 
wa* gznznou* to a iault, hone*t in hi* deating* and bnavzd thz *uiizning* oi hi* long 
iZlne** with a patience typical oi thz man. 

Thz iunznal wot, held Tue*day aitexnoon, Rev. J, P. Klau*lzn. conducting the. 4eA.v-c.ce4. 
at thz Luthznan Chunch. Tntznmznt wa* madz in thz czmetzny noKth oi thz city. 

********** Oct 22, 1914 

Ma., and Un* . R. H. Pnankiunth anxivzd Tuz&day zvzning iKom Hanvey, bnlnging with 
them thz tiemain* oi thzin. *ix day old *on who dizd Monday mon.ning. Thz iunznal wat> held 
hznz Wzdnz&day aitznnoon, *znvice* being conductzd at thz Otto Vozltz home by Rev. Gnab- 
ow*ki. Thz panznt* havz thz *ympathy oi thziA. many Hankimon iniznd* in thzin. bzneavemznt. 

********** Oct. 29, 1914 

Hznhjy Ezhlz dizd at hi* homz in *outhwz*tznn Bnightwood Town&hip ye*tenday manning 
inom nheumati*m oi thz heant. Vzcza&zd wa* 41 yean* oi age, a nativz oi Genmay, and iA 
*unvivzd by a wiiz and ten childKzn, thz zldz*t being 17 yean* old. 

Hz gnew to manhood in thz iathznland and wot, a *oldizn in thz Gznman Anmy. . Locat- 
ing in Bnightwood Town*h£p about 12 yean* ago, hz madz a *ucce** oi ianming and won thz 
ne*pzct oi all who knew him. Hi* untimely death, leaving a langz iamily oi young childnzn 
i* dzplonablz, and thz bzneavzd one* havz thz sympathy oi all in thzin. *ad beAzavemznt. 

Thz iunznal will be held tomonnow aitznnoon at 2 PU, *znvice* to be conductzd at 
thz Gznman Ev. Chunch by Rev. Gnabow*ki. 

********** Uovembzn 5, 1914 


Fznd. Stnubzl and Un*. Pnankiunth Obey Final Summon* 


Anothzn oi oun Gznman pionzzn citizzn* hat> been *ummonzd to ha> la*t nzwand in the 
pzn*on oi Tendinand Stnubzl who pa**zd away at hi* homz in thi* city Thun*day evzning at 
8 PU., aitzn. a *hont iZtne**, bowzl tnoublz bzing thz immzdiatz cau&z oi death. 

Decea&ed wa* a nativz oi Gznmany and had attainzd thz Kipz old agz oi 79 yean* . He 
gnew to manhood and mannied in thz old countny, coming to thz Unitzd State* inom Berlin 
wiXh hi* iamily about 35 yean* ago. They *zttlzd ea*t oi Gnzat Bend ViLtagz on a ianm now 
occupied by one oi thz *on*, Gzo. Stnubzl. Hi* iin*t wiiz dizd about 12 yean* ago and a 
couple oi yean* latex hz mannied a *zcond timz to Un* . Paapz who *unvive* him. Szvzn 
childnzn wzkz bonn oi thz iin*t manniagz, thnzz oi whom onz Living ... .Paul and Gzonge Stnu- 
bzl oi Gneat Bend and Un*. Wm. Loewz oi iUzi, WD. One bnothen, Hznman Stnubzl, ne*ide* 
at PonXland, OR., and a *i*tzn Un* . Popp, at Gnzat Bend. 

Vzczaizd wa* oi a nuggzd Gznman pionzzn. typz, hone*t and peace loving, and contri- 
buted hi* *hanz to thz dzvzlopmznt oi thz inontizn. into a nlch and well *zttlzd ianming 
community . 

Thz iunznal wa* held at Gneat Bend Sunday, *znvicz* bzing conductzd by Rev, G. C. 



A -Cotge numbzA oi old nzighboA6 and iAizndt os-6 emb£ed to pay thziA latt tAibutz 
oi Az&pzct to a man who woa Az&pzctzd and z&tzzmzd by all who knew kirn. 


Whilz not unzxpzctzd, new oi the. dzath oi Wu>. FAank FAankiuAth, which occ.uJin.zd 
at thz Swzdiih Hoipital -in Hinnzapotii Tuesday aitzAnoon, occa&ionzd iinczAe ioAAow among 
a laAgz ciAclz oi iAizncU and nzighboAi. Shz ha6 bzzn a iuiizAeA iAom a complication oi 
hzaAt, ktdnzy and stomach ailmenti and undzAwznt opzAatiom both at BAzck.znAA.dgz and Minn. 
zapotU In a vain ziioAt to pAolong liiz. 

Vzczated wad boAn In thz Piovincz oi Po6zn, GzAmany, ApAiZ 19th, 1857, and mignatzd 
to KmzAica at thz age oi 18, locating at lAon Rtdge,' WT. ThzAZ &hz wot, moAAizd to FAank 
FAankiuAth. Ninz yzoAA laXzA thz iamily moved to SpznczA, WI,, and In 1894 camz to Rich- 
land County, locating on a ioAm Jin Waldo Town&hip wneAe thzy havz iincz Az&idzd. 

Vzcza&zd is, 6UAvivzd by thz huiband and ninz childAzn: Wu> , Hzdwig Boehn, Wu, 
ClaAa StAi&tzl, bvu>, Lizziz MahlzA, HiAA Emma; Max, AlbzAt, Otto, Rudolph and Victon, 

Thz Azmalm wzaz bAought to Hankin&on Wzdnz&day and thz iunzAal will be hzld to- 
moAAow [FAiday) aitzAnoon. SeAviczi will bz conducted at thz Ge/unan Immanuzl ChuAch by 
Rev. GAabow&ki at 2 o'clock. 

Thz sympathy oi all got& out to thz AOAAowing iamily In thziA gAzat bzAzavzmznt. 

********** NovzmbzA 12, 1914 

A. H, ShAiglzy, zmployzd at thz City BakzAy, wa& called to Aberdeen lait wzzk by 
thz JJUnzbi oi hi/> wiiz, and wo Ad Azachzd hzAZ that &hz had pa&6zd away FAiday night, 

Vzcza6zd had bzzn a iuiizAZA iAom poAaly&iA ioA a long timz and dzath camz as a 
wzlcomz Azlizi. Ma. ShAiglzy will AztuAn to ha, duties hzAZ in a izw day* . 

»*«**«*«** HovzmbzA 22. 1914 


Sioux FaJUU, 50,,,, Nov, 30th, Mote* County authoAitizi plan to go to Wheaton, MN,, to 

invzitigatz thz dzath oi GzoAgz Stanley, ioAmeAly oi FzdoAa, SV., who&e body was ^sen*: by 
zxpAz&i a izw day* ago to hi& bAothzAi in FzdoAa, with a czAtiiicatz iAom thz CononzA oi 
TAavzue County, MN., stating that Stanley had committed tuicidz by hanging hun&zli in a 
iznez coAnZA, whzAZ hz zvidzntly had lot in oAdzA to tightzn thz nooiZ about hi* nzek. 

Va. LoAing oi kAtzbian and Va. Hoblz, CoAonzA oi Hinot County, iound Stanley' <s 
tkull iAactuAzd, thz hcalp di&caloAzd, thz Aight zye. and chin inj'uAzd and thz iingzAi oi 
thz Aight hand lacoAatzd, ai ii chewed. Thz nzck showed tittle dUcoloAation. Vzoth was 

not caused by hanging, thz MinzA CoAonzA contzndi. 

********** VzczmbzA 3. 1914 


The body oi John Hegbeng, a labonen, wa* iound In a chicken coop on an unoccupied 
ianm In Abencnomble Town&hlp Wedne*day aitennoon oi la*t week. 

A panty oi Zand men wene looking oven, the place and dlicovened the gnue*ome object. 
A couple oi empty bottle* wene iound neon, the body and the pne*umptlon I* that Hegbeng 
*ought *helten In the coop white Intoxicated and penlbhed inom cold. He leave* a luctfe 
and family In Sweden bat ha& no known nelatlve* Jin this countny. 

********** Vecmben 3, 1914 

Vlckey County Han Then Attempt!, to Kill Hlm*eli 

A double tnagedy wa* enacted, on the Ben John&on ianm In County, MP., between 
FutlenXon and Oake*, when Henny Wadell oi Topeka, KS,, a ianm hand on the Johnion place 
*hot and killed HL&* Nina John&on with a nlile and tiled to take hi* own Hie. 

Wadell had made ovenXune* oi aiiectlon to Ml&* John&on, but had been nepul&ed by hex. 
He entered the kitchen Satanday whene the glnl wa* wa&hlng dl&he* and oiiened to help hen.. 
She told him &he needed none oi hit, a**l*tance. 

Wadell pa&ied behind hen., IX I* hold, *elzed a nlile and put a bullet In the glnl'& 

head. He then twined the nlile on hlm&eli and ilned ilve &hot* Into hl& body. It l& 

thought he will necoven. 

********** Vecemben 10, 1914 

Un*. Bentha Kube died at hen. home nonthwe*t oi the. city Sunday monnlng at 2 AM aiten 
an ltlne&* oi about a yean, dunlng which *hz ialled &teadHy, the end coming a* a welcome 
nellei to hen *uiienlng* . 

Vecea&ed, who*e maiden name wa* Flebelkonn, was a native oi Genmany, whene *he iln&t 
law the light oi day 45 yean* ago. Coming to thl& countny with hen panent*, the iamlty 
ilut settled at Bneckennldge, MM., and laten came to Zichland County. Vecea&ed wot, mannled 
to Henman Kube on Jan. 24th, 1&S9, and l& &unvlved by the hu&band and *zven chUdnen, the 
elde&t oi whom l& 23 yean* old, and all one *tltt at home. 

The only living nelatlve In thl& countny l& Mn*. Wm. We&tphal oi Bnlghtwood, a 
&l&ten oi the deceased. The iunenal wa* held Tuesday aitennoon at 2:20 PM and the attend- 
ance wa* veny lange. Sen.vlcei wene conducted at the Genman Ev. Chunch by Rev. Gnabow&kl, 
and the nemaln* wene laid at ne&t In the. cemeteny &outh oi town. The &tnlcken iamlty ha* 

the sympathy oi all In thein gneat to**. 

********** Vecemben 10, 1914 

Fnank Hohen&tenn and mothen leit Fnlday ion Honlcon, Oil., In ne*pon*e to a me**age 
announcing the death oi Un*. Henman Vankow, a *i* ten.- In-law oi Un*. Hohen&tenn. 

********* * Vecemben 10, 1914 


Facta Brought to Light Provz Man Did Not Commit Sulcldz. 

Gazette Reporter readers will rzcall the. rzport, publlshzd In thzsz column* two 
weeks ago, oi the. finding oi tfie body oi Gzorgz Stanley, who was employed as a iarm lab- 
orer In Clinton Township, with a fiope made. irom strands oi blnden. twine, around the neck 
and the znds iastzned to a bia.ce. supporting the. corner post oi a pasture foncz. 

'The body had been zxposed ioti ilvz days to thz cold weather prevailing at that 
time and was irozen when dlscoverzd. Thz appearance, oi the. body and all the surrounding 
circumstances teemed to clearly point to sulcldz a& thz mannzr oi the man's death. Therz 
wai> nothing. whatzver, so iax as outwardly appeared, to Indicate foul play, and the body 
was therefore, embalmed and shlppzd to Tedora, SV. 

Knowing thz disposition oi Stanlzy, his relative* wzrz loth to bzllzvz that he had 
taken hls> own lliz, and upon thz arrival oi thz body callzd In a physician to zxamlnz It. 
Whllz therz wzrz no outward appzaranczs oi violence hz thought thz dead man's appearance 
and expression oi hl& iacz did not Indicate death irom strangulation, Hz urgzd a post- 
mortem examination, which thz relative/) ilnally agrzzd to, and thz work was periormed by 
thz Coroner oi that county and thz doctor. A largz blood clot was found bztwzen thz scalp 
and thz skull and thz skull was found to fee cracked irom a point near thz right eye to a 
point back oi thz ear, a distance oi four or ilvz Inches. It was clearly zvldznt that the 
man's death was the result oi a heavy blow on thz head, zvldentty irom a iall upon some 
hard substancz oi irom a heavy club or other blunt Instrument In thz hands oi an assailant. 
In zither zvznt, thz sulcldz theory was proven Incorrect bzcausz thz blow must havz rznder- 
zd thz man unconscious and made It Imposslblz for him therzaiter to iastzn the rope around 
his nzck and attach It to thz bracz. On thz other hand, It szzms Imposslblz that hz could 
have Inilictzd the wound upon hlmseli aiter hz iastznzd thz ropz. Thzrz szzms no way to 
account for thz wound In thz head except upon thz thzory that Stanlzy was foully murdered 
and, In an zifort to hldz thz crime, thz guilty party or parties, dragged thz body to the 
place wherz It was found and iastznzd It to thz bracz to Indlcatz that death resulted 
irom sulcldz. 

Aiter ascertaining these focts, thz SherlU irom Ulner County and a brother oi the 
dead man camz at oncz to Whzaton and jolnzd SherlU Leonard, County Attorney Houston and 
Coroner Boley In a searching Inquiry Into Stanlzy 's llfo since hz camz to this country and 
a thorough Investigation oi the surroundings and parties with whom he has associated but 
not thz slightest cluz has bzzn unearthzd to old thz oHlczrs In solving thz mystery. 

Stanlzy had no money on his person, therzforz thz crlmz could not havz been commu- 
ted for robbery. So iar as can be Izarnzd, hz had no znzmlzs and no reason can be advanced 
why anyone should wish him harm. At this season oi thz year It Is highly Improbable that 
he could have been the victim oi tramps while on thz other hand no onz In thz neighborhood 
could havz any motlvz In committing thz crlmz. from thz focts obtalnzd It Is believed that 
hz met his death about nine o'clock In thz zvznlng whllz returning irom the home oi a 
neighbor to the place wherz hz worked. 


WtuZz thz oUiciali okz itUZ twdUna ion. facto it H pnoboblz that thU cW 
wUX bz l^tzd among Ae mftfvUu that cannot bz tolvzd. Thz muAdzAzn. ha* 40 canziuUu 
covered Ul tnack* that thv*. U not thz iUghtzit cluz to Izad to hit dztzction and nUu 
a guiUy corucizncz cosxz* him to makz tomz & tlp tot**, on that can bz utzd a* evidence hi* 
idzntity will nzvzn be. known, 

A cnimz likzthu inoun pzacziul county ii dzzply nzgnzttzd and nzgnzttzd aU thz 

moKZ bzcatuz thz guilXy cnimlnal cannot bz dztzctzd and brought to justlcz Wkzaton 

Ga z zttz- Rzpontzn. 

HANKWSON NEWS «•*»•»*•*« 

VzczmbzK 17, 1914 

Oican Bzngzt oi Rotlyn, a young man about 30 yzanj, oi agz, wat> killzd at New Edzn 
Fniday by a man namzd Kzniing, a itablz hand in thz Thzii Livzny Bonn. Bzngzt and Kzming 
had bzzn lighting, both a/unzd with 6padz6, and latzn Kzn&ing pnocxuizd a shotgun and iinzd 
at Bzngzt, kitting him almost instantly. 

ShzniH Rua&zII oi Bnitton wot, noti{izd and camz to New Edzn and Kzn&ing gave him- 
6zli up, and it> now confiinzd in thz Manihall County j'ait at Bnitton, 

«»«»**»»** Vzczmbzn. 17, 1914 

Old timeAA in Hankin&on wilt KzmzmbzK Tnank Kubzla who nan a banhzn ihop in Hank- 

inton about twznty yzam> ago and witt Kzgnzt to Izann oi hit> dzath which oc.cunn.zd at Bnzck- 

znnidgz laht wzzk. Hz had bzzn Hi fan. about two wzzki with stomach tnoublz. kitzn Izav- 

ing Hankin&on hz zngagzd in thz Aaloon and bowling allzy but>inz&& at BKzzkznnidgz. Vzcza&zd 

wai> 41 yzani oi age and ii> lunvivzd by a wifa and two gnown daughtzM. Hz had nziidzd in 

Wilkin and Richland countlzi nzanly all hi& Ufa, locating at Bnzckznnidgz with hi& panzntt* 

ovzn 35 yzam, ago. 

»»««*»*«** Vzczmbzn 17, 1914 



Tunenal ienviceA ion John Bait, Sn., a oi St. Paul iince 1862, who died 
yeitenday oi panalyiii at hli home., 793 Boat St., will be held at 9>30 AM Thau- 
day at the. Sacned Heant Catholic Chunch, Sixth and Stneeti. Thene will be a 
ihont ienvice. at the. home a halfi houn eantien. 

- Ma.. Bait wai bonn in Luxembung itve.nty—iive. yejam ago. He conducted a hotel at 
Pounth and Hinneiota Stneeti, the. pmiznt iite. ojj the. Dispatch Building, and in 1872, 
enectzd a building at and Hope. Stnzeti, in which he. eAtabliihed a gnoceny bui- 
ine&& . In the. iame Atone, noom he. opened a iuel and £eed buiima in 1888. He nttined 
in 1900. 

One. o& the. eaAlieAt iettlem o& Cayton't Blu-li, he. wai an onganizen o& the. Sacned 
Heant Chanck. 

Hii widow iunvivei; alio loan ioni and a daughten. .. .William M. Bait and Vn. John 
Bait, Jn., oi St. Paul, Vn. M. L. Bait, Manitowoc, Wl., Vn. E. J, Bait, St. Nazianz, WI., 
and Mm, J. P. Glainen, Hankimon, MP. oi the iom one. dentUti ....St. Paul 
Vli patch. 

Ma., and Mm. J. P, Glainen and childnen, Roy, Edwand and Lonetta attended the 

**»«****** Januany 7 1915 

HANKINSOW NEWS jurmusiy , 


7 9 7 5 

Anna Herding and Bill Huli le£t Monday far Alexandria, UN., to attend the faneral 
o£ a couA-Ln, 

********** Janua ^ 7f 79T5 

Childhood, Middle. Age and Old Age Included In Toll 

The community wai shocked Monday evening by new, o£ the death o£ Nelion S. McKinnon 
at hii home on Remington Ave, He had been ill but a £ew dayi and £ew knew that hit, con- 
dition wai critical until the afternoon o£ the day on which he died. 

Vecea&ed wai born Oct, 16th, 7S67',' at Eicuminac, Canada, but lived there only one 
yean., coming to Chippewa T-alti t Wl., with hii parenti, where he grew to manhood. In 1891 
he came to North Dakota, and in 7895 wai married to Goldie May Tyion, second daughter o£ 
L, A. and E. .M. Tyion. The family had lived in Wlicomin and South Vakota until two yean 
ago when they came to Hankimon, Since then far two yearn he a& been a laith^ul employee 
0(5 the Soo Line, About a yean, ago he wai attacked by a £atal diieaie, and although phy- 
iiciam infarmed him that there wai> little on. no hope ion. hii fiecovenjy he practically 
recovered and reiumed hii labor which he continued until Monday, the 4th o£ thii preient 
month, when he tumefied a relapue o£ hii ailment, which the phyiiciani tenm pernicioui 
anema, which a£ter a painful illneii o£ &ive and a hal{ dayt, tenminated hii Ufa at 4:30 
FM on Saturday, Jan. 9th. 

Our {riend McKinnon wai a man in the true ieme o& the tenm, beloved by all who had 
the pleaiure o£ hii acquaintance. And being in a public position he made the acquaintance 
o£ all the people who were doing buiineii with the Soo Line at thii point. 

He leavei at, iorrowlng relativei, a brother, Veter McKinnon o$ Chippewa Fall*, WI.', 
and iiiten whoie addreaei ate unknown, hit, wifa and faur d au g hter, , lena, Hazel, . 
Goldie May and Margaret, also a holt o& iorrowlng £rlendi, far he wa& a favorite with all, 
a loving huiband and indulgent father. He wai a member o<J the lit Baptiit Church o£ She- 
boyan, Wiicomin, 

T-unenal iervicei were held Tueiday farenoon. The Modern Woodmen o£ Amenica, o£ 
which he wai a memben, attended a t>hont iervice at the home, and thii wai fallowed by 
iervicei at the Congregational Church, Rev. H, C, Juell conducting the iervicei. The pall 
bearen were Soo Railroad employee*, and the caiket wai covered with floral oHeringi faom 
iorrowlng £riendi. Interment wai made in the Tyionvale Cemetery in Greendale Towmhip'. 

Relativei £rom a distance who attended the faneral were Peter McKlnnon and wifa o£ 
Chippewa Y-alli, WI., H, L. Tyion and wlfa o£ the iame city, Robert M. Tyion and ion 
Che&ter o<$ Ruaell, NV, 

John Sykora, died at the home o£ hii daughter, Mn . Wm, Klar, iouth o£ the city 


Monday, aged 85 yzane, , Dzcza&zd contnactzd pneumonia a izw day* bzionz and thz izzbZz- 
nz&A oi oZd agz wa& unabZz to withstand thz diAza&z, 

Dzcza&zd wa& a nativz oi Bohzmia and came to thz Unitzd Statzi in 1882, izttZing 
iiAAt at Sauk CzntzA, MW. TwzZvz yzanj> ago hz came to ZLchZand County and ion AzvznaZ 
yzafib hat) madz hi& homz with thz Klan iamiZy. Hi& wiiz dizd two yzam, ago aitzn 52 yzam, 
oi matuUzd Ziiz. 

. Vzzzaizd iA Aunvivzd by two daughtznA , Un& . Wm. Klan. and Maa. Fnzd KzdcLLz. Thz 
Zattzn. annivzd in timz to attznd thz iunznaZ which woa hzZd Jan, 6th. Rov, H, 0'. Lzz oi 
EHington conducting thz iZAviczi. 


Thz thfizz monthi oZd baby boy o£ Ma., and Uaa. T-Aank WoZiz pa&AZd away Sunday night 
aitzn a ihoAt lZZnzt>t>. Thz sympathy oi a Zangz cixcZz oi iniznda goz& out to thz panznti 
in thz Zo&4> oi thzin iiAAt boAn. TunzAoZ AZAsiiczA wzkz hzZd WzdnzAday manning, Rev, Joa. 
F. Studnicka oxidating, and thz KzmainA wzkz Zaid to nz&t in thz CathoZic Czmztzny . 


January 14, 79 T 5 
WiA. G. Bzngman wat> Aummonzd to RlchviZZz, UN), by thz nzw6 oi thz dzath oi hzK 
AiAtzK-in-Zaw, Uaa, David KZingZzn. 

********** JanuaKy 14, 1915 

Thz iunznaZ o{ Maa. Wz&Zzy VattzKAon, onz oi thz oZdzit KZiidzntA oi HichZand 

County and onz oi thz pionzzAA oi thz wzht, occuAKzd in Wahpzton Tuziday, Uaa. VattzAAon 

wa6 87 yzanA and 10 month* oZd) Shz came to Wahpzton uiith hzn. hu&band in 1893. Shz iA 

Aunvivzd by hzn hu&band, Aix chiZdnzn, iiitzzn gnandchiZdnzn and tuizlvz gnzat gnandchiZdnzn 

********* * 

Januany 14, 1915 

Mn. and Wia. E, C. Fzngu&on Zzit yz& tznday ion. Stzvzn&vZZZz, OntaAio, Canada, in 

Kz&pon&z to a menage announcing thz luddzn dzath oi thz Zattzn.' 6 mothzn, Uaa. Duncan 

JohnAon. Mn.. FznguAon zxpzctA to be gonz onZy a weefe but hiA wiiz wiZZ nzmain ion Aomz 


********** Januany 27, 7975 

Wond uiaA nzczivzd at Wahpzton thiA weefe oi thz dzath at OakdaZz, CA., oi Gzo. P. 
Gannzd, ionmznZy zditon oi thz Timzi) Dzcza&zd wai> aZ&o poAtmastzn at Wahpzton ion ioun 
yzanA duning thz izcond CZzvzZand kdiru.niAtKati.on . 

********** Januany 11, 7975 

Tfeomai Uanikowiki and Haa. Tnank Rzinkz and Aon J. A., attzndzd thz iunznaZ oi 

Mantin Manikomfu. at Gznzizo Tuz&day. 

********** Januatxr 28, 7975 


Uns. Louisa Bnummund died at hen. home, on Bnightwood Avenue SatuAday at the. nipe 
otd age ol 84. Veceased woa a native. ol Stangandt, Pommenn, Genmany and was bo fin Feb, 
2nd, 7 S3 J, At the age of, 20 yeans the. was mannied to August Bnummund and in 1882 the 
lamily emigrated to the. United State/, . 

Eon. many yean* they wene nesidents ol Richland County, the husband dying Feb. 2nd, 
7908. Eight childnen wene bonn to the. anion, six ol whom suAvive: Uns . Bentha Vumke, 
HeAman Bnummund, Julius Bnummund, Wm. Bnummund, Uns . AlbeAtina Knause and Mns . Anna Bantz. 

Veceased had been an invalid Ion. about tight yeans and Ion. the last eight months ol 
heA tile enduAed sullening with a patience that was pathetic. Death came as a wet- 
come. n.eliel. 

The. lunenal was held Tuesday, senvices being conducted by Rev. Giabow&ki at the. 
GeAman Ev. Chunch. A lange numbeA ol old Intends wene pnesent to pay thein last n.espects 
to one ol the pioneens who enduned much in bnaving the. diHiculties ol Inontien. li&c. 

»•»•»•**** January 28, 7975 

Uns. Hugo lOvautkAemeA was summoned to the. old home, at Monona, IA., the linst ol the 
week by the news ol the death ol heA lathen, Ma.. Connell. 

«*»*«»»«*» Januamy 28, 7975 

C, H. Vavidion, Jn.., widely known oven the state by neason ol his connection with 
a big chain ol countny banks, died in Minneapolis this week. 

• •»«»**»*• TebmaAjy 4, 7975 

Old Hankinson Intends wene .shocked beyond measune this monning when wond was 
fieceived ol the death ol F. A. Ruiiell in a Rtsma/ick hospital fallowing an openation. 

No pioneen nesident ol oua city had mote sinceAe Intends than Bent Russell and 
sinceAe sohaow Jit, expressed in eveny £ace among those who knew him. The NEWS has no 
mateAial available Ion an extending obituany, but we can honestly say that BeAt Russell 
was one ol the best citizens and upfiight chanacteAS it has even, been oua pleasure to 
know. Bijg heaAted and sympathetic, no individual was even, tunned away who appealed to 
Bent in tune ol tAouble ol any kind whateven. He was the soul ol pensonal honon and 
his wond was as good as a bond. 

He lelt hene about ten yeans ago and Ioa sevenal yeans has been in the banking 

business at Undenwood, ND. A wc^e [the second) and chH.dn.en suKvive him. Eunenal 

senvices will be held at the Congn.egational Chunch in Wahpeton tomonAow, and a delegation 

ol old Iniends Inom hene one planning to attend. 

«»•«*«»«»» Eebnuanjy 4, 7975 

Uns. Sedlen died at the home ol Theo . Sedlen on Sunday at the advanced age ol 
84 yeans. The nemains wene laid to n.est in the Bend Cemeteny, Rev. G. C. Thiele 
conducting the lunenal senvices which wene held Wednesday. 

She leaves loun. sons and tuoo daughters, Cant, Wm., Henman and Theo., all pKospeAous 
lanmens neanby, and Uns. Gust Beting ol this village and Mas. G. Pasbnig. 

»»»*»«•«•» Eebnuany 4, 7975 


Well - Known WahpeXon Hotel Man Burled Saturday. 
WAHRETON, ND....Feb. 8th . . . , Funeral services were held Saturday over the body oi Robert 
W! Mltton, one oi ike best known hotel, men oi the. northwest, and a resident oi WahpeXon 
ioK almost thirty years. Mr. Mltton was manage*, oi the. Merchants Hotel In this city 
continuously irom 1886 up to the. day oi his death, though ion the. last iew years most oi 
the active management hoi been done by his oldest son, Robert C. MiXton. Death was caused 
by a complication oi disease which had kept him conilned to his bed most oi the. winter. 

Mr. MiXton was a Mason oi Thirty third degree and the. iuneral was In change oi the. 
WahpeXon commandery. Many out-oi-town Masons attended, the. iuneral. Thlt> evening the body 
wo6 taken to Winona, MN., lor burial. 

Ma.. Mltton was born at Winona, MM., In 1861 , and came to this city with hl& patient* 
In 1884. In 1886 he took charge oi the Merchants Hotel In this city, which he. hat conduct- 
ed continuously even, since. 

"Bob" Mltton, as he was iamillarly known, was one oi the truly original characters 
oi Horth Dakota, and his acquaintance among the traveling public covered pratlcally every 
part oi the noKthwest. Everyone who knew him was his inlend. He had been ill ion. many 
months with the malady which ilnally caused his death, but set an example which it would 
be well iofi all oi us to bollow, Mr. Milton had a gtieat propensity ion, pnactlcal jokes, 
some oi which were hanmiul, however, and his jokes and bits oi dry humor have become stan- 
ard In many towns throughout the state. Evenjy traveling man In this pant oi the countny 
knew "Bob" as well as neanly evenjy one who has chanced to be In the city a guest oi his 

He is survived by his mother, his wlie and three children: Clyde, the present 
manager oi the hotel, a daughter, Varna, and a little son, Ralph. Besides these, there 
are a host oi inlends who will miss him and ever mourn his death. 

********** February 11, 1915 

James Ross died at his home near the Siss.eton agency last week, aged SO years . 
Deceased was one oi th.e ilrst settlers In this part oi the country and amassed a tidy 
iontune as an Indian trader. The writer well remembers his trading post on the shore oi 
Lake Tewaukon, in Sangent County. In 1884 t when a Fourth oi July celebnatlon was held, 
1500 Indians were In attendance. They gave their tribal, dances, a sham battle and did 
other stunts that were a revelation to th.e newly arrived settlers inom the east. 

The Ross store was stocked with beads oi bright colors, blankets and other goods 

that appealed to the eye oi the red men, and price was no consideration as long as th.elr 

money lasted. Mr. Ross was a couple oi times an unsuccessiul candidate ior oiilce In 

Sargent County, but we believe he served one term as State Senator irom Roberts Co. 

********** February 11, 1915 

The Iniant child oi Mr. and Mrs . Jos. Bommersbach died Sunday, aged about tivo 
montlis. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday morning. 

********** Febnuary 11, 7975 


M*. and Wu. Gzo . Macfe wznt to StllzA, NO., Monday to attznd the. iunznal oi a 
cou&ln and child who wznz bunnzd to dzath In a ga&ollnz Atovz zxplohlon nzczntly. 
EUlngton Record... ********** Fzbnuany 7 7, 7975 

Hanklmon inlzndi hympathlzz with Un.. and Uu> . W] A. Day oi Fango In thz Ioaa oi 
thzln 6lx yzan old daughtzn., Hildnzd, which oo.cxiM.zd thz iln&t oi thz wzzk. Un.. Day wot, 
fanmznly G. W. Agznt at thl& point and thz iamlty havz a lot oi inlzndi among thz old tlmeM . 

****•***•• FzbniiaAy 77, 7975 

John Uovztzkz dlzd at hl& homz In thli city at 7:30 AM, today. Vzcza&zd had bzzn 
a iuiiznzn. inom canczn and thz znd wai not unzxpzctzd. Ton month* hz had bzzn a patlznt 
iuiiznzn. and dzath camz as a wzlcomz nzllzi. Hz wot about 53 yzan& o& age and 1& t>un- 
vlvzd by a wliz and Aix chlldKzn, two daughtzn* and faun iom>. 

By Induitxy and thxl^t hz had accumulatzd amplz mzam, fan thz nzzdi, oi thz family, 
and hl& dzath l& mounnzd by a lafigz clnclz oi inlzndi. Funznal &znvlcz6 will bz hzld 
Satunday monnlng. 

********** Fzbnuany 77, 7975 

Williz Uanohl, 79 Yzan. Old Boy, Vizi Fnom 7njuAlz&. 

Willlz Manohl, 79 yzan. old ton oi Otto Uanohl living houthwzht oi Hankln&on, nzc- 
zlvzd thz iull changz {nam a ihotgun accldzntally dlschangzd by hl& youngzn bnothzn, KnX- 
hun whllz a panty oi a dozzn nzlghbonhood boyi wzkz hunting nabblth &lx mllzi loath oi 
LLdgznwood Fnlday aitznnoon, Hz dlzd Sunday monnlng inom hhock and loi& oi blood. 

Thz victim oi thz accldznt was, on hit, knees whzn thz accldznt happznzd and thz 
zntlnz load zntznzd thz ilz&hy pant o& hl& Izg jut>t abovz thz knee. Thz bonz wai> bnokzn 
and thz unfantwnatz victim luiiznzd gnzatly inom loi& oi blood bzfanz hz could bz convzyzd 
to thz LLdgznwood Hospital, Thz boy& loadzd thzln Injunzd matz Into a bob&lzlgh and dnovz 
him dlnzctly to thz hoipltal. 

Thz lad Kz&pon&lhlz fan. thz shooting li> bz&ldz hlm&zli with gnlzi, and thz accldznt 
will doubtlz&i havz a wholz&omz ziizct ah to canztz6&nzA6 with ilnzanmh on thz pant. oi thz 
zntlnz panty. 

Vzczo6zd wa& onz oi thz ilnzht young men oi hl& nzlghbonhood, oulzt and una&humlng 
but with a dzpth oi chanactzn that gave pnoml&z oi a u&ziul lliz. Hl& dzath jut>t on thz 
dawn oi manhood It, molt untlmzly, and thz itnlckzn iamlly havz thz sympathy oi all In 
thzln lo&& . 

Thz iunznal hznvlczi wznz hzld Wzdnz&day, Rev. Cloltzn pnzachlng thz iznmon. Sconzt, 
oi nzlghbonA and inlzndi wznz pnzhznt to pay ilnal tnlbutz to a young man unlvzually 
"turned. ********** 

Fzbnuany IS, 79 75 


James Jenson Cnushed Between the CanA VeAtefiday. 
James Jenson, a Soo ^KoJi^kt bnakeman, was cnushed to death between two passengen 
coaches on the Hankinson S Bismahck tnain a mile and a hath west oh Random City yesten- 
day mon.ning. He was completing a coup&Lng and the canA came togethen in such a way as to 
cnuAh hii> chest, causing internal injunles ^tiom which resulted his death in a veny shont 

' Jenson' s home. Is at Bismanck whefie he hat> a young wifie and one small child. He 
was a stnangen hene and came oat oa an emergency man hon. one tnlp only. 

Jen&on was not a membefi oh the passengen. chew but was, working on the hn.ei.ght. The 
tnains wene close together when the. passengen. became stuck in the snow. It woa white 
aAAiAting the passengen cnew that the accident occunfied. 

The body wot, taken to Fonman whefie It was pn.epan.ed fan. shipment to Bismanck. 

**»««»**«• Febnuany IS, 7975 

Haa. W. C. Fonman, In.., wot, Aummoned to Cnookston Tuehday night by a message annou- 
ncing the death oh hen. sisten, Mfis. Emmanuel Compton. Deceased had been an invalid fan 
Aome time and the end wot, not a sufipniAe. She iA AuAvived by a husband and two little 
daughtehA. The hu-nenal will be held at Cnookston today. 

«»*«»»**•» Febnjuany IS, 7975 

A meA&age woa neceived hene Tuesday announcing the death oh MnA. fnank Thunell 
at Colonado Spnlngs, CO., that moKning. It wiSUL be Kemembened Ahe woa taken thene a (Jew 
weeki, ago in the last stages oh tubenculosls . She will be bunied thefie. 

********** Febnuany IS, 1915 

NewA oh the death oh Maa. C, E. StewanX at hen home in Lidgenwood Sunday moKning 
came at, a gneat Ahock to a lange oh old hhlends in this vicinity. Deceased had 
been a suhhefien. h^om heant tnouble fan a long time but an othenwiAe nobuAt constitution 
prolonged hen lihe to a nipe old age. 

M/i. and Wis. Stewant enjoyed the distinction oh being one oh the oldest manfiied 
couples in the county, having celebenated thein. h£h&-zth annivefisany a tittle oven a yean, 
ago. The stewant h cm ^i weAe - among the ploneefis oh Elma Township, locating on a homestead 
in the eanly ' SOs whene they resided up to a ^ew yeafis ago when they n.etlned hnom the h afm 
and have since made thein. home in Lidgenwood. Besides an aged husband, deceased iA sunviv- 
ed by hive daughtenA: Wis. Vavid Stine and Wis. Vhllip Wintenbenaen, both oh Lidgenwood, 
Wis. W. R. Balson. oh FoKmington, WA., Wis . E. A. Stiles oh Hope, W., and Hiss Stew- 
ant who lives at home. One bnothen, J. C. StUelen, also lives at Lidgenwood. Hen. death 
comes as a penAonal beneavement to eveny pioneen settlen in this xegion. 

********** Febnuany IS, 1915 

Fnank Viltlngham, who spent one summefi in Hankinson and is Quite well known hene, 
died at the home oh his mothen. in Oakes last week. The body was taken to the old home 

at Wadena, MW., h oK bunial. 

********** Febnuany 15, 1915 



Mm . MaKQOJizt Roth dZzd at hzn home. Zn thZi cZty Monday evening ahtzn a IZngznlng 
Illness, aged 64 yeans. Vnopsy wZth complZcatZons was the cause oh death. 

Vzczaszd was bonn Zn GalZcla, kusthZa, nzan thz scznz oh the ii.zn.cut fighting oh 
the gneat Eunopean Wan. that now Znvolves most oh thz so-callzd cZvZlZzzd wonld. Thznz 
shz to womanhood and wot, twZcz mannZzd. Onz daughtzn wot, botin oh thz fiZtet anion. 
Thlnty yeans ago she mannZed Math Roth and thZntzzn yeans ago thzy mZgnated to AmenZca, 
■Locating In HankZnson. Vzczat>zd was well known to thz pzoptz oh oua city, and was a help- 
hal wZhz and Zndulgznt mothzn. Shz Is survived by thz husband and two sons, Flank and 
Ed., and onz daughtzn. who Zs mannZed to Pztzn Roth, a stzp-son oh dzczaszd. Thznz onz 
zZght gnandchZldnzn. 

TunznaZ sznvZces wzkz hzZd Wzdnzsday mon.nZng at St. Philip's Chunjch, and Zntenment 
was madz Zn thz Catholic Czmztzny, 

»»««»«*«** Fzbnwvty 25, 7975 

Wond nzachzd Wahpzton thz lattzn panX oh La&t wzzk that thz only son oh Chas. 
Badz's bnothzn Zn Gznmany hat, bzzn kZttzd on a Russian battZzhZztd, 


Thz Znhant daughtzn. oh Mn. and Mn*. Jo*. J. Gn.zzn dizd Sunday manning, ahtzn. a 
bnZzh existence oh tzn days . Thz bznzavzd panznts havz thz sympathy oh oZZ Zn thz lot* 
oh thzln IZttlz onz. 


A mz&6agz nzczZvzd this monnZng announced thz lad news oh tht death oh Manny V. 

Tyson at the hospital at Rochzstzn } whzKZ hz was opznatzd on Tuzsday hon thz nzmoval oh 

a tumon. 

««*»**«««* Fzbnuany 25, 7975 

Vn. A. R. Thomason wot, called to Chicago last nZght by a mzssagz beanZng thz sad 

news oh his mothzn's death.. 


The U yean old daughtzn oh Pnank TZztz oh nzan Bannzy died Satunday manning oh 

blood poisoning, nesultZng h*u>m a pZmplz on hen ((ace. 


Kathlzzn Bunnows Zs nzcovznZng nZcely at Ksbunjy Hospital In Minneapolis h Kom P n ^~ 

umonZa and Is zxpectzd homz Zn a (Jew days. Just pnZon to hen. Illness, Mns. Buajlows wot 

callzd to thz old homz Zn Canada by thz dzath oh hzn haZhzn. 



"HubznZ Hzndlng Z& dead." When wond to this zhh<uz*- «*" passed h^om mouth to mouth 
throughout the community last PnZday zvznZng thznz wai gznuZnz sonnow Zn zvzny hzant. 

Evznyonz i{e£t that death claimed hon Zts vlctZm one oh natunz's noblzmzn; a man 
nespected and esteemed by zvznjyonz with whom hz camz In contact, and thznz wznz tfew dny 

zyzs whzn thz lonnowlng wcrfe and haZheAZzss chlldnzn wznz thought oh- 


Mr. Herding ditd Fniday tvtning, Feb. 26th, at 9:15 PM, 6unroundtd by hiA wiht 
and children. Ht was born at Altemberg, WeAtvaltn, Germany, Mew., 3rd, 7 553, and at the. 
time oh hiA death was 61 ytanA, 3 monthA and 23 day& old. In 1880, accompanied by hiA 
wiht, ht anrivtd In thii country and hor tuio ytanA neAidtd on a h°rm man. Brtcktnridgt. 
At the. end oh that time. he. punchaAtd hiA prtAtnt tfotm In Gnttndalt Township which hat, been 
hiA home. ioK the. pa&t 31 yeaAA. 

-A year ago hiA health began to ^ait and though everything was done. ion. hiA nelieh 
he. gnadually de.clX.ned. and had not bttn ablt to u&t hiA izeX hinct September, but movtd 
around in a whtel chain.. 

During thiA time, everything that loving £nle.nd& and ^amity could do wot done, fan 
hiA rtlith, and they were, {ulty rtpaid by hit, patience, and chterhulneAh oh spirit. No 
word oh complaint eve* -tssued ^nam hiA lipA and hiA (Jace always wont tht samt smilt no 
matter how unwell he. wot, . 

He was a success |{a£ hanmer and tht possessor oh a $ine. which he. and hit, 
family had built ion themselves through their industry and hnugality. 

Deceased is survived by a wiht and tight childrtn: Mrs. W. Wagner oh White Rock, 
SV., Anton, Hubert, Anna, Helen, John, Theresa and Bernard, all oh Hankinson, WD, 

Funeral services were, held Tuesday monning at St. Philip' & Church, and the. large, 
atttndanct oh ntighbonA and old finiejidi irom Gnttndalt and the. surrounding country, as 
well a6 scores inom Hankinson, ttstihitd to tht universal tsttem in which tht dtceastd 
wot, held. Interment was madt in tht Catholic Cemetery. 

»*•»«***** March 4, 1915 

Word was ntczivtd hert this wttk oh tht death oh Miss Irene Wallace at Mango, PL., 
on Feb. 14th. Deceased was a victim oh weak lungs and had bttn in h&t&XQ health hor 
several yean. Pneumonia, contracttd during tht month oh January, was tht immtdiaXt 
cause oh death. 

Sht had Itht her homt at Hamilton, WD., but a (Jew days bthont tht end camt. 

Deceased was a jJo/uneA teacher in tht Hankinson schools and had exctptional ability. Pos- 

stsstd oh many high qualities, tht (Jo/uned a circlt oh close £txend6 hert to whom news oh 

her death comes a& a personal bereavement. Interment was madt in Plonida. 

•*»«*»*««« UaAch 4> rg?5 

( A beautihul memonial articlt, h ofL ^ e abovt mtntiontd young lady, is ntcondtd in. thz. 
March 11th edition, page 6, oh the. Hankin&on Wews . ) 

Jaques Pltadt Guilty to Stcond Dtgntt Murder. 
Walter E. Jaques was sentenced at Elltndalt f twenty live, years in the. pznittn- 
tiary at Bismarck hon killing Mina Johnson at her homt in tht nontheoAt pant oh tht county 
on Dec. 4th. Ht had bttn chargtd with murder in tht h-Out dtgrtt but wai permitted to 
plead guilty to murder in tht stcond dtgntt. 

Tht young man was in tht employ oh tht girl's parents and madt persistant advanceA 


to her which were repelled. He was with her on the day oi the. murder and again rebuiied, 
shot her at the bain oi the. ikull with a rlile, kitting hex Instantly. 

He then tunned the gun upon hlmseli, fixing ((-cue ihots Into his body. The gun was 
held at &uch an angle that the bullets penetrated no vital 4>pot. 


KENMARE NEWS.... Feb, 25th The entire community was shocked this morning when wold wa6 

received irom Rochester, MN,, that Harry V. Tyson, one oi Kenmare's best known and respect- 
ed citizens had died at 5 AM this morning. The telegram sent by Mrs. Tyson to her lister, 
Mrs. A. M. Ambrose was briei, containing very little more than the news oi Mr, Tyson's 

Mrs. Ambrose le&t Immediately to join her bereaved lister, and return with the body 
to Kenmare. Friends oi the late Mr, Tyson had believed he was getting along nicely In the 
Rochester Institution, Information to that eiiect being sent home by Mrs. Tyson several 
days ago, and ior this reason the message oi death received over the wire this morning was 
all the more a shock. 

Ailing ior some tune with what his local physician diagnosed as a tumor, deceased 
decided several weeks ago to enter the iamous Mayo Institution to undergo an operation. 

The operation was declared to have been successful, according to Mrs. Ty&on, who 
was at her husband's bedside at the time oi the operation, from this, relatives and 
iriends take It that while the operation was a success, there were complications let In 
that caused his untimely death, 

Harry Ty&on was one oi the best liked young men, . .he was only thirty two.,. In town. 
To know Harry Tyson was to admire him. That Is no play on words. Harry Tyson was just a 
man oi the people, no irills, no make-believe, nothing that you couldn't count on, or acc- 
ount ior, he was ialr and square, and a man, 

Harry Tyson was just coming Into his own. As manager ior the A. E. Paulson S Co. 
Implement House, he was recognized as the leading man In his line, and last spring his 
iellow citizens recognized his worth, electing him to the high oiilce oi Police Magistrate, 
where merit and Integrity are the requests. He was one oi the leading spirits In the Masot 
Lodge and to employ the words oi the master oi that organization, Harry Tyson could always 
be counted on to put his shoulder to the wheel and help along In any way possible. 

As a public oHlclal he was honest and iearless but at the &ame tone ready to throw 
a mantle oi charity over the downiaU. oi his iellows and help up rather than crush down. 

The deceased was bom In Hanklnson, In this &tate, thirty-two years ago. He came 
to this country about the year 1900 and pioneered It In Pleasant Township, where he proved 
up a homestead. About &lx. years ago he moved Into Kenmare and has been a part oi the home 
town Hie ever since. 

He Is survived by his wlie and three sons . The body will be brought home but the 
iuneral arrangements are not oi course known as yet. 

Tonight the Masons, the iraternlty, are meeting In special session as the result 
oi the death oi their brother. ********** March 11, 1915 

D D (89) 

Gzongz W. Canlaw Hiding khtzn U.undzn oh Wlhz and Daughtzn. 

Sisszton SV., Uanch 15th Tnailzd acnoss thz statz llnz by a Shznlhh's poaz, 

hollowing thz coldblooded mundzn oh hli wlhz and 16 yean old daughter, Gzongz W. Canlaw, 
ion. yzans local managen. oh thz Vakota Czntnal Tzlzphonz Co., li being hunted today In ULnn. 

Thz team with which Canlaw, who acconding to a cononzn'i juny which met hznz today, 
li guilty oh wilful mundzn, madz hit, zscapz was hound at Bnowns Vallzy, MW., 14 miles zast 
oh Sisszton. Thz whip was In thz pockzt oh thz baggy and anound thz whip wznz znclficlzd 
thz ilnzn. nlngs oh thz mundznzd woman and glnl. In thz sleigh wzkz a butchzn's knifiz and 
a book uszd by CanZaw In thz tzlzphonz business . 

Sunday, about 6 PM\, nelghbons oh thz Canlawi who had notice theln absznez hnom 
Chunch and who had hzand that Canlaw, hon yzans a highly nespzetzd cltlzzn, wai shont In 
his account* with thz tzlzphonz company, wznt to thz Canlaw housz. They nang thz bell, 
Thzfiz wai no answzn, Window* and doons wznz lockzd. Thz pollcz wzkc summoned and thz 
housz zntzned. 

In a bzdnoom on thz bzd lay thz body oh Uns . Canlaw, hen. skull envshzd. Hzan thz 
bed lay thz body oh Fnancis Canlaw, 16 yzans old, high school j'union. Thz ginl'i ikull 
wo6 cnushzd and hzn thnoat had bzzn cut. By thz ildz oh thz ginl lay a langz wnznch and 
a butchzn knlhz. Both wznz italned with blood. Thznz was no sign oh Canlaw. 

Shenlhh Mindzn at oncz bzgan an Investigation. Hz hound Canlaw's team was missing 
hnom thz bann: that Canlaw had dnlvzn away by a clncultous noutz Satun d ay monnlng. 

Thz Shznlhh tzlzphonzd to towns neon. Sisszton. ht a llvzny stablz In Bnowns Valley 
hz located Canlow's team. Then hz Izannzd Canlaw had bzzn szzn walking towand Bzandsvlllz. 
In Bzandsvlllz hz hlnzd a llvzny nig to takz him to Gnaczvillz. Hz annlvzd In Gnaczvillz 
Satunday ahtznnoon and is iuppoizd to havz boandzd a Milwaukzz tnaln zast Satunday night. 
Shznlhh' ■& pones one izanchlng thz countny neon Gnaczvillz, but thz h^aitivz had 16 houns 

So populan wai Canlaw in Sliizton that despltz thz ({act that hz li known to havz 
bzzn ihont in hit accounts and to havz bzzn bonnowlng imall iumi oh money h Kom many hnlzndi 
dunlng thz last wzzk, thz city Id still itunnzd by thz news oh thz tnagzdy. Canlaw and 
hli h am ^-y wznz pnomlnznt in chunch ahhai/is, hli daughtzn was onz oh thz most populan ginls 
In high school, and hz had ai many )J/u.end6 as any man in thz community. Hz was stnlctly 
tempznatz in his habits . 

Mns. Canlaw asilitzd hzn husband in kzzping thz books hon &&• teJLlphxmz company. 

It is suppoizd that ihz Izannzd oh thz ihontagz, upbnaldzd hzn husband, and that hz in a 

tzmponany h^l oh insanity, stnuck hzn down. Thzn acconding to thz thzony oh thz Sisszton 

police, thz daughtzn, who had bzzn acnoii thz itnzzt delivering milk, came Into thz housz 

and wai itnuck down by Canlaw. 

********** MaA(lh Uf 7975 

W. F. HiZliand, onz oh thz plonzzn buslnesi mzn oh Lidgznwood dlzd Monday oh 
heant hallimz. ********** Hatch U t 1915 


Vavld E. Watson, thz well known txavzllng man who has covexzd this tznxltoxy {on 

yzaxs as salesman {ok a big jobbing conczxn, dlzd at Wahpzton FKlday, A big cixclz o{ 

acquaintances thxoughout this ie.ctxon o{ the. statz wJUUL Izaxn with KzgKzt the. news o{ 

his dzmlsz. 

****. * • « * « Ua/Lch u ^ 1915 


Saxah A., bzlovzd wl{z o{ John F. Baum, died at hen. homz -in this city, Sunday 
a{tzxnoon at 2 o'clock. Cancex o{ thz stomach was thz cause o{ death. An opznation at 
thz Glznwood Hospital last {all KzsuUted In thz Kemoval o^ a laxgz tumoK, and at that 
timz thz cancexous condition was discovexed. Evexythlng that loving hands could do was 
donz to make hzn. last day/, happy and thz sympathy o{ zvexyonz In thz community gozs out 
to thz bzKzavzd husband and childxen In thzlfi gKeat loss. 

Vzczaszd was boKn Sept. 19th, 1847, at Wild Rose, WI,, whexz shz gKew to womanhood, 
and Uaxch 10th o{ thz pKZSznt yean. maKkzd thz 34th annlvzKsany o{ hex manxiagz to John F. 
Baum. Thz {ixst two yeans o{ theln manxled life wzkz spznt at Wltd Rosz, a{tex which 
thzy movzd to Uzznah, WI., whexz thzy Kzsldzd {on. 18 yzaxs. Eight yzaxs ago thzy came to 
Hanklnson and continued to Kzsldz hexz up to thz tJjnz o{ hzn. death. 

Vzczaszd was onz o{ a family o{ tzn chlldnzn, and hzn. death makzs thz {Inst bnzak 
In thz {amily clnclz. Thz {athex passed away two yzaxs ago but thz mothex and nlnz bno- 
thznjs and sistexs sunvlvz hzn.. 

Thn.zz childxzn wzkz bonn to Wi. and Ibis. Baum, all o{ whom axz living ... .Wis . 
Vznnhandt o{ Glznwood, MM., Gzo. H. Baum o{ Wild Rase, WI., and Wis. HzUUz Knausz o{ 
this city. 

Vzczaszd was a dzvout Chnlstlan and had bzzn a mzmbex o{ thz Methodist Chunch 
slncz shz was {l{tzzn yzaxs old. 0{ a kindly disposition, zvzx fizady to lend a helping 
hand to thosz In txoublz, shz galnzd {on. hexszl{ a cixclz o{ loving {Klznds to each o{ 
whom hzn. dzath comzs as a pznsonal loss. 

BkIz{ sexvlces wzkz hzld at thz homz Monday manning, a{tex which thz' Kemains wzkz 

takzn to thz old homz at Wild Rosz, WI., {ok Intznmznt In thz {amily lot. Thz stxickzn 

husband and daughtzK, o{ this city, and thz son-in-law, Gzo. Vznnhandt, o{ Glznwood, 

accompanied thz Kzmalns to Wild Rosz. 

• *»•••••« » UaJlck 15f 7975 

Wis. Anna Ostby dizd at hex homz In GKZzndalz Township Wednesday, Wvich 14th f o{ 
tubzKculosls {Kom which shz had bzzn a su{{exex {ok about two yeans. Vzczaszd was a 
daughtzK o{ Wi. and Wis. Wm. Hzzsch and was boKn in Scott County, Iowa, on Jane iKd, 1881 . 
Shz came to Hichland County with hex paxznts in 1890, and xzmainzd with them on thzix 
GKzzndalz Township {anm up to thz -tone o{ hex manxiagz, except {ok two yeans duxing which 
shz was a mzmbex o{ thz Kinney household. In 1909 shz was manxled to Slgnud Ostby and 
shoKtly a{texwaxds thz young couplz movzd to Canada but Kztuxnzd in July o{ 1913, thz 
young wl{z having contxactzd lung txoublz mzantimz, Notwithstanding thz best o{ txzat- 


mznt and canz, *hz iailed until death came. a* a wzlcomz nzllzi. 

Vecza*ed I* *unvlved by the. young hu*band and one *on William, the iathen, *tep- 
mothen and nine bnothen* and *l*ten*. She wa* known and beloved by a lange clncle o& 
intend* among whom hen. untimely death i* *incen.ely mounned. 

The iunenal will be held Satunday with *zn.vlce* at the chunch by Rev, Gnabow*kl. 

Mn*. Henman Mittag died at hen. home In thi* city Satunday, a victim oi tubzn.culo*l& . 
Vzcza*ed wa* 35 yzan* oh age and I* by the huhband and two tittle daughtzn* who 
have, the sympathy oi the entitle community in theln betieavement. She wa* a patient *uHznzn. 
and wo6 pKH.pan.ed fan the end which had been expected fan *omz time. Sznvlcz* wznz held 
at the Catholic Chunch Uonday at 10 AM, by Rev. Stu.dvu.cka', and Intznmznt wa* made in 
Calvany Cemeteny. 


The many intend* oi Ml** Many Kai*zn wzne *zvznly shocked when it wa* leanned 
that hen. illne** had ne&ulted in death la*t Thvuday monning at St, Tnanct* Hospital. 
An abce** on the. bnain wot, the. cau&e. oi death. 

She had been ill ion two week*, but it wa* not thought that hen. illne** wa* oi 
*uch a *enlou* wtune and hen. death came a& a gnzat *hock to hen. Kelative* and many 
intend* who had leanned to admine hen.. 

The iunenal wot held Monday monning at 10:30 AM inom St, John'* Chunch. Tathzn. 
Ridden, conducting the *znvlce*, Bunlal wa6 made in Calvany Cemeteny. 

Maftjy Kal*en. wat> 10 yearn oi age, the daughtzn oi Mn. and Mm. Veten KaUen. oi White 
Rock, SV. A yean ago *he gnaduated a* a nun*e inom a local ho*pital and *lnce that time 
ha6 *pent much oi the time in thl* city at the home oi hen. *i*ten, Mn*. Canl Bnaun, when 
not engaged in hen. duties a* a name. 

The iunenal wa* langely attended by intend* and nelatlve*. Tho*e inom out oi town 
who wene pne*ent at the iunenal wzne: Fnank Kai*zn oi Selz, NV., and Ml** Emily Kai&en 
oi Billing*, MT., bnothen. and listen, oi the. deceased. Fnank Gla*nen oi Ken&al, J. V, 
Gla&nen and wiie oi Hankin&on, Will and John Gla*nzn oi White Rock, Uncle*; and Mn. and 
Mn*. F. Beiont, Mn. and Mn*. Math BnandznbuKgzn and Mn*. Manganet Vohl oi White Rock. 

Many beautiiul ilonal tntbute* wznz paid to the depanted one, and a lange numben 
accompanied the nemaln* to the cemeteny when.e the la&t *ad nite* wzkz *aid, 

....Wahpeton Globe Gazette.... ********** Apnll t, 1915 

The death oi Mn*. Bentha Medenwald, which occunned at 4t2S AM Wednesday monning, 
nemove* anothzn. oi oun pionzzn* inom zanthly activity. Vzcea*ed with hzn hu*band *ettlzd 
on a homz*tzad ju*t nonth oi the city In 1883 and ha* nz*idzd hznz ion 11 yean* and hzn 
death I* *lncznzly mounnzd by a langz clnclz oi intend* especially among the eanly *ettlen* 
who nzmzmbzn hzn ion hzn many act* oi kindne** dunlng thz tnylng timz* oi pionzzn lliz. 


Bentha Banthald wa& bonn In Genmany on Uanch 13th, 1845. At the. age oi 24 yearn 
&he mannied Fned Medenwald. The oppoAtunitiei In Amenica induced the iamily to come to 
thld countny in 1883, and they located on a home&tead noKth oi whene thli (Uty now standi, 
Hene they nai&ed a iamily oi iive childnen, be&lde& &u&taining the loi& oi two, and the 

iunviving childnen alt in thli, vicinity Henman, Bennand and EmiZ, &on&: Wu, . 

Augu&t Glanden and Mk6 . Uantha Lubenow, daughteAi . A itep-ion, Wm. Hedenwaldt, 16 alio 
a well .known ianmen. hene. The&e childnen alt Ae&lde neon Hankin&on with the exception 
oi Bennand, who&e home it, at Wheaton, UN. The hu&band died yeau ago at the ad- 
vanced age oi 82 yeam. In addition to the iamily membem, mentioned above, thene one 
23 iuAviving gKandchitdn.en to whom the xecollection oi "gnandma" will alwayh be a halt- 
owed memory. 

Veceaced wai, taken ill t,ix weeki ago, AuHenlng inom a tumox. Owing to hen. ad-- 
vanced age tittle could be done, and the end had been expected ion. &ome time. 

The iunenal will be held Friday at 2 PH., at the Immanuel Evangelicdl Chunch, Rev. 

Gnabowikl to conduct the &envlce&. 

**«****,, • ApjUZ 15f 1915 

Mi6& EleanoA Hammenlick, its ten. oi the Hammenlick glnli, who have taught ichool 

in thi& vicinity, died at Wahpeton Aphll 7th, inom penltonltit, . She wa& 17 yeaAA oi age. 

• *••****•* ApAyit 15> 1915 


Vaughten oi Augu&t Bladow Fatally Bunned by Falling Into Bolting Kettle. 

A &ad accident occuAAed at the Augu&t Bladow home nonthea&t oi thi& city Tue&day 
monnlng when thein little 3 yean, old daughtex, Lizzie, ieZl into a vat oi bolting ioap 
and wot, bunned &o badly that &he died la&t evening ixom hen Injuxiei. 

Playing neon a lange kettle oi bolting &oit ioap, the tittle one in &ome mannen 
loit hen balance and plunged into the hot mixXune. Vn. McVonell wa& summoned and did 
what he could to netieve hen iuHeningt, , but the buxm, wene too hevene and the patied 
away 36 hourn aitex the accident occuxxed. 

The panenti one almost inantic with gniei although no blame can be attached to 
anyone ion the unioxtunate accident. 

Neighboxi and ixiendi, one doing what they can to allay the gnlei oi the iamily 
and eveny panent'i sympathy goe6 out to the iathen and mothen in thein. gneat beneavement. 

The iunenal will be held at the Immanuel Chunch Satuxday at 1 PM. 

«»****•**« Ap/Ut 22, 1975 

The iniant baby oi Ua. and Mx6 . Augu&t Schmidt, ne&iding eat>t oi the city, died 

Tue&day. The little one wa& only a iew houxi old. 

• »»••«*•*• Ap ^£ 2 2, J9J5 

Clout, Fi&hex wot, called to hit, home at Red Wing, MM., la&t week by a met,t,age 
announcing the death oi hl& mothex. He leit at once to attend the iunenal. 

»»»*» *•«*» Afyt ££ 22 t 1915 


Thz Infant child oi Uk. and Mks. H. W. WoKnzK dizd on ThuKsday, Apntl 22nd, at 
thz SKe.ckzyvU.dgz Hospital, and thz Kzmains wzkz laid at Kzst hzKz In thz GKeat Bznd Czm- 
etzKy. Ma. and Mks . WoKnzK wzkz unablz to attznd thz iunznal, both bzing undzK a doc- 
ton.' & cokz at thz hospital. 

«***»***»* Ap/iU 29j ?9J5 

FoKmzn Wahpzton Woman Shot to Vzath BzcauA z Shz Rziuszd to Eiopz. 

Wagonzn, OK., Apntl 29th....?. H. Hunt, agzd 26, oi Humbolt, TN., today hhot and 
klltzd Uks. Veanl Lamott, agzd 79, and thzn killed himszli In thz homz oi Cklz& o& 
Townsend. Hunt &hot thz woman, who iA Aaid to have a. husband Living at Wahpzton, htV., 
because 6hz Keiused to elope with htm. 

Wahpzton, NV., KpnJUL 29th. . . .Agnes VeanJL Lamott, an OKphan gifiL coming hzAZ iKom 
Abzndzzn, SV., woa manxizd Oct. 77, 7912, to Howand E., 3k., oi thiA city. 

Thzy tivzd hzKz and in CasAzlton, W., untiZ about a yzoK ago whzn thzy szpanatzd 
and Ahz Iz&t thz city. An infant child was placzd In thz hands oi a good iamily nzaK 
EKzckznKidgz, MW., hzK husband and hzK iamily Kziuslng to cokz ioK it. 

A tzlzgnam Keceived in thiA city thiA moKning iKom H. H. Townsend, Chizi oi Police 
oi WagonzK, OK., asks ioK instructions ioK thz cokz oi thz body. Fnlends hzKz havz known 
hzK to bz in that city until Kzczntly. Thz iamily hzKz havz been inioKmzd oi thz aiiaiK, 
but It iA not known what action thzy will takz. 

********** M ay 6, 7975 

Community Shocked by Sudden End oi Wzll Known Resident 

Thz pzoplz oi ouk littlz city wzkz pnoioundly Ahockzd whzn thz news pasAzd inom 
mouth to mouth that Uks . AlbzKt FoAtzK had dizd duKing Sunday night. Weakened by thz 
oKdzal oi a pKematuJiz childbiKth, a weak hzant iatlzd to pZKioKm itA iunctionA and &hz 
zxpiKzd Auddznly whzn it was generally &uppo&zd &he woa doing wzll and would toon iully 
kzcovzk. ■•■ - ■• 

Henrietta FottzK woa boKn 37 yzaKA ago at NzwbeAKy, MI. ThzKZ ihz gKzw to woman- 
hood, and latzK taught school ioK hzvznal tZKmA. It woa whitz going to and iKom hzK 
Achool woKk by tKain that thz ioKmzd thz acquaintance oi Albznt S. FoAtzK, a mzmbzK oi 
thz tKain ckzw, and thiA woa thz beginning oi a Komancz that Kesulted in hzK moKKiagz 
zight yzanA ago. Thzy Kzmovzd to Glznwood, MN., and iKom thzKZ camz to Hankin&on about 
iouK yzaKA ago whzKZ thzy havz slncz Kzsidzd. 

VuKing hzK Kzsldzncz hzKz thz dzczaAzd won thz warn iKlzndshlp oi a laKgz ciKclz 
oi iKizndA. Vzvotzd to hzK husband, &hz woa a iaithiul wiiz and hzlpmatz. Thzy bought 
a bzautiiul homz in ouk city only a iew months ago, and £>he took moKZ than thz usual 
amount oi pKidz in impKoving thz placz. Hzk iailuKZ to bean chtldKzn was onz oi thz path- 
etic incidznts oi hzK li-iz, ioK both husband and wiiz WZKZ passionately iond oi littlz 
iolks, and thz FostzK homz was hzadquantzKS ioK all thz littlz iolks in that pant oi town. 


Touching indeed was the gniei oi the neighboA childAen when they twined that thein but 
intend had leit them. 

Deceased Is sunvived by a widowed mothen and youngen bnothen, both oi whom neside 
at the old home in NewbenAy, MI., and it wot, to that place the Aemains wene taken Tuesday 
to be laid at Aest beside the gnave oi hex. {atheK Thomas H. Hannlson. 

Deceased was a devout Catholic and memonial seAvices wene held at St. Philip's Chu- 
nch Tuesday manning, following a bnlei senvice at the. home. The tiailnoad men, ieJULow emp- 
loyee* oi the stnlcken husband, the Soo Railnoad Co., and otheA devoted intends loaded the 
casket with beautiful ilonal txibutes, and a lange numbeA o& soAAowing intends attended 
the senvice*. Ma. Po*ten'* mother, inom Minneapolis , was hene ioA the iunenal. The gniei 
*tnlcken husband has the *incene sympathy oi all in hi* gneat loss. 

********** nay 6, 1915 

Aged and Wealthy Bnothen* Mundened Neon. Lowny, MH., to Get Hoatid. 

Glenwood, MN., Hay 13th Gagged with nag* and thein head* mushed in, the bodies 

oi aged bAothen*, John, Louis and Sven Hitnoen, wealthy bachelor ianmen*, tie today 
on theiA 300 acne ianm neon. Lowny, MW., white ShenlH GilbeAtson oi Pope County gnopes 
thnough the detail* oi the my*teny ion. clue* to the mun.den.eA*. 

The SheAiii ha* little iaith that a band oi gyp*ie* that pa**ed thnough that loc- 
ality a iew days ago can thnow tight on the. cnime, but he wilt a*k thein appAehension and 

The tAiple mundeA occuAned last Fniday evening, it i* believed. John Chnlstianson, 
a neighboA, came upon the bodie* ye*teAday when he went to the victims' home on busines*. 
One lay on the. ilooA oi a blood^splashed kitchen that boAe evidence oi a *tnuggle. An ax 
had cleit the skull. A nag had been wnapped about the thAoat and mouth, knothen body wa* 
in a bednoom, also on the gnound ilooA. The head wa* cnushed in and a cloth bound about 
it. In the baAn whene the ieet oi cattle had tnampled it almost beyond Aecognitlon, the 
body oi the thlnd victim toy. A lange *tone was beside the head, which It had cnushed. 
Stealth that maAked the othen munden* had been abandoned hene. A bullet had been sent 
thnough the man'* chest as he tunned towand the dooA inom hi* task oi milking. Again a 
gag had been applied. 

Robbeny was the motive oi the munden* , It Is believed, although $2,700 had been 
iound in a buAeau dnawen by the oiiicen*, it Is known that the bnothen* savings wene much 
langeA, and they neven banked thein money. Open puAses, pockets tunned inside out and 
dnawen* emptied oi thein content* weAe evidence* oi a hasty seanxh by the intnuden*. 

Glenwood, MW., Hay 13th following an Investigation at the ianm oi Johannes, Sven 

and kmund Hitnoen, bacheton bnothen* who weAe iound mundened neaA Lowny, Cononen Benxy oi 
Pope County tonight netunned a vendict that the men "came to theln death* a* the nesult oi 
blow* inom a blunt instAument in the hand* oi a pen*on oa pen*on* unidentiiied." 

The CononoA admitted tonight that the authonltles have no clue* . The munden Is be- 
lieved to have been committed Satunday and all tnaces which might lead to identiiicatlon 


oh thz ohhallanth okz lacking, thz coKonoK hold. 

********** Hay 10, 7915 

Ponmex Palxmount Man Shot and KUlzd Hlh BKotheA 
And Wexz Known Hexz and In Montana ah Men o{ Good ChaKactex. . 
Trouble. AAohz out oh AKgumznt About PKopexty.. 
Laht SatuAday, at Medicare Lake., MT., In a dlhputz axlhlng ovex home. pKopexty, 
Haxlzy Thompson hhot kit bKotheJi, "Kid" Thompson, who ahtexwaxd dlzd h*om the. woundh. 

The. dlhputz htoKtzd ovzk homz txlvlal mattex, and ah It gfiew heated the. men htaxt-.. 
ed to hhootlng each othex'h dogh, and latex Haxlzy ilAtd at hlh bxothex, wounding him ho 
hexlouhly that he. dlzd a day ok ho ahtzA. 

Both axe. young man, the. honh o^ Ma. and MKh. J. V. Thomphon oh Palxmount. Thzy 
have abvayh boKnz a good Azputatlon In thelx homz town, and hlncz homzhtzadlng In Mont- 
ana thzlx nzlghboxh hay that thzy got along well togethzx and weAe vexy well thought of, 
In thzlx community. Thexz lh no zxplanatlon oh thz txagzdy zxczpt that oi a quick tzmpeA 

and a couplz oh gunh. 

HaAlzy, thz oldex oh thz too, lh about 35 yzaAh oh age, and lh bzlng held In thz 
county iaUL at Plentywood, MT. "Kid," thz youngex, wah about 30 yzaAh oh age. Thz body 
hah been bxought to Palxmount, whexz thz ^ane^ will bz held thlh ahtexnoon at 1 PM frm 
thz Methodlht ChuAch. Ezhldzh hlh paAznth, Uvexyman J. V. Thomphon and wlhz, thexz okz 
thAzz hlhteAh, MlhhZh LoulhZ and Pzaxl, who Uvz with thzlx paAznth In Palxmount, and MAh . 

J. SoAznhon oh Whltz Pock. 

Thz membexh oh thz h<^Uy axz almoht completely pAOhtAatzd with gxlzh ovex thz occuka- 
ancz and thz hympathy oh thz zntlAZ county lh zxtzndzd to thz hoKAowlng paAznth and hlhteAh. 

********** Hay 10, 1915 

Ma. and MAh. HznAy WlppeAman wzaz hummonzd to Sheboygan, W., SatuAday night by a 
mzhhagz announcing thz huddzn dzath oh MAh. Wlppzxman'h aged mothex. Thz had nzwh wah a 
gAzat hhock to MAh. WlppeAman ah no woxd oh hex mothex' h Ul^zhh had been Kzczlvzd. They 
axz expected homz thz lattex paAt oh thlh wzzk. [Stoughton, WI. ? ) 

********** May 20, 1915 ' 

John R. Vavldhon, onz oh thz tfMt hzttlexh In UchUnd County and thz owneA oh one 
oh thz laxgzht gAOvzh In thz county, locatzd In Ubexty Gkovz Townhhlp. died In St. Paul 
on Wzdnzhday, May 5th, oh old age and gznexal breakdown. 

Uk. Vavldhon wah about 11 yzaAh oh age. He c*ne to UchUnd County In USO, and 
locatzd a homzhtzad and hzt out a tAZZ claim In what U now Ubexty Gkovz Townhhlp. 

********** May 10, 1975 

VK. and MAh. I/. A. young Ufr yzhtexday ioK Battlz Lakz, MN„ to attend thz h^exal 
oh MKh. Voung'h *atfieA, Vk. Jonzh, who pahhed away whllz on a vlMX to CaUhoKnH laht. 


Mns. Henny Stack leit Ion Fond da Lac, Wl., whene s he was called by the death oi 

hen sisten, Mns . Beckman. 

*«»***»**« Jtme 24, 7975 


White, attending to the. honse* at the Mantin Lien ianm live mites nonthwest ol 
Veblen, Jacob Aadland, one ol the hined men, wa6 kicked by a stallion and instantly kitted. 

Aadland was netanning to the. bann with the honses which he had been watering, at the 

tnough when the stallion let lly with both hind legs, stniking the man in the lace, death 

being instantaneous . 

»**•*•***« June 24f J975 

J. A. VwyeA was catted to Wisconsin Tuesday motwing by a message announcing the 

death ol a niece. He witt stop oven in St. Taut on legal business entioute home, anniving 

hene Sunday monning. 

«***•*«*»« June Ut J9T5 

J. A. Vwyen annived home Sunday inom Wisconsin whene he was called by the sudden 
death oi a niece la6t week. The young lady was stnicken with an attack oi acute diabetes 
and lived but a lew houns . Mn. VwyeA stopped oil in St. Paul to attend to legal business 
Ion a couple ol days en noute home. 

********** July 7, 1915 

KILLED by Lightning. 

It is neponted that two pete on wexe killed by lightning neon. Wyndmene yesteAday 

ok the night begone, but the NEWS hat, been unable to secune any panticulans. Reliability 

is given the numon by the lact that Cononon Neis was summoned Inom Wahpeton to Wyndmene 

by the accident. 

•**•«***•* July lf I975 


GAound UndeA Dead Recluse's Home at NiagaAa, NV., Yields Ghastly Mysteny 

WoAkmen Accidentlty Dig Up Bones oi Five Adults and a Boy . .Identities Unknown 

GAand FoAks, NV., June 26th. ..Six human skeletons, buAied side by side, the skull oi each 
cAushed as with a heavy club wene iound late today undeA the house oi Eugene ButleA oi 
NiagaAa, GAand Folks County, who died at the State. Insane Asylum at Jamestown, two yeans age 

ThAough a tAapdooA in the ilooA, cleveAty concealed and discoveAed by accident, work- 
men let themselves into an open space undeA the house wheAe ButleA, an eccentxic Aecluse, 
who came to NoAth Dakota in 1882 and owned 480 aenzs oi land when he died, had lived alone 
ion. yeans . 

Honniiied, the wonkmen lied when thein spade* , dniven canele&sly into the gnound, 
tanned out a human skull. Reinlonced, they netunned to the scene with a physician. They 
dag up the boms ol six men, all adults, pnobably ianm hands, except one that was the 
skeleton oi a boy 18 yeans old. Only the human bones came out oi the gnound. No shned 


oh clothing on. otheA possZbZz mzans oh idzntihicatZon could bz hound. Evzny skuZZ was 

County ohhZciaZs huAAied to the. ButZeA fianm hAom Gland FoAks, and as the news oh 
the ghastZy hZnd spizad, hundn.zds 06 autos ok otheA conveyances afiAived on the scznz. 
The stoAy o$ ButZeA, the eccentAZc, was ne.caZZ.ed, and stonies o& his stAange behavioK wexe 
netold in the ptizszncz oh the nemaZns oh hZs supposed victims. 

Thorn 1881 to 1906, ok h ofl 24 yeaAS, ButZeA Lived the. ZZhe oh a sizcZusz, AaAzZy going 
away ^Kom his h afun > which he took up as a homestead. NeanZy aZZ the time, except Zn peAiods 
when harm ZaboK Aequinements made Zt ZmpossibZe, he ZZved secluded. In ZatzA yzaAS tine re- 
investment oh hZ& pAohZts Zn Zand had gZven hZm a hafun oh such size that Zt was necessary 
to have men about at aZZ times to heZp Zn the. woAk. 

Not the slightest suspicion that ButZeA was a muAdzAZA zxistzd untiZ the skeletons 
wzaz discovzAzd. 

ButZeA, whom his nzighboAS geneAaZZy had avoided h°i seveAaZ yzans pAioA to 1906, 

became vZoZent that yzoA and would go out at nZght, on hoKseback, and Aidz thAough the 

danknzss scAzaming ZoudZy. Many |{a/im women wzaz WiAZhZed by wild scAeams Zn the nZght 

and at the instance oh the. nzighboAS to whom the situation had become unbeaAabZe, ButZeA 

was examined that yeaA and committed to the state Znsane asyZum at Jamestown. He tiemained 

continuously Zn the institution hoA seven yeaAi and died Zn 1913, 



AuthoAitLes BeZZeve HegKo FaAm Hand and HouszkzzpzAS WeAe KZZZed by Vakotan 
GRAW FORKS, NV., June 30th... .VehZnitz cZuzs have been uneaAthed by CAand T-oAks County 
ohh^CM^> which bid tfcuA to Zead to the. solution oh the ZdzntZty oh the sixth muAdzA victim 
hound undeA the Eugene ButZeA home neaA HZagaAa, this county. 

SheAihh A. F. TuAneA and CoAonon McLean visitzd the muAdeA tfatm yestzAday ahtennoon 
making a thoAough investigation oh the pAzmises . They aZso Azscuzd h*-om souvzniA szekzns 
the AzmaindzA oh the bonzs that weAe uneaAthed. 

That the sixth victim oh ButZeA' 6 cAime was a negro, empZoyed by ButZeA hoA szvzAol 
yeaA6, Zs the opinion oh authorities . HeighboAS AemembeA the negAo being empZoyed on the 
pZace. He dZsappeoAzd, ButZeA announcZng that he had quit hid job. 

T-uAtheA inhoAmatZon as to the identity oh the. otheA (J-cue victims also has been ob- 
tained. It is aZmost ceAtain that they weAe two housekeepeAS , empZoyed by ButZeA Zn 1900 
and Zn 1901, and thein. chiZdAzn. 

In theiA investigation, the authoAZtizs pKoposz to gzt Zn touch with a hoAmeA housz- 

keepeA employed by ButZeA, now ZZvZng Zn MZssouaZ. Thzne Zs also a man Zn Michigan who was 

a hoieman on ButZeA' s (Jotm h * 1 some time. 

********** JuZy lf 7975 



Olai Hall, a btiothex oi Uru>. 0. W, Uathlzion oi Wyndmexz, wot, klllzd by a bolt oi 

lightning at about 11 o'clock Wzdnz&day oi lat,t wzzk, whilz wonking at, a caxpzntzn. on a 

hout>z In thz couk&z oi comixuctlon nzax Uc Lzod. He wat, about zlghtzzn yzaxt, oi age.. 

********** July 8, 1915 


A. J. Ingex&on, Gneat NoKthexn agznt hexz, nzczlvzd a mz&t>agz yzt,texday aitexnoon 

stating that a blothzn had bzzn klllzd by coming in contact with a Live. zlzctxic wlxz at 

Hutchin&on, UN. Dzczat,zd wat, a lineman in the. employ oi the. zlzctxic tight company oi 

that city. Mfi. Jngzuon Izit on la&t night'& txaln to attend the. iuneAal. 

**•*«*»*»» JuZy Sf J9J5 

Uxb. Gut, one. oi Summlt'i old hzttlzxt, , pat,t,zd quietly away at hex homz at Gneat 

Bend T-Klday aitexnoon. She. wot, bustled In St. John'i Luthexan Cemztexy. 

* ********* 


H, 0. Ouvzton oi Fextilz, TA., wot, In&tantly klllzd when hit, automobilz man oii a 

bnldgz bz&uzzn Big Stonz City and Otvtonvillz, and izll bottom ildz up in thz cxzzk below. 

Hz wat, on hit, way to Gnaczvillz, whzxz hz had a dau g htzK, Uk&, GzoKgz Glddlngt, . Hz wat, 

about 65 yeaxt, old, 


Whilz Aiding into town on a cultlvatoK thz team oi EzAa King, a iaxmex living nzaA 
Nzwank, a iplnltzd onz, got beyond hit, contxol. At, thz hoK&zt, Kan, thz cultlvaton paxtzc 
iKom thz nzckyokz and izll to thz gfiound. King wot, aXaggzd oven, thz gKound ioK t,omz dlt>- 
tancz. Hit, t>kull and chz&t wzkz cKuhhzd, hzvzxal Kibt, wexz bnokzn, onz Izg wat, iKactuxzc 
below thz knzz and thzfiz wexz numztout, othex huKti, Hz AUAvlvzd ion. nzanly two day*. 


Wis,. M. J. Kxamex, onz oi thz plonzex nz&ldznt oi thz county, dizd at hex homz In 

Wahpzton Tuz&day moKning, Thz iamily locatzd In Mooizton In 1885 and havz KZt>idzd in thi 

county zvex t>lncz. Thz bexzavzd hu&band wot, ionmexly clexk oi thz count oi thu, county, 

and a daughtex JUt, now deputy county iupexlntzndznt. 

********** July Sf j 9 75 

Unt,. John Gait dizd on T-Klday laht at hex homz hexz. Vzcza&zd had bzzn a t>uiiexes 
ion. thz pait yeax with itomach txoublz and gnadually gn.w wouz until death camz a6 a fizi 
to hex iuiiexing. M/i4. Ga&t wot, well known hexz at, a Keady hzlpex to all, being happy at 
chzexiul until hex ilnal Ulne&h. Shz will bz mlt>t>zd by all hex iKlzndt, and nzlatlvzi,. 

Thz iunexal lexvlczt, were held at St. John'* Luthexan Chunch and thz fiemaim, wexz 
laid at nzht In St. John'6 Cemztexy In Summit Townthlp. T-lvz t>ont> and a hutband axz lei* 
to mouxn thz lot>t> oi a loving and dutliul mothex and wiiz, and they havz ouk sympathy In 
thzix t>ad bexzavement. ********** JuZy %> J9J5 



John Anton Hendxlckson, a iaxm hand employed by John Hoi on the. tattefi'i iaxm 

noxtheast oi White. Rock, was kicked In the. abdomen Thuxsday by a hoxse white. cultivating 

cofin In the. iletd atone.. Aitex the. accident he managed to cxawl to the. house bat died 

the. lame, evening. The body was taken to the old home, at Lambexton, UN. 

********** JuZjJ 15f J9T5 


Edwaxd Vaxmody, the. BfLe.ckejVu.dge. young man who was ihot by Policeman John Uathleson 
white, on his way home. ixom wonk lat>t Tuesday, July 13th, and was taken to St. Pxancls Ho&p- 
IXat, died at that place, the fallowing night. Wednesday, July 14th. T ^ natuxe oi the wound 
wot, t,uch that It was lmpo6&lbte to pxevent hemoKXhages , which caused his death. 

The. bullet entexed the. Aide between the. ilith and &lxth txlht, , about an Inch 
below the heaxt, took an upwaxd couxse and penetxated the. leit lung. 

The. iunexal wot, hetd Saturday monnlng from the. Catholic Chunch In EA.eckenfU.dge. 

John Uathleson, the Policeman, who&e bullet, ilxed In an attempt to inlghten tome, hoboes, 

earned the boy'6 death, was hetd In the county jolt until Tuesday, when he wot, given a 

heaxlng beiofie Judge Welti. It wat> hhown by Vfi. Rlmex, who had made an autop&y, that the 

bullet which kitted Vaxmody was a glancing one, ixom the natuxe oi the wound, ttathleson 

was, dischaxged. 

»«»»**«*** Jaiy 22f J975 


Olaus N; Odden, who had xeslAed on a homestead just nofith oi New EUlngton &lnce 

1S92, died at his home tost Thuxsday moKnlng. He had been bedxidden ilnce eaxly In Mafich. 

He lit iuxvlved by a wlie and one daughter, Vxs . John Holm. 



Randolph Holding, one oi the liil letltexs In Safigent County and a.pxomlnent iactofi 

In politics In that county even llnce, died the ilxst oi the week. He was welt known to 

many oi oun. people. The iunexal was hetd yestexday. 

********** July 2 Zf J9I5 

Linda Uaxle Bextha Bladow, eldest daughter oi Ma., and Uxs . Robext Bladow oi this 
city, died Monday, July 25th, aged 11 yeaxs and 8 months. The tittle glxl had been lit 
iofi sevexal weeks and a complication oi acute stomach txouble hastened the end. 

The iunexal was hetd Wednesday, lexvtces being being conducted at the Luthexan 
Chufich by Rev. Klauslex. The sympathy oi alt goes out to the Aofixowlng paxent&. 

********** Ju iy 29, 19/5 

J. S. Paxsons, who settled on what was latex known as the Paxson iaxm neax Sonofia 

a 00) 

in 1880, dizd last wzzk in Minneapolis . Mr. Parsons this h aJm until 1889, when 

thz homily movzd to Minneapolis, where they have, since made, theix home.. Vzczased was high- 

ly respected and had many warn hriends among the. early settlers. 

•**«*»»* • * JuZy 29> J9/5 


Mrs. Ottilie Voeltz dizd at thz homz oh hex. ton, Otto Voeltz, in this city, Sunday 
night, July 25th, at 11 PM., agzd 65 years. A chronic ailment was thz cause oh death. 

Deceased was born at Kaxlsthal, Pommexan Province, Germany, on Feb. 3rd, 1850. 
Shz grew to womanhood there and shortly ahtex hex. marriage to Mr. August Voeltz, thz 
hamily immigrated to thz Unitzd States in 1876, settling ({-tA4i at Mayville, Ml. Six years 
latex, in 1881, they came to Richland County, locating £6*4-t on a iJaAm 2k miles north oh 
Hankinson. Latex they tizntzd onz oh E. Hunger's h *** south oh town and livzd there hor 
16 years, then moving to thz (Jotm which it at pxzsent thz h<""<ly homz. Two weeks ago, she 
was brought to thz city ho*- mzdical treatment. 

Deceased wa6 highly xzspzctzd and a largz circlz oh sorrowing h^ends paid a touch- 
ing tribute to hex memory when thz hunexal wo* held at thz Immanuel Ev. Chuxch Monday 
ahtzxnoon. Thz chuxch wa6 cxowdzd to its capacity, practically all oh hex old neighbors 
and hxiends being present. Rev. Grabowski conductzd thz services and intexmznt was madz 
in thz czmztexy just outside thz city. 

Vzcza&zd is survived by thz Stricken husband, August Voeltz, thxzz sons, William, 

Otto A. and August Voeltz, £cve daughters, Mrs . Emma Shexman, Mrs. Emitiz folk, Mrs. Anne 

Fnankhuxth lot present sick in Minneapolis and in a cxitical condition), Mrs. Ida Nelson 

and Mrs. Mathilda Hzntz. 

Thz sympathy oh all goz6 out to thz sorrowing hP^t-ty -£« theix bereavement. 

********** Jaly 29f ?9I5 


John H. WAlker, living at Wahpeton, was hound by his wihz about 1 AM Saturday 
moxning with his body thrust into thz rainbarrel at theix homz, dead hrom drowning. 

Mn. Walkex was 16 years oh age, an old soldier, and had livzd with hi* )Jam6£r/ in 
thz city hox a numbex oh years. Hz had bzzn a^-ttc^ed with dropsy h<>*- &ome Izngth oh timz, 
and had bzzn told by thz physicians that nothing could bz donz to e^ec* a cuAe. ZLsing 
hxom his bzd about 12:30, fie dressed and went out into thz back yaxd. Mrs. Walkex, becom- 
ing anxious whzn he did not return ahtex a halh houx, rose and hollowed him into thz yaxd 
and ahtex searching ho*, some timz, hound him as statzd abovz. Physicians wzxz callzd, and 
neighbors summonzd, but it was oh no avail, as Mr. Walkex was dead dxownzd. 

It Is not known in what mannex hz got into thz rainbarrel, whzthex he i$e££ in or 
did thz dzzd delibexatzly . Mx. Walkex is suxvivzd by his wihz and six childxzn, all gxown. 

********** August 5, 1915 

Mrs. Sizvext and daughter who havz bzzn spending thz last couplz oh wzzks at thz 
homz oh Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Sizvext, wexz callzd to theix homz at New PUchland, MM., having 
rzczivzd a mzssagz announcing thz death oh a relative. They departed at oncz. 

* * *(lo!) ***** Aagc** 5, 1915 

John Klawitter, Who Died Tue*day, Was A Pioneer Settler. 
Well Known Among Pioneers and Active, In Easily Development oh Richland County... 

John Klawitter died at the home oh his son west oh Hankinson Tuesday oh epilepsy 
with complications oh heart trouble. He wad 81 years, 8 months and 29 days oh age. 

Deceased was a native oh Germany^ , having been born at Seeheed* , by Vandsburg, 
We*t Prussia, on Nov. 11th, IS33. He grew to manhood in his native village and wot, married 
June 14, 1858. Six children were born in the otd country, faun oh whom died in childhood. 
Two boys, Fred and Emit, had almost man' 6 e*tate, and with their parent* emigrated 
to the United States, arriving in St. Paul on June 4th, 1871 . They Lived there until 1878 
and two sons, Charles and Erne&t, were botin In that city. 

In April oh 1878, they decided to *ecure a homutead on the Dakota hrontier and in 
April oh that yean, settled on the t$a/un now occupied by Emit, six mile* northwest oh Hank- 
inson. At that time there were but white *ettlers west oh Great Bend... John Polhuss, 
Sn.., Wm. Eladow and Ur. Murphy. . ..and the country was the hunting gtiound oh innumerable 
Indian* . The couple continued to re*lde on this h OJm through the pioneer yearn and wit- 
ne**ed the development oh the hrontier Into the. mo*t pro*perous county in the *tate. Five 
years ago the h^^lhh 1 ^ 6 fuUL P<W4ed away at the age oh 73, and *ince that time the hardy old 
pioneer ha* steadily f$<u-£ed. For the past two month* he hat been horning more rapidly and 
the end was no surprise. 

Four sons survive htm... Fred, Emil, Charles and Erne*t all oh whom reside in this 

vicinity. There are 14 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 

The deceased built the h^^sl house in Hankinson In October oh 1886... a small hrame 
structure on the site oh the present Grawe *tore building, and which was occupied by his 
*on Fred as a Hardware Store and dwelling hor some time. When the town was platted it was 
at his urgent request that Col. R. H. Hankinson consented to have the tiny settlement 
chrlstianed Hankinson. He also engaged in construction work on the Soo when it was built 
through here. ' 

The hu-neral was held this ahternoon at the home oh the youngest son, Ernest, service* 
being conducted by Rev. Hilgendorh. Deceased was a member oh the hirst congregations oh 
St. John's Church, organized in 1881 , when hor two years service* were held In the August 
Hoehs school house. In 1883 he assisted In building the church oh which Rev. Hilgendorh 
Is now pastor. Interment was made in the churchyard adjoining the church oh which he had 
been a member hor 14 years. 

********** August 11, 1975 

Suicides by Cutting Throat In Two Place* and Slashing Wrist. 

Leht Letter Saying He Did It on Account oh Family Trouble* and 
Hoped He Would be Pardoned hor Hi* Deed. 


John ThoAAtzn&on, 37 yeaAA oh age., a £aAm hand who had bzzn employed £oi thz pa&t 
hzw weefea on the. &anm oh Adolph, two mileA nonth oh Dwight, committed 
SatuAday ahteAnoon by cutting hiA thAoat in two placeA, AzvzAing the. juglaA vein, and by 
AloAhing hiA /tight wAi&t, catting all the. vein* and oAtzAizA. Vejath AZAultzd in a AhoAt 
time. kKom Ioaa o& blood. 

ThoA&tznAon had gone into town in the ahteAnoon, and WAittzn a lettzA to Ma. NoAd- 
huA, leaving it at one oh the AtoAeA to be deJU.veA.zd a6 boon a& he. came to town. ThonA- 
tenAon thzn AetuAned to the £aAm and told Maa . HoAdhuA that a man in town wanted to azz 
him badly, and Aoon ahtzA Ma. NoAdhuA went to town. 

On hiA oKAival in Dwight, Ma. NoAdhuA, in looking &ok the. man who he believed, 
wanted to Ate him, Atzppzd into the. AtoAz and the. pAopAietoA handed him the letteA. It 
loai a AtaX.eme.nt o{ what ThoKAtznAon intzndzd to do and gave. a& hiA AeoAonA the. &act that 
he. had a numbeA oh di^icultizA with hiA faamiZy and woa deApondznt and tiAzd oh lihz. Hz 
zxpAZAAzd a hopz that fee would bz pandonzd Ioa thz dzzd hz woa about to commit. 

Ma.. NoAdhuA Aummonzd Da. VuAkzz, and thzy AuAhzd back to thz {,aAm. Tauz to hiA woid, 
ThoAAtznAon had aVieady peAhoAmzd thz dzzd oh Azlh muAdeA, and hz woa hound in thz loht oh 
thz Atablz, in thz condition Atatzd abovz. Hz woa Atill bAzathing but woa too hoA gone hoA 
anything to bz donz, and died almoAt immediately ahtenwaAd. 

CoAonoA Robbini and UndzAtakzA R. F. MuAphy wzaz callzd in thz zvzning. Thz body 
woa takzn to Wahpeton wheAZ it Azmainzd whilz Maa . ThoKAtznAon, who liveA in Litchhizld, 
MN., with heA thAzz chitdAzn, woa conhZKAzd with and diAzctianA Azczivzd hoK thz di&poAal 
oh thz AzmainA. Thz body woa Ahippzd to LLtchhizld yzAtZAday moAning. 

It iA Aaid that ThoKAtznAon woa quitz wzlt known aAound ttlahpeton and EAeckenAidge 
ten oa twelve yeaAA ago. 

»»»»««*«*« AuguAt 11, 1915 


An Italian KoilKoad laboKZA woa a hot and imtantly killzd at MilnoK last wzzk 

when a azvoIvza hz was cleaning wznt ohh accidzntally . Thz accidznt happened in a boxcaA. 

Thz bail znteAzd thz noAZ and pznztAatzd thz bAain. 

»***»•**** AuguAt 12, 1915 

AnotheA Zichland County PionzzA VaAAZi to thz QAzat Beyond 
Had Rz&idzd in Zichland County Sincz 1880 and Enjoyzd a County Widz Acquaintance 
EdwaAd KAieAzl, anotheA oh Richland County' A pionzeA AZAidzntA, pahAzd (jAom eoAth 
AhoAtly ahtzA noon on TuzAday. Hz had bzzn in pooA health hoi Aomz timz and duAing thz 
pat>t weefe ^cuZed Aapidly. InhinmitizA duz to advancing yeaAA, hz having attainzd thz Aipz 
old age oh 81 , iA given ai thz couaz oh death. 

DzczaAzd hot AeAidzd in Zichland County Aincz 1880 and woa a well known h-i-QW-Z in 
oua city. HiA chzzAy gAzztingA and unAu^ed demeanoA undeA all ciAcumAtanczA made him a 
havoAitz with all, and hz will bz Aadly miAAed. 

CI 03) 

EdwaAd KAizszl was boAn in Ann^izld, Flado, GzAmany, on Pec. 30th, 1833. Hz was 
moAAizd to Tustinz Kock in 1857. ThAzz yzaAS HatzA thz young couplz Izfit thz ^athzAland 
to hzzk thzOi fantunz In this, thziA adoptzd countAy. Thzy iiAst want to Jackson County, 
WT, whzAz thzy livzd foA twznty yzcvu. Thzy lz£t thziA homz in Wisconsin and camz to 
Richland County in 1880, whzAz thzy havz Azsidzd zvza sincz, bzlng among thz oldzst Azsi- 
dznts o& ouK county, having bzzn hzAZ thinty iivz yzaAS . 

Thznz wzaz boAn to this couplz twzlvz childAzn, six o& whom thziA fiathzA, 
two boy* and $oua ginls. Thzsz childAzn oaz: Wm. KAizszl, Havanna, W., EAnzst, Potty and 
Emma KAizszl o$ Hankinson, Uu . Julias Hoz^t, GAzat Bend, and Has. Lizziz Me ULzsh, Uonth 
Vancouver, Canada. 

Mt. KAizszl hai bzzn a mzmbzA o& thz LuthzAan ChuKch nzaAly all his UL{z. Mt. Knizsel 
wznt to hit, ztzKnal Azst at thz Aipz old agz o{ 82 yzaAS, mounnzd by his wi^z, childAzn and 
a ho&t ofi ^Aiznds. 

PunzAal wzkz hzld at thz CongA.zgati.onal ChuAch this [ThuASday] afitzAnoon, 

bzing condu&tzd by Rev. H. C. Juzll. ScoAzs o£ old ^Aiznds &Aom Hankinson and iuAAounding 

countnjy attzndzd thz szAviczs and thus paid thzin. tAibutz o£ AZSpzct to onz o£ thz most 

kindly chaAactzAS that it has bzzn oua good ioAtunz to know. Intznmznt was madz in Hill- 

iidz CzmztzAy. 

********** August 19, 1915 

Pnominznt Pzsidznt o$ Oua City Pasitd Away Wzdnzsday Evzning 

Had Interesting Coazza as Iowa PionzzA and SoldizA in thz Wot 0(J thz Rebellion 

Thz gAim AzapzA zndzd thz exinthly iu^zAing o$ Sylvanus P. lAztand at his homz last 
zvzning at 8 o'clock. Vzczaszd wot, stAickzn with apoplzxy about thxzz wzzks ago and finom 
that tunz doctoAS hzld out tittlz hopz &0A his AzcovzAy. Thz znd had bzzn zxpzctzd ioA 
iZvzAal days and thz mzmbzAS o& thz family wzaz all at thz bzd&idz. 

Vzczaszd woi boAn in Indiana 73 yzaAS ago. At an zanly agz hz accompanied his pan- 
znts to Iowa, thz j'ouAnzy bzing madz by coveted wagon dAawn by oxzn. 

On Aug. 4th, 1862, hz znlistzd as a pAivatz in Company G, 27th Iowa VoluntzzA Insanity 
Hz znlistzd ioA thAZZ yzaAS but was dischaAgzd Fzb. 11th, 1863, on account oi physical dis- 
ability. He saw sexvicz along thz Mississippi ZivzA at, |{aA south as Memphis, TW., and latzA 
was dztailzd £oa &AontizA duty against Indians with hzadquantzAS at Pont Snzlling, MN. He 
was onz o& a panty o& tnoops that moAchzd as (JaA nonth as thz city o& Bzmidj'i, MN., in an 
zxpzdition against thz Indians . 

Hz engaged in thz lumbzA and machinzAy businzSi latzA in li^z and at thz tmz o^ his 
death was thz head o{, thz S. P. lAzland S Sons LumbzA Co. orf this city. Thz IowMjj located 
in Hankinson thiAtzzn yzaAS ago coming hzAZ inom Pockfiond, IA, 

Peceaaed is survived by a wi&z and &oua childAzn...ttAS. M. C. WoodaAd orf PoAtland, OR. 
Guy L., Poy L., and Van G., all o{ this city; Ua. WoodaAd, a son-in-law, and Hiss Ueland 

0& HinnzapotLs , a cousin, ate zxpzctzd to aAAivz tonight. 


Vzcza&zd wad oi kindly and gznial natuAZ and hit, lo&4> i& mouAnzd mo&t dzzply by 
tho&z who enjoyed thz plzaiuAZ oi clo&z acquaintance.. 

SeAviceA will be held at the. CongAzgational ChuAch tomoAAow [FAiday) a^texnoon at 
4 PM., with Rev. H. C. Juell In chaAgz. TomoAAow night the. Azmaim will be takzn to thz 
old homz in ChaAleA City, IA., iox intexmznt. 

An zxtzndzd obituaAy wilt be publUhzd next weefe, 

********** Auguit 19, 7975 

Cyiil Pzwankz, a 10 yean, old boy, wot, dtuownzd in thz AiveA at BAzckznAidgz SatuA- 
day. Thz body wai, AzcovzAzd. 

********** Augu&t 19, 1915 

Maa. KAomzA, motheA oi Uu. A. E, Willasid and Uk& . L, E. L&fe o£ this city, dizd 
at heA homz in Wz&t Concond, MM., FAiday at a AJupz old age. Thz iunzAal wot, held Sunday 
at Lzwihton, MM. Uaa . Willafud and Maa . Liik Kzachzd Wz6t Concold in timz to izz thein. 
motheA alivz. 

********** Augu&t lb, 1915 


LidgzAwood, MP., Aug. 23Ad...John Sandqui&t, who hae, bzzn working on thz G. A. 

Gool&by iaAm nzaA heAt, dizd ah thz Az&ult oi a iun&tAokz which hz huiizAzd whilz wonhing 

in thz haAvzit iizld. Sandqui&t iM a tAan&iznt and 60 ion. it ha& bzzn impo&iiblz to loc- 

atz any Aelativzi. Thz man wat> not u6zd to thz woAk but kzpt at hii tat>k until hz iell 

in thz iizld. EHoAti to Azvivz him pAovzd iutilz. 



FloAzncz 3ohmon, i yzaA old daughteA oi Ma&, FAzd John&on oi Havana, wa& dAowned 

thz iiA&t oi thz weefe by iatUng head iiAMt into a jaA oi watzA. 



Fainmount, MP., Aug. 24th. ..A yzaA old iniant child oi Ua. and Um>. E. J. 3onzh 

dizd a iew houu aitzA tipping a laAgz bottlz oi puAZ caAbolic acid, thz content* oi 

which spilled ovza thz child'/, iacz and hzad. Thz child in ga&ping ioK bAzath alio 

hwallowzd 4ome oi thz teAAiblz poiMon. Thz bottlz wai Izit whzAZ thz child Azachzd it 

and tipped it ovza. 




Whzn MA., Sylvanut P. Ireland patted away Aug. 18th, at hit home In thlt city, one 
mate oi the membzrt oi thz Grand Army oi the. Rzpublic antwzrzd the. ilnal call, one more 
oi the tucczttiul butlnett men, one more o& thz noblz charactzrt which make zvzry place 
bzttzr far theix, and onz morz oi thotz ialthiul workert far thz Kingdom oi God, 
wot taken irom at to hit ztzranl reward. 

Ma.. Ireland' t early boyhood dayt wzrz tpznt at Mithawaka, IW., whzrz hz wot born on 
April 15th, 1843. At thz age oi faurtzzn, hit parzntt mlgratzd to Charlet City, IA., neaA. 
which city they tzttlzd on a iarm. Whllz thzrz, thz Civil Wok broke oat, and thoagh a 
mere boy, hz rztponded to thz caJUL oi hit country. 

On Aug. 4th, 1862, hz zntittzd at a prlvatz In Company G., 27th Iowa Voluntzzr 
Zniantry. He zntittzd far thrzz yzart bat mat dltchargzd Feb. 11, 1863, on account o<J 
phytlcal disability. He taw tzrvlcz along thz Ulttlttlppl River at iar tooth at Mzmphlt, 
TN., and later wat dztaltzd far irontlzr doty agalntt thz Indlant with hzadqaartzrt at 
Fort Snzlling, MW. He wat onz oi a patity oi troopt that maAchzd at ion. north at thz City 
oi Bzmldj'l, MW., In an zxpzdltlon agalntt thz Indlant. 

Whzn a young man hz wznt Into thz lambzrlng butlnett with thz Uettrt . Goodhue, 
Hrt. Ireland' t brothzrt, at Charlzt City. He ioltowzd thlt butlnett tucczttiulty all hit 
tliz. At thz tlmz oi hit death hz wat thz head oi thz S. P. Ireland S Sont lumbzr Co., 
oi thlt city. 

In 1871 Ma.. Ireland and Mc64 Catherine Uarcla Goodhuz were unltzd In marrlagz. 
There wzkz boKn to thlt zouplz faar chlldrzn, MA4 . M, C. WoodaAd oi Portland, OR., Gay L., 
Roy L., and Van G., alt oi thlt city. Urt. Ireland and thz children turvlvz their hat- 
band and iathzK. 

In 1873 they movzd to Wautau, WI., whzrz thzy retldzd ion. 22 yzart. They moved faom 
theAz to Wlnton, MW., and faom theAz to Rockfard IA., irom which placz thzy moved to 
Hanklnton, In 1904. 

Ma.. Ireland hat had poor health mott oi hit lliz, being quite pootily latt wlntzr, 
bat hit inlzndt wzrz not ztpzclalty concerned about him. On July 27th, hz and pant oi 
hit iamlly wzrz out to wltnett thz ball game, which hz znjoyzd thoroughly . Whzn thz game 
wat nearly over hz complalnzd oi hit hzad, but thz onet with him thought little oi It. 
Only whzn thz iamlly retained home and iound that hz wat unabtz to get out oi thz can did 
they become anxlout. Whzn thz doctor wat called It wat iound that hz had had a ttroke oi 
apoplexy . He then lott contcloutnztt and did not nzgaln IX during the three wzekt oi hit 

Though Ma.. Ireland had poor health, hz thoroughly znjoyzd liiz. Hz could zntzr Into 
thz varlout Intzrettt oi lliz and get a great deal oi enjoyment out oi them. Hit wat that 
rarz calm, unraiiled natarz which did not worry bat had zvzr a hopziul tplrlt. 

While a young man at Wautau, WI., he joined the Vrztbytzrlan Charch. Whzn hz came 

to Rockfand, IA., he -tAandtfeAAed hit memberthlp to the Congregational Charch. And when 

thz end came he wat a member oi the Congregational Church oi Hanklnton. 


He was an active. woAkzA In thz chuAch and greatly IntzAestzd In its splnltual 
and ilnanclal weliaAZ. Hz wot, a tAustzz and deacon at the time oi his death, showing 
the. estzem In which the. people oi the. chuJich held hJbn. 

Ufi. iKeland will be. mined by a laAgz elude oi iAlznds; by the citizen* oi this 
city which hz helped to build up, and whosz IntzAzst hz has had at hzaAt; and by thz 
chuAch whzxz his high chaAactzA, hit, kindly and wicae suggestions , and hi* liberal suppoAt 
had madz him onz oi lt& plZtaAS. 

Thz iunzAal was held iAom hit, chuAch, and thz pastoA, Rev. H. C, Juell, had choAgz. 
Thz chuAch was bzautliully dzcoAatzd with ilowzns. And, at, might have bzzn zxpzctzd, thz 
chuAch was illtzd with iAlznds who camz to pay thelA tost tAlbutz oi Azt>pzct. M/ti. VoAsons , 
a iAlznd oi thz iamlly, sang "CAosslng thz BaA." Thz pall beoJieAS wzkz Messns . John R. 
Jones, E. L. Klnnzy, S. hllms, J. A. VwyzA, C. H. Ot>boAn and W. T. Spence*. 

Thz Aemalns wzaz takzn to ChoAlzs City, Iowa, ioA buAlal bzcausz oi a deslAZ zx- 
pAZSSzd by thz dzczaszd to bz buAlzd by thz sldz oi hit, motheA. 

••***»**** August 26, 7975 


AbzAdzzn, SV., Sept. 1st.. ..HzAman SlzmZAS, onz oi thz most pAomlnznt iaAmzAS In 
thz county, Aesldlng ilvz mllzs southwest oi FAzdznlck, wot iound hanging by a Aopz In 
hit, baAn yzstzAday. It It, thouaht hz commlttzd t>ulcldz. HJU, wliz t,taAtzd an action ioA 
dlvoAcz and Azczntty izcuAzd a AestAalnlng oAdzA In clAcult couAt agalnt, hit, disposing 
oi hit, pAopeAty. 

•****»*»*« SzptembeA 2, 7975 


Wahpzton Globz-Gazztte: August BubeJUXz, who wot, thAown iAom thz top oi a load oi 
hay to thz Aoadway about tuio weeks ago, whzn a bAzak occuAAzd In thz wagon In which he wot, 
dAlvlng, and who was taken to thz Wahpzton Hospital suHznlng iKom a bAokzn hip, died theAe 
iAom a t,uddzn attack oi pneumonia, which Aesultzd iKom hit, InjuAy. 

Ma. Bubelltz wat, ovza 68 yzaAt, oi agz. Hz hat, bzzn well known all ovza Richland 
County ioK many yeaAs, having at onz tlmz Azsldzd neoA Hanklnson and lateA In Summit Town- 
ship, and ioA thz past (Jew yzans In this city. Hit, death was a gAzat suApAisz as hz had 
szzmzd to bz pAogAZSSlng Aapldly towoAd AzcovzAy iAom hit, bAokzn hip. Howzvza, pneumonia, 
which so iAzquently iollows an InjuAy oi that so At In an old peASon, suddznlij attackzd him 
and thz znd wat, a mattZA oi but a iew houAS. 

MA. BubeJUXz hat, a son and daughtzA living In SaAgent County and Azlatlves In Summit 
Township. AAAangzmznts havz not, as yzt, bzzn madz ioK thz iunzAal, but thz son and daugh- 
tzA iAom SaAgent Couty oaz zxpzctzd to atiAlvz In thz city today, whzn oAAangemznts will bz 


«»»**•**«» SzptembeA 2, 7975 



With thz passing oi Mas. William KnameA at thz homz oi heA son, Otto, in Manton- 
villz, late, teat Vniday, pnobably the. last pznson who nzmzmbznzd the. pn.eAe.nt lite oi 
Winona as an Inland, zntznzd the. GAzat Beyond. She. was the. motheA oi Postmastzn F. W. 
KnjomeA. oh Lzwiston, and was ioun yeans old. She Lived with hen. panznts on the 
"island" which is now Winona Jin the zanly iiities. At that time lake Winona connected 
with the Mississippi at both znds, and at one tune, a steamboat, at a high stage oi wateA, 
paired the. lake, and Into the. kLvza inom the nanjiow channel at the othzn end. 

Mns. Knamen., net Schaniaa, was bonn in the. village, oi Hziligznizldz, Pnovincz oi 
Saxony, Gznmany, on Nov. 29th, 1841. She. came, to America with hen. panents at the. age oi 
six, and aitzn a shont pzniod spznt at Muscatinz, IA., the family nzmoved to St. Louis, 
whznz they nemained about a yean.. They then came, to Minnesota and livzd on the "inland" 
ion szvznal month*. Aitzn moving to Quincy, 11., whznz they spznt a hew yzans, the iamily 
nztunnzd to Minnesota in 7 855 and szttlzd on a ianm neon. Lzwiston. 

In 1&60 the dzczaszd was manxizd to William KnameA, who suAvivzs hen.. Since that 
time Ma. and Mas. Knamen. had lived in that szction oi thz statz. They had ten children, 
nine oi whom sunvivz. One ion died in iniancy and the two sunviving one F. W, KnameA oi 
Lewlston and Otto KnameA oi Mantonvillz. The. daughteAS ant: Mns. Many Pitznzn, Bigstonz 
CiXy, SV., Un*. Ella AlbeAts and Has. Molly OsboAnz, Wzst Concond, Mas. Elizabeth Wiltand 
and Mas. klvina Lisk oi Hankinson, Mas. Susiz IngeASol oi Hebnon, NO., and Miss Hulda Kna- 
meA oi St. Paul. TheAe anz ionty gna.ndchildn.en and thiAteen gneat'gnandchildnen and a bno- 
theA, W. C. Schantau oi Rochestzn, MN. 

SeAviczs wzaz held in Leiuiston on Sunday by Rev. A. Klatu at thz Luthznan ChuAch and 
intenment was made at the. Lzwiston Cemztzny whznz Mas. Knamzn's panznts one bunied. The 
pall bzanzns wzne AnXhun, Connad and WaltzA KnameA oi Lzwiston, AAnus KnameA oi Mantonvillz, 
and Edwand and Eliie SchanXau oi Rochzstzn. All the. childnen but. Mm. Y-iXzneA and Mas. 
Osbonnz wznz pne&ent at the. iunznal. 

Vzczaszd lived ion eight yeans with hex childnen anound Hankinson-. ,. 

********** SeptembeA 2, 7915 

Unawane oi the. appnoach oi the GAeat NoKthzAn iast mail tAain, Anbid Holm, a liveny- 
man oi Tintah, dnovz dinectly on the. tnack in iKont oi the speeding engine and wat> instant- 
ly killed. ThzAz wat> only one monk on the man's body, a wound at thz back oi thz head, and 

thiA is belizvzd to havz bzzn thz inj'uAy that killzd him. Both oi the honses wzaz kiltzd. 


OAKES, NV., Aug. 21th... Thnown undeA hiA automobilz whzn iX. Akiddzd on a shanp 
tunn, Eli Buaao oi Luddzn, SV., was instantly killzd neaA hznz last night. His nzck was 
bnokzn. Buaao had spznt thz zvzning wiXh LouiA KoApun, a nzighbon, living on thz NonXh 
Dakota sidz oi thz statz boundany linz, and who had bzzn injunzd in a thneshing machine 


********** Szptembzn 2, 7975 


Vizd, on Monday aitzKnoon, Aug. 30th, at thz age oi 48 yzau, Mtu> . Augusta. Witt, 
wliz o& fnank Witt, at hzn. homz hztiz, aitzn. a ■LLngz/Ung lllnzn o jj about a yzaK, with 
stomach txoublz. Aitzn. much iuiiznlng dzath came a& a wzlcomz Kzlizi, and &hz wa& callzd 
to that land whzKZ 4>lcknzt>4 and pain okz not known. T-oun. daughtzfib, too &on& and a hus- 
band anz lz&t to mouKn thz ton oi a kind and dutliul mothzn. and wliz. Thz iunznal iznvlczt 
wzkz hzld on Wzdnziday inom thz Evangzllcal oi which thz deceased urn a mzmbzn., Rev. 
6. C. Thiztz conducting thz iZAvlczi. 
...Gnzat Bend ExamlnzK »»***»*«** Szptzmbzn. 2, 1915 

J. 0. Johmon'6 Littlz Son Succumbzd to Injunlzi Lat>t ThuA&day, 
Roy, littlz ton oi M/t. and Uk&. J. 0. John&on oi Hamrnzn. station, on thz F. S V Linz 
iouth oi Hankin&on, dizd la&t ThuK&day inom thz ziizcti oi bwint xzczlvzd about thfizz wzzks 
ago whzn hi& dfizii caught {inz piom matchzi which ne had &zcuKzd unbzknown to thz mothzn.. 

All that loving handi could do to Kzllzvz his luiiznlng wa& unavailing, although 
it wot thought at one timz thznz was a good chancz ion hl6 kzcovvu}. Thz littlz onz was 
thnzz yzaru, ioun. month* and 15 day* old. Thz iunznal wat> hzld Tnlday iKom thz finkzn&tad 
ChuKch at Hamrnzn. , 

Thz sympathy oi a lafigz ciAclz oi inlzndi gozt> out to hi* htKickzn pan.zntt> in thzin. 
gfizat lo&l . 

»*•*•*«•** Szptzmbzn. 9, 1915 

J. N. Jufigzmon, a Aei-tden* oi Wahpzton ilncz 1882, dizd thzxz la&t wzzk, aged 

65 yzau. Vzczaizd It, su/ivlvzd by a wliz and two childjizn. 

******** ** 


Aberdeen, SV., Szpt. 9th.,, Ron F. TafUuxn. oi Oakze,, MP., bnakzman ion. thz NonAh- 
wz&tznn Railnoad,wa& shot and kiZlzd hzKZ this zvznlng by a hobo with whom FaAAan. had had 
iomz woKdi and whom ne had ondznzd oii thz twin about to Izavz Abzndzzn ion. Oakzs. . A 
ShznlU's possz scounzd thz country until aitzn. dank looking ion. thz mundzn.zn, but without 

T-aAAan. was about 26 yzaKi old, and Izavzh a wiiz and a thfizz months old baby. A 
spzcial txaln on thz HonthwzstzAn brought Wis . TafxAan. and his panznts hzn.z within thuzz 

houAA aitzn. thz shooting occunJizd but dzath wai even iwlitzfi. 


A ilightiul accldznt occunJizd In thz ULlwaukzz yaKdh louth oi thz dzpot Wzdnz&day 
oi la&t wzzk about 12:30 PM., at WkUz Rock, whzn an unknown man izll inom thz top oi a 
box cok, bztwzzn thz cau>, and urn nun ovzn. by thz thaln twitching. Hl& hzad and night 
Ahouldzn. wzkz aJbnoit hZvzKzd lnom thz KZht oi hU body. Hz wa6 going nonth with izvznnl 
othzn hativz&t handi, and wat> 6aid to havz bzzn playing a mouth o/tgan whzn hz izll. Uonz 
oi hit, companion*, could Idzntliy him zxczpt by thz pizudonym oi "Happy Jack" Thz covet 


0)5 a memorandum book In hii pocket bone the Inltali, "V. H." and contained ieveral namei 
and addreaei In New Vork City, t3nA.ou.ah which. hii Identity can pnobably be traced In tune.. 

»•••***•** September 16, 1915 

John Chezlk, who hah tlvzd on a homeitead 4% mile* loath otf Wahpeton far the pait 
35 yean, died Saturday a^ter a Lingering illneii . Vzceased wai one 0& the belt known 0& 
the. Richland County pionzen and Jus iunvlved by a wifa and izvzn chltdrzn. 

»•**•**«** September 16, 1915 

John R. Jonzi, Jti., arrived home. Tuesday evening faom Milwaukee., fill., where he waj> 
catted tait wzzk by the. death o& hii aged mother. 

*•*•*»«**» September 23, 1915 

EndznJLin Man Kiltzd by Grabbing Gun Muzztz 

Anton Bnazda, a shoz make*, at Endzrtin, wai Initantty kitted Sunday afternoon white 
hunting about a mite and a hatfi iouth ojj EndeAtln by the accidental discharge o£ his gun, 
the. fall chatige itrlking him on the. tzfat tide o^ the nzck, izvzning the jugutan vein. 

Bnazda, with two companions, wai Aiding in a ilngtz nig toward EndeAtln when the. 
accident happened. Jwst a ihort time. bzfarz Bnazda met his death he rzmarkzd that he. had 
betteA be. moAe canzfal with hii gun ok iomzonz would be ihot to death. 

Hii companion!, tell a very IncoheAent itory o£ the. accident, being mofie on. tea 
excited at the time. One iayi that Bnazda got into the buggy with hii gun cocked, and 
white teaching down to tet the. hammeA down hii thumb itippzd oi& the. tAiggeA, causing the 
gun to be. dlichargzd. He. must have had one o£ hii thumb* oveA the end 0(J the baAAel at 
the. time a& one oi thzse wznz torn o£l. 

The. whote tz{,t side ojj hit, &acz wat> tofin away, the jugutaA vein being severed, and 
he bted to death bzfarz Dr. Roy Labbitt, who wai summoned, reached his side. 

The body was taken to an undertaking zstabtishmznt at EndeAtln and pn.epan.ed fan 
bunJLat, the. fanerat serviczi occunAing £rom the. Cathotic Chunch Tuesday afternoon. 

»•**•***«* September 30, 1915 

John WolMiode o& Mantador Vizi at Ripe Otd Age. 
John WoiMiode, a settler otf 1S79 near Mantador, died at the home o& hii ion, Pnank, 
Tueidaq a^ter a Lingering lltneii . Hz was S5 yearn otd and the. ln{lnmltlei oi advancing 
yearn were the came oi death. 

Veceaied ii iunvlved by two daughteAi and three ions... .Mm. E. P. LaQua o£ Hanliln- 
ion and Mm . Pnank Halpaus o& Mantador, and Chanlzs , Prank and John S., alt otf whom neilde 
near Mantador. 

Veceaied wai one o& the iirit iettten In the Mantador neighborhood and had a targe 
circle o£ friends among the plonzzm . 

******•««* October 7, 1915 


A me&4>age wa& KZ.ceJ.vzd heKe, &ent by Wm. Maa&, announcing the death oi hl& bKothzK 
In Ulnne&ota. Hk. Maa& KztuAnzd on Saturday aitzK attzndlng thz iunzKal. 
{ alio: ) 

Wm. Maai Kzc.ZA.vzd a me&&age la&t week itatlng that hl& bKothzK, who Ke&lde& In 
Hinne&ota, wa& iZKlou&ly UJL with little hope& oi KecoveKy. UK. Moot, leit at oncz to &ee (urn 

••*******« OctobzA 7, 1915 

ThKzz OtkzAA InjuKzd In Battlz Between Gunmen and OHlceK& at CaKKlngton 

CaKKlngton, NO., Oct. 11th.... Shot In thz back ye&tzKday In a pitched battlz bztuizzn 
iouK gunmen and thz pollcz &okcz oi CaKKlngton, Chlei Caul Nel&on wa& caKKlzd to St. Paul 
In thz a^tzKnoon on a special tKaln oveK thz Soo Line. Hl& condition lt> &ald to be cKltlcal. 

Onz allzgzd highwayman known a& Chicago Blackle, believed to havz been thz man who 
4>hot Nzl&on, l& dzad, two othzKi havz bzzn captuKzd, and thz iouKth ha& bzzn woundzd, al- 
though he lb htill at taKgz. Two mzmbzK& oi thz Shenlii'i Po&ie alio wzkz woundzd. 

Thz iouK gunmen zntzKzd thz poolKoom oi Jame& Hopklni, hzld up 10 mzn, gathzKzd $200 
tkKzw all watchzi and j'zwelKy on thz ilooK, and madz thzlK z&cape. 

About ilvz houK& latzA. Chlzi Nel&on iound onz oi thz gang In bzd In a Koomlng hou&e 
ownzd by GzoKgz Vay. CovzKlng him with hit, kzvoIvzk, Nzl&on oKdzKzd him to dKe&&. A mom- 
ent latzA hz wot, ihot down iKom bzhlnd. A tKall oi blood In thz Koom Indicates thz chlzi 
ihot thz man hz iound In thz Koom. 

In thz battlz that iollowzd, PatKolman GzoKgz HubbaKd killed Chicago Blacklz. Ed. 
BuKch, a mzmbzK oi thz pone, wa& 6hot In thz back iKom ambu&h and Vay, thz pKopKlztoK oi 
thz Koomlng hou&z, wa& t,hot In thz thigh. Thz bullet that itKuck Nzl&on pa&izd thfwugh 
hl& abdomzn. 

CokI Nzl&on, Chlzi °i Votlcz at CaKKlngton, NV., who wa& izKlou&ly InjuKzd In a 
pltchzd battlz with bandits, spent a Kt&tiul night at St. Luke' 6 Hospital, St. Paul, whzKZ 
hz wa& taken by a special tKaln. Although hl& condition l& not thz be&t, thz hospital 
physicians bzllzvz hz ha& a good chance to kzcovzk. 

•««**»**«* OctobeK 14, 1915 


Nude Body oi MuKdeKzd Han Found In Soo Cok at KenmaKe 

The body oi an unldentliled man who had been muKdeKed aiteK a stKugglz In a Soo 

Line box cok, wa& iound at KenmaKe ThuK&day night oi la&t week. Two bullet hole& In the 

head, one ilKzd at shoKt Kange and the othzx iKom a dl&tancz, showzd the cau&e oi death. 

TheKe wa& evidence In the cok oi a teKKlble stKugglz. The victims clothei had been 

Kemoved and hacked to plece&, being thuown ovzk thz nudz body. ThzKz l& no cluz to the 

Identity oi the muKdeKeK. 

********** OctobeK 11, 1915 

Wm. Haas Ketuned la&t wzzk iKom GaKilzld, MM., whzKZ he attended the iunzKal oi 

hl& bKothzK who died a izw days ago. 

********** OctobeK 14. 1915 



Wond cornea inom Nonth Yakima, WA., o& the death oi Wm. H. Ramsey, a ionmen nesldent 
oi this city. He was the. iathen. oi Uns. W. 01. LUley and the late Sam Ramsey. 

Veceased wait bonn Aug. 2nd, 1848, In Indiana, and died Oct. 4th. Fon. twelve yearn, 
he. had neslded at Nonth Yakima. He was a member, oi the I. 0. 0. F. lodge oi ElliswonXh, 
WT., ion. 26 yeans. He leave* to him, a wlie and chlldnen.,..Mns. W. W. LUley, 
WiS.'S. C. Lake and R. V. Ramsey. 

• *•««•*«** Qctoben. 14, 1915 


On Monday night, Oct. 4th, at about 10:15, John Woiwode, Sn.., died at the home oi 
his son-in-law, Mn. Fnank Halpaus, at Uantadon. The deceased had made hit, home with. Wi. 
and Uks . Halpaut, ion. the. last sixteen yean/, . 

Veceased was bonn In Jacobsdon.i, Schleseln, Genmany, In the yean 1830. In 7 870 
he. his native, land and came, to Chicago, whene he. Kemalned ion ioun months; and 
inom thene he moved to Jondan, Scott County, MN. Hen.e he lived until 1881 , and having 
heand oi the gneat opponXanltles and oi the nlch soil In Nonth "Dakota, he decided to go 
thene. He. came to Nonth Dakota the same yean. (1881) and established hit, home neon. Manta- 
don. Even. since, he hat, lived In this vicinity, and dunlng the ilnst yearn, enduned many 
handshlps, but thnough diligence and caneiul management these handshlps wene ovencome and 
he soon established a comiontable home ion. himseli and iamlly. 

He became widely known and made many inlends who will nememben him long and say 
many pnayens ion the nepose oi his soul. 

The deceased Is sunvlved by sons, Chas., John and Fnank Woiwode, all oi Uan- 
tadon, and by daughtens, tins. William LaQua oi lumbno Falls, MW., Wis . E. P. LaOua 
oi Hankinson, and Wis. Fnank Halpaus oi Mantadon. At the time oi his death, the deceased 
had attained the nlpe old age oi neanly 85 yean*. 

The iunenal took place on Thunsday, Oct. 7th, In the St. Peten and Paul's Chunch oi 
Wantadon. Solemn nequlem high mass was celebnated by Rev. Fathen Thlel oi Rugby, NV., assi- 
sted by Rev. Fathen Studnlcka oi Hankinson as deacon oi the mass, and by Rev. Fathen Wilkes 
as subdeacon oi the mass. Jntenment was made In Calvany Cemeteny. 

»»«***«*«« Octoben. 14, 1915 


Jamestown, NV., Oct. 16th. .. .Englneen John Wantland, oi Jamestown, was Instantly 
killed and Flneman Mantln Fitzjan and Conducton P. F. Velmone, also oi Jamestown, wene 
slightly Injuned when the passengen tnaln they wene nunning cnashed Into a stock tnaln 
standing on the main tnack at Angona, NV., between Stenling and Vnlscoll. The wxeck occ- 
uned at 2:05. 

The exact cause oi the wneck Is not detenmlned, as naWioad oiiiials have not comp- 
leted theln Investigation. The stock tnaln was standing on the main tnack and the passenger 
tnaln was supposed to go thnough a siding. 


Thz twitch wa& cloud, 4o that thzony l& donz away with. 0^a.(UoI& ana zndzavonlng 
to dztznmlnz why Englnzzn Wantland did not ttop hit, tnaln bzhonz nzachlng thz biding. . 

The. two znglnzt onz badly damagzd and thz mail can and onz ok two fazlght cant wznz 
badly bnokzn up. Thz znglnzi did not tunn ovzn. 

********** OctobzK 21, 1915 


Thz body oh a. 9 yzan. old ion oh Ed. Shlpz will be bnought ovzn. iiom Wahpzton tomoinow 
monnlng &0K bunlnl In HHIa/jLz Czmztzny. Thz boy wa& onz oh twin chlldnzn bonn to (An. and 
M/i4. Shlpz, and ilncz thz mothzn'i dzath bzvznal yzam, ago thz chlldnzn havz madz thzlfi 
homz with thzln gna.ndpan.zntJ>, Un.and Mnj>. Stz^zi, nzan Wahpzton. 

• **•*•*•*• Octobzn 21, 1915 

HK6 . Bzntha Vumkz, an Eanly Szttlzn, Aniwzm Tlnal Summom 

A long and uizfiul llhz wot, tznmlnatzd on Tnlday, Oct. 15th, whzn Uu . Wm Vumkz pa&izd 
away following an Mnz6& oh about a even wzzki . 

Bzntha Ida Thznzta Vumkz, nee Bnummund, wai bonn Pec. 20th, 7850, nzan Maugand, Vomm- 
znanla., Gznmany. Shz wa6 mannlzd to Wm. Vumkz, July 6th, 1 ill , whllz 6tlll In Gznmany. Thz 
Jbxnz oh thz new wonld attJuxctzd thz young couplz and thzy emlgnatzd to Amznlca In 1876, film,! 
&zttllng at Minnesota Lakz, UN. Thzy camz to Vakota with thz hln&t tldz oh 6zttlzu In 
1879, and took up land nonth oh thz pnz&znt city oh Hankln&on whznz thzy nztlnzd h*om thz 
hanm a (Jew yzam ago. Two &ont>, Wm. and Robznt, thnzz daughtzn&, Emlliz, now Un& . Wm. Hozfa, 
oh Snandznbung, Lydla, now Un& . Aug. Hozfa oh Vuzkk, Bzntha, now Ute> . Otto Nzumann oh Hank- 
ln&on, wznz bonn to thzm. Thz chlldnzn all nzhldz In thl& vicinity. 

Vzczahzd wot, wldzly known and Izd a dzvout Chnl&tlan llhe, zndzanlng hzuzlh to all 
with whom &hz camz In contact. Shz wat> a hz^thh 11 *- w^£ <wd loving mothzn., and thz hzant- 
hzlt sympathy ah all goZ6 out to thz bzKzavzd mzmbzM oh thz hamtty. 

Shz 4U)J(JeAed an apoplzctlc izlzunz about 4 even weefea bzhonz hzn dzath, and knowing 
thz Gnlm Rzapzn um appnoachlng, 4 he calmly awaltzd thz znd, tzcunz In hzn knowlzdgz oh 
a blamzlz&A lihe. and thz hzavznly nzwand to hollow. 

T-unznal &znvlczi wznz hzld at thz Luthznan Chunch on Oct. 18th and wznz attzndzd by 
4>conz& oh gnlzh-ttnlckzn tf/ucencfa. In*eAmen£ wa& madz In thz Luthznan Czmztzny nonth oh 
thz city. ' ********** 

Octobzn 28, 1915 

A Plonzzn oh 187* -en Bzlhond Town&hlp, Klchland County 
Wm. Wzbbzn pa&izd away at thz homz oh hle> daughtzn, Un&. Hznny Enbz, In thli city 
Wzdnz&day monnlng at 2 AW, ahtzK an Ittnz&i oh about two wzzkh, Hz would havz fceen 81 
yzam oh agz nzxt Vzczmbzn. 

Vzczaizd wa& a natlvz oh Gznmany and zmlgnatzd to thz Unltzd Statz& about 45 yzau, 
ago, 6zttting rf-c/ia-t In Wl&con&ln, whznz hz livzd hon tzvznal yzau. In 1878 hz camz to 
Richland County, Vakota, and hi£zd on a homz&tzad In what l& now Bzlhond Towmhlp, Hz ha6 


bzzn a oi thz county zvzk &lncz, ok ioK a pzKlod oi 37 yzaK&. 

Hz l& &uKvlvzd by iouK childKzn, Augu&t and HeAman, Uk&. E. J. EKn&t and Mk& , HznKy, all oi whom in thl& vicinity. The. wliz deed &zvzkoI yzoK& ago and &lncz that 
tune, hz ha& madz hl& homz with, thz childKzn. Hl& dzath moKki thz pairing oi anotheA ojj tho&z 
haKdy pionzeM who madz thz iiK&t &zttlemznt along thz Wild PJivzK In thz zanly '704. 

PunzKal &zkvIcz& will bz held PKlday aitzKnoon at 2 o'clock at thz LutheAan ChuKch 
In Bzl^oKd Town&hlp, Rev. HiZgzndoKi will conduct thz &ZKvlcz& . 

**•»***»*» OctobzK 28, 1915 

Uk&. Laboda'& Kzmaln& wzkz btwught hzKZ on Monday la&t and laid to Kz&t In thz 
LuthzKan CemztzKy. Shz lzavz& two &on& and a daughtzK: EdwaKd Laboda and Gu& Laboda 
and Mk&. HznKy HillzK, all oi GkzoI Bend. Hex hu&band died lomz yzau ago. Thz iunzKal 
&eJivlcz& wzkz held at thz LuthzKan ChuKch, Rev. T. Hlnck conducting thz &ZKvlcz& . 

•»***»««»« OctobzK It, 1915 

Rev. Jo&zph Gaydu&zk oi Wahpzton Pa&&zd Away at thz Pochz&tzK Ho&pital 

Rev. Jo&zph Gaydu&zk, pa&toK oi St. AdzlbzKt'& ChuKch, Wahpzton, dlzd at St. MaKy'& 
Ho&piXal, Rochz&tzK, MW., la&t Sunday night. Though thz dzcza&zd had bzzn In pooK hzalth 
&ok &omz tlmz thz end wa& unexpected. Thz iunzKal will bz held today iKom St. AdelbzKt'& 
ChuKch ovzk which thz dzcza&zd pKZ&ldzd ioK thz pa&t zlzvzn yzau. 

r-athzK Gaydu&zk wa& boKn In Boha&lavlcz, Au&tKla. Hz complztzd hlt> philo&ophlcal 
and thzologlcal &tuudlz& In thz hl&toKlc UnlvzK&lty oi Louvaln. OKdalnzd phlej&t Jane 20th, 
1886, hz camz at once to AmzKlca. Hl& ilK&t ml&&ionaKy laboK& wzkz pzKioKmzd In thz itatz 
oi Kan&a&, whtKZ hz wa& &uccz&&lvzly pa&toK oi Ml Salnti ChuKch, EvzKZ&t and St. UaKy'& 
ChuKch, Kan&a& City. Hit, pa&toKatz oi St. UaKy'& tzKmlnatzd In 1890 with hl& appointment 
as ml&&lonaKy ioK thz ?olz& and Slavonian* oi Pznn&ylvania with, a KZ&ldzncz at St. Stanli- 
lau& ChuKch, Buiialo, W. Thl& position hz held until 1897 whzn hz bzcamz pa&toK oi Kim- 
ball, SO. 

Hz camz to HoKth Vakota In 1901 , and &zKvzd as pa&toK oi St. lukz'& ChuKch, Vz&zlzy- 
villz, iKom 1901 to 1904. In 1904 he wat> a&&igznd to St. AdzlbzKt'& ChuKch In Wahpzton, 
and continuzd ai> pa&toK until thz tlmz oi hl& dzath. Thz dzcza&zd pKlz&t will bz KemembzKzd 

by hl& paKl&hlonZK& a& thz kind and gzntlz TathzK who had aiway& at hzatt thz intzKZ&t oi 

utt. „„„„»„ ********** 

*" PWplt. November 4, 1915 


UIHOT, MP., Nov 2nd CaKl Shza&, a bKakzman on thz Soo Linz, wa& held by thz 

CoKonzK oi UcHznKy County, chaKgzd with thz dzath oi Augu&t Pitzzn, thz &on oi a laKgz 
clothing mzKchant oi Tacoma, WA., who wa& &hot &omzwhzKZ bztwzzn VKakz and Vzlva. Thz 
pKzlimlnaKy hzanlng ha& not bzzn held, but a iiK&t degree muKdzK chaKgz will bz lodged 
agaln&t Shza& . 

Pitzzn wa& Kldlng in a box cok with tzn othzK haKvz&tzK& , Thz &ldz dooK oi thz 
cok wa& opznzd and a& thz tKaln wa& Koundlng a cjukvz, thz CKOwd who wzkz In thz box cat. 
c£a£m a &hot was ilKzd iKom thz caboo&e and hit Pitzzn in thz head, kitting him almo&t 



Whzn thz tnaln nzachzd Vnakz, thz men in the box can noticed the ohh-i-dals and 
swone out a complaint fan the annzst oh the. tnaln anew. The county cononzn took the cue 
in hand and impaneled a juny which made, a nathzn exhaustive investigation oh the matten 
and ahtzn nzndzning its vzndict, Sheas was annzstzd and held fan a pnzlaninany investigat- 

Pitzzn wot, wonting in thz hanvzst hields and had been at Velva a couple oh days be- 
gone he met his death. The body was shipped to the home oh his panents at Tacoma and con- 
sidenable zxcitement pnzvails In that city as a nesult oh the kitting, the h<"nity, i£ seems 
being nathen pnominent. 

***»«««»»* Novembzn 4, 1975 


A vendict oh manslaughten was nztunnzd by the juny Jin the Thompson case in Plenty- 
wood, MT., last week. It will be nemembened that thz two Thompson bnothens oh that place 
honmznly oh Painmount, bzcamz mixed up in a quannel and one oh them shot and killed hl& 
bnothzn. W. E, Punczll oh Wahpzton was thz counsel hon thz dzhznse. 

Wyndmznz Rzsidznt Has Patal Accident Neon Hay, Month Dakota 
Bunned by Gasoline, Benumbed by Cold Rain, Jnjuned Man Suhhznzd 

One oh the saddest accidents iX has even been oun duty to chnonicle culminated Tues- 
day noon with thz death oh Chanlzy Onvedahl, who died as thz nesult oh an auto accident and 

Sunday evening about 8:05 PM Chanlzy Onvzdahl Izht Ray dniving his Pond can to makz 
a visit at thz homz oh Chas . Unhammen just east oh the city. While still inside thz city 
limits dniving east and nounding a small hill thz can slewed in the noad-, tipping oven, 
pinning Mn. Ovnedahl undznneath, thz can lying acnoss his body, pinning onz anm down in 
such a way it was impossible hon hi™ *° txtnlcate himszlh. In this position he laid hon 
twelve houns and a halh until hound next manning by Hznny Bnandenhunst, thz mall dniven 
on Route No. 1, at about 8:30, Thz injunzd man was nushzd to town and thz doctons summonzd. 
Hz was undzn thz constant canz oh doctons and nunszs but succumbzd at noon Tuesday ahten 
a siege oh intense suhh&ung caused by thz tennible zxposunz duning thz night, which was 
onz oh thz coldest this (Jat£, and a steady nain hailing. His chest, anms and body wenz 
badly bunned by gasoline which had nun onto his clothzs, blistening thz skin in gnzat patche 
It was a tennible zxpznizncz to lay within thz city limits all duning thz night, but 
whzn hound hz was banely able to cny out hon hzlp. Duning thz evening and night thz bad 
stonm had kzpt all tnavelens ohh &&• ^oads, othznwlsz hz would havz bzzn hound eanlien as 
it was alongside a well tnavelzd noad. 

Un. Ovnzdahl was onz oh thz best liked men in town and has been vzny success hul in 


hii> buiine&A ahh&iAA. Coming to Ray with the eaAlie&t &ettleA& he ha& been a constant 
Ae&ident hen.e, being engaged Jin bu&inea the. gAeateA pant oh the. time, and at the time, 
oh hih death had con&ideAable Zand and othen. pAopeAty In the. city and vicinity, be&idet 
operating thneihing nigi . Hit, death will be keenly {eJtt heAe by eveAyone. 

The. hunenal &en.vicei will be. held thu ahtennoon at &ive. o'clock at the. Luthenan 

ChuAch and the. body will be taken to hi& old home at WyndmeAe, NV Ray Pioneen.... 

********** November 11, 1915 


The. death oh Augu&t SchAoedeA, St., occuAAexi Tuesday moAning oh thi& week at 2 AM 
at the. BAeckennidge Hospital, a Ae&ult oh pneumonia. He had been ill hoA a pexiod oh only 
a hew day*. 

Ha. SchAoedeA it> a native o& GeAmany, bat £oa many yeaAl he had Ae&ided in Summit 
Township neon. GAeat Bend, uiheAe he had pAo&peAed gAeatly. About a yeaA ago he AetiAed 
hAom active Hie, and moved hi& family to Wahpeton, 

He i& iaAvived by hi& wi£e and nine chiZdnen. .. .Augu&t, 3a., oh GAeat Bend; AlbeAt 
and Paul oh Fainmount; GeoAge and Rudolph oh Wahpeton; Aluina Shoenick oh Wahpeton; BeAtha 
Stein o& Rolla, W., adn CaAAie Bohn o& GAeat Bend. 

The ianenal wa& held thi& moAning at 11 AM in the Genman Luthefian ChuAch at Wahpet- 
on undeA the diAection oh J. W. WoAneA, Rev. Helen, conducting the ceAemoniei . Jntenment 
was made in FaiAview Cemeteny. 

,»*,»*,,* , November 18, 1915 


On Sunday night, Haa . CaAl Neitzel died at hen. home heAe at the age oh 72 yeoAi. 
Veceated had been a AuhheAen. hoA &ome time with a&thma, and on Sunday night hell into a 
&leep and pa&6ed peacefully away. 

Ha. and HA6. Can! Neitzel came ^Aom GeAmany in the yean, oh 1876, settling ^-oto-t at 
Hinne6ota Lake, HN., Ae&iding then.e two yeaA6, when they came to NoAth Vdkota in 1S79, 
taking up a homestead milei weit oh GAeat Bend, wheAe they Ae&ided until 1908, when 
they AetiAed hAom h af uning and moved to thii village. 

HA6. Neitzel wa& a kind, loving motheA and. highly Ae&pected by all. She leavet, a 
hu&band, two &on& and daughteAl, to moufin the lo66 oh o- kind and dutihul wihe and 

The hu-nenal wai, held at the Luthenan ChuAch yeAtenxiay, Rev. T. Hinck conducting 
**"***»*<*. ********** Ho ^ bvi Uf ms 

Ginl TnjuAed by G. N. Ttiain Succumbed Ahten. OpeAotion. 
Hi&6 Anna Schmitt, 17 yeau old, dough teA oh Ha& . KatheAine Schmitt oh Wahpeton, 
died at St. FnancU, Ho&pital FAiday h*om -LnjuAiei Received in a collision between a GAeat 
NoAtheAn h*-&<-9ht tAoin and an automobile Wednesday moAning, 

Hi&A Schmitt had hen. hoot cut ohh <*& ^ e <wkle and the limb wa& &o mangled that 
amputation at the knee wot nece&AOAy , (116) 

Thz auto contained 4 even pat>&zngzn6 composed oh a wzdding panty on thz way to the 

Will SchmiXt, the. gnoom, suhhenzd a Azvznzly spnalnzd anm, white Ml&s Anna Voltnath , 
thz bnidz, it, conhined to hen. bed with a. wn.enc.hzd back and Intennal inj'unlzi,. 

Thz wzdding cznemony wa* pznfanmzd at the homz oh thz bnldz't, panzntit, Mn. and Un* . 
Henman \follnath, tatz ThuJuday afitznnoon, thz bnldz being unablz to Izavz hen bzd fan thz 

Fnzdznlck Goth Ant,wznzd final Summon* Vzt>tznday Monnlng 
Leave* Widow and Gnown Childnzn - FanznaZ WJUUL Be Held Satunday Afitennoon 
T-nzdenlck Goth dlzd at hit, homz In thi* city yz&tznday manning at 5 AM, afatzn an 
illne*h extznding oven, a pznlod oh a couplz oh yzan*. Hz iaULzd napldly thz lat>t faun 
days and thz end wa& antlclpatzd. 

Fnzdznlck Goth wot, bonn Vzc, 10th, 1854, In Stzttln, Gznmany. Thznz hz gnzw to 
manhood and mannlzd, occupying a nzipontiblz po&Hlon In hie, natlvz land. In 1898 hz 
mlgnatzd to Amznlca, izttllng with hit, family at Stile* whznz hz had a position with 
thz RaiZncad Company. In 1900 thz family movzd to Hankln&on whznz they havz nz&ldzd 
continuously zvzn since with thz exception oh a pznlod oh thnzz yeans when they livzd 
at Vz Villo. 

Vzczaszd was stnlckzn w&h an ahhUetlon oh thz hzant and lungs a couplz oh yzans 
ago, and although hz madz a bnavz hight fan tlhz hz gnzw weakzn as tlmz went on and hz 
was fa^fy pnzpanzd fan thz end. Hz was a man oh zxczllznt nzputatlon, Industnlous and 
thnlhty, and had thz nespect oh all. 

Hz is sunvlved by thz widow, Mn*. Ann, nzz Weisen; tw chlldnzn. . .Hans, Goth oh 
Izzland, NO., and Mns . W. J, Bnznnzn; and thnzz stepchildnen; Uns . Hzdwlg Ennst oh this, 
city, Uns, Agnes Stadion who If, still In Gznmany and Paul Eehnkz who neslde* In Canada. 
Tunenal senvlces will bz held Satunday ahtznnoon, Nov. 27th, at thz Gznman Evan- 
gelical Chinch, Rev. Gnabowskl conducting thz senvlces. 

•••»«««»«* November 25, 7975 


C. H, Vottzn, a Vztenlnanlan, wa& killed In an automobile accident neon. Ellzndalz 

Monday. Vottzn'* can toppled ovzn a high gnadz when hz lost contnol. Two companions 

Izht him twenty minute* zanlleJi, h^an^nd to tnavzl faA&-W- because oh thz high t>pzzd. 


A mzssagz wot, nzczlved hznz Monday monnlng announcing thz dzath oh Mn* . Jane Zone* 
at Randolph, Wl. Vzczaszd wot, an aunt oh thz Jones bnothens, and John R. lone* and Uns . 
E. M. Jonzt, oh this city and V. J, Jone* oh Fonman departed Monday night to attznd thz 
hunenal, Veceased wo* theln mothen's si*ten and It, sunvlved by. thnzz daughtens , onz 


oh whom id manjiizd, Thz hudband dizd many yza/id ago. 

********** November 25, 79 75 


Rzpofitzd Shot to Dzath by Canadian Mounted Police 
A nzpont id cunjiznt hzKZ that Hanjuy, a foxmzh Hankindon boy who had o^X.cloXzd 

ad catchzK fofc thz Hankindon badzball tzam fon. dzvzhjxl dzadond wad dhot and indtantly kitlzd 

by a'mzmbzK oh thz Canadian Mounted 

According to thz Atony, Hawy wad wantzd fon lomz allzgzd violation oh thz psiovinc- 

iaX. torn, and KZdidtzd thz o^lzzfi whzn thz lattzh. attzmptzd to &zkvz a watAant. 

Ttuank Buntin, who anjiivzd hzn.z laubt wzzk h*-om thz Canadian nohthwzdt, id authotuXy 

fox thz Kzpoit. Thz dtofvy id givzn gznzKal cizdzncz hzfiz although dztaiZd an.z lacking. 


WyndmzKz Man Who Had Been Lo&t at Night Found Pantly SubmzKgzd in Slough 
Becoming lo&t whilz Kztafining to hit homz in Owzgo Towndhip, about 16 miZzd noKth 
oh WyndmzKz, fitiom Shzldon, Jamz6 Kinnzy, agzd 84, a vetzhjan oh thz Civil Wan, wad found 
dzad by school chiZdfizn thz following day, a^tzK thz countKydidz had kzpt up a wholz night' d 

Thz iuppodition id that hid hoidz, gztting ohh thz fwad, got miAzd in thz dlough. 
In tfuying to zxtJiicatz it, it it, thought thz animal ^loundznzd, dtniking him ovzk thz hzad. 
Whzthzx hz wad Attwnzd by thz blow, on. becoming zxhaadtzd, {zlt down and dizd f^nom expod- 
une will neven. bz known. Hi& hzad and hhouldzn fizmainzd above watzn. About 72 yzau ago 
Wi. Kinnzy fizdided in WyndmzKz, and lately had madz ha, homz with Andfizw Andzuon in Owzgo 

Funznal &zh.viczd wete hzld {nam thz Owzgo ChuAch Tuedday, Rev. Pauldon oxidating. 
Interment wad madz in thz CemetehJj adjoining. 

********** VzczmbzA 2, 7975 

W. E. Venndtedt wad callzd to Minneapolis Monday zvzning to attznd thz fonznal o& 

a Uizcz who dizd duddznly. 

********** Vzczmbzn 2, 797 5 

MA4 . Fnzd KhixzgzA. and Wm. J. Bnummund Andwzh. Final Summond 
Bundting oh Blood Vzd&zl thz Cau&z - MA. Btummund a Victim oh Canczn 
It Id ouk dad duty thid wzzk to chnonicle thz dzath of, two oh thz zanLizdt pionzend 
oh thid dection. MKd. Fnzd Ktuxzgzn. dizd ladt zvzning h*-o™ lo&t oh blood hollowing thz 
buKdting oh a blood vzddzl, and William J. BAiimmund duccumbed to thz innoadd oh canczn. £*om 
which hz had bzzn a duhheneA. fon *>evenal monthd . 

Thz dzath oh MAd . Kxuegen wad sudden and unzxpzetzd. Shz wad alonz in thz houdz on 
CanidtzA. Avznuz duhing thz ahtzfinoon and a blood vzd&zl in thz calh oh oh hen loweA limb 
buKdt. Shz had bzzn a ^u^e/iet. £wm vanico&e vzind and thid wzakznzd thz blood vzddzld , 


Shz evidently endeavoAed to summon help by the teX.eph.oni bat wcu> un/,uccei,/,hul. EndzavoA- 
Ing to gzt to a nelghboA'6, the ^eJUL on the thn,es>hold o& hex own home. &Kom weakness, when.e 
4>he was, found by a pa&/>eA by and medical old summoned. HoweveA, tint />uhheAZA was, />o weak- 
ened by los>& oh blood that dzath zn&ued within a /,hoAt time.. 

Vzczas>zd wa& onz oh the. eoAly />zttleA& In this, Azglon, and fan. yean/, Ae&lded on the. 
line, hahm houA miles, weit oh town. She. was well known and hen. ludden znd Is, a gAeat />hock 
to aloAge oh acquaintance/,. 

El/>le KAuegeA, nee Schuett, wai> bonn on Nov. 16th, 1849, link/,, neon. StaJUund, Vom- 
meAn, GeAmany. On Dec. 26th, 1875, the. wa/> maAAled to Ma. TAed KAuegeA. They came, to 
thz United State/, In 1885, izttllng ^lA&t neaA Gtiejat Bend, and two yearn lateA they located 
on a homestead houn. mile/, wzs>t oh Hankln&on whzAz they continued to Aes,ldz until &lve yean/, 
ago when they AztlAed ^Aom the. fiaAm and have />lncz bzzn Ae&ldents, oh this, city. 

Bz&ldzs, the />0AAowlng hu&band, thzAZ one. chlldAzn to mouAn thz lo/>/> oh a loving 
and Indulgznt mothzn... ..Mai,. Elilz PAochnow, AAthuA KAuzgzn. and 0/>kaA KAuzgzn., all oh whom 
Az&lde In this, vicinity. Vzcza&zd wa/> hzld In high z&tzem and ha/, a laAgz clAclz oh ihlzndi, 
who dzzm hen. unexpected death a& a peA&onal lo/>/> . 

Funenal &en.vlce& will be hzld SatuAday, Vzc. 11th, at 10 AH, at thz hou&e, and at 
11 o'clock at thz Immanuzl Evangelical ChuAch. 

********* * Vecemben. 9, 1915 

William J. EAummund had bzzn 111 ioA bzvzAal month/,, &uiieAlng iKom cancen. oh thz 
thAoat, and wa& obllgzd to takz to hl& bzd on Monday, Nov. 29th, />lncz which tunc hz ha& 
gAodually galled inom day to day until dzath claimed him tkti [ThuA&day) moAnlng at 4:30 

Vzcza&zd wa& boKn Kphll 26th, 1859, In Hohulchnan, PommzAn, GeAmany, but came to 
thl& locality In zanly day/, and llvzd on hl& ham neaA town ilncz 1887. He li> />uAvlvzd 
by thz widow to whom hz wot, mannlzd 32 yzaA& ago, and (>lvz chlldnzn. . . .Ma& . EAnz&t Wendt, 
Jullu&, William, Emll and Anton BAummund. TheAZ oaz alio two bAothzu, HeAman and Julius, 
and two &l&teA& . 

Thz hunznal anAangemznt/, had not bzzn announced at thz tlmz oh going to pAzt>/> . 

Six YeoA Old Boy Vle& In an Unu&ual MannzA 
Thz &lx yeoA old /.on oh Ua. and too,. John WlMlami, Az&ldlng noAth oh BaAney, wa& 
hound dead hanging ($Aom a window oh thz chlckzn coop la&t ThuA&day hoAznoon, In which 
po&lXlon hz had bzzn $OK too houAC . It Is, thought thz tUtlz h^-ow, In thAowlng &omz 
heed to thz chlckzni, lookzd thAough thz window, allowing It to tfa££ on his, nzck, dzath 
being due to ttAangulatlon. Thz paAznts, oaz dl&tAactzd ovzn. thz accident. 

********** Vzczmbzn. 9, 1915 

Vln&on V. Robln&on, a AZ&ldznt oh Flma Town&hlp In thz eaAly day/,, dlzd oh apoplzxy 
at his, homz In Michigan Azczntly. He dAopped dead on thz htAeet. Vzcza&zd was, 57 yzaAS, 


o& agz and i& Aunvivzd by a widow. Oi latz yzanA hz had been zmployzd by a tzlzphonz 
company Jin polz tztting. 

* * * ******* December 16, 7975 

Many 0)J oan. pzoplz will nzmzmbzn. HL&& WanouzniXz Walkzn daughtzn oi Un.. and Mts. 
H. E, Walkzn, pnominznt nziidznt& oi thiA nZA.ghbofih.ood up to thz tJjnz oi thzLn nzmoval 
to Vignzvillz, Klta., a (Jew yzau ago. Ha>& Walkzn was latzn man/Uzd to Vn. Moakman oi 
Vignzvillz, and at thz outbnzak oi thz wan. hz znli&tzd in a Canadian nzgimznt and wot 
ghjzn a Captain'* commUiion. Wold was Kzczlvzd tfuA week by M*4. H. E, Walkzn that 
Capt. Moukman was kJJULzd tn action on thz Tnznch bondzn on Vzc. 2nd. Tics widow -cs in Lon- 
don, England, whtthjzn &hz accompanizd him whzn thz Canadian tnoopi cnoi&zd thz oczan. 
M-C44 Lucilz Walkzn, a At&tzn oi thz bznzavzd young widow, ha& joinzd M*s . Moafeman in London 
ion thz wintzn. 

********** Vzczmbzn 16, 1915 


Two pionzzu oi Richland County dizd at Wahpzton thtt, week; John M. Cnawiond, who 
locatzd on a homz&tzad ju&t nonth oi Gnzat Bend in tznnitonial dayh , dizd inom canczn at 
thz Enzckznnidgz Hospital. 

C. A. McKean, anothzn pianzzn who locatzd on a homz&tzad nzan Hankin&on in 1111 

and aitznwand& movzd to Wahpzton, dizd at thz homz oi hi& daughtzn, Hn&. W. S. Laudzn, 

aitzn an illnz&& oi only a (Jew day*. Hz iznvzd as po&tma&tzn. at Wahpzton ion. ioun yzan& 

and as Clznk oi Count oi Richland County ion. twzlvz yzan*. 


Thz iniant ion oi Mn. and Hn&. Eznnand Schmidt oi Waldo dizd Sunday aitzn a bnlzi 
zxAJ>tzncz oi but a (Jew houm, . 

********** Vzczmbzn 16, 7975 

M/is. Aagas-ta Labenow, wiiz oi Vavid Lubznow, dizd on Eniday manning, aitzn iuiizn- 
ing a ttnokz oi panalytiA. Wi& , Labenow was bonn in Gznmany in thz yzan 1846, bzing 67 
yzan* oi agz at thz tiwz oi hzn dzath. 

Shz was mannlzd to Vavid Lubznow at Inon Ridgz, Wl,, whznz thzy tivzd till thz 
yzan 1111, whzn thzy came to Nonth Dakota, izttling on a homz&tzad nzan Gnzat Bend, be^.ng 
one oi thz iin&t *zttlzn& hzni. Thzy nz&idzd thznz until about mtzzn yzan* ago whzn 
thzy nztinzd inom thz ianm and movzd to thi* villagz. 

Mas. Lubznow was a fecnd and dutiiul mothzn, making iniznd* whznz zvzn thz wznt, 
always nzady to hzlp hzn nzighbon* . Shz was a member oi thz Evangzlical wfeccfe *hz 
joinzd about 41 yzan* ago, and feas bzzn onz oi thz bz*t hzlpzn* in that onganization 
zvzn *incz. 

Shz lzavz6 a feasband, two *on* and ioun daughtzn* to mounn thz lo** oi a loving 
mothzn and wqje. Thz iunznal was hzld on Sunday and was onz oi thz langz&t zvzn hzld hznz, 
pzoplz coming inom ion and nzan. Thz nzmain* wznz laid at nz&t in thz Ev. Czmztzny, 

CI 20) 

Rev. G. C. Ghlelz conducting thz &zn.vlcz& . 

• **•***«*, PecembeA 76, 7975 

FnlghtfaJL Accident at Bznthold; Six School ZhU.dn.zn Meet Death 
Condition:, Vzny SimUan. to Tho&z Exliting In Hanklnhon; Two Trouble, on PaAollel Tnacki 

Bznthold, ND., Dzc, 17th. ., .Five, school chU.dA.zn, all boy&, thz oldz&t oi whom wa& 
14 yzanA, and John Ahzann, dnlvzn, agzd 27, wete kUlzd outnlght, and anothzn boy wa& fatal- 
ly in.jun.zd, when Gtieat Nonthznn pa&Azngzn tnaln No. 2 cna&hzd Into thz bu& In which thzy 
wznz to thzln. homz& inom school thl& a{ten.noon. Thz dzad anz; 

John Ahznn, 27; Lzonand, 14, and Vzanlz, 10, &on& oi Hud&on Uitlzn. 

Robznt, 10, and Anton, 8, &on& oi 0. A. Hagzn. 

Thz boy Injunzd: WUland Annold, 9 yexvu old, &on oi Hanmj An.nold t who wa& faund 
on thz pUot oi thz znglnz. Hl& Izg and collan. bonz wzkz btiokzn, and hz wan, Injured Intzn- 
nally. Littlz hopz l& given out fan. hl& n.zcovzny. 

Thz accidznt occuKfizd at a cno&&lng in thz wz&tznn pant oi town. Thz dnlvzn. did not 
&zz thz appnoachlng tAain, which goe/> through Bznthold at a high natz oi &pzzd, until too 

A inelght tnaln had pullzd inx>m thz main linz to a bnanch to clean, thz tAack fan. 
No. 2, and &mokz inom it& znglnz ob&cuKzd thz view oi thz pa&iengeA., which won, but a iew 
Kod& away when Ahzann &tantzd to cnjo&& thz tnack. Thz hon&z& had clzanzd thz tn.ack when 
thz znglnz cna&hzd Into thz but. 

Within a (Jew minutzi &oKnowtng panznti, bnothzu and &l&tzn& wznz on thz &cznz and 
watchzd thz tnaln cnew and otheM gathzn. up thz n.emaln& oi thz dzad chUdnzn. Thz bodizi 
wznz &tn.ewn along thz tnack fan. a con&ldznablz di&tancz. 

A& &oon a& thz tnaln wa& topped, WUland Arnold wa& faund on thz pUot o& thz znglnz 
&tUl living, but unco n& cloui . Latz tonight hz Kzgalnzd con&ciou&nz&& and could xzcognlzz 
membeAA oi hit> family. 

Thz two Annold boy& wznz thz only chUdnzn In that family, and thz WUlzn. and Hagzn 
boy* wznz thz only boy& in tho&z {<mUlzt>. Thz&z iamUlz& ate among thz mo&t pnomlnznt In 
thl& &zctlon oi thz htatz. 

Ahzann wa& a &inglz man and livzd with hl& mothzn. &outh oi Bznthold. 

********** Vzczmbzn 23, 7915 

Thz NEWS joint, &con.z& oi othzn &nlendt> In thl& vicinity In extending sympathy to 
Ma. and Maa . 0. E. Lien, oi Sl&&zXon, in thz dzath oi thzln oldz&t ion, Hobent, which 
occunnzd at Cu&tzn, SV., la&t wzzk. Thz tizn iamUy fanmznly nz&ldzd In nonthznn Robznt& 
County but anz now making thzln homz at St&&eton wheJiz Un.. Lizn li> County Auditon.. 

********** Vzczmbzn 10, 1915 



Kathnyn, WD., Pec. 28th Playing "Wltd WeAt" with ptitoU glvzn them ion. 

Cknl&tmai,, Edwin Hzndnlck&on, agzd 73, wa& shot and Instantly kltizdy by hlt> 7 7 yean, old 

bnjotkzn., thz tnagzdy taking place. In thz Hejn.dtu.du> on homz dunlng thz ab&zncz oi thzln. 

wldowzd mothzn.. Thz Bonne* County Cononzn., voho made an Investigation, dzcldzd no Inquest 

wa6 nzcz&Aany, 

********** VzczmbeA 30, 7975 

6. H. Walby Izit T-hlday zvznlng ion. New London, MM., to attend thz ianeAol oi hit, 

iathzn.. Deceased waa 11 yzaM oi age whzn hz izll a victim to canczn oi thz stomach. Ham 
aged wliz am alio cnltlcalty Ml. 

• * * * Vzcembzn 30, 7975 

a 22) 


Nicholas J. PzJUtz Called to His RewaAd While in the PAime oh Lihe 

Had Lived in Hanklmon Mo&t o{, the Time ioK the Put Thinty Yeans ok MoAe 

. Nicholas J. Peltz died at Jamestown at 3:50 AM on the last day oh the. old yeoA. 
Deceased had been a oi^eAeA h^om BAlght'i disease and this was the immediate cause oh 
death. He had been Jin halting health fati &eveAal month* and underwent an openatlon hoA 
hesinia, was undeA treatment at the. Mayo Hospital at Rochester hoh. &ome time and had alio 
comulted specialists in othen place*, bat the. Aavages oh h a/ ^< Jl 9 health could not be. 

He was botm in Glencoe, MN., June 16th, 1871, and was thenehoAe in his 45th yean.. 
While htill a boy he came to Hanklmon with his poAents and has Aesided hefie most oh the. 
time Alnce, with the exception oh a h^ yzaAS °-t %AeckenAldge. He was IndustAlous and 
kept at woAk the. pott AummeA when he. should have, been undeA a doctoA'i cote. 

He leave* to mouAn hit, lot,6, the. aged hatheh. and a step-motheA, Ma. and Mas. B. 
Pletz; thAee bAotheAS, John J., FAank H. and Joseph H.; two listens, Mns. FAank Dudley oh 
CAandall, SV., and Mas. CaAoline LovegAln oh Minneapolis; thAee halh-6isXens , Misses Mat/me, 
Thenesa and Agnes; two halh-bAothens , Philip and Leo. 

The Aemaim weAe bAought to Hanklmon and the h^nenal held Satxuiday. Senvlces wene 

conducted by Rev. H. C. Jueifc at the home oh B. Peitz and the Aemaim wene laid at Aest 

in Hillside CemeteAy. 

• ••*•*••*• JanuoAy 6, 1916 

Mns. ChaAlotte Reimen, one oh the pioneen Aesldents oh Hankin&on, died at the home 
oh heA ion, Choi. H. Klnsch, In ClaVie City list FAiday. Deceased had Aeached the Aipe 
old age oh S4 yeans and the Inhlnmltles o£ old age weAe the cause oh heA demise. 

The Aemaim weAe bAought to Hankimon and the tfunetae was held at the GeAman Ev. 
Immanuel ChuAch Sunday, Rev. A. GAabow&kl conducting the ieAvlces. 

»**»»»«««* JanuoAy 6, 1916 

Sahhnon Mitten, a bacheloA who fax ieveAol yeaAS has made hit, home with the Nets 
A. Hamon rfamefy, died at the EAeckenAidge Hospital FAiday, Jan. 7th, wheAe he was taken 
a tfew day* befaAe hoA tAeatment. Deceased was boAn in 1151 in Penmylvania but h°*- ma.ny 
yeans was a nesldent oh Richland County. He Is sunvlved by live. bAotheAi, hou*- oh whom 
Aeslde In this vicinity and one in Minneapolis. TheAe axe also two sis tens .. .Mns . FAank 
Woiwode oh Mantadon and Mas. Nell, A. Hamon oh BUghtwood. Funenal services wete held at 
BAeckenAldge Saturday, FA. ReedeA conducting same, and the Aemaim wene laid to fi£*t in 

the Catholic CemeteAy neat -that city. 

««»******» JanuaAy 13, 1916 

a 23) 

M/i4 . J. Bzchtzl died on SatuAday zvzning at 9 PM at thz home. oi heA daughteA, 
M/ia. F. J. ?opp, cut the age oi 65 yzoAS. Mas . Bzchtzl was a huiizAZA inom stomach 
tAoublz ioA ike. past hZveAol yeans and death came, at a Aztizi to heA &uHeAings. 

She was a mzmbzA oi the. Ev. ChuAch. HeA husband, Rev. J. Bzchtzl, was Paston. oi 

the Ev. ChuAch hznz about ten yeanjs ago. Hz dlzd In the yeaA 1909 at his old home Jin 

Canada. M*6 . Bzchtzl uia6 a kind and loving motheA, and always Keady to help oat nelghboKS 

In dlstAzss . She leaver two daughteA, Mas . F. J. Popp and Mus . G. H. WoAneA; and ioun. sons; 

Ja&hua oi this village., Rev. Ezna Bzchtzl of, Canada, CoAnzlijus and Mosz oi Gnand FonJis, MV., 

to mouAn the Ion oi a dean. motheA. kit the dvU.dn.eji wzaz pn.zsznt at the. ianzAal, The. 

iZAvlczs wzaz held at the. Ev. ChuAch Tuesday aitefinoon, Rev. G. C. Thlzlz conducting the 


»«»**«*** * JanuaAy 13, 1916 


Gnandpa Pytten Vlzd Neon. Walcott, Aged 104 Yzoas . 

Gnandpa Pytten, pznhaps the. oldest Uotwozglan In Amznlca, and czntainly thz oldest 

man In Richland County, died at the home, oi his daughteA, Mas . E. 0. Skagzn, nonth oi 

Walcott Village last week at the. agz oi 104. 

Gnandpa Pytten was boAn In Gol, Halllngdal, NoAway In 1811 . Until Azczntly he hai 

bzzn Atnong enough to be. up and aAound molt oi the time.. The past two month* hz &pent 

mat oi thz time In bzd, not because hz was ilck, but bzcausz hz pAziznAzd to tiz down. 

His mind was clean., and until Azczntly hz talkzd Intelligently on subjects oi gznznjxl 


********** January 20, 1916 


Fnlznds oi thz Joz Kznn iamily wzaz gnlzvzd to hean. the had news oi thz death oi 

Mas. Joz KzKn, at Lidgznwood SatuAday aitznnoon. Thz iamily wzaz ionmzn. Kzsldznts oi oun 

city, and thz sympathy oi all Is zxtzndzd to thz bzneavzd husband and iivz mothznlzs-S 


********** JanuaAy 10, 1916 

Hznman lletlow Azczivzd a mzs&agz on Satunday last announcing thz death oi his 

&lstzA at Mayvillz, Oil. Hz dzpatutzd on Sunday zvzning to attznd thz iunznal. 


Thz Iniant child oi M*. and Mas. RlchaAd Schulz dlzd on Fnlday last at thz agz oi 
onz week. Thz iunznal izAviczs uizaz held SatuAday, Rev. G. C. Thlzlz conducting home, 
and thz Kemains wzaz laid at Azst In thz Ev. Cemetzny. 

********** JanuaAy 10, 1916 


Valley City, NV., Jan. 15th When a glasA-illjuminatzd lidz walk in inont oi thz 

Rex thzatAz at Valley City cavzd in, SatuAday aiteAnoon, pxzcipitatlng a numbzn. oi young 
pzoplz just leaving thz pictuAz &how, at 5:30 Into an anzaway below, a young boy, Vanlel 
Gill, aged 8 yeaAS, was killzd, and Mlsi Lila Platou, 11 yzaA old daughteA oi Mayon. Plato u, 
iuiizKzd a bn.ok.en anm, while two otheAS wznz leAlously injun.zd t onz thz daughteA oi h'A. 

Cl 24) 

and toa> . Alzx Stznn, and thz othzn. thzin. viAiton.. 

Ma&t oi thz attendant* at thz show had Izit, thz ioun, who wane, hunt beting among 
tine, last to make. thzin. zxit, A* thzy itzppzd upon thz gla&b platzd &idzwalk f evidently 
wzakznzd by iho&t, thz walk gave way and thz ioun young pzoptz wzkz hunlzd JLnto thz 
zxzavation bzlow. Vanizl Gill, who wat> znuihzd to dzath, it, thz t>on oi Mn.. and Mu. 
Sam GHZ o& ValZzy City. 

********** JanuoAy 27, 1916 


Unt,. H. NorwoziZzn., a ionmzn. KZt>idznt oi Hankimon, dizd at Oaku loit wzzk afitzn 

a vzny bnizi illnzdi,. Vzcza&zd came to Hankin&on at> a bfildz in Novzmbzn. oi 1912, hzn. 

hu&band bzing zmployzd in thz J. J. Jonzi mill hzKZ. Thzy wznt inom hzn.z to Vizkinton 

and latzn. to Oaku. Thz hatband and onz ion, agzd zightzzn montht,, tunvivz hzn.. 


Math Wagnzn., an old nz&idznt oi thi& Azztion, dizd Tuziday at thz homz oi hit ton, 
N. J. Wagnzn., nzan, Victor. Vzcza&zd wa& 86 yzaxt, oi agz, and dzath wa& daz to iniirnnitizi 

«/ .MMl ********** 

°fi tfWA. January 27, 1916 

Paul Bozlkz iA wzaning zn.zpz, having xzzzivzd thz KzpoKt oi thz dzath oi hi& cou- 
sin who izlt at thz iKont iighting ion. Gznmany. Thl& man wa& thz onz who became iamout, 
ion. bnZnging down zlzvzn aznoplanzt, . Paul it> anxious to Izavz to takz thz plazz oi his 
cousin and iollow up his iamous zokzzk. 

********** Fzbnuany 3, 1916 


John Emznich, a Kzsidznt oi this vicinity ion. twznty yzau , dizd at an zanZy houn, 
this moaning at thz homz oi his daughtzn., Mtfi . Szba&tian Pontnzn, louth oi Hankinson, agzd 
75 yzant,. Vzczaszd was bofin in AustnZa and tivzd thzKZ until hz came to Rizhland County 
about twznty yzau ago, 

Hz is lunxivzd by thKzz daughtznt, . . . .Wis . W. PontnzK, with whom fie' made his homz, 

Hnj>. Andxzw JaAski oi this city, and Wu> . Otto Biszk oi lownjy, MM. Thz iunznoZ anAangz- 

mznts havz not yzt bzzn announzzd. 

********** Fzbnuany 10, 1916 

Hznny BolZ Izit ion. Lakz City, MM., on Saturday to attznd thz iunznoZ oi his sistzn., 
who dizd thzKZ. ********** Fzbnwviy 10, 1916 


Shzldon, MP., Feb. 16th.... Jos. H. ¥n.znch, managzn. oi thz CobuAn Fanmzu' Elzvatofi, 
Aix rnUzi za&t oi hzKZ, wot in&tantly kiUzd at 1 PM yutznday, whzn hU clothing caught 
in thz cJLutzh and wound his body abound thz thaiting. Hi* body wat> badly mutUatzd and 
wound &o tightly bztwzzn thz j'oi&t and that iX wa& nzzz&bany ion. GzoKgz Vulzy, 
obbiAto.nt at thz zlzvaton., to go to a ntoJiby ianm houiz to gzt hzlp to nzlzobz km. 

Ma, EKznch wo6 onz oi thz youngzn, pionzzn. izttlznj,, and pfmztLcally alt hil> liiz 

hat, bzzn bpznt in thz gnaJLn bu&inz&t, having bought ion. thz Acme Gnaln Co,, and thz 

Q 25) 

Farmer*' Elevator Co., at Sheldon. Thrzz year* ago he organized thz Coburn Farmer*' 
elzvator, wot a heavy ttockholdzr and It* manage*. . 

Hz leave* a widow and iour dUZ.dn.zn. He. woe, a Mason and iunzral tzr- 
vlce* will bz in chargz o{ that organization. 

*»•«»**»», February 17, 1916 

Mr. and Mr*. Otto Lindzkz arrlvzd home. Friday irom St. Paul whzrz they havz been 
at the. bzdtldz oi hvu. Frzd Lindzkz, Otto't mother, who patted away early latt week aiter 
a lingering illnzt*. Enlargement oi the. Liven, with complication* incident to old age wot, 
the cautz oi death. The. iunzral wot, held Wednesday oi latt week. 

Vzczated wot a St. PauZ plonzzr, and the. iamlly took a prominent part in the develop- 
ment oi the. city irom a frontier town to it* present metropolitan greatnztt. Vzczated wot 
a irzquznt visitor here, and made many irlzndt who will learn oi her death with *lncere 
regret. Her hutband died a (Jew year* ago. 

»*«»*«*»*« February 17, 1916 

A letter re.cei.ved today by Augutt Bladow announce* the. death oi hit, brother, 
Guttav Bladow, irom heart iaiZurz on the. iarm oi F. Homey near CarmeZ, Saskatchewan. 
Vzczated iormerZy rztidzd touth oi Hanklnton and it. well known here.. Relative* 
in thit vacinity arz Augutt, Charlzt and Albert Bladow, brother*; Mr*. Herman Vrochnow, 
Mr*. Herman Kzmpkz, Urt. Wm. Wurl and Mr*. Herman BeZZln. 
Thz iunzral will bz hzld at Bruno, Satk. , tomorrow. 

,***««»«« * February 17, 1916 

Sargznt County Fiend Coniztte* Monttrout Vzed at Wahpzton 
JlZzgitimatz OOtpring Victim oi Father'* Vztirz to Rid Himtzli oi Hit Burden oi Shame 
WAHVETON' GLOBE-GAZETTE:... A two wzzkt old baby girl born under thz ttigma oi illegit- 
imacy, today lie* buried in a cemetery near thit city, having been murdzrzd by her iather, 
and only bzcautz oi onz oi tho*z UttZz thing* which cannot bz iorztzzn, hat thz guilty 
man bzzn apprehended. 

Robert G. Sinclair, twznty-two year* oi age, thz ton oi Mr. and Urt. W. E. Sinclair, 
who operate a hotel at Stlrum, Sargznt County, NV., it thz man who hat conizttzd to thit 
dattardly crimz, and who now lie* in clo*z conilnzmznt in thz Richland County jail awaiting 
thz arrival oi thz Judge bziorz whom hz it to plead guilty and irom whom hz will rzczivz 

Reader* oi thz Globz-Gazzttz will remember thz ttory publlthzd In thit paper two 
week* ago, copied irom thz Fargo Courizr^Newt , which told with all thz tkill oi a clzvzr 
writer, oi thz tragedy oi Urt. Arthur Olton, a woman with a tiny baby who had bzzn drivzn 
out oi Wahpzton by heartlzt* doctor* whzn *hz wot unablz to pay thz hotpital bill contract- 
ed at thz timz oi thz birth oi her baby ; how her hutband had been kiZlzd in a runaway 


accident just too days aiter the baby was born; how her tittle, home, and all the iurnlture 
had been sold to pay these bills, and all the money kept by hex creditors, so that she 
did not even know how much the. hale o& thz property KeaJLLzed; how the was looking ior work 
and tried to place hex baby In the Children's home., which she was unable to do. 

Some. brainless reporter on the. NWS heard that a woman had asked to leave, hex baby 
at the. Children's Home, and without iurther Investigation wrote a story ior state-wide 
publication which was a libel on the. city oi Wahpeton, hen, hospital and hen. physicians. 
Little did the reporter know what consequences would result irom his pitiful "sob stony." 

The. statements made. In the above, mentioned stony gave, a mighty bad Impression oi 
thz Children's Home In Tango, and as a result the superintendent wrote, a letter to the 
forgo forum, In which he. explained just why the. child was reiused admission to the. home, 
and told something oi the. circumstances oi thz case. This article was also published In 
thz Globz-Gazzttz oi February 10th, but as IX now bears so directly upon thz casz In hand, 
parts oi It arz again quotzd hzrz: 

Sold Hr. Hall, thz superintendent: "Thz clerk at thz Gardner states that a man 
about twenty iour years oi age brought the woman to thz Gardner Hotel at about IT o'clock 
Saturday, and having a very young baby thzy gave her a room whzrz shz could carz ior It 
until thz zvznlng train ior Wahpeton on thz Milwaukee. This man whzn he zngagzd a taxi 
irom b!. H. Voyle to sznd thz woman to thz Children's Homz, told him he was a "brother" 
oi the young woman. Hz did not comz to thz homz. Shz rzpreszntzd to me that hzr husband 
was kWLzd when hzr baby was too days old.... just thz samz story thz reporter, got, except 
that hzr "brother, " who was coming on the f-Ulwaukee irelght was seventeen years old. She 
told Captain Buyer he was ten years old. She did not come to the Home to give her baby 
away, but sold she desired to have us board It so she could work out. She was Iniormed 
that the Home had no room ior boarding children ior private parties, as all our avail- 
able dormitory space Is used ior children who are here ior adoption or as wards oi the 
juvenile courts oi the state. T told her, however, that there were several licensed baby 
boarding houses In town and directed her to Inquire oi Wis. Slsnon FraszTv 1 also told her 
that li she iound herseli unable to secure private board ior the child and ielt obliged to 
give IX away ior adoption, to come back and I would gladly assist her In ilndlng a good 
home ior It." 

"In telling me oi the death oi hzr husband only a tittlz over too weeks previous, she 
showed not a trace oi grlei, and even smiled, which aroused my curiosity. I asked her where 
her child was born and what doctor attended her, and she replied, "Vr. Vevlne, at his hosp- 
IXal at Wahpeton, and he also took care oi my husband when he died there when my baby was 
only too days old." I asked li she was wUUUing to have me call him by phone and she replied 
"Not so ior as J am concerned." I started to do so, when she suddenly remembered that she 
had to meet her brother at thz train In a izw minutes, but that li shz did not get board at 
tins. Fraser's shz and fuuu brother would coJUL a^Wi supper. She took the Iniant wlXh her." 

"M*. Voylz Iniorms mz that his driver took her directly to the Milwaukee depot, where 
the 24 year old "brother" was waiting ior her, and that they and the baby went south on the 
Milwaukee as they had told the clerk at the Gardner thzy Intended to do, I ca^ed up the 
' (127) 

Fargo police department and Vesk Sargeant Tiztgzns phonzd thz Wahpzton who &znt 

an oiiicer to thz Milwaukzz train to trail thzm. Hz followzd thzm to thz Merchants Hotzl 

where they rzgistzrzd at Mr. and Mrs . St. Clair. My inquiries zndzd there." 

01 course, her stories with regard to her treatment In Wahpzton were utterly ^alse. 

Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair, a6 thzy styled themselves when thzy registered at thz Merchants on 

Saturday night, Fzb. 5th, nemainzd in this city that night, all day Sunday and Sunday night, 

and on leaving thz hotzl Monday morning laid that thzy werz taking thz N, P. freight train 

for Oakes . Apparently thzy carried thz baby with thzm. 

It happznzd, however, that thz couple wzrz fizcognizzd by thz conductor on thz train 

that morning . 


Thz story 0(J thz woman and her baby in Fargo had bzcomz known throughout thz state 
by this timz, and where she and thz baby and thz man wznt was a matter o£ some interest. 
Thz authorities o& this city madz inquiries. It was discovzrzd that thz couplz lz£t thz 
Merchants Hotzl, thz man apparzntly carrying thz baby in kit ams . Thz conductor on thz 
tnain, whzn quzdtionzd, statzd positively that hz Kzcognizzd thz couplz. . . remembered their 
going on his train, and laid that thzy had no baby with thzm whzn thzy boarded his train. 

I|J this was true. . .and thz Information seemed reliable. . .what had bzcomz ol thz baby? 


Acting on thz Information szcurzd during thz next &ew days, thz statz's attorney o$ 
Richland County, Joseph G. Forbes, caused warrants to bz Issued ion. Robert G. Sinclair o{ 
Stirum, NO., and Ml&S Edith Johnston otf MlZnor, MP., changing thzm with a minor oifonsz on 
which thzy could bz hzld for at least thirty days, whilz foriher investigation could bz 
madz. SherlH Frank Budack, zquippzd with thz warrants, wznt out to Stirum Friday to makz 
thz arrests. Hz found Sinclair at homz, and Miss Johnston also in Stirum, having gonz over 
foom her homz at MilnoK to attznd a dancz with Sinclair. Both parties werz placzd under 
arrest and brought to Wahpzton Saturday morning. 


On being brought to Wahpzton, both parties werz takzn direct to thz statz'& attorney 's 
oiiicz. Hzrz thzy werz told o£ thz zvidznez against thzm on thz chargz o& posing as man and 
vaifo and occupying thz samz room at thz Merchants Hotel, and a^ter somz sweating thzy plead 
guilty to that chargz. 

Thzn began thz real zxamination, which lastzd throughout thz greater part otf thz day. 
Sinclair was thz llrst onz to bz Questioned. He was told that it was known that they had 
a baby with them while in this ciXy just two weeks before, and asked where IX was. He 
replied that It was "in good hands, and I will produce it when the time comes." He stated 
that when they le^t the hotel for the depot, he had sent the woman ahead, and that he bun- 
szli had takzn thz child and given it to a Miss Tina Johnston, otf Terry, MT., a cousin o£ 
the Johnston woman who was with him; that she had come to Wahpeton at their request and 
now had the child which she had taken to her home at Terry. 


The. stony o& counsz sounds plausible, whzn thz mannex in which it was told was 
considzxed. fluting all the. qustioning Sinclain did not appzax to be at all wonxizd 
ovzn the. outcome., and was not, appaxzntly, even nexvous, so that hz could pass oii stonizs 
with an aix oi teZting thz txuth. Thereupon he. was taken out oi thz noom and Miss John- 
ston brought In ion zxamination. Hex stony oi whexz the. child now cauld be iound was much 
the. same., but diUexzd in two important details . She said thz child was givzn ovzn to 
hex cousin, FLinex Johnston and his wiiz, also oi Texxy, who had bzzn visiting nelativzs in 
Nzbnaska and had happznzd to stop oil hexz on thzix way homz. Shz also said that shz and 
Sinclain met thzsz cousins oi hzAS on thz way to thz dzpot, and gave thz baby to them. 

Thz man's stony deleted so inom thz woman's that it was oi couasz zasily szzn that 
it was a stony hastily madz up and not having any tAuth whatzvzn. Shz was thzn told oi thz 
stony which SinclaiA. gave, and again and again was askzd "What has bzcomz oi thz baby?" 
Finally bnoken down by thz supexion intzlligzncz and shanpzA wits oi hzn intznnogatons , shz 
cnizd out, "I don't know whzAz my baby Is," Shz said that on thz way inom thz hotel to thz 
dzpot, Sinclain had sznt hex on ahead saying that he would thz baby on somz doonstzp 
and join hzn at thz dzpot, Shz had pnotzstzd at iinst, but had yizldzd to him as always 
shz had donz, and he had Izit hzn with thz baby, Whzn he joinzd hzn latzn at thz station 
he told hzn that hz had placed thz baby "in good hands" and that shz should not wonny about 
it. Shz said that shz was not satisiizd zntiAzly, and nzpzatzd hex questions szvznal times, 
asking assunancz that thz baby was all niaht. Again on thz tnain shz had said, "I wondzA 
how thz baby is" and hz had again assunzd hzn that it was well takzn canz oi and all niaht. 
Shz was told that it was bzlizvzd that thz baby had bzzn donz away with, but in spitz oi 
this shz swonz again and again that this was all shz knzw about it. . .Sinclain had told hzn 
thz baby was "in good hands" and shz nzed not wonny. 

It was bzlizvzd that hzn stony so ion was txuz, at Izast in its zsszntial dztails , 
and shz was nemovzd inom thz noom and SinclaiA. again bought in. Hz was told a pant oi what 
thz woman had conizsszd,. . .that thzy knzw hz was lying, and wantzd him to tell thz wholz 
Stony oi what hz did with thz baby. 

Thexz iollowd thnzz solid houns oi questioning, in which Sinclain showzd that hz 
zithzn has no nznvzs at all on els z that thzy anz oi inon. He became sullzn, dziiant, imp- 
zntinznt by tuAns, at times nziusing to talk and at othzn times daning them to do thzin 
wonst. Said hz, whzn askzd ii hz could iunnish $20,000 bonds to guoAantzz his pnoducing 
thz child in count whzn thz timz came, "In tzn minutes I can ge* any amount oi bonds." 
Said hz iunthzA, "you go ahead, and wi'll have, a littlz law suiX ovza it, and -see whznz 
you comz out. What anz you going to do about it?" 

Howzvzn, whzn coninontzd with thz zvidznez givzn by thz woman and whzn hz saw thexz 
was no loop hole thnough which hz might zscapz, hz saidi 


"I'll show hex that I'm a neal spont anyway. I killzd thz kid." F nam thzn on thing, 
moved vexy napidly, and only a izw minutzs wexz nzzdzd to get thz complztz stony oi thz 


Whzn Edith Johnston, at thz age. o& elghtzzn, had faund herself about to become a 
mother, owing to her relations with Sinclair, the. couple, had dzcldzd that the. should go 
to Brzckznrldgz and enter a hospital thzrz under an assumed name, In the. meanwhile deceiv- 
ing hex parents as to hex whereabouts , 

Sinclair had accompanied hex to Brzckznrldge, whexz they remained a couple o^ days 
Jin a hotel bzfarz going to thz hospital. On thz day a^ter Christmas, Dec. 26th, Hiss Johns- 
ton entered thz hospital, giving thz namz o£ Wis. John Johnson. Hex "husband" accompanied 
hex to thz hospital, but Iz^t Immzdlatzly a^tzr hex zntxy thzxz. Thz baby was born on Jan. 
21st, a filnz healthy baby glxl. Thz mothzx had bzzn qultz III, and was slow In nzcovexing, 
but whllz thexz had madz irlznds with all who camz In contact with hzr, and was well llkzd 
by thz nuxszs and szvexal convalzscznt patlznts with whom shz vlsltzd {rzquzntly. It was the 
opinion o£ thz nuxszs that shz could not Izavz thz baby thexz unless shz would consent to 
Its adoption, shz would not glvz It up and thzy returnzd to Wahpeton. Trom this point on 
Slnclalx saw that l{> hz wantzd to bz safa irom thz conszquznczs oi his mlsdzzds, hz must 
dzvlsz somz way to "gzt hid oh thz kid." 

Arriving at thz Merchants Hotel, thzy registered as Mr. and Wis. St, Clalx, and with 
thz baby, occuplzd onz loom at thz hotzl Saturday night. Slnclalx In his concession said 
that hz spznt thz greater paxt oi Sunday In txylng to makz thz woman consznt to his taking 
thz child out and leaving It on a doorstep somzwhexz, saying that hz could dlsposz oi It 
whexz It would bz well taken caxz oi. At last hz galnzd hex consznt, though reluctantly 
given. Hz assuxzd hex that hz would szz that It got Into good hands, and would bz well 
taken caxz oi. 


This, was about nlnz o' clock Sunday zvznlng, T-zb. 6th. Having galnzd hex consznt 
to his taking thz baby, hz askzd hex to Stzp Into thz bathxoom on somz pretext and whllz 
shz was thexz, hz tlzd a shoestring around thz baby's throat to stxanglz any cries, stsxiizd 
a largz towel down Its throat, and stabbed It In thz sldz oi thz head faux or &lvz times 
with a pair oi scissors. This all took less tlmz than It takes to tell It, as hz had It 
all ilgurzd out bzfarzhand. Placing thz dead body In a sultcasz, hz lz{t thz hotzl, and 
whzn Hiss Johnston camz out oi thz bathroom hz was gonz. Going up thz strzet In search oi 
a to leave thz body, hz camz to thz MUbnaukzz depot, and thexz, In thz vault oi thz 
outhousz, hz deposited all that remained oi thz llttlz Innocent babz. 

On his return to thz hotzl, Sinclair told his paramour that hz had placed thz baby 
on thz doonstzp oi a housz, that IX had bzzn faund and was being well takzn caxz oi. Shz 
rzqulxed many assurances that this was so, but, bzcausz shz wlshzd to believe It, It was 
comparatively easy to convince hex that thz baby was all right. 

Thz next morning, whzn przparlng to Izavz thz hotzl, they prepared a bundle oi news- 
papers which thzy wrapped up with a blanket to res emblz an Infant In arms , and lz&t far thz 
dzpot. On thz way thexz thzy threw away the papers . This explains why It was believed that 
thzy took thz baby with them irom thz hotzl, but did not havz It on thz train. 

They proceeded to thelx rzspzctlvz homes, and while their abszncz was dlUlcult to 


zxplain, it would undoubtzdty have, bzzn covzKzd up all night had not thz aioKziaid 
Kzpontzn. madz a bKzak which pAovzd to bz thz mzant, oi thzin. undoing. Thai it It, t>zzn 
how a tittlz thing. . .homzthing zntlfizly unioi&zzn and unzxpzctzd, . .alwayt, comz up to 
zxpo&z a cnlmz. 


Men wznz dlt,patchzd iKom thz htatz't, attohnzy't, oiilcz to makz a izanch and 4ee li 
thz body could bz iound. It wa& dlt>covzn.zd zxactly ai> dziCAibzd by Sinclair in hit, con- 
ization, and takzn to thz Eckzt, 6 Wonnzn. Undzntaktng Vanlofit,, whzfiz it woa kzpt until 
Tuz&day aitznnoon, whzn it wa& bunlzd in a local czmztzny. 

Thz body wot, a izaniul and pitliul thing to &zz. Thz tiny tittlz baby ginl, &tAang~ 
Izd, gaggzd and chokzd, it& wee hzad pi.zn.czd again and again by thz &ci&t>oK& in thz hand& 
oi it& mundzn. iathzK, wa& a tight which brought tzanj& to thz zyz& oi many a &tnong man 
who came to vizw thz tfuxgzdy . Whzn Sinclair wa& con&nontzd with, thz body, hz &howzd no 
moKz zmotion than li thz thing bz^oKz him had bzzn &omz wild animal, In&tzad oi hl& own 
baby daughtzn.. He idzntifiizd thz body, and HL&& Johnston alio Idzntlilzd it a& hzn. baby, 
although thz light o& it almost thfizw hzn. into convul&ion& . 


ThzKz l& nothing moKz to tzll oi thz &tofiy pnopzn.. Sinclair. ha& con^zi&zd him&zli 
thz mundzKzn. oi hl& own child. Hz will bz indlctzd ion. muxdzn. In thz iln&t dzglzz, bziofiz 
Judge Allzn, who will bz in thz city Tuz&day, Fzb. 29th, and it l& bzlizvzd that hz will 
plzad guilty to muxdzn. in. thz iix&t on &zcond Fxom thzn on it will bz up to thz 
Judgz. It l& in hi* powzn. to acczpt on. Kzjzct thz plza. I£ Sinclaix plzadi guilty to 
mundzn. in thz iix&t dzgxzz, thzfiz l& but onz pznalty . . .impxl&onmznt in thz t>tatz pznit- 
zntlaxy at Bl&maxck fan. li^z. li hz plzadi, guilty to izcond dzgfizz muxdzn., thz pznalty 
lt> "not lz&& than 10 on. moxz than 30 yzax& ." li thz j'udgz acczpt& thl& plza, hz may hznt- 
zncz thz guilty pzx&on to any tznm oi impxl&onmznt within tho&z limitt, . Opinion* 

diUzx a& to thz puni&hmznt which hz dz&zxvz&. Oux pxivatz opinion i& that no punl&hmznt 
which could bz dzvl&zd by thz ingznulty oi mankind would bz huHlciznt iox t>uch a cximz 
at thl&. 


A laxgz numbzn. oi pzoplz inom Stlxum and Hilnox comz down Satunday with thz ShzxiH 
and hit, pxl&onzx&, tittlz zxpzcting thz dzvzlopmznti which thz day wa& to bnlng ionth. 
Among thzm was, Sinclalx'& bxothzx Txank, a young man wzll known in thii community, whzxz 
at onz tlmz hz wa& a pfiominznt mzmbzx oi Co. I. 

Robznt Sinclair, thz coniz&hzd inianticidz, hah always botinz an un&avoiy nzputatlon 

at, a lazy, t>hiitlz6t>, no-account pzuon, and hat, bzzn thz zaut>z oi much wonMj and txoublz 

to hit, panzntt, on vanlout, occat,ion& pn.zvlouily . Hz It, 11 yzant, oi agz, oi medium hzight 

and build, dank hain., dank btuz zyzt>, and accoxdlng to witnzit,Z6, hz hat, an aln. oi dziixincz 

and a countznancz which i& anything but zxpn.zt.Uvz. That thz znonmity oi hit, cnlmz had 

madz no impxzhUon on him &zzmi czntaJLn, and it It, Kzpontzd that alxzady hz li making plant, 

to IzaJin a tfiadz dunlng thz izw yzam, hz will havz to ipznd in thz pzn, t,o that whzn hz 

gztt, out hz can makz a living. 


The woman, Hiss Edith Johnston, Is but 18 on. 79 yeaAt o& age., the daughten oh 
Ha. and Hnt . 6. R. Johnston, pnomlnent fianmeAA neon HllnoA. White the. Is gneatly to 
blame., she teemt detenvlng oh an amount oh pity equal to heA centune. It appeant that 
the hoi been entlnely undeJi the. tpell o& SlnclalA &oi a long time, and that he could do 
with heA at he wished. Loving heA baby, and anxiout h 0K heA tahety at all mothenjs one, 
the was neven. the lett Induced by this beatt with whom the. wot associated to pant with 
the child, but even then only ahten Aecelvlng hit positive assunance that the baby wot alZ 
night and would be well taken cane. oh. It It not known at thlt time whethen any change* 
will be made, agalntt heA oa not. It may be. that heA punlthment hat been, and In yeanjt to 
come will be, enough without any fiuntheA pAotecutlon. 

•**•***«*« TebnuaAy 24, 1916 

Robent SlnclalA, Selh-Conhes&ed HuAden oh His Illegitimate Child, Is Sentenced 

EnteAed Plea oh Guilty to Second Hunden and It Given Heavlett Sentence the Law Penmltt 

Robent G. Slnclaln oh Stlnwn, Sangent County, sel& conhes&ed mundenen oh hit own 
Illegitimate Infant daughten, entened a plea oh guilty to munden In the tecond degAee befaoAe 
Judge Allen at Wahpeton Tuetday monnlng and wot given the heavlett sentence penmltted by law 
being thlnty yeaAt at hand laboA In the state penltentlany . 

Slnclaln Aecelved his sentence without emotion and was as little concerned at any oh 
the hundred on. moAe spectators . A HEWS AepAetentatlve had a thont talk with him an houn 
laten In the county jail, and he galled to thow any neallzatlon oh the heavy penalty ^oa 
hit Inhuman act. He talked quite cheenfiutty and plant to leann tome tnade by which he can 
make hit living when hit tenm explnes . Thlnty yearn, It a long time ioA a young man to look 
ahead, but SlnclalA does not teem to appAeclate the big gap this will take out oh his llhe. 

The count noom was well £c££ed with tpectatoAt, many coming £tom && PnlsoneAs's old 
home at Stlnum. Hit bAotheA wot the only Aelatlve pAetent. Judge Allen gave the pnlsonen 
a talking to that would caute the avenage montal to cnlnge and stink away f but Slnclaln 
teemed to Aeallze hit position lets than anyone else In the n.oom. He Is a Aed halned, 
hAeckled youth, with a Aeputation ho*- thlhtlessness ,but henetohone showing no vicious tnalts . 
The awhul mannen In which he killed the Little daughten hoA whose blnth he was Aesponslble 
was given In The NEWS last week. The glnl In the case, Hiss Edith Johnston oh HllnoA, Is 
senvlng a 30 day sentence In the county jail ho*, unlawhul cohabitation, and no ^uAt/ieA 
pnoceedlngs will be Instituted against hen^ She had no knowledge oh the munden and beyond 
penmlttlng Slnclaln to nob hen oh hen. vlntue Is blameless In the molten. 

In sentencing Slnclaln, Judge Allen spoke as hollowt: "The clncumttancet oh thlt 
cote place thlt count In a dlhhic-u&t petition. I have known youn h&thW- h QK oye/L thlnty 
yeaAt . . .we wene tchoolmatet ." 

"I can conceive oh one man ttnlklng down anothen In tudden angen. . .that kind oh 
munden my mind can gnatp. But I cannot conceive oh such a cnlme as this one you have 
committed. . .my mind h&Hs to gnasp a condition so depnaved as would allow a man to 


quietly plan the mundeA oi an innocent babe, zipzcialiy whzn thz child i& hit, own daughter. 
I cannot conceive o<5 6uch depth* o& dzpAavity. It i& thz izntzncz oi thit, count that you 
bz coniined in the penitentiaAy at Bi&maAck &ok a pzAiod o& thinty yeaAA, thi& being thz 
maximum penalty pAovidzd by law ioA. muAdzA. -in. tht izcond degree!' 

****** * * * * Maxch 2, 7976 


. Mw. MoAgaAzta Mack, mothzn. oi Ge.0. J. Hack, ioAmzAly oi Hankin&on, died at Tintah, 

UN., la&t week, aged seventy yeaM . Six. iom, and two daught&Ai, &uAvive heA. 

********** UgAch Zf 19U 


AitzA. a long iZLnzt>& covzning a pzAJjod oi thxzz yzaM, Uu. UaAtin Pavzk, AZ6iding 

wz&t oi MantadoA, dizd at the. Swzdi&h Hospital in Minneapolis last week. TuneAal AeAvicei, 

wzaz hzld at LidgzAwood Tuesday, Feb. 22nd. 

********** U(Vlch 2f 19H 


N. J. A. Johnson, ioAmeA. deputy county tA.za6uA.zn., dizd at thz homz oi hit, poAents 
nzan. ChAistinz Sunday oi tubzAculo&is . Deceased was obligzd to Kzsign nil, position in 
thz tneasuneA' s oiiicz a couplz oi month* ago on account oi ill hzalth. He Izavzi a 
young wiiz. ********** Ma^ Z 3, 7916 


Cha&. M. Scoville, a Sangznt County pionzzn, wzll known thAoughout this, pant oi 

thz state, dizd suddenly at VztAoit, UN., thz iinst oi thz wzzk, aiteA an attack oi hzant 

iaituAZ. Deceased passed thnough hzAZ FAiday night enAoutz to Minnesota to attznd thz 

iunzAoJL oi a xelatlve, and at that time wot, appaAzntly in thz best oi hzalth. Hz hat, bzzn 

extensively zngagzd in thz neal estate business and wot, pKobably thz bz&t potted man in 

SaAgznt County on land mattzAS. He Izavzi, a wiiz and iamily oi gnownup chilaAzn. 

********** M(VLch f3> J9T6 

FAiends thAoughout thz county extend sympathy to Chas. E. Wolie in the lo&s oi hit, 
wiie, whole death occuAAed SatuAday fallowing a long illness. Deceased was 46 yeans oi 
age and is sunvived by one ton a& well as the stnicken husband. The Aemains wene taken 
to HiZnoA ioK buAial. ********** MaAch 30> , m 

Leaves a Wiie and Small ChUdnen Besides Foun ZAotheAS and OtheA Relative* 
HeAman Kiel, a pAominent ianmeA AZiiding two mites northeast oi SonoAa, hangzd 
him&zli in thz szcond stoAy oi a small building uszd iox dnying coAn latz TnAday aiteA- 
noon. He wai, not mined ioK &ome timz and liiz wat> zxtinct when membzu oi the iamily 
iound the body. 

The Aza&on ioA thz act can only be AuAmiAed <w the deceased wai in hit, uiual good 


spirits when last seen alive. Wonry oven linancial matters may have. been a cause. 

A brother committed suicide in the same manner in Iowa about a year ago. 

In the. absence o& Coroner Ness Irom the county, Justice ol the Peace Linehan, ol 

this city, acted as coroner, visited the. scene and that death resulted faom hit 

own act. 


Herman Biel was born at Wykoll, WN «» Au 9' 16&, 1880, When he was a yean, old his 
parents moved to Granger, MN., whene. he. spent his childhood days and rzczived his manhood 
training. When hz Keached the. age ol 22 he. lelt his Minnesota home and came to North Dak- 
ota where he settled on a larm in Devillo Township, this county. Here he gradually, by 
hand wonk, study and experimenting, built up one. ol the best seed nanches in the state ol 
Nonth Dakota. Last year he. had under cultivation nearly two sections ol land. He lurnish- 
ed seed far many ol the. seed linms In Tango and Moonhead, 

In 7907 fie and Mist Lizzie. ol Hankinson were married. There was born to this 
couple children, thz oldest bzing at thz present timz faun, years and thz youngest 
faun, months. 

Mn. Biel died at his homz in DzvJUULo Township on March 24th. He was then but a 
man ol 35, well thought ol and highly respected by his neighbors and Iniends. Hz leaver 
a wile, three children, an agzd lather, one sister and faur bnothers , to mourn his loss. 
He was a kind, loving father and husband. 

The funeral was held at his homz Monday, and was conductzd by Rev. H. C. Juzll, 
Faston. ol thz Congregational Church oft Hankin&on. Intznmznt was made in Hillsidz Cemetery. 

Four ol Mn. Bizl's brothzn> werz przsznt at thz luneral, onz Inom Hankin&on, onz 

Irom St. Jamei, MN., and two Irom Cresco, Iowa. 

********** UaAch 30f ]gu 

A 14 pound boy was born at thz homz ol Mn. and Mrs. Frzd lizgelman, Jn.., last week, 
but the babe did not livz to szz thz light ol day. Thz remains werz laid at nest in the 
Lutheran Cemetery. ********** McW _ ch 30> 19U 


Robert Mzldrzn, a prominznt young larmer residing two miles southwest ol White Rock, 

was kilted FnJLday manning by laUUng Irom the rool ol his barn. In loading hay into the 

mow some part ol the Lilting device got out ol onder. He climbed to the nool to adjust 

a pulley and in leaning over lost his balance and lell, striking on his head and shoulden. 

His back was broken and he died without regaining consciousness . 


E. K. Steward, well known to the dancing population ol Hankinson as the leaden ol 
the popular Stewart Omchzstra, having lillzd many engagements at the Grawe Hall, died at 
Redlield, SD., on April 8th. The orchestra, will continue on the noad under the leader- 
ship ol Mns . Stewart. ********** April 10 1916 

a 34) 


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Mauer 2 

Max 40 

Mc Conn 40 

Mc Cormick 19 

Mc Donald 11,40,69 

Mc Donnall 49 

Mc Dougall 46 

Mc Kean 120 

Mc Kinnon 81 

Mc Morrow 73 

Mecklenberg 63 

Medenwaldt 6,22,29 


Meide 14 

Meilke 20 

Melchert 23 

Meyer 30,60 

Miksche 45 

Milbrandt 33,40 

Miller ...5,11,25,26,29,30 


Mitchell 39 

Mitnoen 95 

Mittag 20,25,45,46,92 

Mitton 36,84 

Mitzel 8,9 

Moffet 67 

Moukman 120 

Mourer 36 

Motis 27 

Movius 21 

Muehler 18,41 

Mueller 30 

Murphy 62 

Nadeau . . . 
Neitzel .. 



Nelson 2,9,18 

Neumann 31,74 

Newman 42 

Niethan 57 

Nonweiler 125 

Novak 3 

Novetzke 24 , 85 

Odden 100 

O'Keefe 11 


Olson 9,14 

Olsson 17 

O'Meara 4 

Onsrud 32,33 

Orvedahl 115 

Ostby 11,31,91 

Ouveson 99 

Ovenson 7 

Palmer 14 

Pankow 6,13,14,77 

Pappe 75 

Parizek 29 

Parsons 100 

Paske 37 

Passbrig 10,11,35,36,67 

Pass enhe 5 

Patterson 82 

Pausch 5,6,38,39 

Pavek 133 

Payne 20 

Peitz 123 

Pelzel 32 

Peterschick . .' 26 

Peterson 33,58,66 

Petrich 9 

Pewanke 105 

Pitzen 114 

Pius X 69 

Plaph 60 

Polfuss 5,15,16,31 

Polhamus 15 

Popp 37,38,75 

Portner 125 

Poss 68 

Potter 117 

Potts 27 

Price 47 

Priess 7 

Prochnow 30 

Psradis 14 

Puetz 5,6 

Pytten 1 24 

Radditz 58 

Radke 7 

Radloff 20 

Ramsey 64,112 

Randall 36 

Redmon 24 

Reiland 5,6 

Reimer 123 

Reinke 42,44 

Retterath 25 

Rettig 14 

Rewter 30 

Rice 94 

Richied 32,33 

Riley 30 

Rippie 15 

Rischard 30 

Robey 49 

Robinson 119 

Roeder 7,22,30,31 

Rohl 14,33 

Ross 84 

Rossow 3,38 

Rowley 38 

Roth 22,31,87 

Rudolph 9 

Ruseth 33 

Russell 38.83 

Sage 40 

Sandquist 105 

Sanf ord 7 

Scheller 66 

Schiltz 64 

Schlener 26 

Schmidt 71,93,120 

Schmit 9,55,116 

Schnase 9 

Schramm 38 

Schroeder 15,19,23,116 

Schubert 5 

Schuett 23,64,119 

Schultz 18,61 

Schulz 56,124 

Scoville 133 

Sears 71 

Sedler 83 

Seefeldt 44 

Severson 34 

Shartaw 108 

Sheridan 9 

Shipe 113 

Shorma 33 

Shrigley 76 

Siemers 107 

Sievert 101 

Sinclair 126 

Skagen 1 24 

Skare 26 

Smerar 38 

Smith 7,9,51,56 

Snyder 69 

Sorenson 2 

Spethman 31 

Spottswood 46 

Srnka 25 

Stach 7,50 

Stack 33 

Stanley 76,78 

Stave 62 

Stef f ens 20 

Steffes 113 

Stein 34 

Steingaard 63 

Stern 19 

Stevenson 4 


Stewart 86,134 

Stiteler 86 

St. John 38 

Stoltenow 10,11,20,67 

Stovner 48 

Strissel 5 

Strub 35 

Strubel 75 

Svoboda 25 

Sweeney 22 

Sykora 81 

Taylor 12 

Teshovasky 35 

Theede 134 

Thiel 4 

Tietz 87 

Thill 55 

Thomason 87 

Thompson 60,96,115 

Thorson 32 

Thorstenson 103 

Thunell 86 

Thur 8 

Tiegs 9,13,14 

Tilt 61 

Tiseth 40 

Trainer 46 

Trittin ...20,22,58 

Tryba 66 

Tyson 67,81,87,89 

Dmbreit 1 

Unknown 97,103,111 

Dpkes 46 

Van der Werff 33 

Van Huoten 48 

Vedder 45 

Voeltz 1,18,52,64,101 

Vollrath 117 

Vorron 29 

Voves 40 

Wagner 20,55,125 

Waitman 32 

Walby 122 

Walker 101,120 

Wallace 88 

Wallflour 62 

Walmer 15 

Walters 7 

Wantland 112 

Watson 91 

Wawers 18,33,34 

Weber 75,113 

Weinkauf 12 

Weiser 117 

Westphal 9,54,58 

Williams 119 

Wilson 35 

Wipperman 96 

Witt 8,109 

Wittman 4 

Woiwode 110,112,123 

Woldowski 12 

Wolfe 14,24,26,27 


Wollitz 8 

Worner 7,35,49,94 

Wrege 65 

Wurl 9 

Wurst 33 

Voting 24,96 

Zanzinger 33 

Ziegelman ....19,27,28,134 
Zietlow 8,124