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DECEMBER 1, 1866, TO DECEMBER 1, 1867. 




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The publication of the present annual catalogue has been delayed 
by two principal causes: 1. The large extent of the additions to the 
Library which it was deemed important to include in it; and, 
2. The adoption of a full and accurate system of collation in 
describing the works catalogued. 

Up to the year 1867, the annual accessions to the Library of 
Congress were embraced in pamphlet catalogues of 50 to 200 pages, 
printed in large type, and distributed near the commencement of 
each session of Congress. The very large additions embraced in 
the present volume rendered necessary the use of smaller type, 
and the adoptionrof a diflFerent form f<M- the catalogue. It has been 
the purpose of the Librarian to include in it not only all the regular 
accessions of the past year, but also the chief portion of the books 
of the Smithsonian Library and of the Force collection, both of 
which are now incorporated with the Library of Congress. So great 
is the extent of these coUectiona, (the titles -embraced in the Force 
library alone being estimated at 55,000,) that it has been necessary 
to reserve for future catalogues the great body of pamphlets in both 
libraries, together with all the maps, manuscripts, and the larger 
portion of the incuriahula of the Force collection. 

LiBRABY OF CoNGBESS, Mwrck, 1868. 

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pp. Pages. 

I. Leaves. 

p. 1. Preliminary leaves. 

pi. Plates. 

n. p. No place of publication. 

unp. Unpaged. 

n. d. No date of pablicatioD. 

anon. Anonymous. 

pseudon. Pseudonymous, 
ed. Edition, 
pan^. Pamphlets, 
sm. Small, 
sq. Square, 
obi. Oblong. 

fol. Polio. 40. Quarto. 8^. Octavo. taP, 
Duodecimo, etc. 

Tbe letter 8; affixed to any title, denotes that the work belongs to the libraty of the Smithsonian 

The books are described as folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo, etc., according to the apparent 
size of the volume, and not according to the printer's designadons derived from the fold of the 

In the alphabetioal arrangement, the prefix Me, AT, or Mae, is treated uniformly as a compo- 
nent part of the word, as if spelled Mac, Thus, MeLeod or MLeod precedes Maclure. In fike 
manner, the prefixes New, La, Du, etc., ore treated as component parts of the words to which 
they belong. Thus Nev England follows NetoeU instead of precedmg it, as it would do if the 
pr^Bx New were treated as a separate word. 

It is one of the aims of the present catalogue to fumirih with the titles a sufficiently fill! 
collation of each work. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number of pages 
in the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the number of mope and 
plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The information thus conveyed will, it is believed, 
be found of practical value to readers, as conveying at a glance some idea of the extent of each 
work, while the addition of publishers' names is useliil as supplying a guide to the identification 
of editions. In the case of books printed without date, tbe actual or approximate date is 
uniformly supplied, in brackets. 

Brackets in any part of a dtle indicate that the words included in them are not found in the 
title, but are inserted. 

The employment of capital letters in titles has been strictly confined to proper names, and to 
the initial letter of each sentence. Although this departs firom a very general usage in printing 
the German and some other languages, it secures a uniform and elegant typography. The 
capitalization of substantives was not practiced in the earlier days of German typography, and 
high modern authorities (including the new Warterbuch of the brothers Grimm) have abandoned 
it for a uniform type. 

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Abbeville (Nicolas Sanson d'). See SanBon 
d* Abbeville, (Nicolas). 

Abbey ( Alonzo J. ) The triad ; a new collection 
of vocal music, sacred and secular. 380 
pp. Oblong 8°. New York, H, G, Ahbey, 

Abbot (Geoi^, D. D., ArchbUkop of Canter- 
bwy), A brief description of the whole 
world. 6th ed., 187 pp. index, m»,, 16 pp.; 
sm. 4^. London, John Marriott, 1634. 

The same. 332 pp. 18°. London, Wil- 
liam Sheares, 1634. 

The same. 5th ed., 340 pp. 24°. Liyn- 

don, Margaret Sheares, 1664. 

Abbott (Jacob). China and the English. 
lanon,"} 264 pp. 18°. New York, LeaviU, 
Lord ds Co,, 1835. 

Editor}, Harper's school histoiy; from 

the earliest times to the establishment of the 
American constitution. 13^, New York, Har- 
per$, 1856. s. 

History of king Alfred of England. 16°. 

New York, Harpers, 1849. 

History of Cyras the great. 16°. New 

York, Harpers, 1850. 

History of king Richard the first of 

Enghind. 16°. New York, Harpen, 1857. 

Histoiy of William the conqueror. 16°. 

New York, Harpers, 1849. s. 

Abdallati£ iS^« Mowaffak eddin, etc. B. 

Abd-el Kerim Ben Abd-el-jebbar. Voyage 
de I'Inde ^ la Mekke, traduit de la version 
anglais, avec des notes, etc., par L. lianglds. 
18°. Pom, 1797. s. 

Abd-er-reszak, Kemal eddin. Voyages de 
la Perse dans Flnde. Traduit du persan par 
L. Langlds. 2 v. 18°. Paris, 179S, s. 

Abdalktureen or Abdoul-Keiym. See Abd- 
el-Kerim Ben Abd-el-jebbar. s. 

Abdullah. Bahwa ini Kesah-Pti-Layar-an 
Abdullah, ben Abdulkadir, Munehi Deri 
Singapuri Ka-Ealantan. TArzarong Ulihnya. 

(English and Malay characters.) 159 pp. 8°. 
Singapura, press of Am. mission, 1838. 8. 

Abel (Clarke). Narrative of a journey in the 
interior of China^ and of a voyage to and from 
that country, 1816-17. xVi, 420 pp. 4 maps. 
19 pi. 4°. London, Longman, 1818. 

About (Edmond Francois Valentin). Lettres 
d'un bon jeune homme ^ sacousine Madeleine. 
393 pp. 16°. Paris, Uvyfrh^ Ami, 

La vieille roche : les vacances de la com- 

tesse. 8°. Paris, L, HacheUe ^ Co., 1865. 

-^— Le marquis de Lanrose. 8^. 

Paris, L, HaehetU 8f Co., 1865. 

Germaine. Translated by Mary L. Booth. 

341 pp. 120. Boston, Tilt<m A Co., 1860. 

The uum with the broken ear. Trans- 
lated from the French by Heniy Holt 254 
pp. 16°. New York, Leypoldt A HoU, 1867. 

Abraham (Henry A.) Whom do you wor- 
ship f A popular treatise on reasonable relig- 
ion. 44 pp. 120. New York, 1867. 

Abreu (Antonio Joe6 Alvarez de). Victima 
real legal; discurso uno juridico-historico- 
politioo Bobre que las vacantes mayores y 
menores de las iglesias de las Indias Occi- 
dentales pertenecen ^ la corona de Castilla y 
Leon con pleno y abeoluto dominio. 2* ed., 
18 p. 1. 374 pp., 14 I., sm. fol. Madrid, A. 
Ortega, 1769. 

Abreu de Gkdineo (Juan de). Histoiy of 
the discoveiy and conquest of the Canary 
islands. [With] a description of the island 
and the modem history of the inhabitants. 
By Geoi^ Glas. viii, 368 pp. 3 maps. 4^. 
London, DodsUy, 1764. 

The same. 2 v. xvi, 227 pp ; 223 pp. 1 

map. 18°. Dublin, D. Chamberlaine, 1767. 

Abstract of the sufferings of the people called 
quakers, for the testimony of a good con- 
science, from 1660 to 1666. lanon.'] 2 v. 
xii, 575, xl pp.; xxxii, 522, xlv pp. 8°. 
London, Assigns of J. Sowle, 1733-38. 

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Aoarete du Biscay, A relation of Mr. R. 
M/b voyage to Buenos A3rre8; and from 
thence hy land to Potosi. [Abridged and 
altered, from account of a voyage up the river 
de la Plata], v, 117 pp. 1 map. 16^. Lon- 
don, John Darby f 171G. 

Aooount of the customs and manners of the 
Micmakis and Maricheets, savage nations, 
now depending on the government of Cape- 
Breton, from a letter written by a French 
abbot. [With ] pieces relative to the savages, 
to Nova Scotia, and to North America, [amm], 
viii, 138 pp. London, S, Hooper dt A, MorUy, 

Acootmt of an expedition to the interior of 
New Holland, lanon"}. 2d ed. xi, 235 pp. 
180. London, B, BenOey, 1849. 8. 

Account (An) of Jamaica, and its inhabitants, 
lly a gentleman long resident in the West 
Indies, lanon^, 2d ed. 213 pp. 1 pi. 8^. 
Kingiton, Jamaica, 1809. 

A'tcount of the state prison or penitentiary 
house in the city of New York. By one of 
the inspectors of the prison, lanonj. 97 
pp. 2 pi. 8°. New York, liaac ColUna ^ 
Son, 1801. 

Accounts and papers relating to Mary, queen 
of Scots. Edited by A. J. Crosby and J. 
Bruce, xxiii, 134 pp. 1 pi. sm. 4^. London, 
1867. [ Camden $oc. pub. No, 93. ] 

Acharius (Erik, M, D, ) Methodus qua omnes 
detectoe lichenes, secundum organa carpo- 
morpha, ad genera, species et varietates re- 
digere atque observation! bus illustrare tenta- 
vit. Iv, 393 pp. 8 pi. 8^. Stockholmia, 
Vlrieh, 1803. 8. 

Note: appended, 

Supplementum, speoiet qnamplnrM norai deaciiptas 
neonun obeenratac Tsriit oomplectens, etc. 50 pp. 

Acland (Bev, Charles). Popular account of 
the manners and customs of India, xii, 156 
pp. 16^. London, J, Murray, 1847. 

Acland (Henry W. ) and Ruskin (John). 
The Oxford museum. Ill pp. 3 pi. ' 129, 
London, Smith, Elder ^ Co,, 1859. 

Acosta ( Jos6 de). Historia natvrale e morale 
delle Indie. Nouamente tradottadella lingua 
spagnuola nella italiana da G. P. OalvccL 
23 p. 1. 173 pp. sm. 4°. Veneiia, B, Ba$a, 

De natvra novi orbis libri dvo. Et de 

promvlgatione evangelii apvd barbaros, sine, 
de procvranda Indorvm salute, libri sex. 8 p. I. 
640 pp. 18^. Colonice Agrippina, MyUus, 

AoreUus (Israel). Beskrifiung om de swen- 
ska fbrsamlingars foma och narwarande 
tilstand, uti det sa kallade Nya Swerige, 
sedan Nya Nederland, men nu for tiden Pen- 
sylvanien, samt nastliggande orter wid alf- 
wen De La Ware, Wiist-Yersey och New- 
Castle county uti Norra America. 10 p. 1. 
534 pp. sm. 40. Stockholm, Harherg A Hes- 
sdberg, 1759. 

Adair (D. L.) New system of bee-keeping; 
adapted to the habits of the honey-bee, with 
improved methods of artificial swarming. 74 
pp. 8°. Cincinnati, B. Clarke ^ Co,, 1867. 

Adair (Bobert Alexander Shafto, F, B, S.) 
Ireland and her servile war. 72 pp. 8^. 
London, Bidgway, 1866. 

Adams (Arthur), Baikie (William Balfour), 
and Barron (Charles). Manual of natural 
history for the use of travellers. [With] 
directions for collecting and preserving, viii, 
749 pp. 120. London, J, Van Voortt, 1854. 8. 

Adams (F. Colbum). Our world; or, the 
democrat's rule. By Justia, a know-nothing. 
In2v. v.l. viH,398pp. 4 pi. 129, London, 
S, Low, ion 4k Co,, 1855. 

The siege of Washington, written ex- 
pressly for little people. Illustrated by A. W. 
Waud. 130 pp. 8 pi. sq. 18^. New York, 
Dick ^ Fitzgerald, 1867. 

Adams (H. G.) Cyclopeedia of female biog- 
raphy, iv, 788 pp. 1 pi. 16^. London, 
Groombridge ^ Sons, 1857. 

Adams (Henry and Arthur). The genera of 
recent mollusca; arranged according to their 
organization. 3 v. xl, 484 pp; 661 pp; 138 
pi. 89, London, J, Fan Foor#«, [1853-58.] 8. 

Adams (John, President of the U, S,) Corres- 
pondence; originally published in the Boston 
Patriot, in a series of letters, iv, 572 pp. 8^. 
Boston, EvtreU A Munroe, 1809. 

Defence of the constitutions of govern- 
ment of the United States of America. 3d 
ed. 3v. 8^. Philadelphia, William Cobbett, 

Dijscourses on Davila ; a series of papers 

on political history, published 1790, in the 
Gazette of the United States. lanon.'\ 248 
pp. 8^. Boston, BusseU A Cutler, 1805. 

Adams (John Quincy). The duplicate letters, 
the fisheries and the Mississippi; documents 
relating to transabtions at the negotiation of 
Ghent. 2d ed. 223 pp. 8^. LouisviUe, 8, 
Penn, Jr,, 1823. 

Adams (Nehemiah). Broadcast. [Religious 
reflections.] 210 pp. 16^. Boston, Ticknor 
A Fields, 1863. 

Digitized by 




AdaniB (Robert). Narrative of R. A., an 
American sailor, wrecked on the western 
coast of Africa in 1810, detained three years 
in slavery by the Arabs of the Great Desert, 
and [who] resided several months in Tom- 
buctoo. [Ed. by 8. Cock], xxviii, 200 
pp. 1 map. 8^. Botion, WeJU and LtUy, 

Adams (Samuel). See Hunt (Leigh) and 
Adams (S.) Book of the sonnet, etc. 

Adams (Rev, Seymour Webster). Memoir. 
[With sermons]. Edited by J. P. Bishop. 
237 pp. 160. Cleveland, ( O.J Fairbanh, 
Benedict 4r Co,, 1866. 

Adams (William T.) The boat club ; or, the 
Bunkers of Rippleton ; a tale for boys. By 
Oliver Optic, (pteudon), 16°. BoMton, 
Brown, Bazin tt Co,, 1855. 8. 

Haste and waste ; or, th« young pilot of 

Lake Champlain. A story for young people. 
By Oliver Optic. Ipseud"}. 313 pp. 4 pi. 
16°. Boston, Lee A Shepard, 1867. 

Hope and have ; or, Fanny Grant among 

the Indians. A story for young people. By 
Oliver Optic. Ipuudon'}, 283 pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Lee de Shepard, 1867. 

Outward bound; or, young America 

afloat. A story of travel and adventure. 
By Oliver Optic. Ipseudon], 336 pp. 4 pi. 
16°. Boston, Lee ^ Shepard, 1867. 

- The starry-flag; or, the young fisherman 

of Cape Ann. By Oliver Optic, [pseudonl. 
312 pp. 8 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee df Shepard, 

Work and win ; or, Noddy Newman on 

a cruise; a story for young people. By 
Oliver Optic. Ipseudonl, 16°. Boston^ 

Yankee Middy; or, adventures of a 

naval officer. [A sequel to the " Tailor Boy]." 
By Oliver Optic. Ipseudon"], 16°. Boston, 

Adanson (Michel). Voyage to Senegal, the 
isle of Goree, and the river Gambia. Trans- 
lated from the French, xiii, 337 pp. 1 map. 
120. London, J. Nourse, 1759. 

Addison (Henry R.) Traits and stories of 
Anglo-Indian life, viii, 284 pp. 8 pi. 16^. 
London, Smith, Elder A Co,, 1858. 

Addison (Joseph ). Dialogues sur I'utilit^ des 
anciennes mddiulles. ( Wiih Winckelmann 
(J. J.) an(i others. De Talldgorie. v. 2.) 

Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 1793. 

(Anderson's Brit. Poets, v. 7). 

Address to farmers, lanon}, 64 pp. 16^. 
Salem, John Daibney, 1796. 

Addresses of the Philadelphia society for 
the promotion of national industry. 4th ed. 
xi, 248 pp. 120. Philadelphia, M, Carey 
A Son, 1819. 

The same. 5th ed. xii, 299 pp. 12°. 

Philadelphia, J, MaxweU, 1820. 

Adelung ( Johann Christoph). Geschichte der 
menschlichen narrheit, oder lebensbeschrei- 
bungen beriihmter schwarzktlnstler, gold- 
macher, teufelsbanner, etc. lanon"}, 8 v. 
129. Leipzig, Weygand, 1785. (v. 8 wanting). 

Adhelmus (Saint), See Aldhelm. 

Adlard (Geoi-ge). The Sutton-Dudleys oi 
England and the Dudleys of Massachusetts 
in New England. From the Norman conquest 
to the present time, xvi, 160 pp. 2 pi. 8^. 
New York, C. B. Richardson, 1862. 

Adlzreiter (Johann). Annalium Boicie gen- 
tis partes iii, quibus historia a prima Bojo- 
rum origine ad mdcli continetur. Acces- 
sere Andreie Brunneri annalium Boicorum a 
primis initiis ad annum moccxi partes ilL 
Cum pra^&tione G. G. Leibnitii. Ed. nova. 
5 p. 1. 296 pp., 26 1., 123 pp, 5 1. fol. Fran- 
cofurtiadMcenum, J, F, Oleditsch AJUii, 1710. 

Adresse(Une)illisible. ParFanjot. [pseudon], 
220 pp. 160. Paris, Amyot, 1862. 

Adventures of a German toy. lanon"}, 171 
pp. 18°. Boston, W, V, Spencer, 1866. 

Aegidins Columna, or, Romanus. See Colon- 
na (Egidio). 

JESlianns (Claudius). Various histories. Ren- 
dered into English by Thomas Stanley. 
7 p. 1. 314 pp. 14 1. 180. London, T. Basset, 

Aeplnns or Hook? (Fr. Johann). Diegesch- 
ichte von Meklenburg fUr jedermann, in einer 
folge von briefen. lanon^* 3 v. 12®. Neti- 
brandenburg, C, G. Korb, 1791-93. 8. 

Aesopus. Esopo volgarizzato per uno da Siena. 
(Pietro Berti.) Testo di lingua. Padova,nel 
Seminario, 1811. {^Printed on vellum']* 

Afrioan (The) observer. Edited by Enoch 
Lewis. [April, 1827, to March, 1828.] V. 1. 
89, Philadelphia, J, Ashmead d; Adam Waldie 
A Co., 1827-28. 

Agapetos, diaconus. Expositio admonitoria 
ad Justinianum imperatorem. ( With Isoora- 
tes. Paraenesis, ed. 1699.) 8. 

Agardh (Jakob Georg). Species, genera et 
ordines algarum. 2 v. ; viii, 363 pp. ; xii, 
1291 pp. 8<^. Lunda; C, W, K, GUerup, 
1848-63. 8. 


V. 1. Pucoldeae. V. 2. Ploridea©. 

Digitized by 




Agassiz (Alexander). Embrjologj of tbe 
Btarfiflb. [From v. 5 of Agaasig. Nat hist, of 
tl. 8.] 66. Ix pp. 8 pi. 4°. IBotton, 1865.] 8. 

Agathias. DeimperioetrebvsgeetiBJvstiniaiii 
imperatoris libri qyinqve. [Or.etLtU,'] Inter- 
pretatione B. y vlcanii. Acceflserunt epigram- 
mata gneca [latiue reddita per J. Scaligervm 
et J. Dovsain]. 388 pp. fol. Lvgdvni Bat- 
avorvm, F, RapheUngiuif 1594. 

Agnew (David Hayes, M. D. ) Practical anat- 
omy. A new arrangement of tbe London 
dissector. With additions, illustrations, [etc]. 
2d ed 307 pp. ViP. PhUaddphia, J. B. 
LippincoU, 1868. 

Agostini (Leonardo). See Paruta (Filippo) 
and Agostini. SicUia nvmismatics. 

Agrippa von Nettesheim (Heinricb Cornelius). 
Do occvlta pbilosophia libri tres. 6 p. 1. unp., 
ccclxii pp. fol. ICoUmia,'] 1533. 

Aguatij] (Antonio), and OiBini (Fulvio). 
De Bomanorvm gentibvs et familiis soriptores 
dvo pnestantissimi. 4p. 1. 156 pp. 4P, Lvg- 
dvni, F, Faber, 1592. 

Agustin de Esoudero (J.) See Bscudero. 

Ahmed Ibn Mohammed Al-Makkari (Shibdb- 
ed-din). EUstory of tbe Mohammedan dynas- 
ties in Spain. Trans, by Pascual de Ghiyangos. 
2y. xxxix, 548, xcv pp.; xii, 544, olxxii 
pp. 4^. Londanj Oriental tramUuian fund, 

Ahn (F. ) Rudiments of the German language : 
pronouncing, spelling, and translating. Am. 
ed. 89 pp. 16^. New York, E.Steiger, 1867. 

Aikin (John, Surgeon). Biographical memoirs 
of medicine in Great Britain, from the revival 
of literature to the time of Harvey, xi, 338 
pp., 6 1. 80. London, J. Joknton, 1780. 

Aikin(Lucy). The arts of life. Newed. zi, 
228 pp. 180. London, Longman, 1858. 

Ailly (Pierre d'). Cocordfitia astronomie cu 
tbeologia, ou hystorica narrations, et eluci- 
dariu duorum precedentlum. sm. 4^. Vene- 
tiis, 1490. 8. 

Aimard (GusUve). CurumiUa. 336 pp. ICP, 
Paris, Amyot, 1860. 

La loi de Lynch. 3« 6d. 464 pp. 12°. 

Paris, Amyot, 1859. 

Airy (George Biddell). Essays on tbe inva- 
sion of Britain by Julius Cfesar, by Plautius, 
and by Claudius Caesar; the early military 
policy of tbe Bomans in Britain ; tbe battle 
of Hastmgs. 4^. London, 1865. s. 

— ^— Populdre pbysische astronomie. Aus 
dem Englisohen von K. L. Edlem von Lit- 
trow. xxiii, 216 pp., 4 pL 12°. StuUgari, 
Mofmann, 1839. 8. 

Aitken (William). Science and practice of 
medicine. From the 4th London ed., with 
additions, by M. Clymer. 2v., 955 pp. ; xliii, 
1114 pp. 8^. PhUadelpkia, Lindsay dfBlakis- 
ton, 1866. 

Aitssema (Leeuw van). Saken van staet en 
oorlogh, in, ende omtrent de Yereenigde Ned- 
erlanden, beginnende met 1621, ende eyndi- 
gende met 1669. 7 v. fol. Graven-Haghe, 
J, Vedy, 1669-72. 

Ajokaemutit illuartut Gudimik pekkors^jni- 
glo innungnut. [EsquinuxMZ. Knowledge of 
the righteous God. aiwm.] 158 pp. 16^. 
Kiohenhavnime, C. F. SkubarUmU, 1818. 

Akenside (Mark). Tbe pleasures of imagina- 
tion. [With] odes, vi, 116 pp. 16^. Edin- 
burgh, Buddiman ^ Co., 1758. [Select 
collection of modem poems]. 

Poetic^ works. S9, Edinhurgh, 1794. 

[Anderson's Brit, poets, v. 9]. 

Akerly (Samuel). An essay on the geology of 
the Hudson river, and tbe adjacent regions. 
69 pp. 1 map. 12^. Kew York, Goodrich ^ 
Co., 1820. 

Alabama, University of. Catalogue of the 
library. By W. G. Richardson. 8°. 2W- 
caloosa, 1848. 8. 

Alaozet (Francis Isidore). Essai sur les 
peines et le systdme p^nitentiaire. xviii, 295 
pp. 8^. Paris, imprisnerie royale, 1842. 8. 
Traits g^ndral des assurances mari- 

times, terrestres, mutuelles et sur la vie. 2 v. 
zi, 496 pp. ; 527 pp. Paris, Cosse, 1843. 8. 

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1 map. 8^. Albany, Sampson, Davenport de 
Co., JL8e7. 

Albert (Eugenio). Vita di Caterina de 'Medici, 
viii, 473 pp., 19 pi. 8^. Firenu, BaUlU, 1838. 

Albers (Johann Christian). Helieeen nach na- 
tOrlicher verwandtschaft systematisch geord- 
net. Zweite ausgabe, besorgt von Eduard 
von Martens, xviii, 359 pp. 8^. Leipzig, 
Engelmann, 1860. 8. 

Albert(vonBollst&dt). SefAIbertus Magnus. 

Albert! (Leon BaUista). Of statues. Trans- 
lated from tbe Italian by John Evelyn. 61 — 
75 pp. [ With Evelyn (J. ) Account of arch- 
itects and architecture, fol. London, 1706]. 

Albertns Magnus. Liber de natura locorum 
461. sm.4^. Argentorati, Matthia Schurerii, 

Liber de ad herendo Deo et vltima et su- 

pema perfectione hominis ad Deum qu&tu pos- 
sible e. Ol.onp. fol. lEsUnga, Conrad I^' 
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Digitized by 




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Digitized by 




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Digitized by 




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Digitized by 




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Digitized by 




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le sirie, 1831-40. M6moire« et doonmentg. SO t. 

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• Tables fr^n^rales. 1841-1850. 
3e i^rie, 1851-^. M6 moires et documents. 20 v. 

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events for the jear 1866. New series, vii. 

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Digitized by 





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revolutions of the different nations of the worlds 
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and Nicolay {Rev, Charles Grenfell). 

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<fr David, 1604. 

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lacion espanola, desde los tiempos mas re- 
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oi Count Alexander Suworow-Reymnikski. 
[or Rimninskoi.] Translated from the Ger- 
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Antine or Daniine (Maur Francois d'). See 
Art de verifier les datef>. 

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te Ouvaroff fran^ais et russe.] texte 2 v., 
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of the story of Apollonius of Tyre, upon which 

is founded the play of Pericles, attributed to 

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df A, Arch, 1834. 

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Opus aureum.) 8. 

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Romanorum libri qui Dlyrius et Celticus 

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(With AppianvM Alexandrinus. Romanorum 
libri, Venetiis, 1477,) 

-^— Romanarvm historiarvm celtica, libyca, 
illyrica, syriaca, parthica, mithridatica, ciuilis, 
quinque libris distincta. Ex bibliotheca regia. 
393 pp. 1 1. fol. Lvtetia, C, Stephanus, 

Applegarth (Robert). A theological survey 
of the human understanding, lanon'], 3 
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By Edward H. Hall, xii, 142 pp., 7 maps. 
129, New York, D. Appleton 8f Ck>,, 1^66, 

Digitized by 





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can travel : northern tour. With maps, [etc.] 
Bj Edward H. Hall. 9th ed. xvi, 318 pp., 
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gellan. Narrative of the ImpriBonment and 
eBoape of Capt Chaa. H. Brown from the 
Chilian convicta. 228 pp. 1 pi. 12<^. Boi- 
ton, Geo. C. Rand, 1854. 

Appleton (William S.) Anoeatrj of Maiy 
Oliver, who lived 1640—1698, and waa the 
wife of Samuel Appleton, of Ipswich. 29 pp. 
3 tables. 4®. Cambridge, (Man.), J. WiUon 
A Son, 1867. 

Aprosio (Angelico). La visieraalzata; heca- 
toste di scrittori, che vaghi d'andare in mas- 
chera fUor del tempo di camouale sono 
scoperti da Gio. Pietro Giacomo Villani. 
Ipseudon}. 90 pp. 18^. Parma, F^^, 1689. 

Pentecoste d'altri scrittori, che andando 

in maschera fUor del tempo di cameuale, sono 
scoperti da Gio. Pietro Giacomo YillanL 
IjMMfiicfon]. 45 pp. 18°. Parma, Vigna, 
1689. (Wiik Apro8io» La visiera alsata 
hecatoste di scrittori. Parma, 1689.) 

Apuleius Madauremit (Lucius). Les meta- 
morphoses, ov Tasne d'or. Nouvellement re- 
veves, corrig€es, et mises en meilleur ordre. 
[Engraved title.] 8p. 1.382 pp. 16 pi. 12°. 
Park, N, La Cotte,lQ48, 

Commentaires sur la metamorphose de 

Pasne d'or de TApnlde. lanon."} 270 pp. 
20 1. [ With Apuleius, Paris, 1648.] 

The birth of pleasure, the story of Cupid 

and Psjrche. [Translation.] 110 pp. 16°. 
New York, James Porteui, 1867. 

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from the " Golden Ass.'' From the 2d anony- 
mous London ed. of 1800; with the life of 
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8o. CharUst<m,(S.C.,)B.B.HuM$ey,lS42. 

L'asino d'oro, traslatato da messer. Ag- 

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(Firenzuola. Opere, v. 3.) 

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on text, with English translation.] (With 
Leeohdoms, wortcunning, and starcraft of 
early England. Ed. by O. Cockayne. V. 1. 
80. XoiK{cm,1864.) 

Aquila Bomanui. See Rutilius Lupus (P.) 
De fignris sententiarum. 

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I Aug. Find., G. Zainer, n. d.] 8. 

Aquino, {Saint Tommaso d'). De corpore 
Cristi. 171. unp. sm. 4°. IColonia, Arnold 
Therhoem, about 1480.] 

De desertione anime a Deo. 2 1. unp. 

sm. 4°. ILe^fdis, per Heynrieu Heynriei, 
1484.] ( With Aquino. TracUtus de hu- 
manitate Christi. Leydie, 1484. ) 

De duobus prseceptis charitatis, et decern 

legis prteceptis, ejusdemque de venerabili Sac- 
ramento altaris. Recognovit C. Martin, vii, 
340 pp. 240. Colonic, J. M.HeberU^k Co., 

Gloea continua sup. quatuor euange- 

listas. fol. [Basile®.] 1476. 8. 

In libros meteorologicorvm Aristotelis 

proeclarissima commentaria, cum duplici tex- 
tus interpretatione, vna Francisci Vatabli, an- 
tiqua altera. 2 1., 270 pp. in 68 1. fol. H. 
ScottuB, Venitiis; 1561. (fTi^A preceding.) 8. 

In qvatvor libros Aristotelis de cvclo et 

mundo commentaria, quae cum morte prae- 
uentus perficere non potuerit, absoluit Petrus 
de Aluemia; cvm dvplici textus translotione, 
antiqua videlicet, et Joannis Argyropili nova 
diligenter recognitis. 6 p. 1., 176 pp. fol. 
VenetOs, haeredee H. Scoti, 1575. 8. 

Postilla in Job. fol. [EsUngic.] 1474. 


The same. fol. (n. p., Conrad Fyner.) 

1476. 8. 

Prima pars summe sacre theologie. [ v. 1 ]. 

fol. In urbe Fenetiaru, B. Loeatellus, 1491. 8. 

Prima pars secunde partis summe theolo- 
gize, fol. Fenetiis, B. LocateUui, 1495. ( With 
preceding.) 8. 

Secuda secude partis sume theologie 

summe [et] id est de ptibus pnie, et primo de 
stritione. [v. 2.] fol. [n. d. or p.] 8. 

Tertia pars, additiones tertie partis. 

[v. 3.] fol. FenetiJt,B.deDridino,U86. 8. 

Bemediu circa caruale delectationem. 

2 1. unp. sm. 4^. ILeydit, per Heynrieu Heyn- 
riei, 1484.] {WithAqvdno. Tractatus de 
humanitate Christi. Leydit, 1484.) 

Tractatus de humanitate Christi. 97 1. 

sm. 49^. Leydit, per Heynrieu Heynriei, 1484. 

Ar^gb (Jacques £tienne Victor). Promenade 

/autour du monde, pendant 1817 — 1820, sur 
les corvettes PUranie et la Physicienne. 
2v. 80. Pam, 1822. 8. 

Aratus. [PhsBnomena et dioeemeia, cumThe- 
onis scholiis et Eratoetheniscatasterismis, etc. 
[Grocf.] Accesserunt annotationes in Era- 
toethenem et hynmos Dionysii: curante J. 
Fell.] 238 pp. 120. Qxonii, e theatro Shel- 
doniano, 1672. 

Digitized by 





Arohambault (P. J.). See Violette (J. H. 
M.) and Arohaxnbault. Dictionnaire des 
analjses cbimiquee. 

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memoirs of Miss Ann Sheldon, [afterwards 
Mrs. Archer]. 4 v. 169, London, 1790. 

Archer's (The) guide. [With] instructions for 
the use of the bow ; [also] a history of the 
long-bow. By an old tozophilite. lanon,"} 
xii, 178 pp. Ipl. 16°. London, T. Hurtt, 

Archiac (£tienne Jules Adolphe, VieonUe d'). 
Histoire des progr^ de la geologic de 1834 
41845. 5v. 8°. Parit,L.MarHnet, 1817-53, 


Archilochtui. lambographorum princfpis re- 
liquisD. Edidit J. Liebel. £d. repetita. xvi, 
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lindro; quelle della misura de cerchio; e le 
note critiche e georoetriche, [da Y. Flauti]. 
75 pp. 8o. Napoli, 1852. (fTUh BucUd. 
Element! di geomctria, ed. Napoli, 1852, y, 
2.) 8. 

Archivio storico italiana Serie III. 1866. 
V. 4—5. 8o. Fireme, 1866. 

Arco ( Giambattista Glierardo, Conte d' ). 
Deir armonia politico-economica tra la citt4 e 
il suo territorio; 1, sulla populazione. 2, 
deir annona. (v. 30.) Dell' influenza del 
comercio sopra i talent! e i costumi ; Risposta 
a1 quesito, se in una stato d! terreno feilile, 
favorir debbasi mag^ormente Vestrazione del- 
le materie prime, ovvero quella della mani- 
fatture; Del diritto ai transit!, t. 31. (Scrit- 
tori class, ital. di econ. pol. v. 30 — 31.) 

Arenhold (Silvius Johannes). Conspectus 
bibliothccae universalis epietolarvm. [£pis- 
tolographi.] 4*^. Hanoveria^ 1746. 8. 

Aretin (Johann Christoph Anton Maria, Frei- 
kerr von), Beytrage sur gescbichte und lite- 
ratur, vorz&glich aus den Schiitzen der Cen- 
tralbibliothek zu Mtlnchen. [Codices grseci 
MSS. reccnsiti et notis illustrati ab I. Hardt.] 
9v. 8o. Jf uncA^i, 1803— 07. 8. 

Arfvredson (Carl David). Colonia Nova 
Svecia in Americam borealem deducta, his- 
toriola. SLpl. 34 pp. 1 map. 4^. Uptalia, 
Argons (Jean Baptiste de Bojer, Marquit d'). 
Philosophical visions. Translated from the 
French, [anon"], xxvi, 235 pp. 16°. Lon- 
don, R, Griffiths, 1757. 

and Coohois {MIU — ). New memoirs, 

a critical inquirj into the nature of friendship 
and happiness, and essays on other important 

subjects, bjr the marquis d'Argens. [With] 
two novels, Count de Bonancourt and Isabella 
Mendosa, and thoughts on the art of beau- 
tifying the foce, by Mile. Cochois. 2v. xxii, 
261 pp.; 7 1., 274 pp. London, D, Brown and 
others, 1747. 

Argensda (Bartolom^ Leonardo de). Con- 
qvista de las islas Malvcas. 6 p. 1., 407 pp. 
fol. Madrid, A, Martin, 1609. 
■ Discovery and conquest of the Molucco 

and Philippine Islands. 3 p. 1., 260 pp., 4 1., 
1 map. sm. 4^. London, 1708. (In Ste- 
vens, John. New collection of voyages and 

Argensola (Lupercio Leonardo de). Infor- 
macion de los suceeos del reino de Aragon, en 
losanosde 1590 y 1591. 8 p. 1.232 pp. 8^. 
Madrid, imp. real, 1808. 

Argenville (Antoine Joseph D^zallier d'). 
See Mzallier d'Argenville. 

Argis (Antoine Gaspard Boucher d'). Prin- 
cipes sur la nullity du manage, pour cause 
d'impuissance. Par M*** avocat en parle- 
ment. Avec le traits de J. Bouhier, sur les 
procedures qui sont en usage en France, pour 
la preuve de Hmpuissance de IHiomme. Et 
quelques pidces curieuses sur le mdme sujet. 
lanon,^ xiv, 388 pp., 3 1. 16°. Londres, 

Argosy (The); a magazine of tales, travels, 
essays, and poems, v. 2-4. 8^. London, 
Strahan, 1866-7. 

Argiielles (Agustin de). Exdmen historico 
de la reforma constitutional que hicieron las 
c6rtes generates y estraordinarias, 1810 — 
1813. 2 V. viii, 479 pp.; vii, 459 pp. 8^. 
Londres, Carlos Wood e kijo, 1835. 

Argnmenttim anti-Normanicum ; or, an ar- 
gument proving from ancient histories and 
records that William, Duke of Normandy, 
made no absolute conquest of England by 
the sword, lanon'}, 5 p. 1. 164 pp. 1 pi. 
12^. London, John Da*iy, 1682. 

Aristoteles. De animalibvs, interprete Theo- 
doroGaza. 6 p. 1. unp. 106 1. fol. Ve- 
netiis, J, dt O, de Oregoriis, 1492. 

Commentary illustrating the poetic of 

Aristotle, by examples f • om the modem poets. 
[With] a new and corrected edition of the 
translation of the poetic. By Henry James 
Pye. xvi, 564 pp., 5 1. [1 pi. inserted.] 
40. London, J, StochdaU, 1792. 

On fallacies ; or the sophistici elenchi. 

[Gr.] With a translation and notes, by Ed- 
ward Poete. viii, 252 pp. 8^. London 
MacmiUan A Co,, 1866. 

Digitized by 




Arlsona. Journals of the second and third legis- 

latiye assembly. December sessions, 1865-66. 

258 pp.; 269 pp. 8°. Pmcott, 1866. 
Arlinoourt (Victor, Ficomte d»). Ipsibo6, 

translated from the French. 2 v. viii, 284 pp.; 

270 pp. 18°. London, J, Robins A Co,, 1823. 
The renegade, translated from the 

French. 2 v. viii, 256 pp; 272 pp. 18°. 

Lonelon, J. Robin$ & Co., 1822. 
Armstrong (John, poet and physician). The 

art of preserving health; a poem. 59 pp. 16°. 

London, 1756. [Select collection of modem 

poems. 16°. Edinburgh, 1758.] 
The same. 99 pp. \QP, London, T. 

CadeU, 1768. 
Armstrong (M. K.) History and resources of 
Dakota, Montona, and Idaho. 72 pp. 1 map. 
16°. Yankton, (D. T., ) G. W. Kingsbury, 1866. 
Armstrong (Robert, C. E, ) Chimneys for fur- 
naces, fire-places, and steam boilers. 64 pp. 
1 pi. 1&>, London, E, A F, N, Spon, 1866. 
Army and Navy Journal, August, 1866, to 
August, 1867. V. 4. 4°. New York, W. F, 
Church, 1867. 
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Arnold (Isaac N.) The history of Abraham 
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pp. 1 pi. 8°. Chicago, Clarke A Co., 1866. 
Arnold (Matthew). Heinrich Heine. 64 pp. 

180. Philadelphia, F. Leypoldt, 1863. 
Amondt (Bev. P. J.) Imitation of the sacred 
heart of Jesus. Translated from the Latin 
by Rev. J. A. M. Fastre. xxii, 774 pp. Ipl. 
120. ClncinnaU, J. P. Walsh, 1865. 
Arretiniis. See Aretinus. 
Arrianus. Voyage round the Euxine sea; 
translated and accompanied with a geographi- 
cal dissertation. Added, discourses : I. On 
the trade to the East Indies; II. On the dis 
tance which the ships of antiquity usually 
sailed in 24 hours; III. On the measure of 
the Olympic stadium. [By William Fal- 
coner, M. D.] 222 pp. 1 pi. 2 maps. 4° 
Oxford, J. Cooke, 1805. 8. 

Art (V) de v6rifier les dates des faits historiques, 
etc. laTton."} 3*cd.,[parAntine, Clement, etc.] 
3 v., fol. Paris, J. Jombert, 1783-87. 8. 
Art Journal [of London]. New series, v. 5. 
Jan.— Dec., 1866. 4°. London, Virtue, 1866. 
Artand de Mcmtor (Alexis Francois, le che- 
valier). Hiatoire de Dante Alighieri. vi, 
635 pp. 3 p*l. iP. Paris, Adrien le Clerc, 
1841. 8. 

Histoire de la vie et des travaux poli- 

tiquos du comte d'Hauterive, coniprenant une 


partie des actes de la diplomatie fran^se, 
1784—1830. 2« 6d. vii, 576 pp. 8°. Paris, 
A. Le Clerc A C\, 1839. 8. 

Histoire de pape L6on XII. 2 v. xxvii, 

449 pp.; 465 pp. 8°. Paris, A, Le Clerc, 
1813. 8. 

Histoire de pape Pie VIII. xl, 469 pp. 

8o. Paris, A. le Clerc, 1844. 8. 

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historia litteraria ichthyologiie. Emendata et 
aucta a lohanne lulio Walbaum. 3 p. 1. 230 
pp. 8°. OrypeswaXdia, A. F. Boese, 1788. 
(Artedi, Ichthyologiie, part I.) 8. 

Philosophia ichthyologica. Emendata 

et aucta a lohanne lulio Walbaum. 3 p. 1. 

196 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Grypeswaldice, A. F. Boese, 
1789. (Artedi IchthyologicB, part II. With 
preceding.) 8. 

Synonymia piscium grseca et laUna 

emendata, aucta atque illustrata. Accedit 
disputatio de veterum scriptorum hippopo- 
tamo. Auct loh. Gottl. Schneider, viii, 352 
pp., 4 1. 3 pi. 40. Lipsia, 1789. 8. 

Arthur (Robert, M. D.) Some suggestions 
concerning the nature and treatment of decay 
of the teeth. 70 pp. ISIP, Baltimore, J. 
Murphy 4k Co., 1867. 

Treatise on the use of adhesive gold foil. 

86 pp. 8^. Philadelphia, Jones, WhiU A 
McCurdy, 1857. 
Articles of agreement between the lord pro- 
prietory of Maryland and the proprietorys of 
Pensilvania, &c., touching the limits and 
boundaries of the two provinces, with the 
commission constituting certain persons to 
execute the same. 19 pp. folio. Map. PhUUL- 
delphia, B. Franklin, 1733. 
Asbjomsen (P. Christian). Norske huldre- 
eventyr ag folkesagn. 2«** udgave. v. 1. 
XXX, 301 pp. 120. Christiania, P. F. Steens- 
balle, 1859. 8. 

(Simeon). See Ball (Bev. John). Letter 
of many ministers in old England. 1643. 

(Thomas). Carolina; or a description of 
the present state of that country, and the natu- 
ral excellencies thereof, lanon.} 2p.]. 40 
pp. sm. 40. London, 1682. 
Ashbumer, (W.) See California. Geologi- 
cal survey. 
Ashe (Thomas). The spirit of " The book" ; or 
memoirs of Caroline, princess of Hapsburgh. 
2ded. 3v. 8°. London, Allen A Co., 1611. 
Asher (A.) Bibliographical essay on the col- 
lection of voyages and travels edited by Le- 
vinus Hulsius and his successors, 1598 to 1660. 
118 pp. 40. Berlin, A. Asher, 1839. 

Digitized by 





Aaher (G. M.) A list of the maps and charts 
of New-Netherlaud, and of the views of New- 
Amsterdam. A supplement to his biblio- 
graphical essay on New-Netherland. 22, 120 
pp., 251. 4°. Amsterdam, F, MiiUer, 1855. 

Asher (Rev. Jeremiah). An autobiography; 
with details of a visit to England, and some 
account of the Meeting st. Baptist church, 
Providence, R. I., and of Shiloh Baptist 
church, Phikdelphia. x, 227 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Philadelphia, J. Asher, 1862. 

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or, an answer to the rebel's plea. . 2d ed. 4 
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Ashhurst (John, Jr., M. D. ) Injuries of the 
spine, with an analysis of nearly 400 cases. 
127 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincoti 
cfc Co., 1867. 

Aslak Bolt. Jordebog : fortegnelse over jor- 
degods og andre herligheder tilhorende 
erkebiskopstolen, i nidaros. Efter original- 
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Digitized by 





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EnaebU Punphili Ubri iz. Knfflno intorprate. 
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M6moire sor la p4ohe de la mome 4 Terre neure, par 

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( With preceding, ) s. 

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Digitized by 





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The same. Fourth section. Parts x-xii. 

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Advice to the King, toaohing Mr. Satton's eftate. 
Beginning of the history of Great Britain. 
Confession of the fiiith. 

ConsidenitI<mf tooohing the pooification of the ohorch 
of England. 

Considerations toaching the plantation in Troland. 

Discourse of the union of England and Scotland. 

Fmginent of an essay, of fame. 

Letter and discourse to Sir H. Savill, toaohing helps 
for the intellectual powers. 


Observations apon a libel, 1593. 

ProDoeition to the King, touohinsr the oompUiog and 
amendment of the lawes of England. 

Report of Dr. Lopes, his treason. 


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[See Amberg (H. C.) Fuldst^ndig 

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Digitized by 





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• The worshipful master's special help; a 

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Y. 1. Cktmineiamento progretsodeirartedeU'intogliare 

in rame, colle vite. 
y. 2-3. Vocabolario toscano dell'arte del disegno. 
Y. 4-14. Notizie de'professori del disegno da Cimabne. 

Digitized by 





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The same. Woche auf einem eisberge. 

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J. B.) 

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Digitized by 





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(Imp., wanting pi. 56.] 

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fV. 10 wanting.] 

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Digitized by 





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The first of hawking, the second of all the pro- 
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Digitized by 





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A history of the destruction of his Brit- 

nanio majesty's schooner Gaspee in Narragan- 
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(Imperfect, wanting 3d part, 35 pi.) 


Y. 1. Continens Tarios ritus, et lados funebres, etc. 

2 L 16 pp. 37 pi. 
T. 2. Cunt, gentiliuni dco«. 2 1. 15 pp. 46 pL 
V. 3. Cont symbola et emblemata, suuul onni lueernis 

sat-ris veterum christiuniunim. 2 1. 12 pp. (\Vant> 

iug 35 pU. 

Digitized by 


r • 




Bartoll (Pietro Santi) or Santi-Bartoli (Pietro). 

' See Bellori (G. P. ), cmd La Chausse, Pictuite 
antiquie, etc. 

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London f printed for the author, [1787 f] 

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* 8. 

Catalogue raisonn^ de toutes les estampes 

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T. 6-11. L'6oole allemande. 
T. 12-13. L'6oole d'ltalie. 
T. 14-15. Mart) Antoine et son 6cole. 
v. 16-21. La suite de r6oole d'ltalie. 

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[No more pabllshed.] 

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jusqu'^ ce jour dans les classes des phvsique 
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protest of the minority of the late general 
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case of Bishop Andrew. 8°. Frankfort (Ky.), 

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libris, cum commentariolo Johannis Honorti. 

D, D,) The history of the 
Scotch presbytery, lanon"}. 
1. 240 pp. 1 pi. leP, ViUa 

24 1. unp., sm. 4^. Liptziek, Jae, Thanner, 

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English and 

2d ed. 23 p. 

Franca, 1660. 
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historique sur les duels et les ordres de chcv- 

alerie. Par Monsieur B lanon'], 8 

p. 1. 173 pp. 16^. Amsterdam, P, Brunei, 

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Csesare Augusto ad Phocam usque. 3 v. fol. 

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Twenty melodic exercises, in form of 

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4- Son, 1865. 
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170 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach 4- 

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4 p. 1. 92 pp. 1 map, 3 pi. 8°. Oxonice, 

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Travels in Bengal and China. 129 pp. 

( With Yule (Henry), Cathay, etc., v. 2. 
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French into English, by W[alter] Vaughan. 

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WUHns, 1671. 

Digitized by 





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fcetus, et «n particnlier Bur Fdvolution em- 
bryonnaire des oiseaux et dea batraciens. 
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y. 1-3. OiUndzflgre der pbytikalUiobeii erdbefohrei- 


T. 4-5. Das europftlsche staatensystem nach 8«in«in 

T. 6. 1)00 amerikanische stnatensystem ; das inobam- 
mcdonische staatensystem ; dio ohristiicben staaten 
von Abyssinicn , das buddbaistisobe staatensystem : 
und die beidenwelt. 

T. 7. Ref^ster. 

Landbuch der mark Brandenburg und 

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1854-^. 8. 

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Die handschriilen-verzeichnisae der kon- 

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koniglichen gewerbe Akademie su 

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cueil des ordres de mouvement, proclamations 
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8^. Stockholm, 1839. ^ 8. 

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earl of Hillsborough from governor Bernard, 
general Gage, and his majesty's council for 
the province of Massachusetts Bay. 83 pp. 
fol. Boston, Ede$ df GiU, 1769. 

The same. [Imperfect; wanting pp. 


Bernard (Jean Fr6d^ric). Reflexions morales 
satiriques et comiques sur los moeurs de notre 
si^le. 2« 6d. [anon.'i 15 p. 1. 311 pp. 
2 1. 18°. Amsterdam, J. F, Bernard, 1713. 
[jrt<APa8se-tem8(le)agr6able. Rotterdam, 

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Bernard (Thomas Dehany ). Progress of doc- 
trine in the New Testament From 2d Lon- 
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lloretus. See Garland (Jean do). 

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lungenin2v. SP. Bonn, E.W^>er, 1841-^9. 

T. I. Wappenwesen der Orieoben and RSmer, and 

anderer alter Tdlker. 
T. n. Die allgemeine wappenwissenobaft 

Bemeaud (Ars^ne ThiiSbaut de). See Thi^ 
baut de Bemeaud. 

Bemem (Juliana). See Barnes (Juliana). 

Bemhardi (Carl). Sprachkarte von Deutech- 
land. 4 p. I. 138 pp. 1 map col. 12°. Kassel, 
J. J. Bohni, 1844. 8. 

8u Bchombnrg (C.) Briefwechsel, 

Digitized by 





Bemi (Francesco). Tvtte le opere, in terza 
rima, nvovamente con somma diligentia stam* 
pal«. [ Con le terze rime del Molza, del Y archi, 
del Dolce et d'altri: et dialogo contra i poet!.] 
2271. 160 (u.p.) 1542. 

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^d., pr<Scdd6e d'une notice biogmphique par 
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nettes dessin^es par MM. G. Staal et Gerard 
Seguin. xv, 430 pp. 10 pi. 8°. Paris, 

Berquin-Duvallon ( — ). Scbilderung von 
Louisiana. Aus dem Frnnzosischen, zweck- 
massig abgekurzt. Mit ciner einlcitung und 
suBiitzen berausgegebenen von Tbeophil 
Friedrich Ebrmann. xxviii, 344 pp. 1 map. 
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Crooked and straight, or Jotham and 

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Herrera (Antonio de). Nows orbis. Amite- 
lodami, 1622.] 

The same. Description d'Am^rique. 

229— 254 pp. folio. [ fFia Herrera (Anto- 
nio de). Description des Indes Occidentales. 
Ed. Anuterdam, 1622.] 

Berthiaud ( — ). Nouveau manuel complet de 
Pimprimeur en taille douce. Rddig6 par M. 
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Richatd Bertie and his son Peregrine, Lord 
Willougbby. Ix, 544 pp. 4 pi. S^. London, 
BimngtonSy 1845. 

Bertius (Petrus). See Bert (Pierre). 

Berton (Jean Michel). Int^rdts rivaux de la 
France et de I'Angleterre en Europe et en 
Oiiont xvi, 336 pp. 8°. Paris, Paulin, 1%A1. 


Bertrand (Francis Marie)* Chrestomathie 

hindoustani. See Parle (T.) 
Berzelius (Johann Jacob). Lehrbuch der 

chemie, aus der schwedischenhandschrifldes 

verfassers ubersetzt von F.Woehler. 4* aufl. 

10 V. 8°. Dresden, ike, Arnold, WXt—Al. 8. 
Beschi (C.) A grammar of the high dialec 

of the Tamil language, termed Shen-Tamil; 
to which is added an introduction to Tamil 
poetry. Tr. from the Latin, by Benjamin 
Guy Babington. v,xii, 117 pp. 4°. Madras, 
College press, 1822. 8. 

Bessarion (Joannes). In calumniatore Platonis 
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1850 computatae. Ixxxiii, 542 pp. 8°. Begi- 
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Besuchungen des hochheiligsten altarssakra- 
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New York, Bemiger Bros., 1867. 

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of the celebrated women of every age and 
country, vi, 852 pp. 1 pL 8°. London, 
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England, or the history of the English baro- 
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miere descovverte et conqueste des Canaries, 
fiutes d^ I'an 1402. Escrite du temps mesme 
par Pierre Bontier et Jean le Verrier. Et 
mise en lumiere par Galien de Bethencourt. 
10 p. 1. 208 pp. 6 1. 16°. Paris, Jean de 
HevqvevUU, 1630. 

B^thune (Philippe de). CovnseUor of estate, 
contayning considerations seruing for the 
managing of publicke affairs. [anon.'\ Trans- 
lated from the French by E. G[rimeBton.] 
16 p. 1. 336 pp. sm. 4^. London, Nicholas 
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Ittiulogia Veronese ad uso popolaree 

per servire alH introduziono della piscicultura 
nella provincia. 2»ed. 153 pp. 8^. Verona, 
Vicentini e Franchini, 18G2. 8. 

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Digitized by 





Beurard (Jean Baptiste). Dictionnairo alle- 
mand-fran^ais, contenaDt lea termes pro^ 
pres h V exploitation des mines, k la mdtal- 
lurgieettilamindralogie. 696 pp. 8°. Parity 
MongUy 1H19. 8. 

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8o. London, Charles Gilpin, 1849. 

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jure lucubratio academica. 6 p. 1. 223 
pp. 18°. Lugduni in Batavis, J, Lindan, 

De fomicatione cavenda admonitio, sive 

adhortatio ad pudicitiam et castitatem. Ed. 
nova,juxta exemplar Londinense. 109 pp. 
18°. [HoUande\, 1698. 

Peccatum origiuale kat' exochen sic 

nuncupatum philologice elucubratum. v, 146 
pp. 18°. EUutheropoli, 1678. 

Severley (Thomas). A scripture-line of time 
drawn from tlie lapsed creation to the restitu- 
tion of all things, discoursed upon Dan. 3, 14. 
5p. 1. 93,190 pp. 4°. [n. p.] 1684. 

Bey (Hekekyan), or Hekkeyan bey. Treatise 
on the dironology of Sirladic monuments, de- 
monstrating that the Egyptian dynasties of 
Manetho are records of astrogeological Nile 
observations. 8°. London, 1863. 8. 

Seyer (August). Memoriae historico-critics 
librorum rariorum ; accedunt Evangel i cosmo- 
politaui not® ad Menckenii de charlataneria 
eruditorum declamationes. 8 p. 1. 304 pp. 
10°. Dresdoe et Lipsice, F, Hehel, 1734. 8. 

Seyle (Henri). De Tamour. Par de Stendhal 
[psewion,'\ xxiii, 371 pp. 12°. Paris, Livy, 

La chartreuse de Panne. Nouv. 6d, 

pr6c4d4e d^une lettre et d'une dtude littdraire 
sur Beyle, par [H.] de Balzac, lix, 479 pp. 
12°. Par«, J. 2>«fiaAay#, 1856. 

Rome^ Naples, and Florence in 1817. 

By the count de Stendhal. [pseudon,'\ xi, 
339 pp. 8°. London, H, CoUmm, 1818. 

ShUgavata (Le) Pur&na. Ou histoire po^tique 
de Krichna, traduit et public par Eugdne 
Bumouf. 3v. fol. PariSy Imprimerie royaie, 
1840-47. [Collection orientale.] 

Bianconi (Giovanni Battiita). Cenni intomo 
air origini, ed i progressi delF arte galvano- 
plastica. (Extract.) 67 pp. 2 pi. 8°. IBolog- 
na, about 18A2.'i 

Bianconi (Giovanni Lodovico). Briefe ttber 
Celsus. [Celsns. t)bcr die arzneiwissen • 
schaft. £d. 1846.] 8. 

Bible (Cherolcee.) Translation of Genesis into 
the Cherokee language. Dinetlvanvhi goweli 
didalcnisgv wosi uwowelauvhi. [By Evan 
Jones. 4th to 50th chap. In Cherokee 
messenger. 12 nos. 8°. Cherokee^ 1844-6.] 
[1-3 chap, in Bible, Cherokee, Select pas- 
sages from the holy scriptures. 24°.] 

Gospel according to Matthew, translated 

into the Cherokee language. Oedvkanohedv 
maduuwowelanvhi. 4th ed. 120 pp. 24°. 
Park HiU, Miuum Press, 1844. 

• Gospel according to Luke. Dinetlvtan- 

vhi osdv kanohedv Igauwonvhi. [Translated 
into Cherokee by Evan Jones. In Cherokee 
messenger, Nos. 8-12. 8°. CAerofee 1844-46.] 
• Gk)spel according to John. Osdvkano- 

hedv tsaui uwowelanvhi tsoine digaleyvtano- 
hi. 3ded. 101pp. 24°. Park HiU, Mis- 
sion Press, 1847. [With Bible, Cherokee, 
gospel according to Matthew. Park Hill, 

Acts of the apostles, translated into the 

Cherokee language. Gktsiuvsidv nunadvne- 
litolvi taline digaley vtanvhi. 2d ed. 124 pp. 
24°. Park HUl, Mission Press, lSi2. IWUh 
Bihle, Cherokee. Gospel according to Mathew. 
Park HiU, 1844.] 

Epistle of Paul, the apostle, to the 

Ephesians. Translated into Cherokee by 
Evan Jones and John B. Jones. Quola atsi- 
noeidv etlusi anehi widuwowelanelvhi. 24 pp. 
24°. Cherokee, BapL Mies, Press, 1848. 

First epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians. 

Igrvyiye quola duwowelanelv desaloniga anehi. 
In Cherokee messenger, No. 12. 8°. Chero- 
kee, 1844-46.] 

Epistles of Paul to Timothy, translated 

into the Cherokee language. Quola tsuwo- 
welanvhi, dimaditsuwowelanelvhi. 28 pp. 
24°. [Par* ITttt, 1844. »^»^ Bible, Cherokee, 
gospel according to Matthew. Park Hill, 

The general epistle of James. Trans- 

lated into the Cherokee language. Tsimiuwo- 
welanvhi. 16 pp. 24°. Park HiU, 1847. 
[ With Bible, Cherokee, gospel according to 
Matthew. ParJfc JTi«. 1844.] 

•Epistles of John translated into the 

Cherokee language. Tsani tsuwowelanelvhi. 

tsunandodi. 20 pp. 24°. Park HiU, 1S40, 

The same. 3d ed. Park HiU, 1848. 

[ With Bible. Cherokee, gospel according to 
Matthew. Pari- ^tW, 1844.] 

Digitized by 





Bible— continued. 

(Cherokee), General epistle of Jnde. 

Tsada naniv tsunanelodi teuwowelanelvhi. 
I In Cherokee messenger, No. 11. 8°. 
Cherokee, 1844-46.] 

Select passages from the holj scriptures. 

24 pp. 24°. [n. d.] [ With Bible, Cherokee, 
gospel according to Matthew. Park Hill, 1844. 1 

Choctaw, Gospel according to Matthew, 

translated into the Choctaw language. Uban- 
umpa mahlu vt holissocchi tok. [With alpha- 
bet.] 198 pp. 16°. Boston, Am. Board For, 
Miu,, 1842. 

English, Holj bible, contemning the old 

testament and the new. Newlie translated out 
of ye orig^nall tongues and with the former 
translations diligently compared and revised, 
by his majesties speciall commandement. fol. 
London, BobeH Barker, 1633. 8. 

Complete analysis of the holy bible ; 

containing the old and new testament, col- 
lected and systematically arranged by Rev. N. 
West, D. D. Ixiv, 1035 pp. 1 map. 8^. New 
York, A, J, Johnson. 1868. 

The same. Ezekiel and Daniel ; with 

notes, by H. Cowles, D. D, 472 pp. 12°. 
Xew York, D, Appleton #• Co., 1867. 

Minor prophets ; with notes. By Bev. 

Henry Cowles. 129. New York, 1867. 

Notes on the epistle of Paul to the He- 
brews. [With the authorized English ver- 
sion]. By Joseph Longking. 480 pp. 24°. 

New York, Carlton ^ Porter, [1867], 

The same. 720 pp. 16^.. Newburifport, 

(Ms.) W. B. Allen ^ Co. 1815. 

Commentary on the holy scriptures : 

critical, doctrinal, and homiletical, with spe- 
cial reference to ministers and students. By 
J. P. Lange, D,D., and others. Translated 
from the German by P. Schaff, D. D., [and 
others.] New Testament, v. 9. Containing 
the epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude. 
[Translated by J. L Mombert]. 8°. New 
York, Scribner, 1867. 

Job, Ecclesiastes and Canticles. New 

translation with introductions and notes. By 
George R. Noyes. 3d ed. 351 pp. 129. 
Boston, Am. Unit. Assoc., 1867. 

Psalms and Proverbs. New translation, 

with introductions and notes. By George R. 
Noyes. 3d ed. 421 pp. 129. Boston Am. Unit. 
Assoc., 1867. 

Prophets. New translation of the Hebrew 

prophets, with introduction and notes. By 
George R. Noyes. 3d ed. 2 v. 129, Boston, 
Am. Unit. Assoc., 1866. 

Bible— continued. 

The new testament, translated into En- 
glish, with annotations by the English college 
in Rhemes. 5th ed., (the first in folio.) xix, 
646 pp. ; 16 1., 4 pi. fol. [n. p.] 1738. 

New testament of our lord and saviour 

Jesus Christ. 232 1. unp. 8°. Trenton, 
(N. J.) Isaac CoUins, 1788. 

A commentary on the New Testament 

By Lucius R. Paige, v. 5. I. and II. Corin- 
thians. 383 pp. 12°. Boston, Univ. Pub, 
House, 1867. 

The apocryphal new testament, xvi, 

184 pp. 89. New York, H, G. Daggers.[n. d.] 

An harmony of the four gospels, with 

historical and doctrinal notes ; by John Cham- 
bers, xxiii, 884, 30, 6 pp. 8°. Betford, E. 
G. Woodhead, [ahout 1814.] 

A harmony of the four gospels, in the 

English authorized version, arranged accord- 
ing to Greswell's " Harmonia evangelica" in 
Greek. Intended to accompany Mimpriss's 
pictorial chart x, 351 pp. 8°. London, 8. 
Low, 1833. 

Disquisitions and notes on the gospels. 

Matthew, by J. H. Morrison. 2d ed. 538 
pp. 12°. Boston, Walker, Wise ^ Co., 

The epistles of Paul translated, with an 

exposition and notes by Rev. T. Belsham. 
2v. 40. Xondon, 1822. 

• The second epistle of Peter, the epistles 

of John and Judas, and the Revelation : tmns- 
lated from the Greek, on the basis of the coui- 
mon English version. [Revised version ot 
the Am. Bible union.] xi, 253 pp. 4°. New 
York, Am. Bible union, 1854. 

Esquimaux. Genesis. Testamentitokamit 

Mosesim agleg^j siurdleet Pellesiunermit 
Ottomit Fabriciusimit 202 pp. 16°. Kioben- 
havnime, C. F. Skubartimit, 1822. 

Psalms. Testamentitokamit Davidim 

wngerutdj. Pellesimit Nielsimit Wolfimit. 
238 pp. I60. Eidbenhavttime, C. F. Schu- 
bartimit, 1824. I With Bible, Esquimaux. 

Testamentitokamit Mosesim. [Genesis.] 16°. 
Kioben havnime, 1822.] 

Isaiah. Testamentitokamit profetib Esai- 

asimaglegdj. PellesimitN.G. Wolfimit 200 
pp. 10°. jE^obenhavnime, C. F. Skubartimit, 
1825. (WithBihle, Esquimaux. Testamen- 
titokamit Mosesim. [Genesis.] Kiiibenhav- 
nime, 1822*. 

Testamente nutak 

[New Testament.] 
[Translated by Otho Fabricius.] 1072 pp. 
16°. Eiobenhavnime, C. F. Sk-ubartimU, 1799. 

Digitized by 





Bible— continued. 

Gothic. The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon 

gospels in parallel columns, with the versions 
of Wycliffe and Tyndale ; arranged, with pre- 
face and notes, hj Rev. J. Bosworth, assisted 
by G. Waring, xxxvi, 584 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Lon- 
don, J. It. Smithy 1865. 

Greek. Divinie scripturiB veteris nouaeq. 

omnia. 4 p. 1. 275 pp. l&^. Argentoraii, V. 
Cephaly 1529. 

• Bibllorum codex sinaiticus petropolita- 

nus. Auspiciis Alexandri II. edidit Tischen- 

dorf. 4 V. fol. Petropoli, 1862. 8. 
Hawaiian. Ke karioha hou a ko kakou 

haku e ola'i a Jesu Kristo. 504 pp. V29. 

Oahu, Mitionari i poi, 18S5. S. 
Indian, MauachuBctU. Mamvsse wun- 

neetupanatamwe up-biblum God naneeswe 
nukkone testament kah wonk wusku testa- 
ment. Ne quosh-Kinnumuk nashpe wutti- 
neumoh Christ noh asoowesit John Eliot. 
[2ded.] 5751. sm. 4°. Cambridge, Samuel 
Green, 1685. 

The same. Wuskv wuttesta mentum 

nul-lordumun Jesus Christ nuppoquohwussu- 
aeneumum. [New testament. 2ded.] 1701. 
sm. 4°. Cambridge, for the corporation in Lon- 
don, for the propagation of the gospel among the 
Indians in N. £., 1680. [ With the preceding]. 

Psalms and John. [Massachusetts psalter; 

asuh, Uk-kuttooho-maongasli David wcche 
winnaunchemookaonk ne ansukhogup John. 
Indian and English. Translated by Expe- 
rience Majhew.] 212 1. unp. 18^. Boston, 
B. Green, for soc.propag. Gotpel, 17C9. 
[Inipeifect : wanta title and 13 leaTes.] 

Latin. Biblia [sacra.] Interprete Se- 

bastiano Castalione. Una cum eiusdem an- 
notationibus. fol. Batilea, 1551. s. 

Mohawk. The gospel according to St. 

Mark. St. Mark Baorighwadogeaghtj . . . . 
Translated by Capt. Joseph Brant, [T'hayen- 
danegea. ] [ With 176 to 341 pp. of the book of 
common prayer, according to the use of the 
church of England. In the Mohawk lan- 
guage. 8°. London, 1789.] 

•^— - Nene karighyoston tsinihorighhoten ne 
Saint John. Gospel according to Saint John. 
116,116 pp. 24°. NewYork,Am.BibU»oc., 

Ne totyerenhton kahyatonhscra ne roy- 

atadogenhti Paul shagohyatonni ne Corinth- 
ians. First epistle of Paul the apostle to the 
Corinthians. Translated by H. A. Hill. 50, 
50 pp. ViP. New York, young mcn*9 bible 90c., 

Bibliographie de la France. See Journal 
gcn^rale de Pimprimerie. 

Bibliophile (Le) beige. Par M. de Eeiffen- 
berg. V. 1-9. 8°. Braa^/fe«, 1845-52. 8. 

Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue raisonnd 
d'une trd8-pr6cieu8e collection de livres an- 
ciens et modemes sur I'Am^rique et Ics Phi- 
lippines. Classes par ordre alphab^tique de 
noms d'auteurs. Redig6 par Ch. Leclerc. vii, 
407 pp. 8^. Parit, Maitonneuve ^ Cie., 

Bibliotheca politica, or a discourse by way of 
dialogue whether monarchy be jure divino. 
[anon."] 4 p. 1. 64 pp. sm. 4°. London, 
Richard Baldwin, 1691-2. 

BibUotheca (The) sacra. Edited by E. A. 
Park and S. H. Taylor. Jan. to Oct. 1867. 
V. 24. 8°. Boston, Draper 4" HalUday, 

Bickham (George). The British monarchy, or 
a new chorographical description of all the 
dominions subject to the king of Great Brit- 
ain, comprehending the British isles, the 
American colonies, etc. Engraved. 190 pi. 
fol. Xoncfon, 1748. 

Bicknell (Alexander). Doncaster races; or 
the history of Miss Maitland. 2 v. 272 pp ; 
275 pp. 160. London, C. Stalker, [1790.] 

Bie (Comelis de). Het gulden cabinet van de 
schilderconst inhovdende den lof van de ver- 
maerste schilders, architecten, beldthowers 
ende plaetsnyders, van dese eevw. 4°. Ant- 
werpen, 1661. 8. 

Bienville (J. D., M. D.) La nympho- 
manie, ou traits de la fureur utdrine. Nouv. 
6d. xxviii, 198 pp. 24°. Zondre*, 1789. 

The same. Nymphomania, or, a disser- 
tation concerning the furor uterinus. Trans- 
lated by E. 8. Wilmot, M. D. 189, 16 pp. 
8®. J. Bew, London, 1775. 

Biffi (Serafino). Sulla vita scientifica e suUe 
opei-e di anatomia e fisiologia comparata del 
dottor Mauro Rusconi commentario. 167 pp. 
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Digitized by 




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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[No more published in Engllshl. 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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T. 4. 8eu8T8 ezterni, internt, ■omnys. 
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Digitized by 





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[Imperfect ; wanting laai page of tablo.] 
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unp. em. 4°. \_Vaicntruie, about 1480]. 
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[No more published.] 
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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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The same. [Except parts v. and vi. 

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T. 1. Life and writinf^a. 

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▼. 2. Embassy to Candy. 

Indian observer, essays. 

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Digitized by 





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[Imperfect; urantiDg plnte.j 

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Digitized by 





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( No more pablished.] 

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Digitized by 





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unp. 10 pi. fol. KarUes, MelUnet et Ban- 
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vioe, which usually temt men to Rome, and 
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In a letter to a person of quality, lanon."] 
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Digitized by 





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[With the preceding. J 

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coast of Africa. See Saugnler, and 


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• List of specimens of birds in the collec- 

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Digitized by 





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V. 1. Einleltung. I. TheiL Koemiaohec lebcn. il. Th. 

Tellurifohes leben. 
T. 2. iiL Th. Owanisches Icben. Ergebnlsse baapt- 

Biohlioh aiu der lebenden welttlberentwiokelumr, 

V6rbreituD|c und untergrang der frflheren berolke- 

rungoD der erde. 
V. 3. Abth. I. iil. Th. OrKantsohoe loben. (PortBet- 

EQiiir)— -Index paliBontologlcus, boarbeltet unter 

mltwlrkung der H. R. ijoppert und Herin. ▼. 

Mcver: A. Nomenolator ji^tDontoIogious. 
T. 3. Abth. ii. B. Enuiuerutur puJUeoDtoltMrioiu. Iv 

Th. VemunWebcn. ^ 

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Untersuchungen tlber die entwickelungs- 

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xxipp. 62 pi. 40. Paris, IDidof], 1826-30. 


The same. Voyages dans la Grdce, 

accompagniSs de recherches arch^ologiques, 
et suivis d'un aper^u sup toutes Its entre- 
prises scientifiques qui ont eu lieu en Grdce 
depuis Pausanias. Livr. 1-2. xx, xxii, 314 
pp. 62 pi. 40. Pam, Didof, 1826-30. s. 
(No more published.) 

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T. L Quadrupeds, Including amphibious a&imals. fron 
andlixards. ** ' 

v. 2. Birds ; with the method of brinring up and man- 
aging those of the singing kind. 

T. 3. Fishes and serpents, ineluding sea turtles, orusta- 
ceous and shell fishes. 

T. 4. Insects. 

V. 5. Waters, earths, stones, fossils, and minerals. 

v. 6. Vegetables. 

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mitted by the water committee to the common 
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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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V. 2. The three last books of rulgar errors, nUgio 

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T. 3. Urn-burial, christ^ morals, miscellanies, oor- 

respondence, etc 

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The same. 180 1. unp. 8°. New York, 


The same. 124 1. unp. 8°. New York, 

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The same. 2« partie. 2 v. xv, 298 

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Digitized by 





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^5 copies printed.) 

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T. L Vita, ab ipso loripta. 


Editionum oatologns. 

Benun Bcoticaram historia. 

De Jare regni apud Scotos. 

Deteetio Marie regriiue Sootorum. 

Aue admonition to the trew lordif. 
T. 9. De metris Buchananiwia. 

Poemata omnia. 

Rudimenta grammatlces. 

Lodoictti de ratione studiL 

De proflodia libellus. 


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Reliquia) diluviauao ; or observaUons on 

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Digitized by 





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I>.P»/to«, 1829-32. 8. 


T. 1-3. Th6orie de la torre. 
T. 3-4. Histoir« det miu6raaz. 

T. 5-8. fipoanes de U nstnre. 
T. 10. Ezperienoes rar v^g^taox. 
T. riO] VL Hbtoire det animaax. 
T. 11-13. HIstoire da lliomma. 
T. 14-18. MammiMrea. 
T. 19-96. Olseanx. 
T. [27.] Table det matidret. 
SnppL T. 1-9. Mammiftret. Par F. Curler. 
[Atlat imperfect; wanting pL 1, 2, 7, &] 

Natui^eschichte der vogel, aus dem 

franzdsischen Ubersetzt, mit anmerkungen, 
zusatzen und vielen kupfem vermehrt durch 
H.Martini and BemhardC. Otto. 38 v. 8^. 
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[Wanting y. 19, 33-37, and 2 y. tupp.] 

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[V. 1 with new title, vis : O. Virtue, etc. 1828.] 
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Th^orie de la terre, histoire do I'homme et des 
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constructor, and art-lover. Conducted by 
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fol. London, [ iVyman 8f sons, 1866.] 

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8^. Paris, Techener, 1836-66. 8. 

Digitized by 





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Translation of [part of] Pilgrim's pro- 

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Buonaparte, sa famillc et sa cour : anecdotes 
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rfitre. [awm."] 2v.ini. xviii, 378 pp. 3G2 
pp. 120. Paris, Minard et Desenne, 1816. 
See Napoleon. 

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omati di figure trovati ne' cimiteri di Roma. 
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[ Imperfect ; wanting pp. 1-8.] 

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Oration on the nature and effects of the 

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Digitized by 





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[No more pabliihed.] 

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[ No more publiBhed]. 

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( ImperfeotJ 

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Dcciraationum plautinarum pemptades, 

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See Vindication (A) of the royal mar- 

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T. 1. History of the dividing Una between Virginia 

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T. S. Jouraey to the laad of Eden and other tnuits. 

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Poems on his domestic circumstances. 

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The vision of judgment [anon.'\ Isted. 

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[ With the Giaour, ed. of 1813.] 

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1823-25. s. 

T. 1. R^Toliitions et i^forme de la medicine. 

RapPOTtsur I'organisation des 6ooles de mMioine. 

Du degr6 de certitude de Ui ni6dicine. 
T. S. Journal de la maladie et de la mort de Mirabeau. 

Observotions sur les affections catorrtiales. 

Mote sur le supplice de la guillotine. 

Quelques principes et quelques voes sur let 
secoun publics. 

Observations sur les bdpitauz. 

Travail sur TMuoation publique. 

Mote sur un genre partioulier d'aponlexies. 
T. 3-4. Raiports du pbysique et du nunral de rbomme. 
T. 5. Lettre sur les causes premidres. 

Discours sur Hinpocrate. 

£lore de Vicq-d'Axyr. 

Motice sur BeiOamin Franklin. 

Lettre sur les poSmes d'Hom^re. 

Fragments de la traduction de I'lliade. 

Sennent d'nn m6dioin. 

Rapports du physique et du moral de 

riiomme. 2« 6d. 2 v. xliii, 569 pp; 720 pp. 
80. Paris, Crapelet, 1805. 8. 

Digitized by 





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the rcTolutioDB of medical ecience, and views 
rekting to its reform. Translated from the 
French, with notes, hj A. Henderson, xii, 
421 pp. SP, London, J, Johnton, 1806. 
Cabeza de Vaoa (Alvaro). See Nufiez 

Cabeza de Vaoa (Alvaro). 
Cabinet (Tlie) ; or, works of darkness hrought 
to light; a retrospect of the anti-christian 
conduct of some of the leading characters in 
the society of friends, towards Eliaa Hicks. 
[ByL. P. anon.l 2ded. 36pp. 8°. Fhila- 
delphia, John Mortimer, 1825. 

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Cabinet de Tdloqucnce fran^ise, en forme de 
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prendre It bien parler en toutes compagnies, 
etc. \^anon.'] 47 pp. 18®. Troye$, Chumier, 
labout 1695. With La Valliere (ducheae 
de). Vie, 1695.] 

Cabrera. See Cayetano de Cabreia. 

Cadwalader (John). Reply to Qen. Joseph 
Reed's remarks on a late publication in the 
Independent gazetteer; with some observa- 
tions on his address to the people of Pennsyl- 
vania. With the letters of Washington, Ham- 
ilton, etc. [pp. 15-64 of Smith (Horace W.) 
l^uts for future historians to crack.] 

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mentariorum de hello ciuli, libri iii. Hirtii 
de hello alexandrino, afiico, hispano, iv-vi. 
fol. renUi%s,Bemardinui,U98. iWUhAn- 
niuB. Comentaria, etc. fol. 1493.] 8. 

Qus extant, interpretatione et notis illjis- 

travit Johannes Qodvinus, in usum Delphini. 
New edition by William Mann. 304 pp. 3 maps. 
S9. Philadelphia, DeHlver, Thonuuf Co, 1836. 

-^-^ The commentaries of his warres in Gal- 
lia, translated into English, with many obser- 
vations thereupon by Clement Edmonds, with 
the life of Ciesar and an account of his medalls. 
23 p. 1. 196 pp. 6 pi. ful. London, B, Daniel, 

Observations upon Cassar's commenta- 
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CaesioB (Fredcricus). 8u Hernandez (F.) 

Call. See Derosne. 

Calamy (Edmund). An abridgment of Mr. 
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account of the ministers, etc. who were ejected 
after the reetauration of king Charies iL 
[With the reformed liturgy.] 2d ed. 2 v. 
12 p. 1. 726, 82 pp; 16 p. 1. xxxii, 864 pp. 1 pi. 
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— — -— A continuation of the account of the min- 

isters [etc.] who were ejected and silenced 
after the restoration in 1660, by or before the 
act for uniformity. 2 v. Ixxii, 1,005, 63 pp. 
120. London, B.Ford, mn, 
-^— The church and the dissenters compared 
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Digitized by 





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[ Map wantlBg]. 

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Digitized by 





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J, F, BoMompierre j' J, Van den Berghen, 

^-^—Lelivre ilia mode. Nouvellei^d. {anon.'\ 

XXX viii, 88 pp. 18°, [Paris'^. Les libraires, 


See Clement xiv. Lettere. 

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■ Sermones quadragesimales de aduetu, de 

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1490. [ WUh the preceding. ] 

Digitized by 





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(TiUe wanting.] 

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[Same as his "Six months at the white bouse*']. 

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Digitized by 





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Case (The) of the plantera of tobacco in Vir- 
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of the aaid representation. [anon,'\ 64 pp. 
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Case (The) of proteatant diaaentera in Carolina, 
ahewing how a law to prevent occasional con- 
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[To which are appended, documents reapect- 
ing Carolina, in 14 noa]. 42, 67 pp. am. 4^. 
London, 1706. 


No. 1. First charter of Coroliiia. March 24, 1663. 

3. FundnmentolooniitUutkma of Carolina, March 

3 Fnndamental oonstitutioiis of Carolina, agreed 
on Apr. 11, 1689. 

4. The present state of allkdrs in Carolina. By 
John Ash, gent. 

5. Representation and address of several of the 
members of this present assembly for Colleton 
county, etc to his excellency John Qranvill, 
esq. palatine. 

6. Act requiring all hcrenfter chosen membors of 
the house of assembly to take the oaths and 
subscribe the declaration opiKiintcd by this 
act, to conform to the church of England, etc. 

7. Address, May 10, 1704. of the dissenters to his 
excellency John Granville. 

8. Letter of Mrs. Blake, widow of the lote gov 
emor. to the lords proprietors, Mav 16, 1704. 

9. Petition of the committee of the Pennsylvania 
company, and other merchants trading to Ca- 

10. Act for the establishment of religious worship 

in this province according to the church of 

Englnnd, etc. Nov. 4, 17U4. 
11-14. [Pniicrs respecting the persecution of Rev. 

Edward Morston, rector of church of St Philip, 

in Charleston, S. C] 

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U. S. aatronomical exped. v. 2.] 

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am. 4^, [n. p.] 1641. [ With Hlgginaon 
(Rev, Francis). New Englond'a plantation, 

A abort discovcrie of the coaata and con- 

tinent of America, from the equinoctiall north- 
ward, and of the adjacent ialea. [With] the 
author'a petition to parliament, for the propa- 
gation of the gospel in America ; ordinance of 
parliament for the better government of 
English plantationa there, and Sir Benjamin 
Rudjrer's speech ip parliament concerning 
America. 12 p. 1. 48, 54 pp. am. 4^. Lon- 
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scription of Philadelphia. [ With Chetwood 
(W. R.) Voyogea of Copt. Rob*t Boyle]. 

Digitized by 





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blicato dalla Bociet4 medico-chirurgica di 
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tract]. 209 pp. 4°. Boloffna, 8oc, medico- 
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to be fed hy ravens. \_a'M>n,'\ 2d ed. xv, 320 
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[With prices at salej. 

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laith; [with] the conversation of Mr. de 
Fenelon with Mr. de Ramsey on the existence 
of God, and the worship which is due to him. 
[anon.] 113, 55 pp. 120. New York, 1811. 

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Moralissimus Cuto cu elegantissimo 

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Catskill association, formed for the purpose of 
improving the town of Catskill, New York, 
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with a biographical pedigree and criticism. 

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G. Giolito da^ Ferrari, 1560. 
Cavelier (Jean). Relation du voyage entre- 

pris par La Salle, pour d^ouvrir dans 1e golfe 

du Mexique Tembouchure du fleuve Missisipy. 

54 pp. 160. Manate,J.M.Shea,185d. 

Account of La Salle's voyage to the 

mouth of the Mississippi, etc. Translated into 
English, (pp. 13-42 of Shea (J. S.) Early 
voyages. 4°. Albany, 18GL) 

Digitized by 




CavendiBh (Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire), 
The postage of S. Gk)tt1iard, a po«ro. pp. 
79-92. [ With Sketch of a journey through 
Switzerland. [_anon.'i Beme, 1816.] 

Cavendish (Margaret, duchess of Newcastle). 
Poems and phancies. 2d ed. 12 p. 1. 299 
pp. 8m. fol. London, JV, Wilson, 1664. 

True relation of the birth, breeding, and 

life of Margaret Cavendish, duchess of New- 
castle. Written by herself With preface 
by Sir E. Brydges. 6 p. 1. 9, 36 pp. portrait. 
8°. Lee Priory, Kent, Johnson and Walker, 

Cayetano de Cabreray Quintero ( — ). Escudo 
de armas de Mexico : celestial proteccion de eeta 
nobilissima ciudad, de la Nueva-Espana, y de 
casi todo el nuevo mundo, Maria santissima, 
en 8u portentosa imagen del mexicano Guad- 
alupe, milagrosamcnte appai*ecidaen el palacio 
arzobispal el ano de 1531. Y jurado su prin- 
cipal patrona el passado de 1737, en la angus- 
tia que ocasion^ la pestilencia. 18 p. 1. 522 
pp. 12 1. fol. Mexico, Viuda de Joseph 
Bernardo de Hogal, 11 AT, 

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treatise on midwifery, including the diseases 
of pregnancy and parturition. Translated 
from the second French ed. eto. by Robert 
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Lindsay d: Blakiston, 1650. 8. 

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llanos, y noticias de sus obras. 4 p. 1. 395 
pp. 16°. Madrid, 18U. 

Cebes. Tabla de Cebes. [ WithYeen, (O. van). 
Theatro moral de la vida humana. 1701.] 

CedrenuB (Georgius). Compendivm historia- 
rvm. Ex versione Gvillelmi Xylandri : acce- 
dvnt notae lacobi Goar et Caroli Annibalis 
Fabroti; glossarium item loannis Bcylitzie 
curopalatfiB, (Gr. et Lat.) 2 v. 33 p. 1. 868, 
60 pp. 26 1. Parisiis, 8. Cramoisy, 1647. 8. 

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xii, 192 pp. 16°. Augusta Taurinorum, 
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-^— Notitia orbis antiqvi, sive geographia, 
etc. Ed. alt 2 v. 1088 pp. 135 1. 20 maps, 
1 pi; 990 pp. 40 1. 40 Lipsiae, Gleditseh, 

Celsus (Aurelius Cornelius). Medicinae libri 
viii. xcii. 4 1. unp. fol. Venetus, P.Pimi, 1497. 

— — The same. De medicina libri octo, cum 
notis integris Joannis Ciesaiii, Robert! Con- 
stantini, Josepbi Scaligeri, Isaaci Casanboni, 
Johannis Baptistsc Morgagni, ac locis parall- 


elis, cnra et studio Th. J. ab Almeloveen. 
Accedunt J. Rbodil vita C. Ceisi, etc. itemqne 
loci aliquot Hippocratis et Celsi ab Henrico 
Stephano TTopaA^T/Auf concinnati. ed. 2*. 38 
p.l. 749 pp. 129, Basileae, J, E, Thwmeisen, 
1748. 8. 
The same. Ex rec. L. Targae. 2 v. 

678 pp ; 463 pp. 4°. Lugduni BaAavorum, 8, A 
J, Luchtmans, 1785. 

- tlber die arzneiwissenschaft,in acht bach- 

em, fibersetzt und erklart von Eduard Schel- 
ler [Nebst Bianconi's briefe fiber Celsus.] 
2 V. 304 pp; 423 pp. OP. Braunschweig, 
Vieweg, 1846. 8. 

Cent (Les) nouvelles nouvelles; publi6es d' 
apr(^ le scul manuscrit connn, avec introduc- 
tion et notes par Thomas Wright. 2 v. xliii, 
303 pp; 323 pp. I60. Parw, Jann^e, 1857-8. 

Centenary (The) singer: a collection of hymns 
and tunes popular during the last one hundred 
years; compiled for the [M. E.] Sunday 
school union, vi, 419 pp. 16°. New York, 
Carlton 4- Porter, 1867. 

Ceriflier (Antoine Marie). Tafereel der alge- 
meene geschiedenissen van de verd6nigde Ne- 
derlanden, [tot 1752] gevolgd naar 't Fransch. 
10 V. 80. Utrecht, B. Wild, 1787. 8. 

Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de. ) The history 
of the valorous and witty knight-errant, Don 
Quixote, of the Mancha. Translated out of 
the Spanish by Thomas Shelton, etc. 2 pts. 
m 1 V. 8p. I. 273 1. fol. London,B, Scot, and 
B, Hodgkinson, 1672-75. 

The same. History of the most re- 

nowned Don Quixote of Mancha, and his 
trusty squire Sancho Pancha. ^^anon."] Now 
made English. By J[ohn] P[hilip8]. With 
plates, fol. London, 1687. 

• The same. The history of the valorous 

and witty knight-errant Don Quixote of the 
Mancha. Translated into English by Thomas 
Shelton, and printed from the 4° ed. of 1620. 
4 V. 16P, London, B, Knaplock, etc. 1725. 
The "wit and wisdom of Don Quixote. 

V, 161pp. 16°. NewYork,D,Appleton4kCo. 

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et les Napoleons. ^, Paris, Amyot, 1856. 

Cevallos (Pedro Ordonez de). See Ordoflez. 

Chabrier (J. chevalier). Essai sur le vol des 
insect^s, et observations sur quelques parties 
de la mdcanique des mouvemens progressifii 
de I'homme et des animaux vert^br<Sb. iv, 
328 pp. 14 pi. 40. Paris, A, Belin, 1823. 8. 

Iddes nouvelles sur le syst^e solaire. 

viii, 64 pp. 4°. [ With the preceding.] 

Digitized by 





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natural tbeologj, delivered before the Lowell 
institute, Boston. 320 pp. 12°. New York, 
O. P. Putnam <fe gon, 1867. 

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biblioth6caire, et de Vhomroe de lettreH. Par 
un libraire. [anow.J 18^. Paris, Chaillot, 
1889. 8. 

Chaix(Paul). Histotre de VAro^rique M^rid- 
ionale au 16" ridcle, oomprenant les d^cou- 
vertes et conqudtes des Espagnols et dee Por- 
tugais. Premidre partie. P^rou. 2 ▼. xvi, 
344 pp. 2 maps; 348 pp. 3 maps. 16^. 
Otnh?€, J, Cherhulia, 1863. 8. 

dialmeni (Alexander). The projector; a 
periodical paper, originallj published in 
monthly numbers, Jan. 1802 to Nov. 1809. 
3 ▼. 8^. London, Longman, Hurst dt Co. 

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boek der Nederlanden. A-Dre. 8 v. 8°. Am- 
tterdam, J, AUart, 1798-1800. 

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logue of pneumatic instruments, etc. 2 p. 1. 
63, xiv pp. 8°. Boston, B. Perkins, 1844. 


Chamberlain (N. H.) The autobiography of 
a New England farm-house. 365 pp. 129. 

' New York, CarUton, 1835. 

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la Qrande Bretagne et de PIrlande. Traduit 
de PAnglois; rev. et augm. par H. Scheur- 
leer. 3 v. 16°. LaHaye, H. Scheurleer, 
1728. 8. 

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1849. 8. 

Chambers' journal of popular literature, 

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W. 4-. B. Chambers, [1866]. 

Chambray. See Fr<§art de Chambray (Ro- 

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des fiuences patriotiques sous la r6volution. 
2« 6d. xii, 404 pp. 28 pi. 16°. Paris, 
Deniu, 1867. 

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France depuis le vi« si^le jnsqu'^ nos jourv. 
6v. 8°. Paris, DalmontetDunod, 1058-^. 

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vertvres &ites en la Novvelle France, depuis 
Fannie 1615, iusques h la fin de Vannde 

7 p. 1. unp. 158 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Paris, Clavde 
Collet, 1620. 

L#es voyages de la Novvelle France occi- 

dentale dicte Canada, 1603-29. Auec vn 
traitt^ des qunlitez requises h. vn bon nauiga- 
teur. Ensemble ce qui s'est passd en ladite 
Nouuelle France en Vann^e 1631. 16, 310, 8, 
54 pp. 40. Paris, Lovis Sevestre, 1632. 

ChampoUion-Figeac (Jean Jacques). Nou- 
vellcs recherches sur la ville gauloise d'Uxel- 
lodunum. 116 pp. 7 pi. 4°. Paris, impr, 
royale, 1820. 8. 

Texte historique et descriptif. See Pfiior 

(Rodolphe.) Monographic du palais de Fon- 

Chancourtois (E. B. de.) See Edmond 

Chandler (Henry C. & Co.) Illinois directory. 
{See Illinois). 

Chandler (Richard, D. D.) The life of Wil- 
liam Wayniiete, bishop of Winchester, xvi, 
428 pp. 5 pi. 80. London, WhUe d: Coch- 
rane, 1811. 

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the christian emperors ; under the papacy and 
inquisition ; amongst protestants. xcii, 468 
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A vindication of the antiquity and au- 
thority of DanieFs prophecies, and their appli- 
cation to Jesus Christ, xxiv, 220 pp. 8^. 
London, J. Gray, ( With his Reflections on 
the conduct of the modem deists, 1727.) 

• A vindication of the history of the old 

testament, in answer to Thomas Morgan, 
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Chandler (Thomas Bradbury, D. D.) An 
appeal to the public, in behalf of the church 
of England in America, xi, 187 pp. 8^. New 
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Estadistico comercial correspondiente al 

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(Imperfect: wanting pL 2, 9, 10, 12]. 

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[ With HOLL (F.) Hftndbuoh der petreCaoteoktiode.] 

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[ With llBBBXSTBKTr (J. E.) Moserm richteriaBom.] 

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Chronica de Mailtos, [anon.] fol. Oxonia, 

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rum scriptores veteret. Oxonia, 1UJ4<-9L v. 1.] 

Chronicles (Tlie) of the kings of England, 
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tion of the holy writings. By Nathan Ben 
Saddi. ipsevdonf^ 196 pp. 18°. Worcester, 
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Chronicles of the great rebellion against the 
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logical] record and digest of events, April 23, 
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The same. Continued to 1798. 144 pp. 

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Conrad Fyner t about 1473.] 

Digitized by 





C^iryttOstomiu (Johannes 8t,) Sermones de 
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Ihfner, n. d. 
[ With Aqmno(SaitU Thomas dO.Postina in Job.1474.] 

Traduotio libroram super Matheum e 

Greca in Latinum edita a G^rgio Trapezoncio. 
fol. lArgenioraHf Joh, Menidin, n. d.] 8. 

Church (A) of Christ vindicated, lanon, 
Besult of the council at Eastham.] 66 pp. 
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[Imperfect : tlOe wanting.] 

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[History of king Philip's war, part 2.] 

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Orationesqu«dam selecto, cum interpre- 

tatione et notis quas in usum serenissimi 

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V. 1. Dianonr* pr^IUniimira : 1. H!atolred«tnoad£rok|aM 
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loftophie ancienne. 3. Traduction d'une partie dtt 
liTre Til da Sextof Emi^Hcni oootre Ia» roatb4- 
mattciens et contre let logicient. Lm acad^niiquet, 
on det movens de Jugrer du vral, par Pierre Val- 
•nee. v.^ LettreedeCie6ron,«Teodeenotee,«tc. 

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Digitized by 





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[No more publisbetLj 

Digitized by 





Clarke (Rev. Samuel, the father). The mar- 
row of ecclesiastical historj, in two pa^ts : 
the first; containing the life of Christ, of the 
fathers, school men, first reformers, and mod- 
em divines ; the second, the lives of christian 
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1. 504 pp; 41. 116,104 pp. 1 pi. fol. Lon- 
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Lives and deaths of most of those emi- 
nent persons who, lyr their virtue and valor, 
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1675. [ With the preceding]. 

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gavnet det menneskelige kjon. IGO pp. 12^. 
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Clavem (ilfrt. Mary, pseudon). See Kirkland 
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Clavi^re (fitienne) and Brlssot de "War^Ue 
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Unis; ou de Timportance do la rdvolutJon do 
FAmdrique pour le bonbeur de la France. 
Nouv. 4d. xxiii, 448 pp. 129. [n. p. about 

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Note. — By Luigfi Antonio CaracoioU. 

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I containing a complete register of the present 

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Digitized by 





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[Imperfect; title wanting.] 

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tore of the nineteenth century. 2d ed. 798 
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plication of a new principle to his system of 
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win, Cradock <t' Joy, 1821. 

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pctrtSe au Pays Bas par le due de Albe et 
aultres. 4 p. 1. unp. 87 1. em. 4°. Anuterdam, 
Jan E. CloppeiUmrg, 1620. 

Clotilde de Vallon Chalys (Marguerite 
J^loonore, madame de Surville). [p$eudon,'\ 
See Surville (Joseph £tienne, marquis de), 

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reflections; a miscellany of thought and 
opinion. 522 pp. 12°. London, J, Murray, 

Clnsa (Jacobus de), or, Jacob de Junterbuk. 
Tractatus peroptimus de animabus ezutis a 
corporibus. 26 1. unp. sm. 4^'. [Etsling<x, 
Conrad Fyner t about 1475]. 

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pedigrees of improved short-homed cattle. 
16 v. BP. London and Doneatter, 1843-65. 

v. 1 — 3 in 1, cowi. 
V. 1—4 in 2, buUf. 
T. 5 in 2, cows. 
T 6—16. Continued by H. Straffoid. 

Cobb (J. H.) A manual containing inform- 
ation respecting the growth of the mulberry 
tree, with suitable directions for the culture 
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On the present state of our knowledge 

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Coccius (Adolf)* Ucbcr die cmahrungswelse 
der homhaut uud die serum fUhrenden 
gcfiisse im menschlichen kdi*per. viii, 177 pp. 
Ipl. 8". LHpH(/, J, Miiller, 1852, 8, 

Cochin (Charles Nicolas). Antiquities of Her- 
culaneum. See Bellicard ( JurOmc Charles). 

Cochois (AT lie.) Isabella Mcndusa ; and, Count 
de Romancourt. Two novels. SeeAxgenaiJ. 
B. deBoyer. marquis d*) and Cochois. 

Cochrane (Archibald, 9th earl of Dundonald). 
Account of the qualities and uses of coal tar 
and coal varnish, with certificates from ship- 
masters and others. {^anon.'\ 43 pp. 12"^. 
London, T. ^ G. WUkie, 1785. 

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sive system of practical geometry, with ob8<»r- 
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— ^— The same. The war; an heroic poem, 
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Cocteau (J. Th6odore). l^tudes sur los scin- 
coides. [l«liv.] 3 p. 1. 33 pp. 4 pi. 4<>. 

Paris, auteur, 1836. 8. 

[ No more published]. 
Codezsmaiticus. See Bible, Greek, Bibliorum 
codex, etc. 4 v. 4°. 

Digitized by 




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incidents of voyages and travels, etc. 208 pp. 
6 pi. 129. Boston, Let A Shepard, 1867. 

Coetlogon (Dennis de). See De Coetlogon. 

Coffey (W. A.) Inside out; or, an interior 
view of the New York state prison. By one 
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Yorhf printed for the author , 1823. 

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69 pp. 180. New York, 1814. 

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The same. 2d series, 1802-1841. 335 pp. 

Portrait. 8^. New York, Appletons, 1852. 8. 

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xiii, G50 pp. 8P, Paris, Guillaumin et Cie. 

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tion of gases, [etc. with] description of the 
apparatus employed, [etc.] Illustrated. 305 
pp. 8^. Philadelphia, Lindsay d} Blakiston, 

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count of English actors in Germany and the 
Netherlands, and of the plays performed by 
them during the same period. With two plates 
of facsimiles. 5 p. 1. exxxvii, 422 pp. 4^. 
London, Asher d: Co. 1865. 

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vient de les voir, ou apper^u de ce que les 
femmes out 6t^, etc. \_anon.'\ 2 v. in 1. 146, 
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Coin (The) act, by way of dialogue [on genu- 
ine religion]. ByJ. C, [aR<m.] 24 pp. 12°. 
London, VaUance ds Simmons, 1775. 

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metic. 16^. Philadelphia, B, Cowperthwait 
de Co. 1856. 8. 

Colbum (Warren). An introduction to algebra. 
276 pp. 8^. Boston, HUliard, Gray, LiUle, 
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Colbum's new monthly magazine. See '' New 
monthly magazine.'' 

Colbum's united service magazine, and naval 
and military journal, Sept. 1866, to Aug. 1807. 
3v. 8o. London, Hurst 4- BlackeU,[l86&-er'i. 

Colby (Albert). Life of Christ and his apos- 


ties, from the writings of Dr. Adam Clarke, 
Rev. R. W. Clark, etc. 355 pp. 12°. BaUi- 
more, A. Colby, 1867. 

True christian religion. 62 pp. 12°. 

Baltimore, A. Colby, 1867. 
[ With the precedingr]. 

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travels, written by himself. 12^. 2 v. in 1. 
248, 64 pp. 1 pi. LoweU, N. Thurston dt A. 
Watson, 1838. 

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pendent on the province of New York in 
America. 3ded.2v.xii.pp.21.260pp; 2p.1. 
251 pp. 1 map. 16^. London, L. Davis, 1755. 

The same. Reprinted exactly from 

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an introduction and notes by John G. Shea, 
xl, xviii, 141 pp. portrait. 8°. New York, 
T. H. MorreU, 1866. 

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123 pp. 80. IHuU, Eng., 17791 J 

Miscellany of poems, odes, and songs. 

112, vi. pp. 8°. HuU, Eng., 1791. 
[ With the preceding]. 

Cole (Miriam). A rosary for lent; or devo- 
tional readings, original and compiled. [anon.'\ 
360 pp. 12°. New York, G. W. CarUton de 
Co. 1867. 

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the Sanscrit language, v. 1. xxii^ 368 pp, 
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Natal sermons : a series of discourses, viii, 
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Edited by his brother, Derwent. 2 v. xii, 376 j 
iv, 359 pp. portndt. 16^. London, Ed. 
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Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). Biographia liter- 
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in 1. 183 pp; 196 pp. 8^. New York, Kirk 
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Rime of the ancient mariner. Illustrated. 

51 pp. 8^. London, Sampson Low d: Co, 1857. 
Coles (Elisha.) An English dictionary. 184 1. 
unp. 16^. London, R. and J. Bonwicke and 
others, 1724. 
(Imperfect ; leaf 184 wanting.] 

The same. Newly corrected and im- 

proved. 1841.unp. 18^. London, J. WaUhoe 
tmd others, 1732. 

Digitized by 





Coles (Elisha). Dictionary, English-Latin, 
Latin-English. 18th ed. 8^. 2 p. 1. 650 I. 
unp. Londonf J, Bonwicke and othert, 1772. 
[Imperfect, learet wmnting at the end.] 

Coley (Henry). Clavis astrologisd elimata; or, 
a key to the whole art of astrology, new filed 
and polished. 62 p. 1, 759 pp. 12^. [X<m- 
[Title wantlnur] 

CoUaert (Adriaan). Vita B. Virginia Teresitt. 
[25 estampes.] oblong fol. ArUverpiee, ajmd 
A. CoUardum tk C, OaUeumy 1613. 8. 

( With Gallaeus (Philippe). Acta, etc 

Collec9ao de opusculos reimpressos relativoe 
^ historia das navega^des, viagens, e con- 
quistas dos Portuguezes. Publicada pela 
academia real das sciencias. t. 1. xii. 139, 4 1. 
sm. 4°. Litboa, 1844. 


Bela^aro yerdadeire dos trabalhoe ({ ho ^remador dS 
Fernado de Souto e oertoa fldalgos portnff ueset pas- 
Barom no deaoobrimSto da proutncia & Frolida. 
Af^ora nooamSte feita per hfl fldalgo Deluat 
[d* Elvas]. 

Collection of nearly 500 fac-similes of the 
water-marks used by the early paper makers, 
during the latter part of the 14th, and early 
part of the 15th centuries, lanon.'] 25 pi. 
fol. London, 1840. 

CoUeotion of serenty-nine black-letter ballads 
and broadsides, printed 1559 to 1597. With 
introduction and notes, xxxvi, 319 pp. 12°. 
London, J. Lilly, 1867. 

CoUeotion of several treatises concerning the 
reasons and occasions of the penal laws, viz : 
i. The execution of justice in England, not 
for religion, but for treason : 17th Dec. 1583. 
iL Important considerations, by the secular 
priests: printed A. D. 1601. iii. The Jesuits 
reasons unreasonable. 4 p. 1. 131 pp. sm. 4°, 
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Le BhAi^rata ParAna. tradait par E. Bomoafl 3 t. 
Firdousi (Aboulkasim). Le llvre des roi*: tradait 

par J. Mohl. 4t. 
Reflhid-Eddin. Uistoire des Mongols de la Perse. 

Traduite par fi. M. Quatremdre. v. i. 

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Le diable peint par lui-mdme, ou gnlerie de 
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Histoire du manneken-piss, raoont6e par 

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24^. Bruxellet, A. Lacrosse, 1824. 

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[Anderson's Brit, poets, r. 9.] 

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Colon, or Colombo, (Cristoforo). See Novua 
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Colon or Colombo (Fernando). Historic. Nelle 
quali b' h& particolare, e vera relatione 
della vita e de' fatti dell' ammiraglio, 
D. Chris^foro Colombo, suo padre. Nuoua- 
mente di lengua spagnuola tradotta neir itali- 
ana dal Alfonso Vlloa. 24 p. 1. 489 pp. 5 I. 
24°. Venetia, Iseppo Prodocimo, 1678. 

Colonial policy, with hints upon the formation 
of military settlements, and observations on 
the boundary question pending between this 
country and the United States. {anon,"} 
2d ed. 40 pp. OP. London, James Cochrane 
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Scilla (Agustino), Decorporibus, marinis.] 

Colonna (Francesco). Songe de poUphile, 
traduction libre de I'ltalien, par J. Q. Legrand. 
2 V. in 1. 2 p. 1. 228 pp ; 217 pp. 18°. Paru, 
Didot, 1804. 

Colquhoon (John). Sporting days, vii, 255 
pp. 16°. Edinburgh, Blackwood <k sons, 

Digitized by 





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Francis Lieber, Charles Davies, C. M. 
Naime,) with an introductory address bj W. 
Betts, February, 1858. 4 p. 1. 201 pp. 8°. 
Xew Yorhy TnuUes Col college, 1858. 

^-^— Catalogue of the governors, trustees, and 
officers, and of the alumni and other graduates 
from 1754 to 1864. 112 pp. 8°. New York, 
/>. Van Nostrand, 1855. 8. 

Cfilombian eloquence, being the speeches of 
the most celebrated American orators, as de- 
livered in the trial of Hon. Samuel Chase. 
3 V. 300, 220. 247 pp. 18°. BaUimore, 
^•. Butler A 8. Cole, 1806. 

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«o. Philadelphia, T, Seddon, W. Spotswood, 
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Columella (Lucius Junius Modcratus). De 
re rustica. {With Libri de re rustica.) 

^— De arboribus. ( With the same.) 

Columna. See Colonna. 

Coluthus. Helens raptus. Gnece et Latine. 
[ With Nrakdeb (Michael). Optu aaremn, etc.] 

The same. The rape of Helen. Trans- 
lated by Mr. C. 8°. Edinburgh, [1792.] 
[ Anderson's British poets, t. 5. J 

Colvin (John B.) Historical letters ; a brief 
but general view of the history of the world, 
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gan, 1821. 

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tion de Fdquilibre europ6en par les trait^s de 
Westphalie et des Pyr6n6es. xii, 404 pp. 8°. 
Paris, E, Dentu, 1854. 

The same. Histoire de la diplomatie 

slave et scandinave ; suivie des n^gociations 
de Ponce de La Gardie. D'apr^s des docu- 
ments contemporains. 420 pp. 8^. Paris, 
E. Dentu, 1856. 

Comestor ( Pierre ). Historia scholastica, 
magna sacre scripture partem, que et hi scrie 
et in gloftsis crebro diffusa erat, breuiter 
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phon 1542.] 

Cornfield ( if r«. Amelia Btratton). Alida; or, 

miscellaneous sketches of incidents during the 
late American war, with poems. 240 pp. 12^. 
New York, AngeU 4- Engel, 1849. 

Comingo (Henry G. />./>.) Memorial; con- 
taining his 25th anniversary discourse, pro- 
ceedings of the anniversary meeting, two ser- 
mons Nov. 24th, and funeral discourse by C. 
C. Beatty. 62 pp. 8°. SteubenviUe, (O.) 
Herald, 1862. 8. 

Commercial (The) and financial chronicle ; a 
weekly newspaper. July, 1866, to June, 1867. 
V. 3-4. sm. fol. New York, W, B. Dana A 
Co, 1866-67. 

Commerelle {ahU de). An account of the cul- 
ture and use of the mangel-wurzel, or root of 
scarcity. Translated from the French [by J. 
C.Lettsom]. 66 pp. 8^. London, C.D'dly, 

Common sense cook book, containing plain 
directions for all dishes, from soup to dessert ; 
[with] a chapter on beverages, food for infants, 
etc. 113 pp. 120. New York, J, C, Hancy 
A Co. [1867]. 

Companion (The) to the newspaper ; and jour- 
nal of facts in politics, statistics, and public 
economy, 1833. 2 p. 1. 234 pp. sm. fol. Lon- 
don, C. Knight, 1834. 

Company of royal adventurers of England 
trading into Africa. Answer of the com- 
pany to the petition and paper of certain 
heads and particulars thereunto relating and 
annexed, exhibited to the honorable House of 
Commons by Sir Paul Painter, Ferdinando 
Gorges, Henry Batson, Benjamin Skutt, and 
Thomas Knights, on the belialf of themselves 
and others concerned in his majestie's planta- 
tions in America. 1 p. 1. 18 pp. sm. 4^. 
{London,'\ 1667. 

Compleat (Tlie) cook. [anon.'\ 123 pp. 
4 1. 240. London, N. Brooks, 1655. [ With 
Queen's closet opened. 1655.] 

Compleat (A) system of magick; or, the his- 
tory of the black-art, compiled from the best 
authorities, ancient and modem. 5, 403 pp. 
8°. London, J. Clarke and others, 1729. 

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Part i. Mammalia and birds. 408 pp. 12^. 
New York, Newman <Sf Ivison, 1853. 

Comte (Auguste). Traitd philosophique d'as- 
tronomiepopulaire. x,48pp. Ipl. 8°. Paris, 
Carilian-Goeury A V. Dalmont, 1844. 8. 

Conant (Mrs. H. C.) The English bible. His- 
tory of the translation of the holy scriptures 
inU} the English tongue, xv, 466 pp. 2 pi. 
12^. New York, Sheldon, Blakcinan.f' Co. 1856. 

Digitized by 





Condones, sive orationes, ex giteciB Intinisque 
historicis excerptie. 10 p. 1. 288 pp. 2 1. fol. 
[n. p.] H, SUphanui, 1570. 8. 

Concise (A) historical account of all the British 
colonies in North-America, comprehending 
their rise, progress, and modem state, lanon.'] 
196 pp. 8^. L(mdon, J, Bew, 1775. 

Conduct (Tlie) of the Dutch relating to their 
breach of treaties with England. With a full 
account of the case of Jeronimy Clifford. 
lanon.'i 220 pp. 8°. London, W, Brittow, 

Conduct (The) of the two B ^rs [Barriers] 

vindicated, lanon,"] 37 pp. 12°. London, 
M. Cooper, 1749. [With Examination of 
principles and conduct of the two Barriers. 
120. Xonc/on, 1749. 

Cone (Solomon). The harmonia; a new col- 
]ecti<m of easj songs, obi. 13°. Albany, J, 
ErMty 1850. 

Confederate (The) first reader; containing se- 
lections in prose and poetry, as exercises for 
younger children. [anon.'\ 120 pp. 16°. 
Richmond, Q, L, Bidgood, 1864. 

Confederate States (so called). Army regu- 
lations, with the articles of war. 12°. Rich- 
mond, 1861. 

General orders from the adjutant and 

inspector general's office for 1863. Compiled 
under authority by B. H. P. Robinson. 16°. 
Richmond, 1861. 

Instructions for the guidance of the medi- 
cal officers of the navy. 40 pp. 12°. Rich- 
mond, Marfarlane tb Ferguston, 1864. 

- Official reports of battles. Published by 

order of congress. 671 pp. 8°. Richmond, 
Enquirer pre8$, 1862. 

Ordnance instructions for the navy. 3d 

ed. xix, 171, cix pp. 21 pi. 8°. London, 
8aundcr$, OOey ds Co. 1864. 

• Regulations for the army, 1863. 2d ed. 

12°. Richmond, 1863. 

Regulations for the navy, 1862. iv, 239 

pp. 16°. Richmond, Macfarlane d* Fergus- 
ton, 1862. 

Regulations for the subsistence depart- 
ment. 54 pp. 16°. Richmond, Ritchie dt Dun- 
navant, 1862. 

Conference of the governor of Massachusetts 
bay with the sachems of the eastern Indians, 
Arrowsick island, August 9-12th, 1717. 13 
pp. sm. 4°. Bo$ton, B. Green, 1717. 

Conference with the eastern Indians, Fal- 
mouth, 1726. 20 pp. sm. 4°. IBoiion, 
1726 T] 

Conference with the eastern Indians, Fal- 
mouth, July, 1727. 27 pp. sm. 4°. Boston, 
8. Kneeland, 1754. 

Conference of his excellency, Jonathan Bel- 
cher, and the eastern Indians, Falmouth, 1732. 
23 pp. sm. 4°. Boston, B, Green, 1732. 

Conference at the fort at St. George's, York 
county, August 4th, 1742, between his excel- 
lency, William Shirley, and the sachems of 
the eastern New England Indians. 19 pp. 
sm. 4°. Boston, J Draper, 1742. 

The same, [imp : p. 19 in ms.] 

Confession (A) of faith owned and consented 
to by the elders and messengers of the 
churches in the colony of Connecticut in New 
England, assembled at Say-brook, September 
9th, 1708. lanon.'\ 99 pp. 18°. New London, 
Thomas Short, 1710. 

Congar (CapL Obadiah). See Cheever^Rev, 
Henry). Autobiography, etc. 

Congress (library of). Alphabetical catalogue 
of the library of congress. Authors. 1236 pp. 
8°. Washington, government printing office, 

Catalogue of additions, for the years 

endmg Dec. 1, 1864, 1865, and 1866. 3 v. 
8°. Washington, government printing office, 

Catalogue of the library of congress. 

Chap. i. Ancient history, 77 pp. 8°. W(u\- 
i'tgton, Smithsonian institution, 1854. 

Congressional (The) globe: containing the 
debates and proceedings of the 39th congress, 
1st and 2d sessions. (Dec. 1865 to March 
1867). By F. and J. Rives. 8 v. 4°. Wash- 
ington, Cong, globe office, 1866-67. 

Congreve (William). Essay concerning hu- 
mor in comedy, pp. 66-73. [Appended to 
Morris (Corbyn). Essay, etc. London, 

Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 1793. 

[Anderson's Brit, poets, v. 7]. 

Connecticut. An account of the number of 
inhabitants in the colony of Connecticut, Jan. 
1, 1774. [with the same] for Jan. 1, 1756. 
9 1. fol. HaHford, E, Watson, 1774. 

The code of 1650, a compilation of the 

earliest laws and orders of the general court 
of Connecticut, also the constitution adopted 
by the towns of Windsor, Hartford, and 
Weathersfield in 1638-9, and extracts fW)m 
the blue laws. 119 pp. 18°. Hartford, Silas 
Andrus, 1830. 

The same. 199 pp. 18°. Hartford, 

Silas Andrus and Son, 1843. 

Digitized by 





Connectiont. Journal of the house of repre- 
sentatives. Maj session, 1867. 8^. Rartford, 
Ccugf Lochwood 4" Co, 1867. 

Journal of the senate. Maj session, 

1867. 8P, Hartford, Case, Lochwood if Co. 

Puhlio documents of the legislature. 

May session, 1867. 9P» Hartford, Case, Lock- 
wood 8f Co. 1867. 

Third to sixth annual reports of the 

superintendent of common schools, 1848-51. 
4 V. in 1. 8°. Hartford and New Haven, 
1848-51. 8. 

Reports of the commissioner of the 

school fund, 1818, 1819, 1825, and 1849. 8P. 
Hartford, 1819-49. 

Fourth annual report of the hoard of 

commissioners of common schools. 60 pp. 

80. Hartford, Case <fc Co. 1842. 

[ With the preceding]. 
Conneoticut historical society. Collections. 

V. 1. xii, 332 pp. 80. HaH/ord, 1860. 
Conner (James). Specimens of light face 

printing types and ornaments. 209 I. unp. 

8°. New York, S. Hoyt As Co. 1832. 

(and sons). Specimens of printing 

types, and ornaments. 191 1. unp. 4^. 
New York, 1^55. 8. 

Conrad (Timothy Abhott). Check list of the 
invertebrate fossils of North America. Eocene 
and oligocene. iv, 41 pp. 8°. Wathington, 
I Suiithsonton misoel. coll. t. 7.] 

Description of cretaceous and tertiary 

fossils. [Emory (W. H.) Report on the 
U. S. and Mexican boundary survey, v. 1.] 

Fossil shells [of Chile]. With GiUiss 

(J. M.), U. 8. astron. exped., v. 2.] 

Fossils of the miocene formation of the 

United States, xvi, 80 pp. 44 pi. 8^. Phil- 
adelphia, J. Dohson, 1815. s. 
(Imperfect; wanting plate 33.] 

Fossils of the tertiary formations of the 

United States. 80 pp. 49 pi. 8^. Philadel- 
phia, J. Dohson, 1838. 8. 
(Imperfect; 6 plates wanting.] 
— The same. (Im|>crfect; 5 plates wanting.] 
New fresh wat«r shells of the United 

States, with colored illustrations, and a mon- 
ograph of the genus anculotus ; also a synopsis 
of the American naiades. 12^. Philadtlphia, 
1834. 8. 

Nouvelles coquilles d'eau douce des 

£tats-Unis, suivis de la monograph ie du 
genre anciilotun de Say et du tableau synop- 
tiquf di's naiaden d'Amerique. De TAnj^lais 
par J. C. Chfuu. [Extract.] 36 pp. 4 pi. 

8°. Paris, Biblioth^que conchyliohgiqtte, 
1845. 8. 

Considerations on the choice of public rulers ; 
on the extent of their powers ; and on the 
best means of securing the advantages and 
reforming the abuses of popular elections. 
[anon.'l vi, 156 pp. 8°. New York, T. 8. 
Arden, 1805. 

Constable (H. Strickland). Observations sug- 
gested by the cattle plague, about witchcraft, 
credulity, superstition, parliamentary reform, 
and other matters. 99 pp. 8°. London^ 
Dalton ^ Lucy, 1866. 

Constant de Rebecque, (Henri Benjamin). 
Adolphe ; anecdote trouvde dans les papiers 
d'un inconnu. Nouv.^d. suivie des ouvrages: 
Quelques r6flexions sur le thd&tre allemand et 
sur la tragddie de Wallstein, et de I'Esprit de 
conqu6te et de I'usurpation. 388 pp. 16^. 
Paris, Charpenticr, 1839. 

De la religion, consid6r^e dans sa source, 

SOS formes, et see d^veloppements. 5 v. 8^. 
Paris, Bossange, 1824-31. 

• Du polyth^isme romain, consid^r^ dans 

ses rapports avec la philosophic grecque et la 
religion chrdtienne; prdccdd d'une introduc- 
tion de J. Matter. 2 v. lix, 283 pp; 384 pp. 
8P. Parit, BirhH aini, 1833. 

Contarini (Alvise). Relnzione del congresso 
di Munster. 103 pp. 4^. Vcnezia, AntoncUi, 
1864. 8. 

Controversy (The) touching the old stone 
mill, in the town of Newport, E. I. with 
remarks, [afion.] 91 pp. 1G°. Newport, 
E.HammeU.jr. 1851. 

Contzen (Adam). Di»ceptatio de secretis 
societatis Jesv. 190 pp. 16°. Mojvntia;, 
J. Volmar, 1617. 

Conversations on ritualism. 77 pp. 12P, 
New York, Hurd and Houghton, 1867. 

Conversations-lexikon. Allgemeine deut- 
sche real-encyclopadie fiir gebildeten stiinde. 
ll'auflage. v. 1-10. A-O. 8°. Leipzig, Brock- 
haus, 1864-^. 

Conybeare (William John). Essays, eccle- 
siastical and social. Reprinted, with addi- 
tions, from the Edinburgh review, xi, 440 
pp. 8°. London, Longman, 18G5. 8. 


Eoay i. The church in the moantsins. 

ii. Church parties, 
iii. Eoclesinstioal economy, 
ir. VeBtries and church nttcs. 

V. MunnoDitm. 
vL Agitation and legislation ngainst intemperance. 

Conyngham ( Capt. D. P. ) The Irish brigade 
and it8 c^mptiigns, with [nketcli] of the Cor- 

Digitized by 




conui Wgirm &nd the ptiiicipol glCocra. 590 pp. 
12^. Xf^w Yorl\ n\ Mf^Styrl^y *f- Co, imi. 

Conring ( H lirman n ) . D« an t iq vitiiti h v» ticnd- 
etnias dii^ayi-ttittooes suplym, VTia cvra t^iva 
avpi^k'nu-iilLHi. RiH*i>giiovit Christopli Avg. 
HevmiiTiiivH, adjecilqvt* biblioiliecaiu hibturi- 
cuiri EU'Ofkri ilea nip xxxii, 233 pp, liti 1. uiip. 
4**, Gotdarjo?, Bib. rtcwl 1739. 

— ^ Disis*-j-tatio nd L. 1, cotlicia TlieodoMiiiii 

de stvdiu! lilieriilibvs vrb. Horns (^t Coiistnii- 
IkiopoUs. 68 pp. 8 L uiip. 4*^, GQtUnffo^f 
[173D.] 8. 

[ mth the jiTiMeclbff.j 

Iritrodut tio in univoreain artem itiedieani 

Biii^ijlaMfivp fjiiB parttiSj Gt4-% coiisimilis argil- 
monti ct>iiiiiit!nt^t(one&^ cura ac jitudio Gun- 
th*?Kt Chrisitiiplinri J^eliHlhiiriim^'ii, emu prsefu- 
tiuue Friili^ricl HofTniaTini, etc* Si v. in 1. 
16 pp. Bl 4^4 pp, Ui; 163 pp. 4°. //<i/a^, 
K. fi. Crufjiuit, 17^6. 8. 

Cook ( Ai m , /d (^ .U>fl . iJf d i*r/^ amp ) . Lt? r t<»n» to 
her friend iu Marjlajid, coutaining a sbort 
lii«torj of her life. 91 pp. 12^^. Wmhiivj' 
tvn, iy2G. s. 

Coaka (C) Curio^ltlcB of occult Ittemlure. 
xli, 275 pp. 12^. I^ndon, A. Half, [18^3.] 

Cooke (CLarlcs Tunitr). Oiiservaligiia ou the 
(•iBt^icy of wliitts nuMrju-d st<;d in aiVet'litms of 
tJie liver, ititertial ory^uiiBj and ntrvcufi »V£' 
toiRp and on gpnei'td mtihugfaNont of houltli 
jn»d life. 5th cd, Iti^. London, 1^28. 

Cooks (Jolm E*tpn). Wearing of tlie gmj; 
Ik ing pci^anjiJ porfrrtitSj 8^<^ni?s. fvtid ad\ en- 
l u res of t h «/ Wilt. CO 1 pp, 1 pi . 8° . J\> iff 
Y<irli% E. B, Trtai*^* tV IdH/. 

Cc ok& ( lit r. Sam Uf! I , o/ Cn m bridijt) , Th e vi 0- 
Irnt dfetro^i^d imd tlie oppressed deHvei-^d. 
6<?rmoti prwiched at Lexmgtorip Apr. 19, 1777j 
o memorjiil of the tragedj ki that town, 177 G. 
31 pp. 8^. UostoHj T. Leverctt ct X Bi>ivctj 

Coolidge (Aufitiu J.) antf Mansfield (J. B.) 
Hialory aad dfBcrjpti«n of New P^ugland, 
general atid local, v. 1. Alaine* New Uamp- 
6hiri»^ and Vcnjiont. xxr, l(h33 pp. 3 umpe, 
22 pi . S^, BoHo t^,A.J. Ctiolidjr , 1 t^t5 4 . a . 

Cooper {/tef. Edward). Thw criaii; or^ an 
attejnpt to show Iroin prophecy tlie prospijcts 
mud d uii ca of tli e c bn rub of C h rifl t . W j 1 1 1 in 
tjuirj into the prf>l>able deatlny of Engkrul. 
Ui Am. ed . acx X , 195 i>p. 1 3^ . Cincin n at i , 
j/i>rrjfan, FUhfr d: L' Hummed icttf 1627, 

Coope r (Jann ft i; J . ) C at al ogue of uioll tisea w e bI 
of the l£*)<tk¥ SI oil II tains, etc. g, 

[ With C ALIFO KS I A. i; Oyli})pricU I SUTT CJ i H?ii7. ] 

Cooper ( Jif. r. Will hun , o/ /ioi^> ii ). TJ i e d oc - 


trine ol predettiiifttion unte life, PrefEice by 
[B. Cohiiaii and othera.] 4, 140 pp. 18^ < 
Itoitora, J. Edt^arttit tt H. Ftjet^r, 174 0^ 
The sntne. ili^ 142 pp. 16'^. London, 

Coote (Henrj Char lee). A neglected fact in 
English hl^tflry. [An ei5say on ihe Anglo- 
Saxon polity.] xi, 183 pp. 16^, Londong 
IhU <fr UitMij, 1864. 

Copeiihagen. Foria^foren ingen , Al m i n d k^ 
Itgt darisk-iiorsk forkigscatalog. 1-3 e^ipple- 
Toent. 233 pp ; ll'i pp. W^, IlautiUief Sor* 
Ubiiup. 1841^15. S, 

Bihliotlie<ian>fjria. Codices ori entalea bib- 

liorliGcio? resile halnlensis. Para 1, Codiceain* 
dk'na continena. Pars 2, Codlcea htHbraicoa i't 
arabicos con fin ens. 2 v. x, 122 pp ; xi, 188 

pp. 4*=. Uarnvr, ScfntU'£, l^lfr-Sl. S. 

Copiaeau (Vahhi). Esflai eynthdtiqn© nnr 
r origins oi la formation des langitea. [anon.] 
XV, 464 pp. 2 1. 8^^. Parif, Eou^uUj 

Copp^o (TTetiry). Sekct academic speaker. 
&72 pp. &^. PUladclphia, E. H. Bullet i- 

Co, lesi). 

Cop^way (fieorge). O reran izutinn o^f a new 
ludiun tenitory t^asl of the Missouri river ; 
ar^'iinnj'iita and iK?aaoiia e^nbrnitted to tJie in em- 
berii i>T the 31 at cougretkH of tht' United SUiltiB. 
32 pp. 8^. Son York, B. n\ Bemdidf 


Copy nf the regolves of a council of churehea, 
metal Northampton, 1742. Gpp, 24^, Bo»<i/nt 
S. Knrrland ct 1\ i^teen, 1742. 

Coquelta(ChArka), and Quillaunuu (Urbain 
Gilbert). Dtctirmnaire de Veconoane poli- 
tique, ctintenant Tex posit ion des principee de 
la 8cieiice> ropinion de» 6cvivaina qni ont le 
plua contribuc ik su foudaiiim H ^ f*eB pi-flgr^a^ 
la bibliograpliit? i^^cncrale de rcconomie poll- 
titjue, etc, 2 v. xjtvii, 7UI pp; 2 p. L 896 
pp. 8 pi. dP, FmU, (JiiUi^tuain ei CiV, 

Coquerel (Athanase Joau6), Lea formate pour 
lofoi. (16^4, 1775.) 377 pp. 10^. Farit, 
Ui'ij, I80i5. 

— First liistorical t rang formation a of cbriB- 

tia.iiitj\ [Traivfilated] by E. P, Kvana. 2i>i 
pp. 16^. Bos^ton, Wm. V. Spencer, 1%7. 

Corcoxaii (Pete ). Tbii faticy ; a t*ehiodon from 
[hia] poftical rem ins, wilb ti nuniioir uf bis 
lifL". XXX, lU7pp. 12^. London, Tit ff for 4! 

Corda (Aiignut Joseph), Beitriige zur floru 
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Digitized by 





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IDcodatel 1507. 
[Imperfect ; wanting probably 4 leaves.] 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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Note.— This work is attributed to Cr^blllon by Oet- 
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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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(Imperfect ; title page, and pp. 23 to 26 wanting, sup- 
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Digitized by 





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T. 2. Organes du nuHnrement et oet^ologie de U tdte. 
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T. 5. Orgunes d'alimentation des mollusqnes, anlmanx 

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See Qn^rin. loonographie du rigne 


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Digitized by 





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[Wanting title page.] 

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V. 2. MhiBong & lover. 
V. 3. Villas suburbaines. 

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Digitized by 





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La folle enchere. 

T. 2. La inaison de campagne; L'imprompta de 
fl^arnisoD ; Lai*arisienoe ; La femme d'intrigucs ; 
Lad6solalionde8jououse8; La gazette; L*oi*6ra 
de village. 

V. 3. Les vendanges ; Le tutour ; La foire de Bosons ; 
Les venduDges de Suresne; La fuire Saint Ger- 
main ; Le moulin de Ja voile ; Les eaux de Uuur- 
bon; Prologue et divertissemens nouveaux 
pour Circe, trag6die en machines. 

T. 4. Les vaoances ; Ilenaudi et Annide ; La loterie ; 
La charivary; Le retour des offioiers; Les 
civieux de Compidgne; Le mari retrouv6; 
Nouvean prologue, et nouveaux divertisse- 
mens pour la com6dle de I'inoonnu. 

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village ; Los trois cousines ; Colin-Muillard. 

T. 6. L'op6rateur Barry; Nouveau prologue, et 
nouveaux divertissemens pour la oomfdie des 
amans mhgnifiques; La galant {nrdinier; Le 
diable boiteux; Second chnpilre du diable 
boiteux ; La trahison punio ; Madame Artus. 

y. 7. I>es ngiotours; La com^dio des com6diena, ou 
I'amour charlatan ; L'aniour charlatan ; C6phale 
et Prucris; Sanoho Pan^a. 

Y. 8. LMnpromptn de Suresne ; L'inpromptu de LIv-y ; 
Divertissement de Sceaux ; I^s festes nocturnes 
du oonrs ; Le vert galant ; Le prix de I'arque- 
btize ; La m6temi>sico8e des amours ; La d6ruute 
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Dangy ( — .) See DangiB ( — .) 
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— ^ Democritus in London; with notes fcs- 

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f Anderson's Brit, poets, v. 4.) 
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Danielssen (Daniel C.) See Koren (J.j and 

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Danische bibliotbec ; oder sammlung von altcn 

und neuen gelehrten sachen aus Diinnemarck. 

5pts. in2v. 16°. Copenhagen, 17 38-iA, 8. 
Dankers (Jasper), and Sluyter (Peter) 

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[Long Island hist. see. publications, r. 1.] 
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V. 2. The Purgatorio. viii, 410 pp. 
V. a The Paradiso. Till, 453 pp. 

First canticle, (Inferno,) of the divine 

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The new life. Translated by C. E. Nor- 
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ings of the town in relation to the donation 
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Proceedings at the reception and dinner 

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J. F. BUlck, 1715. 

Digitized by 





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ur, llie history <if a jiiiirig liidj^fl iiitrotlinjtli>ii 
tc* the woi'kl. xVix, 456 pp. V2P. New Ynrk^ 
Jhth^ if JaH*f^j 1858. 

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tivt) flu Fraiice ; <?ii, tmitc ilu contwnlitfitx <lfi 
IVtriumk^t ration, viii, 6^3 pp* 8^, l*ftn>, 

Darlington (William^ M. 1).) AgTiciiltuml 
iKititiiy; ail eLiiiiueratii>[t aiid de»crij>tinTi f>t 
irst^fui plfiiite anil weeils ^vhicli meiit uoUce, or 
recjuire tlie fltttHitiftii of AiiK^rJcari ftgricuUur- 
wtfl. 1^^ Phil<idr!phhi, 1847. S. 

Flora cestrlcA ; an aitempt to enuTiierate 

and de!^.Tibe tbe tiasvering aiid fiHcoiil plants 
of C heeler potintj^ Pit, xxili, 640 pjk 1 map. 
I2t>, Jff^ 67i«ffr, aiiMor, 1837, S. 

" Fliirtila csHtriea ; an essay toward b a 

iwlttlciguu of Ibi^ j^lio^iingamcHm plaiiT^^ native 
and natural ijitd, growing in the vicinity of the 
boroLigU of Wt'fit Cht'Ster^ in Chci^ter coiLnty, 
PsL XX, lh2 pp. 3 pi. tP. Wett Cktstrr, 
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Darul ey ( Sir C harles ) . Srf- Vermont ( m a r- 
fitiU de) imd Damley. London and FarU- 

Daroudeau (^B.) and Chevalier (E.) Phy 
BU^iie : oheervations nK^n^orulogi^ue* et mag- 
n6ti qiies . 8t e Vaillaiiti ( A, N . ) Voyage, etc. 

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NotioQd «tati^tii{ues fiur la librairio. 4i pp. 
4<^. Parltf, K JHdot, lH:i7, S. 

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H'titi riTznoY {Rt(>M:rt) and uttifins, Kurruthe of the 

Monograph *m the foBsil bal»nid«5 and 

verrucidffi of Great Bnliiin. 4'^- London ^ 
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LlNiliFonlopfrapbleFit juplety pttblicntfoiij.] 

On the origin uf Bj^eciea by nieana of 

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[Nil mwe |ia1}ll^pd. ) 

T. l. r-^Ti*ralil##. 

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WaUK Xe6J>^ 

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|.SraiTTf>EJj clnr:ft^ Ha\. ill tmtm, i>oL v. i"i.] 
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Digitized by 




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Part ii. Monograph of British cretaceous brachiopoda. 
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Part iv. Monograph of British permian brachiopoda. 

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Purt vi^ Mtitio(jfmpli of BriLiati Dfrvoniiin V>rA0ij[4{>i:tda>. 

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Davis, on t 

ence over I 

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Davis (Job 


society, F 

ration of 

with not 




of Gi 







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Digitized by 





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IWantiog portrait]. 

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[Imperfect ; title page wanting.] 

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Digitized by 





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r With RAMcnuxDRA. Treatise on maxima, etc. 18S0.] 

Digitized by 





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[ With the preceding.] 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[Forming t. 8-10 of the preceding.] 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[Title wanting.] 

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{ With aARBElT (E. L.) Rudimentary treati>o on the 
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Doote (Henri Le). ^SfeLeDoote (Henri.) 

Dootrlna Christiana en lengua espanola j max- 
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Bcto Domingo. Agora nueuamete corregida 7 
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Documents furnished by the British govern- 
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B. M. ships of war, after the ratification of 
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Chemistry of manufactures. 24 pp. 

Corn and bread : what they are to machinery. 24 pp. 

Electricity : industrial applications of. 24 pp. 

Fire and light: oontriTanoes for their production. 24 


Glass and its roanuftictnre. 24 pp. 
Gold : in the mine, the mint, and the workshop. 24 pp. 
India-rubber and gutta-percha: 24 pp. 
Pnp«r: its applications and its novelties. 24 pp. 
Printing : its modem varieties. 24 pp. 
Ship (A) in the nineteenth century. 24 pp. 
Steam power and water power. 24 pp. 
Wool and silk. Fur and feathers. 24 pp. 

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embracing tbe entire campaigns of the army 
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History of the old second division, army 

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the men, their masters, showing why dogs 
ought to be exempted from taxes, [anon.'] 
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[ ITtfA Bbbki (F.) Tntte le opere, etc.] 

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los caracteres de los principales minerales y 
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Odd-Fellows' text-book and manuaL 

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Donandt (Ferdinand). Versuch einer ges- 
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2 V. in 1. xxi, 352 pp.; iv, 387 pp. 8°. Bre- 
men, J, G. Heyse, 1830. 8. 

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Donl (Anton Fnuicescu). La zvccn, diviBa m ' Douglaaa (t\ C) Report of tlie assistant gee*!- 

316 1. 

cmqve Ijbri di gmn ualorc. 8 p. ! 

Doim (Ilfnjamin). The BHtUli mariui'v'fi aftfiiet- 

ant. 4*^1 pp. 12*^. London, B, Lait.irSA, 
Doun© (.Tohn). Poelit-al work«, 8^* Mdin- 

f Ahderion't Trltist i«HJfs, t* <»| 

Donne (Wtllijim Badhani)- Eefnys on tbo 
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A' KOflj 1B59. 

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129. JFa^hui'jt^H, McGiU, 18(30, 

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Tanmur ; on, Irttretjdu la vicomtepet? de Sdnan- 
p^fi; el iJu elievnticT He Vei^cuai ; euiviea dii 
Sjlvk et Mu16h1ju11". [aft^n.] Notiv. fid, 2 
pt9. hi 1 T. xiii, aOO pp; '27G pp. 1G°. 
Jjasfrniam^ 1772. 

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polle and estates, aiid anjouut of tax in the 
lovin. for til*? jeai- 1550. 119 pp, 8°. Bottoytf 
UaiM Clapp, 1B50. 6- 

Dor^. By a iftrollcr i/i Europe. 38(5 pp, 12^. 

Dort9 (f :harlep). Amoura «cc^relt<*& des qimtre 
fpsrea do Napoleon. I*ar il. lo baron B * * *. 
[a»OTi,] 2 v. in I, S'-^d. 2Clpp. 1G°, Pari*, 

Domf eld ( . J . ) t>iT ral J ot i*l]ti ivelnliau u nd difi 
weirib4?reitnTjgB-!elire, xi^, 472 pp. 8^. HHl- 
hronn, A. Srhcarkfij 18G4. 8. 

Dorr (David F.) A colored roimd the 
worhL By tt qumlrooti. [aiwi.] 1&2 pp. 1 

pj. 8=>. (n. p.) la^ia. 

Dorset {ffir/ of). See SackviUe (Chnrlea). 
Dorsey (Afr«. Anna 11.) The E>tudent of Bleu- 

hinni foiTst J or, Ihu trJala of a convert. 2d 

r4*viBeded. 346pp. lij°, Uci^fimorf, J. Murphy 

d- Co. 1867. 
Dor Bey (Sarah A.) KecolleclioriB of Hoory 

Walkiiis Alkm. 42s> pp. 12^. Xete York, M. 

Dcfohuhj, 18GC. 
Douce (Francis). Catalogue of books, etu. 

Sfi Bodleian library. 
Douglas ( G awuh I , Mxh op nf D a n Md ) . S el(*ct 

vvorkfl. With irvomoirs of ibr* author by Rev. 

Bcott. Hi, 150 pp. 16^, Ptrih, Mori- 

mm it *^rtj 1737, 

{WitA I>rNri.Vft OVniuiif-l. Poem*. 17^. TilJe 

Dcuglasfi (Anmnrlji M.) To trw«tj or, Dr. 

IlerlPaiidV hoUBvIiohl, ttHil pp. 12^. Ilostont 

Lre d: Shtpanh 1H<M>. 
Stephen Dane. (A novel). 3D3pp. ISP. 

BwUfm. Ltf 4t Shfptrd, 18G7. 

o^Bt of Mifliijtan. (Hongllton (Douglatie). 

Keporta oti geologj- of M ie b igan . d oc . N o. 4 ) . 
Dove (Oehiricb Wilhelm). KUmaffllogische 

beUnige. l^Mbbil, viii.S^Gpp. 2 tnjips. 8°, 

MerUH, D. Eeimer, ia^7, fi« 

f No wore pitblLiihedj. 
Dover (N, H.) and Great Falls directory; also 

SalmoTi Falls (iMe.) <breetoiy [for 1867]. By 

Dean Dudley. 115, 32 pp, 6'^. Dover, {X. 

M.) D. Lothnjii d; C0. 18l)7. 
Dow (Alexander), Hi&tuTv of Hiudostan ; 

[from tb^ dotttb of Akbftr to Aumitg^ebe 

1612-GG]. With nii i^nquiry into the stat* of 

Bi^ngah cte. 

[v. 3 ctf l.'i(iislltA*n blttory of HladoitaB. 3 v. 4^ 
IrfijiJ™, 177()"7t!.l 
Do-w ( Re i\ Loi-enEO ) . History of c c ^5 mopoli te ; 
or, Lorenzo's joiiroal ; eon tabling his experi- 
eoceand travels, to 1814, m^ pp. I pi, 16*^, 
Xew Ytrrl^ John C. TQttm, 1814, 

Tbe deoJings of God, nmUi and the devil, 

as exemplilied in [his] life, oxpi^rieiice, and 
travels. 4th lid, 704 pp. 12^. Xortt?i:h,{(X) 
WiUowi FaMuer, imX 

Do wUu g ( b a r lea H utt on ) , I ro a works . T rn 0- 
tical fommliP and rules fur finding the strain 
and \jrt'ii1dtig weight of wi^n^ht irtni brid^^e. 
31 pp. IG^. Loiulmt, John Wefile, 1866, 

Dowoey ( Stephen W.) I 'lay of destiny, as 
played by actojn fnnn the kingibim of thu 
di^iul in the theatre i:*f the iniivL*r8e. 76 pp. 8^, 

K.wCreeir^O^^- Ti^-) 1^67- 

Do-wninE (Clement), A compendious history 
of the Itnliati wars ; witb an account of 
Angria, the i>jTa(e. Also nn account of John 
Plantain, a pycate at Madagascar, iv, 238 
pp. 18-^, London f T. Ctjopcr, 1737. 

Powuiug (C. Toogood), Tlie stranger iu 
Cliiua; or, the FfUiqui^s vis^it to the celestial 
empire in lc'36'^7. 2 v. 248 jip j 232 pp. 12^, 
VhUiiddphm, Ltn ct JUnnrhanl, 183-8. &. 

Doay { Dr. F, ) unrl Molkenboer (J. 11 . ) Fro- 
dromua florae lny<dugicae surinameuEis, 54 
pp. 19 pi. 4^. Iliirkmif Efi^cn LooRjfjjlS^M 


Dragon (Le) rouge ^ ou Tart de commander lee 
esprlts ofileates, ucriens, li*rrcalrf«, infemrutx. 
im pp. 18^. Xiiiit^^, Gamk, 182.^. 

Drake ( Benjnrai n ) , I-i fe of Tec an 1 ^I'h , tm d of 
his brotht>r, tlie priophet, WUb n bisltn-itJil 
sketch of th*' ^hawauoc Indians, 235 pp. 
1\P. Cia^hiTniih E. Moffjnff *f' Tr.. WL 

Drake ( Dun i t*l , .¥. FK ) 1 1 J se urscs bt^f ore tl 10 
Cincinaati ratdical libiury iissotitttbm* 0:i pp. 
12^. Cinrmnati, MtfOre ft Andersmi, 1852. 

Digitized by 





Drake (Edward Cavendish). A new universal 
collection of authentic voyages and travels, 
selected from the best writers. 796 pp. 10 
maps. 56 pi. fol. London, J. Cooke, 1768. 

The same. fol. London, J, Cooke, 1770. 

Drake (Sir Francis). Sir Francis Drake re- 
vived. Being a summary and true relation 
of fourc several! voyages^by the said Drake 
to the West Indies. Collected out of the notes 
of Sir F. Drake, P. Nichols, F. Fletcher, 
and of divers other gentlemen. 1 pi. sm. 4^. 
London, K Bourne, 1653. 


Sir Frandi Dnike revived- 87 pp. 

The world eDOompaned. 108 pp. IGSSL 

A summarie and tme discourse of Sir F. D's. Wect 
Indian Toynfre. 41 pp. 1658. 

A ftill reliition of another voyaee into the West Indies, 
pp. 43-60. 1053. 

> The same. 

[Imperfect ; title, 9 p. L and 1 pL wanting.] 
Lo voyage cvrievx, fiiict avtovr du mon- 

de. [Titid. par F. de Louvencourt, sieur de 

Vauchelles.] 4 p. 1. 230 pp. 16°. Paris, 

A. Bobinot, 1641. 
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A brief memoir of Sir Walter Ealeigh- 

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Memoir of the life and writings of Bev. 

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- A memoir of Rev. Cotton Mather. 16 pp. 

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its rise, progress, and termination, as exhibi 
ted by Cotton Mather and Robert Calef. 
With preface, introduction, and notes. 3 v. 
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(Woodward's historical series, Nos. 5-7.) 
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its use in celestial photogmphy. iii, 55 pp. 
40. IVaskinfjton, ISm. Inst."] 1864. 
ISMrmsONIAN contributions, t. 14.] 

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ican civil war. 3 v. v. i. Causes of the war 
to the close of president Buchanan's adminis- 
tration. 567 pp. 8^. Xew York, Harpei^s, 

A treatise on the forces which produce 

the organization of plants. With appendix 
containing memoirs on capillary attraction, 
electricity, and the chemical action of light 
xi, 216 pp. 4 pi. 40. New York, Harpers, 
1844. 8. 

Drapiez (Augustc). Coura complet dliistoire 
naturelle m6dicale et pharmaceutique. 2 v. 
342 pp; 498 pp. Atlas, 160 pi. 8°. BruxcUes, 
H. Dumont, 1835. s. 

Indicateur mindralogique. 

[ With Brard (C. p.) Nonveaoz ^l^mens de min^r- 
alogie, 183a] 

• Notice sur I'^tablissement g^ographique 
de Bruxelles. 107 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Bruxelles, 
1842. 8. 

Drasche (Anton, M, D.) Die epidemische 
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Wien, C. Gerold's sokn, 1860. 8. 

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Edinburgh, 1793. 
[Anderson's Brit poets, t. 3.] 

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cy, earl Fitzwilliam, lord lieutenant, etc. of 
Ireland, lanon.^ 3d ed. 51pp. 8^. Dub- 
lin, J, Chambers, 1795. 

Dreuillette (Gabriel). Narr6 du voyage faict 

pour la mission des Abnaquiois et des cotinnis- 

sauces tirez de la Nouvelle Anglcterre. [£t] 

epistola ad dominum Joannem Wintrop, etc. 

45 pp. 

[ With Recubil de la n6frociation entre la N. Fraooe 
et la N. Angleterre, 1648. New York, 1866.J 

Dreuz-Br^z^ (Scipion, marquis de). Docn- 
mens historiques ou discours, pr^cddds d'une 
introduction sur les constitutions, par M. A. 
Delaforest. 2 v. 431 pp; 422pp. 8^. Para, 
C. Qosselin, 1842. 8. 

Dreiuc du Radier (Jean Fran^b, and others), 
Essai historique, critique, philologique, polit- 
ique, moral, litt^raire et galant, sur les lant- 
emes. Par une soci6t^ de gens delettres. 
lanon."] xii, 156 pp. 16°. D6le, IParis,'] 
Lucnophile «f Cie, 1755. 

Dre-wry (George Overend, M. D,) Cholera 
and typhus. 17 pp. 6P. London, WiUiams 

Dyspepsia and nervous derangement : 

their connection, causes, and treatment, with 
hints on diet. 40 pp. 8^. London, WiUiams 
<fe Norgate, 1865. 

DreysB (Christian). Chronologic universelle ; 
suivie de la liste des grands ^tats anciens et 
modemes, avec les tableaux gondalogiques 
des families de France et des principales 
maisons r^gnantes d'Europe. xi, 904 pp. 
I60. Paris, Hachette, 1853. 

Digitized by 




Brown (8* DeWitt), Record, und Iiietorical 
view of Peoria, [TlIO 164 pp. 12°. PtifHa, 
L\ 0. Wooikoclr, 18511 

Droyeeu (JcIjoqu G!i(?.1av). GpecUiclile der 
prt»u»i^iftc!icn poliiik. Zweitei' tlitil: die tpi^ 
rttoriale znU 2^ abtluilimg. v>, 520 pp. vi, 
643 pp. 8°, /.ftp.-pV/r Fn'f *t' To, 1859. S. 

— Dfts leben dei^ fcldiiianalmllH gtiifeii York 

TonWartt?ubui^, NeutauBg. 2 v. jv,432pp; 
63G pp. 12^. iJrrZfn, Ffit <t Cu. la'j-l. e, 
■■ Dniitt { R obert ) . Tli v pri n ci pi •?* aii d pnwiliee 
of m ftd em etu rpe j*j' . N l* w A m . fry ni 1 net Lon- 
dm ViL By F. W. Sargent. 57G pp, B^- 
PhUtiddphm, Lea if* Blmtrhard, 184J3. «. 

Dnunann (Wilhtdm), Idi'en zur geptlikhte 
dee ?eHiillft dev griH?lii*clien etfljiten. 776 pp. 
8'^. BMln, 2^1rda{, lyl5, 6, 

I>rummoild { Wiiriain , of Ha trth Qmdett) . Poet- 
ical workn. Ediiihfj^h, 1793. 

jAudrrftiVii BtU, paeti, t. 4.j 
Drummond {Sir Wtlliani), and "Walpole 
(Itfv. Robeit)* Herculaiii'uwia, nr an'lu^ulug- 
icjil tind pliilologicRl di&aei-tntjons, coneeiiiiiig 
a roajiuscript found among thu ruhia of Uer- 
culaneum, xr pp. 21. 198 pp. 3 pL 4°. 

Dnimmoiid (/ffi', WiUitim Ratnilton). The 

giant'fl oftHSfway; a potiii. xxlv, *iU4 pp. 

2nmi»B. CpL 8^. JMfasl,J^?»fpfi*Smffth,lSn. 
Drydeo (John). Album niul Albjtmia. An 

opera, ij p. U 3t* pp. am. ft? I. J^ndon, J. Ton- 

tm, 1GS5. 
Alex;itjdi*r's fpa»t. 5 p. I 20 pp, sin. 4°. 

L&nd&n^ J, it H. Toti^on, 1736, 
TIic**ame. 8 pp. biu. 4°. Eirmififihamj 

T. Vhopmatif 1774. 
All for love; or, tin* world ivell loiat. 

10 p. L 78 pp. 1 1, ira. 4°. Lo^ndtm, M.Htr- 

riwjmiin, 1678. 
Anibiiyiio; a tiagt-dj. G p- 1. 59 pp- 

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Tlie state of innoeenee, atid fivll of man ; 

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[No more pnblished.l 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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RertJWftlapr. 3t pp. 3 nmpp. &^. Jlbamf, 
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( iFr/ft BxiiEtTELL i'lL) I ntmduct J on fo gw^o^. ^'^. 

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[TjtliL! of unrt 1 wiiRtinsfHl 

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Digitized by 





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Portie phyiiologique et io6dicale, par Drs. Dellobon 

et Gu6rault. 
Partie g6olcff iqae, par E. D. do Chanooartoia et Ferri- 


Digitized by 





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(No more published.) 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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^— — See Bible, Indian, Massachusetts, 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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The same. 

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utiles, uerum etiam ad uita instituenda; nuper 
recognitie ab autore, et locupletate. [unp.] 
16^. Apud Basileam, Joan, Prob, 1523. s. 

Digitized by 




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[wanting v. 7, 18, 20.] 
3c Motion. O— Z. V. 1-25. O— Phvxioa, 1830-^. 

f No more publlBhed.] 

Bibliographiscbes handbuch. See Q^is- 

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songs, [with] account of the author's life and 

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A paraphrase; or, large explicatory 

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(A. — ^R. onlj. y. 3 wanting.) 

Erste dalmatiuiseb-kroatiscb-slavonisch aus- 
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Digitized by 




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E8»aifl d'anatoroie ; oii I'on expliqueclairement 
la construction des organes et leurs opera- 
tions m^chaniques selon les nouvelles hypo- 
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[ With Grew (N.) Anatomie det plantes.] 

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Essays on the principles of charitable institu- 
tions, lanon.'i xi, 371 pp. 8°. London, 
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Essex, (Earl of). See Capel (Arthur). 

Essex county (Mass.) Directory for 1866. 224, 
152 pp. 8^. Boston, Briggs ^ Co, 1866. 
[Title wanting.] 

Estaing (Charles Hector, c<mte d')* D6cla- 
ration adress6e an nom du roi li tous les 
anciens Francois de T Amdrique Septeiitrionale. 
fol. broadside. A hord du vaisacau Langue- 
doe, en rade de Boston, F. P, Demauge, 1778. 

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The London commercial list, 1867-68. 

fol. London, 18G6-(J7. 

The Manchester commercial liet, 1867- 

68. fol. London, 1867. 

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as it exists m the United States. 260 pp. 
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419 pp ; 429 pp. fol. Barcelona, Tecla Pla, 

Estienne (Henri). De abvsv lingv» grjecie 
in qvibvsdam vocibvs qvas latina vsvrpat ad- 
monitio. lo. Henr. Kromayori adnotatiunibus 
nondvm editis instructam pvblicavit F. G. 
RoloffivB. 16 p. 1. cliipp. 41. 16°. Berolini, 
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poematia, ex variis vtri usque linguffi scrip- 
toribus. 2 p. 1. 276, 120 pp. VP. H. SU- 
phanus, 1577. 

^OfiTipov Kat ^HaioAov ayuv, Homeri et 

Hesiodi cei tamen. Ex Homeri rersibus le- 


pide detortds consutum. Matronis et aliorvm 
parodiflB. 4 p.l. 181 pp. 16°. H. Ste- 
phanus, 1573. 

1 With EsTiBNNE (Henri). Epiitolia. etc. fl5T7.1 
Introdvction av traits de la conformity 

des merveilles anciennes auec les modemes; 
ov, ti*ait<S prdparatif 4 I'apologie pour 
Hcrodote. 32 p. 1. unp. 680 pp. 16°. 

The same. A world of wonders : or, an 

introdvction to a treatise touching the con- 
formitie of ancient and modeme wonders. 
Continued by the author himselfe. Translated 
[from] the French. 2 pts. in 1 v. 9 p. 1. 
unp. 358 pp. fol. London, John Norton, 
1607. [Imperfect.] 

£tat pr6sent de la noblesse fran^ise. ^anon."] 
xxiv, 1230 pp. 8o. Paris, Brachelin-Defto- 
renne, 1866. 

EtMopic didascalia ; or, the Ethiopic version 
of the apostolic constitutions. With an Eng- 
lish translation by T. P. Piatt, xvi pp. 1 1. 
131pp. 51. 40. London, 1S:M, 
[Oriental translation ftind.] 

Etoomeau ( ). Les mormons. Prdface 

par Pierre Vin^rd. xi, 282 pp. 2 p.l. 18^. 
Pari4, BesUl, 1856. 

Ettingsbausen (Constantin von). Die blatt- 
skelcte der dikotyledonen, mit besonderer 
rilcksicht auf die untersuchung und bestim- 
mung der fossilen pflanzreste. xlvi, 308 pp. 
95 pi. 4^. Wien, Hof-und-staatsdrucherei, 
1861. 8. 

and Pokomy (Alois). Physiotypia 

plantarum austriacarum. Der naturselbdt- 
druck in seiner anwendung auf die gefass- 
pllanzen des osterreichischen kaiserstaates, 
mit besonderer beriicksichtigung der neinration 
in don ilachenorganen der pflanzen. 500 pi. 
in 5 V. fol. Wicn, Hof-und-staatsdruckerei, 
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Etzler (J. A.) The paradise within the reach 
of all men, without labor, by powers of nature 
and machinery. 2 v. in 1. viii, 119 pp ; 98 
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Euclides. Tlio elements, viz : the first six 
books, with the eleventh and twellth ; also, 
the book of Euclid's data. By Robert Simson. 
[Also] Elements of plane and spherical 
trigonometry, etc. By Bev. A. Robertson. 
24th ed. xii, 482 pp. 8^. London, Longmans, 
1834. 8 

Digitized by 





Euclides. The elementa, etc 419 pp. 3 pi. 
8°. PhUadelpkia, DeHlver A Thm/M, 1834. 


— The same. Qeometiy, plane, solid, and 
spherical, m six books. With the theory of 
projection, etc. {awmJl viii, 272 pp. 8°. 
London^ 8oe, for diff, of utefvl knowledge, 
1830. 8. 

The same. The first six books. See 

— Tlie same. The geometry of Euclid; 
with annotations by Horatio Hubbell. 90 pp. 
8°. Philadelphia, J, B. UppincoU A Co. 
1861. 8. 

The same. A treatise of geometry, con- 
taining the first six books of Euclid's elements, 
with the elements of solid geometry. By D. 
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(Eng.) DeighUm, 1819. 8. 

The same. Element! di geometria. 

Emendati da Y. Flauti. 21* ed. 2 v. in 

1. Ixxxviii, 341, c pp. 24 pi. 8^. Napoli, 
Flauti, 1852. 8. 

[Flauti. oono di geometria. t. tii]. 

Eugene (Francis Eugdnede Savoie-Carignan, 

- prince). Life of prince Eugene of Savoy. 
From his 6wn original manuscript. Trans- 
lated from the French. 67 pp. 8^. London, 
J, Davis, 1812. 

[Royal militaiy chronicle, t. 1]. 
Xluler (Leonhard). Opuscula varii argumenti. 
300 pp. 6 pi. 4°. Berolini, A. Haude A J. 
C. dpener, 1746. s. 


1. Solntio problematii mAohanioi do motu oorporum 

tubis mobilibus incliuonun. 

2. NoTfle tabals astronomicflB motaum solii ao IniUD. 

3. Nova theoria laois et ooloram. 

4. De pertnrbatione motna planotarum a resistentia 

etherii orta. 

5. Enodutio questionis ; an materie fiumltaa ooffitandi 

tribui poesit. 

6. Reoherches lur la natare des moindret partionlet 

det corps. 

Elements of algebra. Translated firom 

the French ; with the notes of Bemouilli, etc. 
and the additions of Lagrange. [With] mem- 
oir of Euler, by Francis Homer. 5th ed. 
XXX, 593 pp. 8^. London, Longmans, 1840. 


Vollstandige anleitung zur niedem und 

hohem algebra; von Johann Philipp GrQson. 
2 V. 7 p. 1. 312 pp ; 5 p. 1. 403 pp. 8°. Berlin, 
G. C. Rauck, 1796. s. 

Zhunenes ; a collection of papers exhibiting 
some of the errors and omissions of the con- 
stitution of New Jersey, to prove the necessity 
of a convention for its revision, [amm.] 149 
pp. 2 1. 8°. Trenton, G, Craft, 1799. 

Euripides. Tragedie, tradotte da Felice Bel- 
loUi. 477 pp. 8<). MUamo, A, F.Stella A Jigli, 

Zhiaebius PamphUus. Animadversiones in 

Philostrati de Apollonio commentaries, de 

Hierocle. See PhUoBtrBtvm, Quis svpersvnt 

omnia. Lipsiae, 1709. 
Chronicon, id est temporvm breviarivm. 

180 1. 4°. Uetietijs, E. RaidoU, 1483. 8. 
-^— Chronicon quod Hieronymuslatinu fkoere 

curauit. 20 p. 1. 175 1. paged. 1 1. unp. 4^. 

Parinis, H. Stephanut, 1512. 8. 

-^— Historia ecclesiastioa. J. Christophor- 

sonointerprete. fol. Colonics Agrippince, 1681. 


( With HiSTOBlAE eocL toriptorM graeoi, 1581]. 
The same. Ruffiuo interprete. [ With 

Anotorea hist. eccl. fol. Baeileae, 1523]. 
Ecclesiastical history. Translated and 

abridged by S. Parker. 

[ irt<A Ecclesiastical histories, etc 3ded. 40. Lon- 
don, 1739.] 

BvagriuB tcholcutieut. Historia ecclesiastioa. 

fol. Col. Agrippinae, 1581. 8. 

[ WiOt HISTORIAB eocL scriptores gnec\, 1581]. 

Ecclesiastical history, translated and 

abridged by [Samuel] Parker. 

[ With Ecclesiastical histories, etc. 4o. London, 

Evans (Augusta T.) St Elmo. A novel. 12<'. 

New York, Carleton, 1867. 
BvanB (Rev. Christmas). Sermons: a new 

translation from the Welch ; with a memoir 

of the author, by Rev. J. Cross. 304 pp. 2 

pi. 80. Chicago, 1S67. 
Bvans (D. Morier). Speculative notes, and notes 

on speculation, ideal and real, x, 240 pp. 

12°. London, Groombridge, 1864. 
BvanB (John). Builders* price-book. 44 pp. 

160. JFathington, 1804. 

See Roee (Philip) and Bvana (John). 

BvanB (Lewis). Analysis of a general map of 

the middle British colonies in America ; and 

of the country of the confederate Indians. 2d 

ed. iv, 32 pp. sm. fol. Philadelphia, B. 

Franklin A D. Hall, 1755. 
Evans (Oliver). The young mill-wright and 

miller^s guide. 5 pts. pp. 154, 175, 90, x. 

8o. Philadelphia, n^. 
Bveleen Wilson, or the trials of an orphan giri. 

[anon.'\ 108 pp. 8^. New York, H. Long 

d: Co. 1853. 
Evelyn (John). Account of architects and 

architecture. 3 p. 1. 75 pp. fol. London, 


[ With Fr£art do Chambrav (Roland). Parallel of 
anUent&rohiteoturo with the modern. foL London. 

Digitized by 





Bvenlng (The) poet (New York daily). July, 
1866 to June, 1867. 2 v. fol. New York, 

Evening (The) star. (Washington daily). 
Jan. 1856 to June, 1867. 23 v. fol. [ Wash- 
iwjUm, 1856-67]. 

Everest {Bev. Thomas R.) A popular view 
of homcDopathy, exhibiting the present state 
of the science. 2d ed. zxy, 151 pp. 9^. 
London, J. BaUliire, 1836. s. 

Everett (David). Common sense in disha- 
bille: or, the farmer's monitor. [With] a 
perpetual calendar, or economical almanack. 
120 pp. 18^. Worcester, laaiahTkomat, 1799, 

Ewbank (Thomas). Indian remains, [from 
[ With GlLUBS (J. M.) U. 8. astron. exped. t. 2.1 

Swell (James). The medical companion, or 
family physician. 10th ed. 692 pp. 1 pi* 
8^. PkUaddphia, Thomat, Cowpertkwait ^ 
Co. 1847. 8. 

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detailing important information concerning 
themselves and infants. 308 pp. 9 pi. 8^. 
Philadelphia, W. Brown, 1817. 

E^i^ington (H.) The arcana of short-hand. 
New ed. 8 pp. 24^. London, Baldwin, 
Cradock <L' Joy, 1815. 

Examination (An) of and some answer to a 
pamphlet, entitled, a narrative and defence of 
the proceedings of the ministers of Hamp- 
shire, who disapproved of Mr. Breck's settle- 
ment at Springfield [by a Boston clergyman. 
aMm'\, 98 pp. 8^. Boston, ff, Foster, 1736. 

Examination (An) of the principles nnd con- 
duct of the two B'rs. (Barriers.) lanon,"] 
3d ed. 79 pp. 12^. London, A. Price, 1749. 

Exoeptions against Will. Rogers's cavills at 
J. Ps complaint, etc. taken out of his sixth 
part of his Christian quaker. lanon."} 14 pp*. 
sm 4°. London, Benjamin Clark, 1682. 

Exhibition of 1851, London. Art journal 
illustrated. Catalogue of the industry of all 
nations, 1851. 4°. London, G. rir«tt<r,[1851.] 


Lectures on the results of the exhibi- 
tion, delivered before the society of arts, 
roanufiietares, and commerce ; 1-6, by Messrs. 
Whewell, De la Bcche, Owen, Bell, Playfeir, 
lindley. 242 pp. 12^. Xondon, 1852. s. 
[TiUe wanting.] 

• L'imprimerie, la librairie et la papeterie 

^ Fexposition universelle de 1851. Bapport 
du xvii*' jury pr^nt^ par M. Ambroise Fir- 
minDidot. 2« 6d. 142 pp. 8^. Paris, 
Imprimerie royale, 1854. 8. 

Exhibition of 1862, London. Special-catalog 
der gewerblichen ausstelliuig des zoUvereins, 
herausgegeben von den commissarien der zoU- 
vereins regierungen. Mit einem anhange 
enthaltend anzeigen, illustrationen, und emp- 
fehlnngen. viii, 196, cxv pp. 1 col. pi. 8°. 
BerUn, M. Decker, 1862. 8. 

Exhibition of 1865, Dublin. The illustrated 
record and descriptive catalogue. Compiled 
and edited by Henry Parkinson, P. L. Sim- 
monds, etc. under the sanction of the execu- 
tive committee, xvi, 570 pp. 25 pi. 8°. 
London, E. <fc F. N, Spon, 1866. 

Explsmations of the church service; or, a 
series of thoughts on the lessons, collects, 
epistles, and gospels, for young readers. By 
A.J. [an4m.'\ 340pp. 18°. New York, 
H. B. Durand, 1867. 

Expoa^ (An) of facts concerning recent trans- 
actions relating to the corps of cadets of the 
United States military academy. \anon\ 
vii, 68 pp. 8o. Newburgh, (N, Y.) U, C. 
Lewis, 1819. 8. 

Expotmder (The) expounded : or, annotations 
upon a short account of God's dealing with the 

Rev. Mr. G e W— f— d. By E— ph 

J — ^ph — n of the inner temple. 82 pp. 16°. 
London, JT. «fc T. Payne, 1740. 

Exquemelin (Alexandre Olivier). Histoire 
des aventuriers flibustiers. Nouv. 6d, aug- 
mentde de Thistoire des pirates anglois jusqu' 
4 present 4 v. 16°. Trivoux, par la com- 
pagnie, 1775. 

Extracts from humbugiana : or, the world's 
convention. A satire. By Quirk Ogee, LL. D. 
(pseudon,) 24 pp. 16°. Gotham, (New York,) 

Extracts from the reports of her majesty's in- 
spectors of schools. zix, 315 pp'. 12°. 
Warrington, Longmans, 1862. 

Extraordinary (The) life and adventures of 
Robin Hood, with Edward's cross, or the 
wife and the friend, lanon."] 71 pp. 24°. 
Philadelphia, Freeman Scott, 1827. 

Eye (The): by Obadiah Optic, ipseudon,"} 2 v. 
vi,316 pp ; viii, 316 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, 
J, W. ScoU, 1808. 

Eytelwein (Johann Albert). Summary of 
the most useful parts of hydraulics ; chiefly 
extracted and abridged from Eytelwein's 
hand-buch. By T. Young. 8. 

( With Trbdoolo (P.) Tract* on hydraulics ) 

Eyton (Thomas Campbell). Osteologia avium ; 
or, a sketch of the osteology of birds, vi pp, 
2 1, X, 229, vii pp^ 114 pi. 4°. WeUington, 
Salop, B, Hobson, [1858-67.] 8. 

Digitized by 





Faber (Frederick Williara). Hymns, vii, 

196 pp. 12°. Northampton, (Mass.) Bridg- 

man ^ Ckildt, 1867. 
Faber (Friedricli). Naturgeschiclite der fische 

Islands, rait einem anbange von den isliindis- 

chen mediisen und strahlenthieren. 206 pp. 

4*^. Frankfort am Main, H. L. Bronncr, 

1829. 8. 
Prodromns der isliindischen omithologie; 

odcr, geschicbte der vogel Islands. 2 p. 1. 

112 pp. 1 tab. 8°. Kopenhagen, Verfasser, 

1822. 8. 

Faber (Theodore). Sketcbcs of tbe internal 

state of France. Translated. 256 pp. 16°. 

Philadelphia, Humphreys, 1812. 8. 

Fabre (Francois Josepb). Descnpcion delas 

olegorias pintadas en las b6vedas del real 

palacio de Madrid. 8^. Madrid, 1829. 
Fabre (J. Antoinc). Essai sur la thdorie des 

torrens et des rividres. xxxii, 284 pp. 8 pi. 

40. Paris, BidauU, 1797, 8. 

Fabre d'Olivet (N.) Lea vers dords de Pjth- 

agore expliqu6s, pr6c6d<^s d'un discours sur 

Tessence de la po^sie. ISee Pythagoras. 

Les vers dorcfs. SP. Paris, 1813. ] 
Fabricius (Otto). Bibellngoak merdlainuut 

imaloncet. [Bible teacbings for children]. 

63 pp. 16^. Kiobenhatmime, C, F. Skubart, 

Favna grccnlandioa. xvi, 452 pp. 1 pi. 

8°. Hafniae et Lipsiae, Rothe, 1780. 
Forsog til en forbedret gronlandsk 

granunatica. Andet oplag. 388 pp. 16^. 

Kiobenhavn, C. If, Schubart, 1801. 

■ Den gronlandske ordbog, forbedret og 

foroget. viii, 795 pp. 16*^. Ejobenham, C 
P. Schubart, 1804. 

• Okalluktuaet opemartat tersauko BibeV 

iniit. * [True narratives from the Bible.] 256 
pp. 16°. Kiobenhavnime, C. F. Skubart, 1820. 
• See Bible {Esquimaux). 

Fac aimile di alcune imprese di stampatori 
Italian! dei secoli xv e xvi. 2 p. 1. 24 pi. 4^. 
MUano, P. A, Tost, 1838. s. 

Fac similes of tbe memorial stones of the last 
English ancestors of George Washington in 
the parish church of Brington, Northampton- 
shire, England, permanently placed in the 
state house of Massachusetts. 15 pp. fol. 
Boston, W. WhUe, 1862. 

Faeneste Ipseudon."} SeeAuhignS (Theodore 
Agrippa d'). Aventiires, etc. 

Faerno (Gabriello). Ce!it\Tn fabuloD ex anti- 
quis avctoribus delectai. 173 pp. 32°. Ant- 
rerpitv, C Plantiny 1585. 
(With JUNIU8 (A.) Kiublemata. 151M>.| 

Fahnestook (Geoi>^ Wolff). A centennial me- 
morial of Christian and Anna Maria Wolff, 
with brief records of their children and rela- 
tives. 113 pp. 2 pi. fol. Philadelphia, HeU 
fenstein, 1863. 

Falrbalrn (William). Treatise on mills and 
mill-work, part i. 2d ed. xvi, 306 pp. 9 pi. 
8°. London, Longmans, 1864. 

Useful information for engineers. 3d 

series, xix, 330 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 

Fairbanks (George R.) The early history of 
Florida ; lecture before the Florida historical 
society, April 15, 1857. 31 pp. 18°. St, Aug- 
ustine, 1857. 

Fairbanks (Lorenzo). Science and practice 
of book-keeping, by single and double entry. 
448 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes ^• 
Poits, 1866. 

Fairohlld {Rev, Ashbel G.) Memoir of Mrs. 
Louisa A. Lowrie. With an introduction by 
Rev. E. P. Swift. 2d ed. 221 pp. portrait 
18^. PhUadelphia, W, S, Martien, 1837. 


Fairfax (Ferdinando). Memorial against the 
extension of the patents granted to Robert 
Fulton for improvements in propelling vessels 
by steam. 8 pp. 8^. Washington, E, De 
Krafft, 1816. 

Fairfield (Sumner Lincoln). Abaddon, the 
spirit of destruction, and other poems. 157 
pp. 8^. New York, Sleight <f? Robinson, 

{and Jane). The life of Sumner Lincoln 

Fairfield. [With appendix : The sister of 
saint Clara and other poems]. 132 pp. 
120. New York, 1817. 

Fairholme (George). General view of the 
geology of scripture, xv, 493 pp. 3 pi. 8^. 
London, Ridgway^ 1833. 

Fairholt (Frederick W.) Miscellanea graphica: 

• representations of ancient, medieval, and re- 
naissance remains in the possession of Lord 
Londesborough. The historical introduction 
by Thomas Wright. 84 pp. 50 1. 45 pi. fol. 
London, Chapman de Hall, 1856. 

Falconer {Capt. Richard). The voyages, 
dangerous adventures and imminent escapes 
of R. Falconer. 2 p. 1. 179 pp. 1 pi. 12°. 
London, W, Chetwood and others, 1720. 

The same. 4th ed. 3 p. 1. 216 pp. 3 

1. 1 pi. 1(P, London, J. Marshall, 1734. 

Falconia Proba. Centones de vtriusque tcs- 
tamenti hystoriis ex carminibusYirgilii sclecti. 
19 1. unp. sm. 4^. Oppenheym, [n. d.] 

Digitized by 





Palkenstein (Cail). Gesohiohtd der buch- 
dmckerkunst in ihrer entstehong und bub- 
bildung. Ein denkmal zur vierten eiicular- 
feier der erfindung der typograpbie. xiv, 406 
pp. 37 pi. 40. Leipzig, B. G, Teubner, 
1840. 8. 

Falkman (Ludvig B.) Uppljeningar om 
kronans, kjrrkornas 00b presterekapets in- 
komster af andeligt gods uti skaue, balland 
ocb bleokinge fhin ftldre tider till 1660, jem- 
Tiil inneballande beskrifhiDg ofuer ocb fbrk- 
laring af 1569 ara Lunds stifts landebok. 2 
V. 10 p. 1. 328 pp; 344 pp. 8^. Lund,Ber- 
Ungaka hoHrycerietf 1848. 8. 

Pall of Britisb tyranny ; or, American liberty 
triumpbant. Tragi-comedj. lanon,"] viii, 64 
pp. 120. Philadelphia, 1776. 
[ Imperfect ; title page in m. 8.] 

Fall river (Ms. ) atbenaeum library. Catalogue ; 
with rules and by-laws. 36 pp. 16°. Boston, 
Damrell d: Moore, 1855. 8. 

Falle (Philip). An account of the isle of Jer- 
sey. 10 p. 1. 216 pp. Imap. 16° L<mdon, 
J. Newton, 1694. 
[Imperfect ; wanting map and pp. 1 and 2.J 

Fallen (Carl Fredrik). Monographia cimicum 
Sveciae. 123 pp. 8°. Hafaiae, Proft, 1807. 


Falloiuc (Fr^d^ric Alfred Pierre, vicomte de). 
Ldfe and letters of madame Swetchine. Trans- 
lated by H. W. Preston, xv, 369 pp. 12°. 
Boston, Roberts Bros, 1868. 

Family (The) and ship medicine chest com- 
panion; being a compendium of domestic 
medicine, surgery, and materia medica. By 
a practising physician, [anon.] 416 pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, Lindsay if Blakiston, 1851. 8. 

Family (The) treasure; a religious and literary 
monthly for 1865-66. v. 2-3. 8°. PiUsburgh, 
(Pa,) 1865-66. 

Fanjat (pseudon.) See Adres8e[une] iUisi- 

Fanning ( Captain), A narrative of the ad ven t- 
ures of an American navy officer, who served 
during part of the American revolution under 
PaulJones. [anon.] 270pp. 12°. New York, 

Fanshawe (Sir Richard). Original letters 
during his embassies in Spain and Portugal. 

. 4p.l. 510 pp. 12°. London, A, Boper, 1702, 

Farmer (Henry T. M. D,) Imagination; the 
maniac's dream, and other poems. 163 pp. 
120. New York, Kirk 4- Mercein, 1819. 

Farmer's (The) magazine. July 1866, to June 
1867. 3d series, v. 30-31. 8°. London, 
Rogerson A Tuxford, [1866-67]. 

Famham (Thomas J.) Travels in the great 
western prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky 
mountains, and in the Oregon territory. 112 
pp. 80. New York, GreeUy 4- McElrath, 1843. 

Farquharson (Martha). Allan's fault. 412 pp. 
5 pi. 16^. Philadelphia, presh^n board of 
pub, [1866.] 

Farrar (Timothy). Manual of the constitution 
of the United States of America, zii, 532 pp. 
rto. Boston, Little, Brown <fe Co. 1867. 

Faaciculus temporu omnes antiquoru cronicas 
complectens. See Rolevinck (Werner). 

Fashionable (The) cypriad. Part 1. lanon,"] 
248 pp. I80. London, Henderson, 1798. 
[No more pabliihed.l 

Fau(Julien), afu^ Chevalier (Charles). Nou- 
veau manuel complet du physicien-prepara- 
teur ; ou description d'un cabinet de physique. 
2v. 406; 530 pp. 24°. Atlas, 88 pi. 8^. 
Paris, Boret, 1853. 8. 

Fauche (Pierre Franpois). Reflexions sur la 
cession de la Guadeloupe k la couronne de 
SuMe. 20 pp. 12°. Londres, J. C, de Boffe, 

Fancher (L^on). fitudessurTAngleterre. 2 v. 
xxxi, 472 pp; 434pp. 8P, Paris, CruHlaumin, 

Fanques (Marianne Agn^ de). The last war 
of the beasts ; a fable. Translated from the 
French, [^anon,"] vii, 244 pp. 129. London, 
C, G. Seyffert, 1758. 

Fauriel (Claude Charles). Chants populaires 
de la Gr6ce modeme, avec une traduction 
fran^aise, 'des dcliurcissements, et des notes. 
2v. cxliv, 303 pp; 491 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Dondey-Dupri, 1824-25. 

Favre (Alphonse). Notice sur lee cartes g6olo- 
g^ques de TAngleterre. [Extrait] 23 pp. 8°. 
Gentve, BUdioth^qtie univ, 1847. 8. 

Favre (Eugene). Deutsches lesebuch. Lec- 
tures allemandes ; ou, choix de versions taciles 
et gradudes k I'usage des collies et des gym- 
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Digitized by 





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[No moro published]. 

Digitized by 





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[ Imperfect ; L 1-4 of ▼. 2 wanting] . 

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Digitized by 





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of the post-offices between Falmouth and 
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and Savannah, in Geoigia ; begun 13th Sep- 
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[With introduction by F. H. Norton]. 4°. 
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JVote. FalMly sttribut«d to L. Fenestella. 

The same. De Ro[manorum] magistra- 
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comment^ par Jules Mohl. 4 v. fol. Faris, 
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[CollecUoQ orlentale]. 

Firenouola (Agnolo). Novelle. 

\In PonoiAU, (O.) Novelle fioreatini. IbO. Milan, 

Digitized by 





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and solid geometry, and an introduction to 
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Pokanokets. By a lady of Massachusetts. 
[awm.'\ 282 pp. 1 pi. l^. Borton, Munroe 
it Franeig, iabout 1822]. 

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atio plantarum novarum a cl. Schrenk leota- 
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The food supplies of western Europe ; being 
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nationid social science congress at Berne, 
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WissenschafUich -popul&re natui^ges- 

ohichte der s&ugethiere in ihren sammtlioben 
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with a history of the British protectorate, xiii, 
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from the Asiatic and European languages, 
xii, 188 pp. 4 pi. 16°. London, J. Cundee, 

Digitized by 





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editionem augustinanam denao oolleota atque 

digeeta. Sexti Pompei Festi fragmeDtum ad 

fidem urniniani exemplaris recenffltum, etc. 

Edidit A. E. Egger. xxiv, 358 pp. 189. 

Parisiit, BourgeoU-Maze, 1838. S. 

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America; account of the quadrupeds and 

birds^ the objects of chase in those countries. 

2p.l. 359 pp. 8^. London, Longmani,lS66. 
The Texan rifle-hunter; or, field sports 

on the prairie, viii, 333 pp. 12° London, J. 

MaxweU #• Co. 1866. 
Flambo: a brief treatise on the persecuting and 

dangerous character of popery. Bj a pres- 

bjter of the diocese of New York, lanon."] 

80pp. 129. New York, Fudney A BvMtU, 

1855. 8. 

FUunxnen der Hebe; ein katholischesgebetbuch 

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— *— Delia trigonometria rettilinea e sferica 

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89. Napoli, autor, 1846. 8. 
See Archimedes; also Euclid; also 

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or, the heavenly use of earthly things, etc. 

295 pp. 12^. Elizabethtown, (N. J.) S. KoU 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[^atoontographioal society. No more published.] 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 




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rdglement pour le gouvemement et Tad- 
ministration de justice et la police des isles 
fran^ises de rAmcrique, et pour la disci- 


pline et le commerce des ndgres et esclaves 
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1790. Public par la commission des archives 
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Tableau de la situation des 6tablisseroent8 

fran^aUdansVAlgdrie en 1840, 1841, 1843-44. 

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fitudesorientales. xi,477pp. 8^. Paris, 

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An introduction to linear drawing. 

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Digitized by 





Francoeiir (Louiif Benjamin) Hobiuat ( — ) 

Fajen (An»elm<y) tmd Pelouze (Edracmd). 

Abrcg6 flu grand dictionLmJrc^ tie teclinolygic; 

oii^ ticmrcau dictlontmli^ dt^u arta el niotiprR, 

elc. Augmente par M. Drflpkz. 2 v. 2|>. 1. 

617 pp ; 2 p. 1. (j78 pp. 8^, Bnu:elk4, soc. 

helje tic lihrairis, 1^37. s. 

Frank on the lower MisBmi^ippL By Harrj 

CaslleTD^ii. (p^fiid^n. } 2'd6 pp, 3 pL 16'^. 

nnrmnad H. n\ tktrroll tt Co. 1869. 
Frankel (Ludvvig, if, IL) PmotLwlie h^?!ltIli^ 

Idlohrti fiir die kraiikheiten ths kltidHchen 

atU!rB. 2' aqft. x, 310 pp. ISa. ^criin, Fdlf 

rranlEeiifceim (M. L/) Vulkerkundis Cha- 
riiikft?nsTik mid phjrBiologits iler vulker* viii, 
SSII pp. a^. Brcaltttt, Tremcndt ^ Vrankr, 
1852. S, 

Pr ajiklin ( A . VV , ) A RicriciWi colt a (/u IH mi 17 ■ 
«r, tt^efrH facts, tigures, aiid hinta. for everj- 
Ih>i1x. 19J pp. 4 pL liio. New Yorh BanjeMs, 
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^ Tilt fame. 8°. [n, p, or d.] 

I itwfwrfi^ ; title wimtln;;]!. 

^ ► Tht? same. Life of Franklin, written bj 

himself 2i! 197 pp. 16^, PhUadrt- 

— Experiinanta arid obs»:'rvtitioiifl on elec- 
tricity^ [witli] Itlt^PB and papt^rs on phllo- 
sijphicul BTihjuctB, [4tb ed.] iv, 406 pp. 8 I. 
5 pi 4<^. Lonflon, D. fhnnj, 17C9. 

■ Two tracta: mfortiiation to tliase who 

vvoiild removv to America j and renjarki> con 
Cf'njirig the eavngPB of North America, [nrinn.] 
311 pp. 8°. Z/ynfMn, Juhn Hk*cMfiU, USA. 
Waj to wealthy aud advice to u young 

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Franqne (Johaon Baptist j. DiPRertaiio Inaii- 
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welt alUjr und iipa<*r Sit^it, al.^ eint? kufze win- 
liiltang zu ehier paralli*h»ij erdbtit*chreibiing. 

4 p. \. S9 pp. 1 map, i'^. Kumberff^ G^ F. 
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qua pleioruni(jin> animalinm pncdpoe pro* 
prietatew nd ustim eiKm'ft>.nytKdv brevitor ac- 
commodantur; cum ooionieotaiils el £Upplo- 
meotia JohaoniB Cypriaui. 4 pari* in 2 v, 
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ii^sa R. 

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I^tiffmfinif Grfcn dr Co. [1866-^]* 

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Ij rech ug^ u od farbei ir i*rsl re n 1 in g»- v e rii 1 ugen » 
verschiedenerglnflarton. [Ex I met], pp. VJ'd- 
2^6. 3 pi. 4°. Miinchcji, K. tilad, t/tf niiufn- 
wthafteuj 1?!14. s, 


Neue modification dea lichte» dorcli 

gegeofteittge eiitwirknnpr ood beugung der 

Pt nihl un > un d ge^e tze d e r»ol bcij . [ Kx t rae t ] . 

76 pp, G pL 4°. Mihif^hni, K. ukid. det ivliitcn- 

srJui/t^n, [aboitt 1810,] 
Fr€art (Koland, tituf de Chttmhraif). Parallel 

of tbe antient nrt-bitecturt* with I ho nnrtlim. 

made English [from the French] by J* Evl^- 

lyn, 2d vd, U\ p. I 115 pp. 40 pi foh 

L*tfid&n, />. Brtfipn, itc, 1707. 
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G. G. ■/. if t/. Rohinmn, 17811, 

T. 1. HIstflTj'ortnyown lime*. 

V. 4. Manmin rmm ifia fx^iicij uf JhiU'rUburii!'. tE> ilip 
peirtitlon of Pulnncl, uail nf iho LkiLVur]3.u nur ^ ttut^ iliivu' 
lian ftUL'4.'«»sioti ; Huvunan *liiTe jT,ir*fe ; prt*ii(<nt *tfttn of 
lK*Utlti8 ill liim^pu. 

T' 5. Esaa]^ un fuiTn^ of (^uTcmineijt tiniloa iho tlutlvA 
of EfiTfT^Si^nA ; ilii»togu«a of tha dcftd s chimitrtvr of 
CliUJ^Jitti Xn s (JinmiiiatkiB ftf ilip work tiy^t^inp tip h. 
fifiiurts Pftinjiiietitiir^ OD THde Uchfi] uf Ooid t-ahnet ; 
iDTi*ic«tieo *if emjre fif tbe iiudcjn Larjillnf; j jtchoinl of II10 
wurJid^ a comoily* by Sutyrloo* ^ rl^try f f tbe inly of 
tlcrLiD ; prsfiifD to \'oltair^ a IlfMniiidit< ; Tan till ub aL Livr, 
a cHiniedy ; portmltp ^pitiij^h, otc. of VoliaLre. 

V. iMf. Currpfi|>^nc(titiee iiith Yoliaini. 

V. y. CoTTesi>undFDf^(^ wttU Jorniuo^ 

T, 10. UorruitpouEl*?nci* niiti tlio tiiJir4tttH d'AriCini*. 

¥► 1 1. Currt^j^jMrnauiH'*^ wHh 4j'Alirmb<.jt, 

V. 12. CfirrtMi'oiidAoiik) witb d'Akrabt<rt, Omdoroet, 
Giimoi, and d'Af^'^t, 

V. iX VotTtm.i'umdvm'i^ wUb ITift firinro of Pnj^ain nud 
Oon. Fuufiiict; iniicHluoicJif i«4iay ud tlvnnan lUemluro; 
mi diaJiigHt^ ; euk^jfium on \ uUairi;. 

Digitized by 






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Digitized by 





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[Httklayt soo. publication!, r. 3&] 
FroebeL See Frobel. 

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See Bible, English, Commentary, by Lange 

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Thrilling incidents of the wars of the 

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ITitle wanting.] 

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ton, Concord, and Bunker Hill, x, 420 pp. 
3 pi. 3 maps. 8^. Boston, Little df Brown^ 

Life and times of Joseph Warren, xix, 

558 pp. portrait. 8^. Boston, Little, Brown 
4' Co. 1865. 

Digitized by 





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Fall (A) reply to Lieut. Cadogan's Spanish 
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cerning the action at Moosa. Wherein the 
impartial account of [Oglethorpe's] expedition 
to St. Augustine [Ha.] is clearly vindicated. 
[^anon,"] viii, 63 pp. 1}9, London, J, Hug- 
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fTitlo-paf^c wantiugj. 

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Breve vocabulario valcnciano y castellano 

de las voces mas obscuras 6 anticuadas. 
fpp. 313-356 of T. 1 of tho preceding]. 

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[Imperfect ; wanting pp. 65, etc at the end]. 

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of the cretaceous formation. (Extract.) 201 
pp. 8^. Philadelphia, Am, phil. soc, 1861. 


See California. Geological survey. 

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suivie de pidces inddites sur Tassassinat de ce 
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scope des patriarebes, et lectvre des eetoilles. 
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Digitized by 




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V. aj 

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I With Viuo (O. de>, Whole work. 12°. London, 


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▼. 1. nenira anglioaram Teterum, [opera J. Fell et 

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Ingulfl croylandensis historiu. 
Petri blesensis continuatio ad historiam Ingnlfi. 
Chronica de Mailros. 
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T. 2. Uistoria) anglicana scriptoref qoinque. [nunc 

primum in luccm editi a T. Gale.] ItiSl. 
Annales de Morgan. 
Chronioon Thoma Wikes salifboriensiB monas- 

Annales waverleicnset. 

OaufHdus Vinisaul Itinerariam rogif Anglomm. 
Richardi et aliorum in terram Hieroaolymorum. 
Chronica Walter! Uemingford do gettif regum 

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Gildffi de exctdio Urittunin liber querulus. 
Vita 8. Wilfridi auotore Eddie Stephano. 
Nennii his'.oria Britonuin. 


Joannis Asserii chronicon fan! Sanoti Neoti. 

Polvohronioon Ranulphi Higdeni. 

WilHclmiis ranlineaburiensis de antiquitate Qla»« 

toniensis eoclesiw. 
Wilholmi malmesburiensiB liber pontiflcibui. 
Historia ramesiensis. 
HiHtoriee cllonsis liber. 
Chronica Joannis Wnllingford. 
Uaudulphl de Diceto historia oompcndiosa de 

rcgibiis Britonum. 
De pnrtitione provincis In schiras, et episcopa- 

tufl et regna. 
Joannis Fordun Scoli chronicon. 
Flacci Alcwini de pontificibus et Sanctis occio* 

siie eboracensis, poema. 
Appendix antiquitatiun brittanioarum. 

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See Hippocrates. 

Galerie des artistes ; ou portraits des hommes 
cdldbres dans la ptinture, la sculpture, la 
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Galerie impdrlale et royale du Belvdddre d 
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un texte explicatif de cbaque sujct, publide 
par Cbarles Haas. 4v. in*2. 4°. Franrfort 
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et accompagude de notes, par M***. Precede 
d'une notice bistorique sur la vie de Tauteur, 
par Ginguend et du Dialogue £ur les femmt s. 
2 V. civ, 348 pp ', 519 pp. 8°. Paris, TreutUl 
4- JrUrtz, 1818. 

Un napolitain du dernier sidcle. Contes^ 

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troduction et notes par P. Rbtelhubcr. xi, 
144 pp. 13°. Paris, li'jrairie ctntraU, 

Delia moneta; dialogues sur le com- 
merce de bl<5s; estratto del discorso sulla 
perftftta conservazione del grano. 
[SciurrORl olasa. itaL di ooon. pol. v. 3-6. J 

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muere. Trad, del idioma italiano. 4 p. 1. 
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Galilei (Galileo). Nuncius sidereus. Set 
Gaasendi (Pierre). Institutio astronomica. 
Londini, 16-^. 

Digitized by 





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with the ten comniandmenU and the Lord's 

prayer in the Ojibwa [Chippeway] language. 

Translated by P. Dougherty and D. Rodd. 

69 pp. 16°. Grand Traverte Bay, [JficA.] 

Presb.for. miss, 1847. 
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(Cadwallen and other poems.) 60 pp. 16°. 

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Facta and conditions of progress in the 

northwest; a discourse before the historical 

society of Ohio. 85 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, H, 

W. Derby, tj- Co AS50, 
Galland ( Antoiue). Les paroles remarquables, 

les bons mots, et les maximes des Orientaux. 

Traduction de leurs ouvrages en Arabe, en 

Persan et en Turc. Avec des remarques. 

lanon."] 8 p. 1. 344 pp. 17 1. 24°. La Haye, 

L. ^- H, Van Dole, 1691. 
Gcdlardo (Bartolom6 Jos6, assisted by others), 

Ensayo de una biblioteca espanola de libros 

raros y curiosow. v. 2. [Babia to Funes.] 

8°. Madrid, Rivadeneyra, 1866. 

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{With Emory (W. H.) Notes of a military recon- 
noissance, etc. Appendix I.] 

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readhig book. Also, New Testament stories in 

the Ojibwa [Chippeway] language. 123 pp. 

16*^. Boston, Am, boa^dfor, miss, 1835. 

Scripture biog^raphy; from Adam to 

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York, Am. tract soe, [about 1850.] s. 

Scripture biography; the history of 

Abraham. [Choctaw text,] 88 pp. 18^. New 
York, Am, tract soc, [dbout I860.] 8. 

[ With the preoedtng.] 

Scripture biography; the history of 

Joseph. [Choctaw text,"} 4'2pp. 18^. New 
Tori', Amer, tract soc, (n. d.) 

[ ITt^A the preceding.] 

Scripture biography; the history of 

Moses. [Choctaw text,"} 207 pp. 18°. New 
York, Am, tract soc. [about 1850.) 8. 

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Antucrpie, P. Gallaeus, [about 1600.] 8. 

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Histoire des joumaux ct des joumalistes de 
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VindustriefraUmeUe, 1845-46. g. 

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the middle colonies. Extracted from a late au- 
thor. [anon.'\ 2d ed. 56 pp. IS©. London, 1780. 

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stitutes of medicine. In three parts. 2 v. 
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Phyaioloffy, v. 1. 
Puthology, V. 1-2. 
Therapeutics, t. S. 

Sketches of epidemic diseases in the state 

of Vermont, from the first settlement to 1815, 
[with] remarks on pulmonary consumption. 
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[Hazlitt'f romanoist and novelUt's lib. ▼. 2.] * 

The unguarded hour. The paiuter. The 

book of life. 20 pp. 8°. London, 1841. 
[Hazlitt'g romancist andnoveliat's lib. r. 4]. 

See G«orge the third, his court, etc. 

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Galtixtohius (P.) See Gatdtmohe. 

Galvani ( Luigi ). Abhandl ung iiber die knifte 
dcr thierischen elektrizitiit auf die bewegung 
dermuskeln, ncbsteinigen schrifleu der Valli, 
Carminati, und Yolta. Herausgegeben von 
Johann Mayer, xxviii, 183 pp. 4 pi. 16^. 
Prag, J. G, Calve, 1793. 8. 

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• Serie dell' edizioni de testi di lingua 

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• The same. Serie del testi di lingua e di 

altre opcre importanti nella italiana letteratura 
Bcritte dal secolo xiv al xix. 4* ed. xxv, 
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Digitized by 





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diseases, and produce ; with a description of 
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Oomond (Thom^ do), and Belly (F41ix). 
Carte d'^tade pour lo traciS et le profil du canal 
de Nicaragua, pr6c6d6e de documents puhli^Ss 
surcettequesUon par F. Belly. 90 pp. Imap. 
49, PariM, Dalmont tf- Dunoi, 1858. 

Oand. See Ghent. 

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Clement xiv, pope, 

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age, des sidcles modcmes, et 8p6cialement de 
la France et de I'Augleterre depuis le milieu 
du 15*^8idcle jusqu' au 19*^. 2 v. 420 pp; 50:i 
pp. 8<^. Paris, GiffuetetMiehaudflQOd, 8. 

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Indioe de el nvevo mvndo, e Indiaa Occident- 
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Maria de). Diario de la expedidon de 1822, 
a loa campos del sud de Buenos-Aires, desde 
Moron hasta la sierra de la Yentana. vii, 178 
pp. ill pi. fol. Bu€no%'Aire9, imprenUi del 
ettado, 1836. 

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G. de). 

Garcia de ' Saavedra- (Juan Gallego). See 

Garcia y Cubas (Antonio). Memoria para 
servir 6 la carta general de la rep6blica mex- 
icana. 166pp. Imap. SP. MMco, Andrade 
y EtcalanU, 1861. S. 

Gtarden (Alexander). Anecdotes of the Ame- 
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gazette, 1864 to 1866. 3 v. fol. London, 
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(The) ; containing political essays, etc. 

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mes latins, et leurs diffi^rantes significations, 
xlviii, 526 pp. 16°. Parii, Simon, 1777. 

Gardiner (John, M, D.) Untersuchung der 
beech affenheit, ursache, und kur des poda- 
gra's, uAd einiger damit verbundener krank- 
heiten ; nebet dem guten rath fUr podagrister 
von Dr. Kentish, aus dem Englischen tlber- 
setzt, und mit einiger anmerkungen begleitet 
von Christian Friderich Michaelis. xxxii, 
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Washington, W, Cooper, jr. 1^6. 

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war. 36pp. 4^. Cincinnati, J, narpel,l&^, 

Gardiner ( Copt, Richard ). Account of the ex- 
pedition to the West Indies against Martinique, 
1759. 2 p. 1. 75 pp. 2 maps. 4P, London, 
Z, Stuart, John BaskerviUe, 1759. 

The same. 3ded. 91pp. 49. Birming- 

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■ The same. Relation de Pexp6dition aux 

Indes Oocidentales contre Martiuique, 1759. 

3« 6d. 91 pp. 4^. Birmingham, John Bos- 

kerviUe, 1762. 

[ With the preoedingrl. 
Gardiner (Me.) Directory for 1867-^. See 

Angnsta, Hallowell, and Gardiner directory 

for 1867-68. 
Garland or Garlandia (John de). Floretus 

sancti Bemardi in se oontinens sacre theologie 

et canonum floree. 511. unp. sm.4^. Colonic, 


NOTB.— This poem U plaeed under GarUind <m the 
aathoiity of 111 vet, Hitt. litt de France, t. 8. 

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France, 1831-33. 252 pp. lO^. Quibec, J. 
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cinquante nouvelles espagnoles. lanon"], 3 
V. in 1. 3 p. I. 420 pp. 1 pi. 18°. BrusseUes^ 
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— — — Enumeratio muscorum omnium in Aus- 
tria inferiore hucusque lectorum, etc. viii, 48 
pp. 8°. Vienna, U, Klopf, 1840. B. 

Digitized by 





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sia; a complete and accurate collection of Yale 
college BongB, with piano accompaniment. 88 
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[Andenon'8 Brit poets, t. 7]. 

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man/, its government, [etc.] 

[Pp. 1-^ of DfiOWN (T.) Miflcollonea auUoa. Lon* 
don, 1702.] 

Gascons (Les) en HoUande; ou, ayentures sin- 

gulii^res de plusieurs gasoons. lanon."} 2 v. 

;f78pp; 284 pp. 8°. [n. p.] 1767. 
G'-uiparin (Adrien £tienne PiciTe, comte de). 

Cours d'agriculture. v. 1-2. 8^. Parii, 

Bureau de la maiton ruitiquef 1843-44. 8. 

[Wanting v. 3.] 
Gkisparin (Valerie Boissior, comteue de). Au 

hord de la mer — ^reveries d'un voyageur. 

[awm.'\ 2«6d. 353 pp. VP. Paris, L4vy, 

^— The same. By the sea shore; reveries 

of a traveller. Authorised translation. 213 

pp. 16^. EditUfurgh, Edmonston Js DougUu, 


• Camille. {^anon,"] 298 pp. 16<5. Parit, 

Levy, 1866. 
The same. Authoiized translation.. 


pp. 16^. Edinburgh, EdnumsUm ^ DougUu, 

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acccsserunt Galilei Galilei nuncius sidereus, 
et Johannis Kepleri dioptrice. Ed. 3\ 8 p. 1. 
199, 173 pp. 4 pi. 12°. Londini, IT. Dick- 
inson, 1683. 

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Bcriptif des moUusques terrestres et d'eau 
douce de I'Agenais. 209 pp. 4 pi. 8^. Parit, 
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fore the American whig, and Cliosophic socie- 
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Considerations on the trinity. 44 pp. 8P. 
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I With Uandolimi (John, Bishop of London). En- 
chiridion thoolog-icum, v. 1.] 

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ports des anciennes mesures agraires avec les 
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colooptdres d'Europe et d'Alg6rie. 296 pp 
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Gauoh6 ( , architect). Divers projets dV 

Edifices proposes en 1841, pour transferer la 
biblioth^que royale dans les zi" ou xii" ar- 
rondisscmens de Paris. 6 p. 1. 5 pi. fol. [Partt], 
Mantoux, 1845. 8. 

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appliquds h Tarchitecture et it la peinture 
dcpuis I'antiquiU^ j usqu'd nos jours. V partie. 
40. Paris, A. Morel, 1857. 
[ No more pnbltshedl. 

Gaudin (Charles Th.), and Strozzl (marquis 
Carlo). Contributions it la flore foesile ital- 
ienne. 4* m6moire. Travertins toecans. 
[Extract]. 30 pp. 7 pi. 4°. Zurich, soc. 
helvitique, 1860. 8. 

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pratique de photographic; ezpos6 complet des 
proc^d^ relatifs au daguerrdotype. iv,'248 
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Gkiultruche or Gautruche (Pierre, or Denis). 
Poetical histories; a collection of stories 
necessary for a perfect understanding of the 
Greek and Latine poets. Now Englisht. 
With two treatises, one of the curiosities of 
old Rome; the other containing the hiero- 
glyphics of JSgypt. By Marius d' Assignor. 
10 p. 1. 285, 200 pp. 10 1. unp. 16^. London, 
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hclm). Resultate aus den beobachtungen des 
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The same. Im jahren 1839-1841. 3 v. 

In 1. 8°. Leipzig, Weidtnan/n, 1840-43. 8. 

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lisme, chez tons les peuples, sons les noms 
divers d'extases, songes, oracles et visions. 
2 V. 455 pp; 440 pjJ. ^. Paris, MaUeste 
et Cie. 1842. 

— — Introduction au magnetisms. 494 pp. 
9^. Paris, Dentu, 1840. 8. 

— — — Introduction philosophique it V^tnde de 
la g6ologie. 292 pp. 8^. Paris, V. Masson, 
1853. 8. 

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Tamour des parures, et le luxe des habits. 
2«6d. [anon], xii, 250 pp. 24°. Paris, 
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Digitized by 





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£mauz etcam^es: th6atre ; poesies diverscs. 

283 pp. 12°. Paris, CharperUicr, 1863. 
Gautruche (Pierre, or Denis). See Gaultm- 

Gavami or Chevalier (called Sulpioe Paul). 

Madame Acker. Nouvello. 25 pp. 12°. Paris, 


[Incloded in PLtlADB, La.] 
Gavarret(J.) Tel^graphie 61ectrique. 423 pp. 

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Gay (Rev, Ebenezer, D. D.) The untimely 

death of a man of God lamented. Sermon 

preached at the funeral of Rev. John Hancock, 

Braiutree ; who died May 7th, 1744. 25 pp. 

12°. Boston, S, Kneeland 4r T. Green, 1744. 

[ Wiih Wallet (Rev. Thomiu). Balm In GHead, 
CambHdgt, 1670.] 

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fiirce. 4pl. 21pp. 12°. London, Bernard 
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Poetical works. 8°. Edinburgh, 179i, 

[ Andenon's Brit poeta, t. 8]. 

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— — Philip II. of Spain. With an introduc- 
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1779. 2v. pp. 277-486; 246 pp. 4° Paris, 
(ImperfiBCt; t. i. Not. 63 and 64 wootiog. V. 2. 
No. 23 wantlDg.] 

Gazzettlere (11) americano. See Amerioan 

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eralogische museum in Dresden, geschildert 
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8^. Dresden, Blochnumn, 1858. 8. 

. Gaa von Sachsen. Enlcitung in die flora 
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COTTA (Bernbord). Qeognostlsehe skizM von Tbn- 

QEUfrrz (Hoot Bruno). Das nOrdlioh und Sstlioh von 

kdntffreiche 8aMben geloffene land, swischen der 
Midae uod der QaeiM una derTeretnigten Uober. 

and OUTBIKR (Christian August von). Die rerstein- 

eningen von Obertochsen und der Lausitz. 
Naumann (Carl). Oeognostiache skiue det kdnig- 
reichs Saohaen. 

Reicuknbach (Hoinrioh Gottlieb Lud trig). Vege- 


ithflmliobkeTt der voj 
tion einzeloer distrioten. 

totionsverh&ItniB^e innerhalh der greozen 
flora von Sachsen ; Eigenthflmliohkeitder vogeta- 

ScuiPKER (Albert). Obersachsen und die Lausitz 
in physikaliscb'geograpbischer beziehung. 

- and Liebe (Carl). Ueber ein aequiva- 

lent der takonischen scbiefer Nordaraerlkas, 
in Dcutschland und dessen geologische stcl- 
lung. pp. 25-52. (extract.) iv, 52 pp. 81. 
8 pi. 40. Dresden, K. Leopold, Carol, deutsche 
Akad. 1866. 8. 

Geissler (Christian Anton). Bibliographisches 
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Deutschen von der mitte des 18**" jahrhun- 
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xipp. 2571. 8°. Leipzig, F. A, Brockhaus, 
1345. S. 

Geldard (James). Hand-book on cotton man- 
ufacture; or, a guide to machine-building, 
spinning and weaving, with examples, calcu- 
lations, and tables. 29dpp. 12pl. 12^. ^'eiff 
York, J, Wiley Js son, 1867. 

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course of moral lessons. Taken from a French 
translation of the original German, hy Mrs. 
M. Douglas, 2d ed. 3 v. 18^. London, 
Baichard A Son, 1810. 

Gelli (Giambattista). Discovrs fkntastiques. 
Traduits en Francis, par C. D.*K. [i. e. CI. 
de Kcrquiflnon.] 336 pp. IQP, Lyon, Cle- 
mens Bavdin, 1575. 

G^lBton (John). Education of tlie deaf and 
dumb poor of Ireland. See Ringland (J.) 
and Gelston. 

Gelser (Heinrich). Die drei letzten jahrhun- 
derte derschweizergeschichte; mitbesondrer 
berucksichtigung der geistigen und religiOseu 
zustAnde und der sittengeschichte. 2 v. xiv, 
204 pp; xiv, 316 pp. 8^. Aarau u, Thun,J, 
J, Christen, 183a-39, 

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age autour du monde, traduit de Titalien par 
[Eustacho Lenoble]. 6 v. 16^. Paris, 
Julienne Ganeau, 1719. 


T. I. Turqule. 

▼. iL Perse. 

Y.iiL Indostos. 

T. iv. Chine. 

▼. r. Isles Philippines. 

T. tL Nourelle Espogne. 

The same. Nouv. 6d. 6 v. 60 pi. 16°. 

Paris, £lienne Ganeau, 1727. 

fv. iv. imperfect: wanting pp. 540-553 1) 

Digitized by 





Gkenealogy (The) of Corca Laidhe. Edited 
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rCeltto too. publ. Ko. 3.] 

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General Tajlor and hia staff. 284 pp. 12^. 
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* hiBtorica]. [By a lady. anon,'\ With an 
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fTltlo wanting.] 

Genuine account of the life and actions of 

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129. [XonAm, 17501] 
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(No more pabllahed.) 

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Digitized by 





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Attempt to penetrate theGaroo, etc. See 

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▼. 1-3. Nachtrag sum reneichiilss der vaseniomm- 


▼. 2. VaseDsaminlang No. 1630—1600. 

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Crowen, 1857. 
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[ With Gravbs (R. J.) ClInioQl modiclne.] 
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[No more poblished.] 

Die im bemstein befindlichen hemip- 

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r With Berbndt (G. C.) Die im bemstein reato, etc. 
T.3. 1856.] 

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[ With Gbrvais (P.) MammifdrM. 1 

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[With AoaiPPA Ton Nettesheim (H. C.) Oeoolt phi- 
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Digitized by 





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(flmithaonian mlsool. colL v. 7]. 

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I No more published, down to 1807. J 

T. i. Wirbelthiere. 

Abth. f. Sftugethiere. zt, 281 pp. 1647. 
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** 3. FiMhe. xil, 4tf7 pp. 1848. 
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T. i. G6oIog^e. min^ralofrie, botaniqoe. 
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[MasiUdii, Ibn Hauqualis, Abulfadse, Qazvtnii ] 
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[Latine et Atabice, cum oommentatione.] 
Fasciculus primus, xiv, 223, 80 pp. 8°. 
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(No more published.] 

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206 pp. 12^. New York, New Jerusalem pub, 

Digitized by 





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t Imperfect ; pp. 3 and 4 wanting). 

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[See Watson (Wlnslow C.) Pioneer hirtory of tlie 
Ghamplain valloy, etc. J 

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[No more pablished.] 


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11 pL 

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▼. vi. Blagnetionl and meteorological observations. 
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f App. to Gn.MAN, (CaA>lino). Pootry of travelling In 
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The same. 

[Supp. to Marx's theory of musical composition]. 
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Mammals. 8. 

[ With Baird (Spencer F.) Outlines of zoologyl. 
- Reptiles, fishes, and Crustacea [of Chile]. 

[ With GiLUSS (J. M.) U. S. astron. exped. ▼. 2]. 

Girard college. See Bache (A. D.) Meteor- 
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The same. S^fid. 481pp. 16°. Paris, 

Mairet et Founder, lf^42. 

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d'oeil sur celle de 1813. 6" 6d. 124 pp. 8^. 
Paris, A. Eym^ery, 1814. e. 

^— — The same. Official nan^ative of the cam- 
paign in France, 1814, preceded by a view 
ofthatof 1813. With Buonaparte's bulletins 
from the armistice to [his] abdication, pp. 
493-570. Ipl. 80. London,\%U. 
[Royal military chronicle, v. 3J. 

Digitized by 





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' Naturforschcr dicss und jenseits der 

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The same. (Entre les casquets et la 

point de Barfleur. Enyirons de Cherbourg.) 
yi, 139 pp. 2 pi. 4P. Parii, DSp6t de la ma- 
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- The same. (Entre le phare des H^ux de 

BrtShat et le phare du cap de la Hogue.) yiii, 
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A second supplement to [same.] 2 p. 1. 

800pp. 8°. Glasgow,UniversUypress,\&^, 8. 

Catalogue of books bought trom August 

20th, 1844, till August 20th, 1846, for the 
uniyersity library, out of the compensation, 
fund allowed by goyemment on the abolition 
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Digitized by 





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[With QOOABT, hilt, nat desl6p{doptdretde France, 


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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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▼. 1. Lettres sor lea divertisaemeats da aBfoayal de 

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Y, % Remarquei sor la moaiqae italiemie et sor la 


Digitized by 





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[Imperfaot ; wanting tUl% taMe of eontaats, eto.1 

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Digitized by 





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Jonnml of life ; of boptltm ; prisoner's TiDdtcation ; 
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( Wiik Relation dee sflUres da Canada 1696, 1865]. 

Relation de oe qvi s'est passd dans la 

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Relation ou journal du voyage en 1700, 

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Digitized by 





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The same. A supplement, etc. 138 

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Britiun and Spun, concluded at the Prado on 
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40. [n. p. oAott* 1739.] 
[ImperfSBot ; tiUe page wanting.] 

- The humble address of the lords spiritual 

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ting to the province of Carolina, and the 

petition therein mentioned. With her majes- 
tie's answer thereto. 4 pp. fol. London, 
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ters referred to in the records, rolls, etc. in 
the several public repositories]. 667 pp. 
17 pL fol. [London, L. Hansard, 1800.] 

f Imperfeot ; pL t. a. t. b. and r\ wanting ; 10 pL of the 
public reeonU of Ireland inserted.] 

The report of the select committee [of 

the house of commons] on emigration in 1826, 
with a brief analysis of the evidence and 
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Report from the select committee [of 

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— — Reports on- normal schools for 1855 ; by 
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Reports received from her majesty^s 
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8^. London, Harrison A sons, li^67. 

Digitized by 





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(V. 49, 62, wanting! 

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papers from the transactions of foreign so- 
cieties, by Poisson [and others,] with other 
papers and documents. Reprinted by order 
of the secretary of the navy. Edited, and 

the meinoir of Poisson ti-anslated, by B. F. 
Greene.] 771 pp. 13 pi. 5 tables. 8°. Wath- 
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Greene : an examination of some statements 
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course concerning the mutability and changes 
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Digitized by 





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and Boyle (Robert). Recueil d'exp^ri- 

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ulary : containing ih% methods of preparing 
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ohmrd, 1650. 8. 

' Difpentatoiy. See ChxhMMOn (R.); 
aUo, Mmjne (J.) 

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istan, and the neighboring ceoatriee. xxxii, 

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• Posthumous papers, etc. Itinerary notes 

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Calcutta, bishops' college press, 1847-54. e. 
IPlates to the preoedinff]. 


V. 1. Development of organs In pbaneroffamoos plant*. 

viU, il55 pp ; pi. 1-62. 
▼. S. On the higher ciyptogamoni planta. pp. 296- 

628. viii ; pi. 63.138. 
T. 3. MoDoootyledonoiu plants. 436, xii pp. pi. 139- 

T. 4. Diootyledonoos plants. xU, 764 pp. pL 360-061. 

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[ With AcuSa. (Cristoral d'). Relation of the great 

rirer of the Amazons. Till, 190 pp. 16^. Loh- 


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Itinerario da Napoli a Lecce, e nella pro- 

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portrait 4^. Le^mg, S, Hirzel, 185i-^, 
The same. FortgesetstvonBudolphHil- 

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Fromm.— FUl. v. 5. pts. 1-5. K— KUppe. 4°. 
Le^izig, S, Hirzel, 1864-07. 

Digitized by 




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An exposition of the situation, character 

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OronoviuB or aronhof (Johann Friedrich). 
Lectiones plautinae, quibus non tantum fab- 
uliD plautinsB et terentianie, verum etiam 


CflBsar, Cicero, Livius, Virgilius, Ovi(Uus, etc. 
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Digitized by 





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rvm hippoorateorvm, qva yen a falsis, integri 
a Bvppocitifl Begregantvr. 9 p. ). 206 pp. 
4 L 80. Vratiilaviae, J. F. Komiui, 1772. 


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■pecieller beziehung auf unsere erd. viii, 
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Par monsieur P[ieot]. 6 p. 1. 178 pp. 16^. 
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[Imperfect; t. I, aod tiUe of t. ii. traotingj. 

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[ With the preoeding.] 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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See Selys-Longchamps and Hagen. 

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[Imperfect ; titlc-pugo of v. 1 wanting.] 

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— Statistischcs hand-buch fiir das departc- 
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«— ^ Geological formations and organic re- 

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— Palasontology and geology. 

I With EMORT (W. H.) nport on tho U. 8. sad Mezl« 
can boundary •onroy, y. L] 

• Reports on geology. 

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[▼. 3 wanting]. 

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Yorke, with all the aotes done in the tymes 
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2 1 Henry vL oil, 3 L Edward iv. Ixi, 4 L Edward 

▼. zziiii L Henry ir. xzxii, 1 L Richard iiL 2 1. 

Henry yiL Izi, 3 I. Henry Till. eoUUi, 9 L 
(Inperfoot ; wanting leavee previooi to fol. 1, and the 

last 4 leaves of final Uble]. 

• The same. 

[Very imperfeet]. 
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Digitized by 





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T. il. Songoi* • «}iu motos; hwnorain separstlo. 

T. iil. Respiratio; vox. 

T. Iv. Cerebrum; ncrvi; moseulL 

T. T. Sensos, externi et inteniL 

T. vi. Deglutitio; Tentriouliu; omenta; lien; pan- 

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T. viL Intestina ; cbvliu ; urina ; semen ; moliebria. 
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from old account books. 4°. London, pri- 

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f A'ote.— The orip^inals of this collection form fifty-four 
volumes, and nro deposited in the library of con> 
• gress.! 

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Digitized by 





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[Imperfect : t. 3-4 wanting.] 

Collection of engravings from ancient 

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discovered in the kingdom of the two Sicilies. 
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[Continnation of the preoedingr. r. 4 wanting.] 

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ranee, (in temporall things,) are the happiest 
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Digitized by 





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I. 1h)er die messung der atniospburiscben 
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§chaften, [1857]. 8. 

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over the Caspian, etc.] 

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M^moiresd'un homme d'etat. 

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T. L Memoirs of the author. 

Charges in the ooturts of general sessions. 

Eighteen sermons by a layman. 


Substance of letters to Edmund Burke, 
v. 2. Poetical works. 
Y. 3. If inoeilanies in prose. 

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grteci]. Edidit, uotisque illustravit 1. C. L. 
baro de Aretin. 5 v. 4^, Monachii, J. E. 
/Scwie/, 1806-12. ' s. 

Digitized by 





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[In Hitchcock (E.) Catalo^e of anlmalB, etc of 

-^ A treatise on some of the insects of New 

England, injurious to vegetation. 2d ed. vlii, 
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account of the life and writings of Charles I. 
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Digitized by 





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London, 1821]. 

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Catalogue of books added to the 

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I With catalogue of 1844]. 

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[ With Steinkohlen (Die) des kSnigreichs Soohsen, 
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The same. Deutsche originalausgabe, 

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Der heutige standpunkt des deutschen 

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Digitized by 





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Hau Kiou choaan \_or, choaon, the accomplished 
woman], or tho pleasing history. A transla- 
tion from the Chinese language. [Also] the 
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Digitized by 





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[N. J.] with random remarks and historic 
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[ With his Thirty days in N. J. ninety years ago]. 

Thirty days in New Jersey ninety years 

ago : an essay revealing new facts in connec- 
tion with Washington and his army, in 1776 
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IN. J.] 1867. 

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• A tribute to the memory of the pilgrims, 

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[Wonting 1 plate). 

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flmperfect; pp. 65-68 tvanting]. 
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nationall excellencies of England. {^anon.'\ 

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The open polar sea : a narrative of a 

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in the schooner '* United States." xxiv, 454 

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ufacturers of New England, asking for a 

modification of the tariff of 1846. 39 pp. 8°. 

Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1850. 
The probable influence of icebergs upon 

drift. 28 pp. 8<^. [n. p. ai<mn844T] 


Digitized by 





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[Note. — The contents will be fonnd in the catalogue 
under the names of the authonj. 

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Heads of agreement assented to by the united 
ministers in and about London, formerly 
called presbyterian and congregational. 
[anon.'i 2 p. l'. 161. sm. 4°. London, [1691 ?] 
[Title wanting.] 

The same. Also articles for the admin • 

istration of church discipline agreed upon at 

Say-Brook, September 9th, 1708. [anon.'i 

26 pp. 18°. New London, T. Short, 1710. 

[With Confession of faith, owned at Say-Brook, 
Aew London, 1710.J 

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The same. 1, 459 pp. 1 map. 8 pi. 8°. 

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larged infiillible government counterfeit detec- 
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The same. Banking house and counting 

room edition. 39 pp. 15 pi. 4°. Boston, 
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A treatise on arithmetic. 455 pp. 12°. 

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count of the islands of Scilly ; [with] a gen- 
eral account of Cornwall, viii, xvi, xiii, 456 
pp. 1 map. 8°. London, Manby A Cox, 1750. 

Digitized by 





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matical instruments, vi, 183 pp. 2 pi. 12^. 
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lanon.'i 2 v. 291 pp ; 299 pp. 129, London, 
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bilia marina, illustrata iconibvs et commenta- 
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Hubert ( A. E. capUaine des inginieurs. ) Differ- 
ences eutre le langogo littdral ct le langoge 
vulgaire. 8. 

[With Erpemius (T.) Rudiments do la langage 

Heckel (Jakob), and Kner (Rudolph). Die 
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archic ; mit rucksicht auf die angriinzenden 
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delin, ahbi d^* 

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and growth of the continental interests of 
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London, H. G. Bohn, 1847. 8. 

Historical researches into the politics, 

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Historical researches into the politics, 

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T. 1. Persians, Phcenicians, Babylonians. 
V. 2. Scythians, Indians. Appendixes. 

A manual ot ancient history with regard 

to constitutions, etc. Translated from the Ger- 
man. 6th ed. With a biographical sketch of 
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- Amanual of the history of the political sys- 

tem of Europe and its colonics. [1492-1776]. 
From 5th German ed. xxxii, 540 pp. 8°. 
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rale d'une collection complete d'estampes. 
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Deutschlands und der Schweiz systcmatisoh 
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Tabellen zur bestimmung der schmetter- 

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89. Braunschweig, Vieweg, 1859. 8. 

I With the preoedinfr. j 

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lexikon. 3*^ upplagan. 2 v. in 1. 480 pp ; 
528 pp. sq. 18^. Stralmnd, Uffler, 1836. 8. 

Heinrich (J.) LandwirthschafUiche beschrei- 
buug der guts-wirthschafl Castell; nebst 
einem vorworte liber bewirtbschaftung gros- 
serer giiter in den nordostlichen Schweiz und 
den nachbarstaaten. xxiv, 357 pp. 9 pi. 8^. 
Ziirich, C. Beyel, 1845. 8. 

HctnaiuB (Johannes Wilhelm). Allgemeines 
biicher-lexicon, oder vollstandiges alphabetis- 
ches verzeichniss aller von 1700 bis zu ende 
[1861] erschienenen bilcher, welche in 
Deutsohland und in den durch sprache und 
literatur damit verwandten landern gedruckt 
worden sind. 20 v. in 15. 4°. Leipzig , J. F. 
GUdiUeh,1812-28; F. A. BrocJchaut, 1836-63. 


V. 1-4. A— Z. 1700-1810. Ncu6 auflaffe. 

V. 5. A— Z. 1811-15. 

T. 6. A— Z. 1816-21. Hcraosgrogeben von C. O. 

V. 7. A — Z. 1822-27. Herausgegebon von C. G. 

V. 8 in 2 V. A— Z. 1828-34. Ucrausgegcben von O. 

A. Scbulz. 
V. 9 in 2 V. A—Z. 1833-41. Bearbeitet too O. A. 

V. 10. A—Z. 1842-4«. Bearbeitet von L. F. A. Schiller. 
V. 11. A—Z. 1847-51. Von L. P. A. HchiUer. 
V. 12. A—Z. 1652-56. Von L. F. A. Schiller. 
V. 13. A—Z. 1857-01. Von C. R. lleumann. 

Digitized by 





HeiBa(Johann von). Histoire do Tempire. 2 v. 
9p. 1. Ixix, 523 pp. 3p.l. 740 pp. 10 pi. 4°. 
AmsUrdanif WeUtein$ <t' Smithy 1733. 
* Held (Joseph). Staat und gesellBchoft vom 
stondpunkte der geschichte der menschheit 
und dea staats. 3 v. 8°. Leipzig j F, A, 
Brockhaxuj 1861-65. 


T. 1. GrnDdnnschauiingen Uber staat and ffetellschaft 

xxtT, 51)8 pp. 
T. 2. Volk und reffierung, mit besonderer rOcksioht 

anf die entwiokelaniif der ffesolliichxtft und des 

Btants in Deutsohland. zxfx, 796 pp. 
T. 3. Der rerfoBsunfrsmiMige oder oonstitutionelle 

staat. xxiv, 1,020 pp. 

Helena's household; a tale of Borne m the 

first centurj. [anon,'\ 3 p. 1. 422 pp. 

12°. Nno York, S, Carter df brothen, 1867. 
Hellenbroek iRev. Ahram). A sennon from 

Canticles, on taking the little foxes. Trans- 
iated from the Dutch. 31 pp. 16°. Botton, 

S. Kneeland <f- T. Green, 1742. 

[ With Trxnext {Rev. Gilbert). Neoessity of hold- 
ing fiist the truth. Boston, 1743]. 

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Albrccht Durer's. 297, 983 pp. 3 pi. 8°. 

Bamberg, E. F, Kunz, 1827. 8. 

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laiische uebersichtder orduungenyfamilien und 

gnttungen der siiugethiere, nach Illiger's Pro- 

dromus systematis mammnlium. viii, 118 pp. 

8°. HeliMtadty C. G. FUcheiaen, 1819. s. 

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forest. 162 pp. 8^. London, 1841. 
(HAZLrrT*0 romancict and noTelists libr. v. 4.] 

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19 p. 1. 765 pp. 36 1. 40. Francofurti, J. J. 
EryihropUut, lliotkuet'] 1682. s. 

Opuscula medica inedita. 8 p. 1. 275 pp. 

21 1. 4<=>. Francofurti, J. J, EryihropUuM, 
1682. 8. 

[ WitJt the preceding.] 

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thousand. 12°. Nevf York, J. B. Burdick, 1860. 

Nojoque: a question for a continent. 

479 pp. U"^. New York, G, W. CarUton Jb 
Co, 1867. 

HelvicuB (Christophorus). See Helwlg 

Helwi^, or Helwich (Christoph). Elenchi 
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regni Israelis. Raphaelis Eglini captlvltatis 
bab^rlonica) hietoria. Cum T. Crenii pnefa- 
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(Wanting pL xL] 

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Digitized by 





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gesundtheit der menschen, von nettwem cor- 


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[With TmcHMEYER <H. F.) Institutlonea materia} 

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Digitized by 





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Part 2. Gibbon's report, x, 339 pp. 36 pi. 

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INo more published.] 

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-The same. [Continuation, 4 decades. 

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Yerscheide zee en land-togten gedaan in 

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by T.Cooke. OP. Edinburgh, I179^9i'\. 
[Anderson's Brit poets, t. 5.1 

Digitized by 





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and OrpheuB, HesiodawerkeyUndOrfens 

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[ With Maroo Polo, liliri trM d« regionilnia orientali- 
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Snr raocroissement de la population de 

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4P, BruxeUei, Com. cent, de atoHtHque, [1843]. 

I IFflMhe preceding.] 

^•^— Beoensementgdnera]. [Extract.) 21 pp. 
4^ Com. cent, de aUUiiUque, [1844 f ] 8. 

— Sur le mouvement de I'^tat civil en Bel- 
giqne, 1841 ill844. (Extract.) 38 pp. 4^. 
BruxeUee, Com, cent, de $taHitique, (1844 T] 


Statistique du rojanme de Bavidre. (Ex 

tract.) 37 pp. A^. Bruxdlee, Com. cent, eie. 
[1844.] 8. 

[With the pnoBding.] 

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torie of the whole world, and aU the piincipall 
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[IstfoLed.] 6p.l. 1062 pp, 91. 4 maps. fol. 
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pp. 12 1. portrait, fol. London, Charles Harper, 


Eocleila Tindloata, or the refonnation of the cliaieh of 
England Jnstifled. 

Histoiy of the Sabbath. 

Historia qninqoarticalarifl, or the Jadcment of the 
western ohurohes on the fire points orArminiaaism. 

Disooreiy and remoTal of the stumbling block of dis- 
obedience and rebellion, cunningly kJd down in the 
subrfeot's way by Calvin. 

De Jure paritatis episooponun. 

Digitized by 





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[With ANTOimius AxkguBivM, Vetera Romonoram 
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stitution ; with respect to the sovereign autho- 
ity of the prince, and the allegiance of the 
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[Map wanting.] 

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See arlmm (Jacob L. C.) 

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Particularly adapted to the south; with 
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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[No more published]. 

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Yite HobbiaiUB aaotariam aathore B. Black- 
Tho. Hobbea vita, earmine ezpreua, aatbora 

Eleoientonun phlloaophia de corpora. 
T. 2. Elementomm pUlotophia do homine, de cIto, 

do Imperio, de religione. 
▼. 3. Elomentoruin philofopfaia de homine, de civl- 
tate, de civitate Christiana, de regno tenebra- 
T. 4. Ezaminatlo et emendatio mathematics hodi- 

Dialoguf ph'yslcus de natara a€rie. 
Probleroata phyaica, propositiones xvi de ma|r« 

nitudine ofrooli, et duplioatio cabL 
De principiia et ratiooinatione geometrarom et 

de roediis proportionalibus in genere. 
Quadratma cirouli, cabatio spherae, dnplicatio 

. 5. Roeetnm geometricnm. 
Lnz mathematioa. 

Ipla et problemata aliqnot geometrica 
antehac deeperata, none broTiter explicata. 

Tractatui opncafl. 

Objectiones ad Cartesii meditationee. 


Praefhtio in Menenni bollisticam. 

De miiabllibos Pecci, (len, de caTcma Peak 

Historia ecclesiastica. 

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Digitized by 





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T. I. Vertoderungen in dem TerhiltniMe swisohen 

land and meer. 
T. ii. Gosohiofate dermloane ondder erdbeben. 
T. ill. Zus&tsen su den betden ereten theilen. 
T. It-t. Chronik der ordbeben and yaloan-ftosbrflehe 

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[ With COXRIKO (H.) Introdaotio in nnlTenam artem 
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Nicolfd Elimii iter svbterranevm, novom 

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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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(Genenl index wantini^.] 

• Le combat des rats et des grenonilles. 

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llnehided in PlAiadb, Ia] 

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Parti. Plaott. 

Part 2. Animals. 

Part a Air, water, heat, light, eta 

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WelU). Works. [With preface by T. Hunt]. 

xiii, 693 pp. 1 pi. fol. Oxford, J, Fletcher, 



Caloolation of the credibility of human testimony. 
Church of England free from the imputation of popery. 
De Valentinianonun haereei ooiOeoturae. 
DiMourte oonooming lent. 
Dtacuuion of the oontrorersy between the church of 

Enfi^land and the church of Rome oosoeming the 

in&llible guide. 
Emendationes ad TertnlUani adrersua Valentiniaooa 

Enquiry into the ancient measures. 
Eight sermons. 
In benediotionem patriarohae Jaoobi coi^ecturae. 

An inquiry into the state of the ancient 

measures, the Attick, the Roman, and the 

Jewish, with appendix concerning our old 

English money and measures of content. 

[anofi.] 12 p. 1. 475 pp. 8°. Lond4)n, B. 

Enaplock, 1721. 

Digitized by 





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V. 2. Plates, zii pp. 97 pL 
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art, and people, v, 468 pp. 16°. New York, 
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Translated by P. Francis. 8°. Fdinburgh, 


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Odes and epodes, satires, epistles, and 

art of poetry, construed literally, and word 
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London, J, Cornish, [1859]. 
Satiren aus dem lateinischen tlbersetzt 

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[With Ci^k'B erliateniDir«Q« oto.] 

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China, New Holland, Cape of €kK>d Hope, 
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and accidents of the horse, with their treat- 
ment, lanon."} 256 pp. 24^. Ann Arbor, 
(Mich.) Chase, 1867. 

Digitized by 





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gy of CattarauguB county. 

( With Nbw Tobk, State, aonoal reports on the geolog- 
ical anrrej. t. 4.] 

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tion of J. Stanley Qrimes. Adopted hy the 
Albany phrenological society. 2® pp. 12°. 
Albany, J. Mumell, 1840. 8. 

Uutersuchungen ttber glycocoll und cin- 

iger seiner zersetzungsproducte. [Extract.] 
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ings in the detection of the conspiracy formed 
by some white people, in conjunction with 
negro and other slaves [at New York], vi, 
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[New York, State, annoftl reports on the geoL 
eorrey. r. 2.) 

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from its discovery and settlement to 1830. 
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Eyck nebst deutschen voi^gdngem und zeit- 
genoesen. y. i, ii, lief. 1. 12^. Berlin, VeU 
4- Co, 1855-58. 8. 


T. L Oeechiohte der deatMhen malerel bia 1450. zrli, 

490 pp. 
▼. ii. FUodriflohe malerel dee xr. jahrhhiUMlerte. 

le liet iz, 244 pp. 

Hough (Franklin B.) History of Dury6e's 
brigade, during the campaign in Virginia 
under Gen. Pope, and in Maiyland under 
Gen. McClellan, in 1862. 200 pp. 1 pi. 8^. 
Albany, J, MunseU, 1864. 

The northern invasion of October, 1780 ; 

a series of papers relating to the expeditions 
from Canada under Sir John Johnson and 
others, against the frontiers of New York. 
With an introduction and notes. 224 pp. 1 pi. 
1 map. 8°. New York, 1866. 
(Bradford olab publioationt, No. 6.1 . 
See New York, State, Convention 


(editor). See 'WaBhington ("George). 

Washingtoniana, etc. 1865. 

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nual reports of the state geologist [of Michi- 
gan], and documents. 3 v. 8^. Lansing, 
1838-39. 8. 

CONTEXTS OP DocuiourrB. 
Doofflau CC. G.) Report of OMiatant geologist pp. 

Hinrina,' (J. W.) Report of topographer. pp.45<^ 
Habburd (Bela). Report of assietaiit geologist, pp. 

79-123 ^ 

Sajer (Abram). Report of xoologist. pp. 1-15. 
Wright (John). Report of botanist, pp. 17-44. 

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on the geography, topography, and geologj 
of the mineral region of LnJce Superior. 109 
pp. map. 16°. Detroit, Charles Wilcox, 1846. 

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trade improved; revised hy Richard Bradley. 
3 V. 80. London, Woodman <k Lyon, 1727. 

Houghton gallery. A set of prints, engraved 
after the most capital paintings, in the collec- 
Uon of H. I. M. the empress ot Russia, lately 
in the collection of the earl of Orford, at 
Houghton, in Norfolk. [With plans of Hough- 
ton hall and estate]. 2 v. 5 p. 1. 81 pi; 4 p. L 
71 pi. fol. London, J. is J. BoydeU, 1788. 

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House carpenters' hook of prices, and rules for 
measuring and valuing work. 35 pp. 12^. 
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Household tales and traditions of England, 
Germany, France, Scotland, etc. lanan,"] 
188 pp. 16°. London,E, Lumley, [about 1850]. 

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jr. W, Parker, 1850. 

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8 pp. 8^. Washington, 18^2. 

Digitized by 





HoutteviUe (Alexandre Claude Frao^(4e). 
Religion chr6tienne prouv^ par lee fidts. 
Avec un discoani sur la m^thode dee princi- 
panx autenn qui ont ^rit pour et contre le 
christianisme depuis son origine. ccivi 476 pp. 
40. Parii, Greg. DupuU, 1722. 

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penitent dead. 168 pp. 16<^. Botton, Oould 8c 
Lincoln, 1859. 8. 

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protestant epiecopal church, in a series of 
letters addressed to Rev. Samuel Miller, 
xxxvi, 492 pp. 8°. New Tork, EoMtbum, 
Kirk A Co, 1816. 

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logy. 2d ed. vi, 218 pp. 16^, London, Har- 
vey ik Darton, 1SA3. 8. 

Howard (Rohert). Revelations of Egyptian 
mysteries, and allegories of the Oreek lyric 
poets clearly interpreted. Histoiy of the 
works of nature, with a discourse on health, 
according with the wisdom of the ancients, 
viii, 284 pp. 8°. London, H, Colbum, 1850. 

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ginia, with sketch of the District of Columhia. 
644 pp. 19 pi. Imap. 8°. CAorfeiton, (A C.) 
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-^-^ Times of the rehellion in the west ; a 
collection of miscellanies. 252 pp. ^. Cin- 
cinnati, F. A. Howe, 1867. 

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kinton, Dec. 24, 1815. 2d ed. 8°. 31pp. 
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Venetian life. 2d ed. 401 pp. 12^. New 

Tork, Hurd & Houghton, 18G7. 

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field, the forest, and the fireside. 3d ed. viii, 
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dialect, xx, 324 pp. 8°. Cirencester, J. G. 
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relating to foreign patents. 48 pp. V^. 
rhiladelpKia, U. S. and European Pat. Off. 

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[With Houghton (DonglaM). Report on the geology 

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Digitized by 





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[Haslitt's romancist and noTelist's lib. v. 5. ) 

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. lectures. 107 pp. 16°. Hagerstown, J. H, 
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[ With Veoa (G. yon.) Sammlung, etc.] 
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T. L Einleitong tlber die yerschiedenheit des men> 
sohllohen spraohbanes, and ibren einfitiss auf die 
freisti^e ontfricklang' des roensohen-geslechts. 
Buck i. Verbiudunfiren swischen Indien und Java. 

y. IT. Buch ii. Kawi-sprache. Buch iii. Slulnyischen 
sprecbstamm. Abschnitt 1. Stammverwaudtschaft 
der mnlayischen spraohen. Abs. 2. Betrachtung 
der einxelnen spra<men des stammes, etc 

y. III. Abs. 3. Bpraohen der sfldsee inseln. Abs. 4. 
Vergleichende erammatik der sfldsee sproehen, 
and beil&uflg des malaTischen spracbstammei 
flberhaapt, yon I J. C. £.J Busohmann. 

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[No more published.] 

— The same. Aspects of nature in different 
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— — The same. Views of nature ; or, con- 

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— The same. Tableaux de la nature, ou 
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rOr^noque. Trad, de PAIIemand par J. B. B. 
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Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander 
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of the universe. Translated from the German 

Digitized by 





by E. C. 0U6 ; [aBsisted, v. 4 bj B. H. Paul, 
V. 5, bj W. 8. Dallas]. 6 v. 1 pi. 129. 
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- Correepondance scientifique et litt^raire ; 

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des correspondants de Humboldt, etc. zUt, 
466 pp. 2 1. 2 pi. 8°. Parti, E, Ducroeq, 
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• EritiBcbe untereucbungen tiber die bis- 

toriBcbe entwickelung der guograpbiscben 
kenntnisse Ton der neuen welt, und die forts- 
cbritte der nautiscben astronomie in d. 15ten 
und 16ten Jahrbundert. Aus dem Fran- 
zosiscben Ubersetzt von J. L. Ideler. 3 ▼. 8^. 
Berlin, Nicolai, 1836-52. 

• Letters to Vamhagen von Ense, 1827- 

58, witb extracts from Vamhagen's diaries, 
and letters to Humboldt Translated from 
the 2d German ed. bj F. Kapp. 407 pp. por- 
trait. 12°. New York, Rudd ^ Carleton, 
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and Bonpland (Aim6). Personal nar- 

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of tbe new continent during tbe vears 1799- 
1804. Translated into English by Helen 
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pp. 8^. London, Longmann^ 1814. 

The same. 432 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, 

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in 1688, with his life, written by himself. 8 v. 
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The same. Continued to the death of 

George U. by T. Smollett 8^. London, 
1832. 8. 

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as seen by a lady missionary. 286 pp. 18^. 
New York, Carlton A Porter, 1866. 

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specification of the Tarious articles which 
compose the magnificent museum of natural 
history collected by M. de Calonne in France. 
lanon.'i 84 pp. 8°. London, 1797. 8. 
[With m». oorreotioDi, etc. by the author]. 

Humphreys (Col. David). An essay on the 
life of Israel Putnam. 187 pp. 16^. Hart- 
ford, HwUon A Goodwin, 1788. 

The same. 144 pp. 18°. Brattlebon/, 

W. Fenenden, 1812. 

The same. With a (poetical) address 

to the armies of the United States, and a 
poem on the happiness of America. 285 pp. 
1 pi. 160. Philadelphia, W. McCaHy, 

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exploits of Israel Putnam. 190 pp. 18^. New 
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Miscellaneous works. [Poems, and 

life of Israel Putoam]. 348 pp. 8^. New 
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A discourse delivered on the day of annual 
thanksgiving, m the first church, in Pomfret, 
Nov. 19th, 1840. 35 pp. 8°. Hartford, 
J. Holbrook, 1841. 

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honor and pleasure. 324 pp. 18^. (n. p.) 

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2 V. xiv, 340 pp ; vi, 344 pp. 16°. Boiton, 
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Hunt (Thomas Sterry). See Logan (^> W. 
E.)and Hunt (T. S. ) Sketch of the geology 
of Canada. 

Hunt's merchant's magazine. See Merchant's 
magazine and commercial review. 

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of the hypodermic method. 64 pp. 8°. Lon- 
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P. Ricord, edited, with notes, by F. J. Bum- 
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founded upon the Esquisses bistoriques of D. 
LeviAlvares. 312 pp. 129. New York, D. 
Fanshaw, 1848. 8. 

Hunter (Robert, royal gov. of N. Y.) State of 
the case in dispute between the queen and the 
Jate assemblies, of the province of New Tork- 
arising from tbe refusal of the latter to admit 
of any amendments from the council, to 
money bills, ^anon."} 8 pp. ful. New York, 
W Bradford, 171Z. 

Huntington (Prof Ezra A.) Notes on the 
epistle to the Hebrews. 134 pp. 8^. Auburn, 
IN. F.] Wm. J, MoifM, 1866. 

Digitized by 





HnrdiB ( Jamee). The village curate, a poem. 
ianon.] 148 pp. 16°. NetoburypoH, (Moms.) 
Blunt f BoHnton, 17d3. 

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Ian and the conduct of the war. 312 pp. 2 
maps. 199, New Tork, Sheldon A Co. 1864. 

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pathology, etc. and the hest means for its 
prevention and cure; with a glossary, ex- 
plaining all technical terms. 127 pp.. 8^. 
Saint Louit, P. M. Pinehard, 1867. 

Hiiss (Dr, Magnus). Chronische alkohols- 
krankheit, oder alcoholismus chronions. Ein 
heitrag znr kenntniss der vergiftungs-krank- 
heiten, nach dgener und anderer erfahrung. 
Aus dem Schwediseh tihersetzt mit aenderun- 
gen und zusatzen des verfiuBsers, von Gerhard 
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a E, Fritze, 1852. 8. 

HuBSon (Henri Marie). Report on the mag- 
netical experiments made hy the commission 
of the royal acad. of medicine, of Paris, read 
June 21, and 28, 1831. Translated from the 
French, with an introduction, by Charles 
Poyen St. Sauveur. 172 pp. 16°. BoeUm, 
H, 2). Hiteh4!ock, 1836. 

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pilot ; or, new system. 7 p. 1. 300 pp. 12°. 
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nor). An historical essay concerning witch- 
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logical works. Edited by B. Spearman and J. 
Bate. [3ded.] 12 v. 2 pi. 8°. London, J. 
Hodffet, 1748-49. 


T. ML Mmm'1 nrinoipia. 
T. iii. Motea'i Bine pnnclpto. 

T. It. Conftutonof toDgnes, and trinity of the OentUes. 
T. T. Power, ewential wad meohanicaL 
T. tL Olory or graTitj eMential, or oherabim ex- 
T. yii. The Hebrew writtngt perfiMSt. 
T. vtii. The religion of Satan. 
T. Tiii>ix. The &ta in ohristianity. 
T. z. The human frame. 
T. zt. Glory meohanioaL 
T. zii. Tract*. 

— — — The use of reason recovered by the data 
in Christianity. Partii. 371pp. 12^. Lon- 
don, G, Strahan, 1739. 

Hutchinson ( Capt. John Hely ). See WilBon 
9irR,Y,ete.) Trial of, 1816. 

Hutchinson {Bev, Roger). Works. Edited 
by J. Bruce, xv. 350 pp. 8°. Cambridge, 
univeriitjf pre$s, 1842. 
fPurker Moiety pablioationi, No. 4.] 


Blographieal notice ; imag® of Gkxl, orlaymani'book; 
lermonB on the Lord's Bupper, eto. 

Hutton (Charles). The principles of bridges. 
2ded. 104 pp. 8^. London, author, 1801, 8. 
[ With Smsaton (J.) Ezi>erimental enquiry, etc.] 

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laid open ; revised and improved, by Bev. J. 
L. Blake. 252 pp. 1 pi. 18°. New York, Har- 
peri, 1846. s. 

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a dissertation on the malignant, ulcerous sore 
throat 4thed.xvi,336pp. 8^. London, J. 
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ments of comparative anatomy. On the classi- 
fication of animals, and on the vertebrate skull. 
xi,303pp. 8o. London, ChurchiU, ISdA. 8. 

On our knowledge of the causes of the 

phenomena of organic nature. 157 pp. 12°. 
London, B, Hardwieke, 1862. 8. 

and Hawkins (Benjamin Waterhouse). 

An elementary atlas of comparative osteology; 
the objects selected and arranged by Prof. 
Huxley, and drawn on stone, by B. W. Haw- 
kins. 3p.l. 121. 12pl. fol. London,Wiai€mi 
tk Norgate, 1864. 

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lestial worlds discovered: conjectures con- 
cerning the inhabitants, productions, etc. vi, 
160 pp. 5 pi. 16°. London, T,ChUde,ie&d. 

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[wine manufiicture] etc. 279 pp. 12°. San 
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tory of the rebellion and civil wars in England, 
[with] an historical view of the affairs of 
Ireland. New ed. 6 v. 8^. Botton, WelU A 
IMy, 1827. 

State papers, 1621— [1674] ; containing 

the materials from which his history of the 
great rebellion was composed. [Collected and 
edited by Richard Sorope,Thomas Monkhouse, 
John Douglas, bishop of Salisbury, and 
others]. 3 v. fol. Oxford, Clarendon prese, 

Hyde (J. Burrows). Treatment and uses of 
peat and peaty material, designed expressly 
for the instruction of farmers, and owners of 
peat lands. 81pp. 18^. New York, BaiUiire 
brot. 1866. 

Hymnal of the presbyterian church. Ordered 
by the general assembly. 598 pp. 12^. Phila- 
delphia, Pre^yterian hoard, 1867. 

Digitized by 





Hymns from various aathora, for the use of the 
anitarian church at Washington. 212 pp. 24^. 
WtuhinfjUm, W. Coftper, IS'il. 

Hymns ofthe higher life. [Se1ectedh7B.K.P.] 
224 pp. Bq. VP. New York, Broughion d: 
Wyman, 1868. 

Hymns to the Viigin and Christ, The parliament 
of devils, and other religious poems. Edited , 
by F. J. Fumivall. xviii, 139 pp. dP, LondoUf 
X. TrUbner dr Co. 1867. I 

[Early English text society. No. 24.] 

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177 pp. fP. Philadelphia, Masonic Mirror, 
1858. 8. 

Ibn Batata. See Batuta. 

Ibn Zafer, or Pjafer. See Mohammed ibn 
abi Mohanmied ibn Zafer. | 

Icazbalzeta (Joaquin Garcia). Docomentos 
para la historia de Mexico, v. 1-2. 9^. Mexico, • 
V. G. T(yrres, 1852-63. 8. i 

T. 1-2. Snmario de la residencia tomada A D. Fernan- 1 
do Cortes. | 

The same. Docnmentos para la historia 

de Mexico. 4» s^rie. v. 1-7. 8°. Mexico, 
V. G. Torres, 1856-57. 8. 

T. 1. Continoaeion de los materiales para la histo- 
ria de Sonora. 
T. 2. Sinaloa y Sonora. Materiales, etc 
V. 3-4. Nueva-Vizffaya. Documenlos, etc 
V. 5. Establecirniento i jirftfCTe§os de ias misiones 

de la Antifroa CiUifomia. 
Y. 6-7. Noticias de la Nueva Culifomia p<Tr el R. P. 
Fr. F. Puloo. Agresiones y hazanas de 
tres Apaches. 

Tlie same, cliii, 544 pp. 8^. Mexico, 

J. M. Andrade, 1858. 6. 

Historia de los Indios de Nneva Espaaa, por Fr. Tor- 

ibio Motolinia. pp. l-tJT?. 
Noticias de la vida y escritos de fray Toribio de Mo- 
tolinia, i>or J. F. Ramirez, oliii. pp. 
Varios docnmentos del siglo zri. pp. 279-537. 

Iceland. Catalog over Islands stifts-bibliothek, 
xxxvi, 180 pp. 12^. Kjohenhavn, L. J. Jacoh- 
8€v, 1828. 8. 

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bei vortragen. 2 p. 1. 704 pp. 8°. Hannover, 
Schmorl <fc von Seefeld, 1855. 8. 

Ida 'Wilmot, ''the queen of the household.'^ 
lan<m,^ 192pp. IC^. Boston, B. A, BaWm, 


[Round Hill stories.] 
Idalia; a novel. By' Ouida.'' [psevdon.'^ 594 

pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott <i' Co. 

Ides (Evert Ysbrandt). Three years travels 

from Moscow over-land to China. Printed in 

Dutch; now faithfully done into English. 

6p.l. 110 pp. Iraap. 29 pi. 4^. London, 

W. Freeman, 170G. 

Idiomatic sentences, in English and Panj^i. 
[aMm.'\ 130, 130, iv pp. 12^. Lodiann, Amer. 
pre$hijt. miss, press, 1846. 8. 

lerne; or, anecdotes and incidents during a 
life chiefly in Ireland. Wiih notices of people 
and places. By a retired civil engineer. [^anou.'\ 
1st series, xvi, 344 pp. 5 pi. 129. London, 
Partridfje A Co. 1861. 

nicino ( Bernardo). .S>« Lapini ( Bernardo). 

Tlllgftr ( Johann Carl Wilhelm ). Versuch einer 
systematischen vollstandigeu terminologie fnr 
das thierreich und pflanzenrtfich. xlvi, 469 pp. 
8o. Helmstddt, C. G. Fleckeisen, 1800. 8. 

lUinoiB. Annual report of the adj utant general 
for 1862. 8^. Sprinfffield, 1863. 8. 

H. C. Chandler & Co.'s railway busi- 
ness directory and shippers' guide, for the 
state of Illinois, xxiv, 936, 190 pp. 1 map. 
8°. Indianapolis, H. C. Chandler S Co. 

- Reports of the fllinois state hospital for 

the insane. ia47-e2. 422 pp. 8°. Chicago, 
Fulton it Co. 1863. 8. 

lUnstrated arctic news. Facsimile of the Illus- 
trated arctic news, published on board H. M. 
S. Resolute^ in search for Sir John Franklin, 
Lieut. 8. Osborne, and 6. F. McDougall, 
editors. 2 p. 1. 57 pp. fol. London, Acker- 
man A Co. 1852. 

Blostrated London news. July 1866, to Jane 
1867. V. 49-50. fol. London, 1866-67. 

Slnstration (An) of the wisdom and equity of 
an indulgent providence, in a similar treat- 
ment of all creatures on this globe. [_anon.'\ 
xxii, 247 pp. 8^. London, John Xoon, 1761 . 

Impartial (An) historical narrative of those 
momentous events which have taken place in 
this country from 1816 to 1823. [anon.] 56 pp. 
5 pi. 2 fSacs. fol. London, B. Botcyer, 1823. 

Impartial observations to be considered by the 
king, ministers, and people of Great Britain. 
iawm.^ 27 pp. 4^. [Lonrfon, 1763 1] 

Imperial! (Francesco). La faoniade. Inni ed 
odi di Saffo tradotti dal testo greco in metro 
italiano, da S[o8are] I[tomeio] P[a8tore] 
A[rcade]. ['pseudon.'\ xiii, 99 pp. 18^. Cri- 
sopoli, C. Bodoniani, 1792. 

ImpresaionB of the west and south during a 
six weeks' holiday. \_anon.'\ 83 pp. 8^. To- 
ronto, Armour 4" Co. 1858. 

Imray (Keith, M.D.) A popular cyclopcpdia 
of modem domestic medicine, etc. Ist Am. ed. 
To which are prefixed by the editor, popular 
treatises upon anatomy, physiology, surgery, 
dietetics, etc. 855 pp. 1 col. pi. 8<^. Xew 
York, GaUs, SUdman A Co. 1849. S. 

Digitized by 




Inajut-iniah w Inatulla (of Delhi). Tales, 
translated from the Persian, [bj Alexander 
Dow]. 2 V. ix, xvii, 275 pp ; 245 pp. 18^. 
Londouy T. Beclet, 1768. 

Inattdla (of Delhi). See Inajut-Ullah. 

Incidents and sketches connected with the 
early history and settlement of the west. 
lanon.'] 72pp. 9 pi. 8°. Cincinnati, J. A. li^ 
U. P. James, 1853. 

Independent (The). (A religidhs weekly). 
Dec. 1848, to Dec. 1867. 17 v. foL New York, 

Index [expurgatorius] librorvm prohihitorvm, 
cvm regvlis confectis per patres k tridentina 
synodo delectos. Avctoritate Pii iiii. primilm 
editus; postea verd k Syxto v. auctus, et uvnc 
demvm S. D. N. Clementis papee viii. iussu 
recognitus, et publicatus. Instrvctione adiecta 
de exequendsB prohibitionls, etc. 21 p. 1. 
55 1. 18°. Colonia, O. Choline, 1598. 8. 

The same. Index librorum prohibito- 

rum a Sixto v. papa confectus et publicatus ; 
at vero a successoribus ejus in sede romaua 
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Indian songs of peace, with a proposal for 
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troducing Yariza, an Indian maid's letter. 
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bates of the general assembly. By Ariel and 
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— — Documents and annual reports of the 
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• Documents of the general assembly. 

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> Journal of the house of representatives, 

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Journal of the senate. Called session 

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Report of the adjutant general ; contahi- 

ing rosters of officers and men, and historical 


memoranda of Indiana regiments, v. 6-7. 
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• Report (annual) of the treasurer of state 

for the fiscal year ending Oct. 31, 1865. 11 pp. 
8^. Indianapolis, S. M. Douglass, 1866. 

Reports of the officers of state to the 

governor for 1860-61, 1863. 2 v. 8^. In- 
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Registry law, and an act regulating gen- 
eral elections, and prescribing the duties of 
officers in relation thereto. 20 pp. 8^. In- 
dianapolis, A. H. Conner, 1867. 

- School laws, as amended in 1865 and 

1867 ; with opinions, instructions, and judicial 

decisions relating to common schools, and to 

the officers thereof. Prepared by the superin- 
tendent of public instruction. 72 pp. 8^. 

Indianapolis, A. H. Conner, 1867. 
Indiana gazetteer ; or, topographical dictionary 

ofthe state of Indiana. 3d ed. 440 pp. 8^. 

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Indiana institute for the education of the blind. 

Twentieth annual report of the trustees and 

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S. M. Douglass, 1866. 
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Indianapolis. Edwards's annual directory. 

1867. 412, cxv pp. 8^. Indianapolis, £i- 

wards <fc Boyd, 1867. 
Logan's directory for 1867 [-68]. xxiv, 

357 pp. 8^. llndianapolisjl Logan jr Co. 

Industrial and social position of women, in 

the middle and lower ranks, [anon.l xv, 

419 pp. 12°. London, Chapman <k Hall, 

IngelO'w(Jean). Story of doom, and other 

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bros. 1867. 
Ingemisco. [A novel.] By Fadctte. [pseu- 

don.l 12->. New York, lti07. 

Digitized by 





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observations sur divers objets de physique. 

2 V. xxvii, 498 pp. 4 pi ; xx, 574 pp. 8°. 

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" Skandinavetu^' office , 1867. 
IngersloT (C. F. ) and Fridriksson (H. Cr. ) 

Stutt kennslub^k i landafroDdmni. vi, 304 pp. 

12<^. Beyli^avikfPrentzmidJnUhmdi.ld^. 6. 
Ingersoll (Jared). Letters relating to the 

stamp act iv, 68 pp. sm. 4°. New Haven, 


] Title page wantiiig.] 
Ingeraoll (Lurton Dunham). Iowa and the 

rebellion, a history. 3ded. 743 pp. 8°. PhU- 

ailelphia, J. B, Lippincott and Co, 1867. 
Ingoldflby (Thomas, p$eudon. ) See Barham 

Ingrahaxn (Joseph Holt). Beatrice, the gold- 

sinith^s daughter. 93 pp. 8^. New Tork, 

WiUiamt brotJiert, 1847. . 
Edward Austin. 66 pp. 8°. Bo$Um,F. 

GUason, 1842. 

Edward Manning. 120 pp. 8°, New 

Tork, Williams hrothert, 1847. 
Ringold Griffitt. 100 pp. 8°. BoeUm, 

F. Gleaton, 1847. 
Spectre steamer, and other tales. 100 

pp. 8^. BotUm, 1846. 
Ingraham (Joseph W.) Geographical index 

to the historical map of Palestine. 96 pp. 

8°. BoeUm, Thoma» B, Waii and J, IV, Ingra- 
ham, 1828. 
Ingulph. Historia. fol. Oxonice, 1684. 

{In Oalb (Thomas>, and Fbll (Juhn). Renim angli 
oanam soriptorea reterea. OxonUt^ 1684-9L ~ ' ' 

V. 1. 

iVioto.— Sir FniDcii Palgrove has demonttrated that 
this work it an hiitorioal novel, oompoeed by a 
monk of the thirteenth or fourteeath century, and 
therefore fiUsely attributed to Ingalph, who lived 
in the eleventh century. 

Inues (Cosmo). Memoir of Thomas Thomson, 
advocate, xi, 251 pp. 8^. Edinburgh, Ban- 
natyne club, 1854. 8. 

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London, inttitution, 1851. 8. 

The same. 2d ed. viii, 412 pp. 8°. 

London, institution, 1866. 8. 

Intellectual (The) house-keeper; or, hints to 
females, lanon"] 47 pp. 16°. Boston, Bus- 
seU, Odiome and Co, 1835. 

Internal (The) revenue record and customs 
journal. A weekly register of official infor- 
mation on internal revenue and customs, Jan. 

to June, 1867. v. 6. 4°. New York, P. Vr, 
Vanwyck, [1867.] 

Investor's (The) monthly manual, in connec- 
tion with the economist. A newspaper for 
investors in stocks. Jan. 1866 to Dec. 1867. 
v.S^-3. sm.fol. Xotuion, [2). ^tni, 1866-67]. 

Invisible (The) spy. By Exploralihus. [pseu- 
don,] 4 V. 16°. London, T. Gardner, 1756. 

Invisibles : an explanation of phenomena com- 
monly called spiritual, [anon,] 331 pp. 12^. 
Philadelphia, J, B, LippineoU A Co. 1867. 

Iowa. The census returns of the different coun- 
ties. 1856,59,62,65. 4v.ini. 139. Iowa 
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— — The debates of the constitutional conven- 
tion, 1857. W. B. Lord, reporter. 2 v. ii, 
1096, 103 pp. 8^. Davenport, Luse, Lane 
«fe Co. 1857. 

Journal of the constitutional convention, 

1857. 406 pp. 129, Muscatine, J. Mahin, 1057- 

Journals of the senate and house, 1855- 

1866. 18 V. 8o and 12^. Iowa cUy, and 
Des Moines, State printer, 1865-66. 

Legislative documents compiled by order 

of the general assembly, 1857. [Sen. doc.], 
1860-66. 7 y. 8^ and 12^. Iowa city, and 
Des Moines, StaU printer, 1857-66. 

• Report of the adjutant general, 1863-66. 

6 V. 8°. Des Moines, F, W, Palmer, 186^-67. 

Reports [annual ] of the state agricultural 

society, for 1857, 1859-65. 7 v. 8^ and 12°. 
Des Moines, Teesdale f Palmer, 1858-66. 

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pp ; vi, 746 pp. 8°. New York, T,H, Mor- 
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Ireland ( William Heniy). Napoleon anecdotes : 
Ulustratiug his mental energies; and the 
characters and actions of his contemporary 
statesmen and warriors. 3 v. 16^. Boston, 
WeUs A lAUy, 1830. 

Ireland. Report fh>m the committee of secrecy, 
of the house of commons in beland, as re- 
ported by lord Castlereagh, Aug. 21, 1796, 
[on the united Irishmen's conspiracy]. 184, 
83 pp. 80. London, J. DebreU, 1798. 

Report from the committee of secrecy, of 

the house of lords in Ireland, as reported by 
John, earl of Clare, chancellor, Aug. 30, 1796, 
[on the united Irishmen's conspiracy]. 53 pp. 
8°. London, J, DebreU, 1798. 
[ With the preceding.] 

Digitized by 





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340 pp. 12°. lAmdan, Smith, Elder ds Co. 

1838. 8. 

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a familiar introduction to that interesting 

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1 pi. 240. BaUimore, J, Murphy A Co. 1854. 

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B. PhiUips, 1809. 
— ^ Lives of Scotish writers. 2 v. in 1. vii, 

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1850. 8. 

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under Hernando de Soto. 2 v. xii, 296; 315 

pp. 8°. London, Edward Churton, 1835. 
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Collected from the various works of Diedrich 

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ipseudon.'i 215 pp. 16°. New York, G. P. 

Putnam, 1849. 8. 
A history of New York, by Diedrich 

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pp ; 258 pp. 1 pi. 129. New York, Inekeep 

A Bradford, 1809. 
laenkrahe (Caspar). Helicinae titanicae anato- 

me. 27 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Bonnae, Auctor, 1866. 

f Wantinif 1 plate.] 

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viginti. fol. Auguftae Vindelicorum, G. Zamer, 
1472. 8. 

Lila ( Jos6 Francisco de). Historia del fiunoso 
predicador fray Gerundio de Campazas, alias 
Zotes. For Francisco LobondeSalazar. Ipteu- 
don."] 5 V. I80. Madrid, Bam4}$, 1822. 8. 

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illustratus[aJohanneFinnaeo]. 4^. Havniae, 
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regno, etc. (Gr.etLat.) 4p.l. 147 pp. 24°. 
Londini, J. HeptinstaU, 1699. 8. 

Panraeflii, etc Agapeti expotitio admonitoria ad Jos- 

tiDianmn imperatorem. 
De regpo, ex Diogene et ex Ecpbante. 
Seneoae, Proverbia : De moribua. 
Tbeoctif ti sententie, adreraos moUes et negligentes. 

Iff selt (Michael von ). See Suriiui (Lorenz) and 
Iflselt (M. von). Commentarivs brevis rervm 
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64. cxv, 229 pp. 40. Firenze, Tofani, 1866. 


The same. Sanity pubblica. H cholera- 

morbus nel 1865. xxiii, 112 pp. 4^. Fireme, 
G. Barhh-a, 1867. 8. 

Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum. 

[ With Antoxinub ( Aagriiitus). Vetera Romanorain 
itineraria. Ed. AmtUlaedami, 1735]. 

iTemois (Francois d', LL. D.) An historical 
and political view of the constitution and rev- 
olutions of Geneva in the eighteenth century. 
Translated by J. Farrell. xxx, 374 pp. 8°. 
Dublin, W. Wilton, 1784. 

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tive of the operations of the squadron and 
army in India, 1755-57. Also, a journey from 
Persia to England, by an unusual route, xii, 
506 pp. 1 map. 11 pi. 4^. London, Dilly, 

Ives (Joseph C.) Report upon the Colorado 
river of the west, explored in 1857-58. 367 
pp. 1 map. 34 pi. 4^. Washington, gov. 
printing office, 1861. 


Part 1. General report. 131 pp. 

2. Hytirographio report 14 pp. 

3. Oeolo^oal report. By J. 8. Newbeny. 154 pp. 

4. Botany. By A. Gray, J. Torrey. G. Thorber, 
and G. Enreltnann. X pp. 

5. Zoology rbirts]. By 8. F. Baird. 6 p^ 

and G. Enreltnann. X pp. 
Soology rbirts]. By 8. F. Baird. 6 pp. 
Appendix. Aitronomical obserrationi. X2pp. 

Izard {M(y'. Gen. George). Official correspond- 
ence with the department of war, relative to 
the military operations of the American army 
under [his] command on the northern fron- 
tier of the United States in 1814 and 1815, 
vii, 152 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. Dobson, 
1816. . 

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cation, December 10, 1832]. 25 pp. 8^. Lon- 
don, Bichard PhiUipt, [1833 1] 

( With PmOH (James). Narrative of a voyage in the 
Indian seas. London.] 

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port on the geology of the state of New Hamp- 
shire. 164 pp. 8^. Concord, C. Barton, 1841. 

first, second, and third annual reports 

on the geology of the state of Maine. 3 y. in 1. 
8^. Augusta, 1837-39. 8. 

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or, a debtor's experience. 208 pp. 12°. New 
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as an aid to the historian. 324 pp. 12^. Lon- 
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Digitized by 





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[Also, medical essays, entitled : ^sculapius, 
Hjgeia, Antccus the giant, Pan a 83rmbol of 
the universe], xii, 632 pp. 12o. Philadel- 
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[with] essays on various subjects. 454 pp. 
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phia, John Ormrod, 1800. 

[ With Washington (George). MoDuments of patri- 
otism. Philadelphxa, 1800]. 

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Jacob (Stephen). Poetical essay, delivered at 
Bennington, on the anniversary of the 16th 
of August, 1777. 8 pp. 8^. Hartford, Wat- 
son <fe Goodwin, 1779. 

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Christianiv. Hafiiiae asservantur. 8p. 1. 206 
pp. 37 pi. fol. Hafniae, J. Schwetgen, 1696. 8. 

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m^thodes qui en d^coulent; application du 
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Bullion^s Latin grammar. By Peter Bullions. 
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and Ukert (Friedrich August). Beit- 
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keiten der herzog. ofTeutlichen bibliothek 
zu Gotha. 6 pts. in 3 v. 8°. Leipzig, Dyk, 
1835-43. 8. 

Jacobs (Rev, Peter). Journey from Rice 
lake to the Hudson's Bay territory, and return- 
ing, 1852 ; with account of his life, and his- 
tory of the Wesleyan mission. 9Gpp. 16^. New 
York, 1857. 

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industrielle et politique ; voyages faits en 1840- 
42. iv, 459 pp. 8^. Paris, bureau d* agricul- 
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Jacquemont (Victor.) Correspondance avec 
safamille et plusieurs de ses amis, pendant 
son voyage dans Tlnde. [1828-1831.] 2v. 
SGOpp; 356 pp. Imap. 16^. BruxelUs, A. 
Peelers, 1834. 

Jacques (D. H.) Philosophy of human beauty; 
hints towards physical perfection : 8ho\viiig 
how to acquire and rctaui bodily symmetry, 

health, [etc.] 244 pp. 21 pi. 12°. New York, 
MUler, Wood 4- Co. 1867. 
Jaeger (Georg Friedrich von). De ichthyo- 
sauri sive proteosauri fossilis speciminibus in 
agro bollensi in WUrtembergia repertis. 
14 pp. 2 pi. fol. Stutgardice, Cotta, 1^4. 8. 
Ueber die fossilen siiugethiere, welche in 

Wiirtemberg aufgefunden worden sind. 2 v. 
in 1. 3 p. 1. 230 pp. 20 pi. 4°. Stuttgart, C. 
Erhard, 1835-39. 8. 

Ueber die wirkungen des arseniks auf 

pflanzen. viii, 115 pp. 8°. Stuttgart, E. Schwei- 
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analysis of the openings of games. Translated 
by George Walker, xx, 291 pp. 8^. London, 
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Jsd (A.) Virgilius nauticus. Examen des pas- 
sages de I'Endide qui ont trait k la marine, 
[extract.] 107 pp. 8°. Paris, imprimerie 
royale, 1843. 8. 

Jamaica (The) movement, for promoting the 
enforcement of the slave-trade treaties, and 
the suppression of the slave-trade, lanon,"] 
430 pp. 80. London, C. Gilpin, 1850. 

James I (king of England). BaoiXiKov ^upov ; 
or, king James's instructions to his dearest 
Sonne, Henry the prince. [With portrait by 
R. White.] 16°. London, 1682. 

James (George Payne Rainsford). Bertrand 
de la Croix ; or, the siege of Rhodes. 25 pp. 
8°. London, 18n. 
[Hazlitt'i romancist and norelif t's lib. r. 3]. 

Thirty years since ; or, the ruined family. 

xi, 383 pp. 1 pi. OP. London, Simpkin, Mar- 
shall 4- Co. 1848. 

James (Henry). Old and new theology, and 
the church of Christ not an ecclesiasticism. 
XV, 198 pp. 16°. London, Longmans, 1861. 

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book of medicine: containing directions on 
diseases, bathing, diet, etc.; adapted to pop- 
ular use and ready reference. 810 pp. 3 pi. 
8°. Cincinnati, R. W. Carroll d; Co. 1866. 
f Imperfect ; wanting pp. 33-48]. 

James (Joseph), and Moore (Daniel). A sys- 
tem of exchange with almost all parts of the 
world; [with] the India directory for pur- 
chasing drugs and spices in the East Indies. 
180 pp. IG^. Nno York, J. Furman, 1800. 
[Imperfect ; wanting pp. 5-12]. 

James (Thomjis). Strange and dangerovs 
voyage in his int4»nd< d discouiry of the 
northwest passage into the South sea. 3 p. 1. 
120 pp. 11 1. 16^. London, J. Partridge, 

Digitized by 





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of FranciH Marion, and history of 1 1 is brigade. 

181, 39 pp. 8^. Charleston, (S. C.) Gould 

<fe Riley, 1821. 
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and memoirs. 408 pp. 1 pi. 24^. Boston, 

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2d ed. with additions. 574 pp. 8^. Baltimore, 

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CO. C, of the second regiment of Ohio volun- 
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monstrated in the holy life and triump"hant 
death of John Janeway. 3d ed. 177 pp. 24°. 
Boston, B. Eliot, 1703. 
fpp. 25-26. and table of contents, Imperfect.l 

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an account of the conversion and exemplary 
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for the children of New England. 156 pp. 
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18 pi. 8°. Paris, Fe, Janet, 11S471 

Prosper Chavigni und Letitia Laferti ; 

or, Le chemin de traverse. 172 pp. 89. 

London, [1841!] 

[Hazlitt's romanciflt and norelist'p lib. t. 5]. 

Sketches of Genoa, Pisa, and Florence ; 

with a description of the cathedral of Milan. 

Translated by Mrs. M. H. Robinson. 144 pp. 

12°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1854. 8. 
Janita's cross. By the author of "St. Olave's." 

[^anon.'] 3 v. 12^. London, Hurst <(r Blackett, 

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Abrahams, 18C3. 8. 

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neous. With memoirs of the author, by J. 
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V. 1. Life ; theolojorical lectures at Cambridge ; new 
harmony of the pospels ; letters on subecriptlon to 
the liturgy and thirty-nine articles. 

V. S. Sliscellaneous. and ine'dicol. 

V. 3. Miscellnneous ; every man his own i^riest ; aoode- 
mical papers, political papers, index. 

Jefferson (Thomas). An essay towards facUi- 
tating instruction in the Anglo-Saxon and 
modem dialects of the English language. 
43 pp. 4°. New York, J. F. Trow, 1851. 

Manual of parliamentary practice, [with] 

the rules and orders of the senate and house 
of representatives, and joint rules of the two 
houses. 220 pp. 109, Washington, Davis 
4k Force, 1820. 

Notes on the state of Virginia. W^ith 

an appendix relative to the murder of Logan's 
family. 356 pp. 16^. Trenton, Wilson ^ 
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JeSerson college, (Wcuhington, Miss.) The 
charter and statutes, with a historical sketch 
of the institution, etc. [With] a catalogue of 
its library, apparatus, etc. 90 pp. 8°. Xat- 
chez, The book and job office, 1840. s. 

Jefferys (Thomas). Natural and civil history 
of the Frencfi dominions in North and South 
America. 2ptR.ini v. fol. London, 11(^0. 8. 

Jeffrey (Francis). Extract of the review of 
lord Byron's Hours of idleness, from the Edin- 
burgh review, No. 22. [anon.'\ 8 pp. 8°. 
London, WUlon d: son, 1820. 
( With BYRi'N. The Giaour. Ed. 18ia] 

Digitized by 





Jeffireys (John Gw3rii). BiidBh concbology ; 
or, an account of the moUusca which now in- 
habit the British isles and the surrounding 
seas. ▼. 1-4. 12<^. LoruUm, J. Fan Voortt, 

T. 1. LanA and freih water sheila. 9 pL 
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Uber die lebensdauer der gewachse. 

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[Parker sooiety publioations.] 


I preaohed at Panl'i orooe; oor 
n\ih Dr. Colo ; reply to Hardlnff*! 
▼ate man; of communion; of pr 


V. 1. Sermon 

of private man; of oommunion; o^ prayen in 
a itrange tongue ; of the soprcmaoy ; of real 
presence ; of oeing in many plaoes ; of eleva' 
tion of the sacrament ; of adoration of the soora* 

▼. 9. Reply to Harding, oontinaed : exposition of St 
Paul's epistles to the Thessalontans ; sermons ; 
of the sacraments. 

T. 3. Apology of the church of England, with defence 
of apology. 

V. 4. Defence ofapoloffy, continued ; epistle to Scipio ; 
▼lew of a seditious bull ; treatise on the ho]y 
scriptures ; letters, and miscellaneous pieces. 

Apologia ecdesiiB anglicano). 90 pp. 8°. 

Oxford, 1825. 

r With Randolph (John, hUhop of London). En- 
chiridion theolo^cum, ▼. 1.] 

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Digitized by 





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Je'wish nation ; containing an account of their 
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The philosophy of geology. [3d ed.] 

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. lehrten lexicon. Fortzsetzung undergdnzun- 
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3<' aufl. durchgesehen von Paul Fuchs. 2 p. 1. 
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H. G. Ollendorff's neue methode in sechs 

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de Nieuw Netlierland, et notice sur Ren6 
Goupil. 44 pp. 1 map. 8^. New York, J, 
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in unum collegit et cumcodicibus manuscriptis 
contulit J. A. Giles. 5 v. 8°. OxonU, J, H. 
Parker, 184''. 

▼. i-ti. EpistoUe. 
T. iii-ir. Polycrations, tire de ixng\B onrialiam et res- 

i\g\\» philoflophonun. 
T. T. Opntoula ; vita Aoselmi oontnarieiifis ; vita 8. 

Tbomae [A Becket]. 

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Soc, for promoting christ, knowl, 1862. 8. 


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actions of the most famous highwaymen, 
murderers, street robbers, etc. with the voy- 
ages and plunders of the most noted pirates. 
484 pp. 17 pi. fol. Xojufon, 1734. 
[Imperfect; title wantiDfi^. Also pp. 21-22; 105-6; 

477-«4, and plates on pp. 91, 133, 136, 188, 203, 

228, 278, 372, and 483]. 

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den ; what we see, and what we do not see, 
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yeere 1628, untill the yeere 1652. [Running 
title: Wonderworking providence of Zion's 
saviour in New England.] 2 p. 1. 239 pp. 
sm. 4°. London, Nath, Brooke, 1654. 

The same. sm. 4°. London, 1658. 

[With Gorges (Ferdinando). America painted to 
the life. sm. ¥>. London, 1659. Puiporte to be 
written bj (Gorges.] 

- The same. Wonder-working providence 
of Sion's saviour in New England. [Second 
title :] A history of New England. From the 
English planting in the yeere 1628, untill the 
yeere 1652. London, 1654. [Reprinted] with 
an historical introduction and an index by W. 
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The NicoUon pavement, and pavements 

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^^The same. Second supplement to the 

specimen book of plain and £Emcy types cast 
at the tjrpe and stereotype foundry of L. John- 
son. 4^. Philadelphia, L. Johnson, [1849]. S. 
• Specimens of printing types, plain and 

omamentaL 382 1. 4^. Philadelphia, John- 
son S Co. 1859. 
Johnson (Lorenzo D.) The spirit of Roger 
Williams. 94 pp. 16<^. Boston, Cassady d: 
March, 1839. 

Digitized by 





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other poems. By the author of " Linwood." 
iajwn.'i 144 pp. 12°. BoHon, W. V, Spencer y 

Johnson (Overton), and "Winter (WUliam H.) 
Route across the Rocky Mountains, with a 
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80. Lafayette, (Ind.) J. B. Semana, 1846. 

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sell). Works, xxviii, 488 pp. fol. London, 
A. BeU, 1710. 


Abroprntioii of king James according to the English 

Essay concerning parliaments at a certainty. 
Julian, the apostate, with a comparison of popery and 

Sermons and tracts. 
Several reasons for the establishment of a standing 

Tracts on passive obedience. 
Vindication of magna charta, with a true copy. 

An argument proving that the abroga- 
tion of king James, and the promotion of the 
prince of Orange, was according to the English 
constitution. 62 pp. sm. 4^. London, 1692. 

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Schatzung keine tiranney. Ein autvvort 

auf die entschliisse und addressen des ameri- 

kanischen congresses. 58 pp. 8^. Braun- 

tehwetgy F. fVaiaenhaus, 1777. 

[With Remrb (Julius August). Amerikonisohes 
arobir. v. 2.J 

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a treatise on pis6 building, on buildings in 
general, on the culture of the vine, and on 
turnpike roads, viii, 246 pp. 8 pi. 8^. New 
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The same. 3d ed. 178 pp. 16o. Wind- 
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British America, with researches on the char- 
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Notes on the use of anthracite in the man- 

u&cture of iron, with some remarks on its 
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Report on American coals, v, 607 pp. 

3 pi. 8^. Washington, Gales d: Seaton, 1844. 
[ With United States patent office report, 1844.] 
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5 p. 1. 35 pp. 16^. London, J. Marshall, 

[ With Faloonbb (CapL Richard). Voyages. London, 

Johnson (Sir William). [Letter giving an ac- 
count of the battle of lake George]. 3 pp. 4^. 

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book ; or, memorandums of the alphabetical 
first lessons of military tactics, 1861-64. 139 
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atlas of natural phenomena. 122 pp. 24 pi. 4^. 
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[ With Emoby (W. H.) Notes of a military reconnois- 

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The same. With an American preface, 

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Johnston (John, M. D,) See Jonston 

Johnston (Samuel B). Letters written during 
three years residence in Chili, with an account 
of the revolutionary struggle of that province. 
204 pp. 129, Erie, (Pa.) R. J. Curtis, 

Joliet ( . ) See Marquette (Jacques), and 

Joliet. Voyage et d^couverte de quelques 
pays de TAmdrique S^ptentrionale. Paris, 

Digitized by 




Jollivet (Adolphe). Documents amdricains. 
Annexion du Texas ; Emancipation des noirs; 
politique de TAngleterre. [La d^pfiche de 
M. Calhoun k M. King, k Paris ; la lettre de 
Hammond, etc.] 40 pp. 8°. Paris; Bru- 
neaUf 1845. 

—The same. 3« s6rie. Les fltats-Unis 

d'Am6rique et FAnglpterre. Annexion du 
Texas, VOr^gon. 74 pp. S^. ParU, Bru- 
neaUf 1845. 

Jomard (£dme Francois). De la collection 
g6ographique cr^^ k la hibliothdque rojale. 
104 pp. 8°. Paris, E, Duverger, 1848. s. 

Fragments sur T uniformity k introduire 

dans les notations g^ographiques sur les 
antiquity am^ricaines, et sur- divers points 
de g6ographie. 45 pp. 8®. Paris, L. Mar- 
tinet, laboiU 1847]. 

Observations sur le voyage au Darfour, 

[parle cheikh Mohammed £bn Omar el 
Tounsy,] suivies d'un vocabulaire du langue 
des habitants et de remarques sur le nil blanc 
sup^rieur. 76 pp. 1 map. 8°. Paris, B. 
Duprat, 1845. 8. 

Jomini (Henri, haron de). Atlas militaire et 
portatif pour Tintelligence des relations des 
demi^res guerres publi^es sans plans; no- 
tamment pour la vie politique et militiure de 
Napoleon. Planches ; Idgeudes. 1 v. 36 pi. 
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Histoire critique et militaire des guerres 

de la r6volution, [1« pEriode, 1792-94]. 6 v. 
8°. Paris, Anselin et Pochard, 1820. 8. 

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sie umgebenden weltkorper. xii, 227 pp. 
4 pi. BP, Lunelmrg, Uerold ^ WahUtab, 
1838. 8. 

Populare anleitung zur praktischen und 

iheoretisohen astronomic, xiii, 239 pp. 12 
pi. 8°. Leipzig, A. Beimann, 1835. 8. 

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middener-landsche dichtkunst. 3 v. 8^. Am- 
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poems. 72 pp. 16^. Ciricinnati, J. Drake, 

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Bufus, in 1100, to that of the cardinal of York, 
the last ofthe Stuarts, in 1807. 2 v. xxxvi, 
399 pp; xix, 490 pp. 3 1. 8°. London, 
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Jones (Charles Colcock, D. D,) The religious 
instruction of the negroes in the United 


Slates, xiii, 277 pp. 12°. Savannah, T. 
Purse, 1842. 

• A catechism of scripture doctrine and 

practice. 154 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbt. 
hoard of pub. [1852]. 

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of Georgia. Parti. 119 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Sa- 
vannah, J. M. Cooper A Co. 1861. 

Jones (Evan). Brief specimens of Cherokee 

grammatical forms, [with alphabet]. 

[CUEBOKEE nies8enfir«r> N06. 1, 2, 6, 7, and 9. S^. 
Cherokee, 1844-4d.] 

See, also, Cherokee messenger. 

Jones (George, M. R. 8. L) The first jubilee 
oration upon the life, character, and genius 
of Shakspeare, originally pronounced at Strat- 
ford-upon-Avon, April 23, 1836. 4th ed. 2 
p. 1. 38 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, 1844. 
[App. to J0XE8 (George). Tecumieh. London, 1844]. 

The life and history of Greneral Harrison. 

2 p. 1. 176 pp. 8®. London, Longmans, 


[App. to Jones (Greorge). Tecomseh. London, 1844.] 

Tecumseh and the prophet of the west ; 

an original historical Israel-Indian tragedy. 
9 p. 1. 113 pp. SP, London, Longmans, 

Jones (Henry Bence). Uebor gries, gicht, und 
stein ; zuniichst eine anwendung von Liebig's 
thierchemie auf die verhiiting und behand- 
lungdieserkrankheiten. Uebersetzt von Her- 
mann Hofiinann. xi, 136 pp. 8°. Braunschweig, 
Vieweg, 1843. 8. 

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genealogical account of Wigard Levering and 
Gerhard Levering, and their descendants. 10, 
193 pp. 7 pi. 80. Philadelphia, King 4- 
Baird, 1858. 

Report of the committee ofthe Hist. Soc. 

of Pennsylvania, of their visit to N. Y. at the 
celebration of the two hundredth birth-day of 
W. Bradford. 14 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, King 
4- Baird, 1863. 
Jones (Icliabod Gibson, M. D.) The American 
eclectic practice of medicine. To which are 
appended the posthumous writings ot T. Y. 
Morrow, M. D. 2 v. 788 pp; xi, 862 pp. 
8^. Cincinnati, Moore, Anderson, Wilstach <lr 
Keys, 1853-^. 8. 

The American eclectic practice of medi- 

cine. Extended, by Wra. Sherwood. 2 v. 806 
pp ; 806 pp. 8^. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, 
Keys <fc Co. 1857-58. s. 

Jones (James, and Henry, & Co.) Illustrated 
catalogue of plumbers' materials, ix, 167 
pp. 8^. IXew York, 1867]. 

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Jones (Bfv. John G.) Appeal to all chrifltians 
against the practice of social dancing. 66 pp. 
18^. St. Louis, P. M. Pinchardy 1867. 

Concise history of the introduction of 

protestantism into Ifississippi and the south- 
west. 257 pp. 12°. St.lAmit,P,M,Pinckardy 

Jones (John Matthew). The naturalist in Ber- 
muda; a sketch of the geology, zoology, and 
botany; with meteorological observations. 
Assisted by m.ijor J. W. Wedderbum and J. 
L. Hurdis. xii, 200 pp. 1 map. 12^. London^ 
Beeves A Turner, 1859. S. 

Joies ( J. Seawell). Memorials of North Car- 
olma. 87 pp. 8°. New York, Scatcherd <£r 
Adam% 1838. 

Jones (iSir John Thomas). Joumaux des 
bilges entrepris par les alli^ en Espagne, 
]»endant les anndes 1811-12 ; suivis de deux 
dlscours sur Torganization des armies ang- 
loises, etc. Trad, de TAnglais, par G[osse1in]. 
viii, xvi, 464 pp. 9 pi. 8°. Pom, Anselin de 
Pochard, 1821. 8. 

[Wants plate ix.] 

Jones (Joseph, M. D. of Athens, Ga.) Obser- 
vations on malarial fever. 84 pp. 8°. Atiffusta, 
(Ga.) South, med, and surg. journal, 1858. 


Observations on some of the physical, 

chemical, physiological and pathological phe- 
nomena of malarial fever. (Extract). 419 pp. 
8^. Philadelphia, CoUins, 1859. 8. 

Jones (Lloyd). Progress of the working class. 
See Ludlow (J. M.) 

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discipline, and a directory. By appointment 
of the Philadelphia baptist association. 38 pp. 
16°. Philadelphia, S. C. UsHcIc, 1798. 

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business transactions; comprised in tables on 
buying, selling, and manufeusturing. 171 pp. 
16°. Boston, the author, 1855. s. 

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entomostraca of the cretaceous formation of 
England. 2p.l. 40pp;71. 7 pi. 4^. London, 
Paleeontographieal society, 1849. 8. 

A monograph of the fossil estherie. x, 

132 pp. 1 tab. 5 pi. 5 1. 4^^. London, Paleeonto- 
graphieal society, 1863. 

A monograph of the tertiary entomos- 
traca of England, xii, 68 pp. 6 1. 6 pi. 4°. 
London, Pakeontographical society, 1856. 8. 

[ With Jones. Monoffrauh of the entomoAtraoa of the 
cretaceous formation]. 

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practice of ophthalmic medicine and surgery. 

2d Am.ed. 500 pp. 4 pi. 12^. Philadelphia, 
Blanehard Jk Lea, 1856. 8. 

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■ Memorial of David S; Jones. With no- 
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99 pp. 12°. New York, Stafford ^ Swords, 

Jonghe or Jdnins (Adriaan de). Emblemata. 
167 pp. 32^. lAtgdimiBaUjwwrvm,exofieina 
Plantiniana, F. Bapheleng, 1596. 

Jonn^s (Alexandre Moreau de). See Moreau 
de Jonn^. 

Jonson(Ben). Poetical works. 8^. Edinburgh, 
fAnderfloo's Brit» poeto, v. 4.] 

Jonston (Johann). Historiie natvralis de ar- 
boribvs et plantis libri x, tabvlis 137 ab illo 
celeberrimo Mathia Meriano aeri incisis omati, 
ex scriptoribvs tam antiqvis, qvam recentiori- 
bvs. etc. 2 V. 214 pp. 63 pi; 274 pp. 74 pi. 
fol. Heilbrvnn, F. J. Eckebrecht, 1768-69. 8. 

Historic natvralis de piscibvs et cetis 

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Historise natvralis de serpentibvs libri 

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Historise natvralis deexangvibvs aqvati- 

cis libri iv, etc. 84 pp. 20pl. fol. J9et2&nmn, 
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[ With JoKSTON (J.) Hilt. nat. de serpentibas.] 

Theatrum imiversale de avibus, etc. 4 

p. 1. 247 pp. 62 pi. fol. Heilbrvnn, F. J. 
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— ^— Theatrvm vniversale omnivm animalivm 

insectorvm. 3 p. 1. unp. 212 pp ; 21. unp. 

2»p\.M. Heilhronn,F.Eckebrecht,YI^. 8. 

Theatnmi vniversale omnivm animalivm 

qvadrvpedvm, etc. 8 p. I. 242 pp. 80 pi. fol. 

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Histoire naturelle et raisonn^ des differ- 

ens oiseaux qui habitent le globe, etc. Trad, 
du latin, etc. Et pr^cdd^e de lliistoire par- 
ticulidre des oiseaux de la menagerie du roi, 
peints par [N.] Robert. Pour servir de suite 
^ rhistoire des insectes, etc. de Mdrian. 2 v. 
in 1. 24 pp. 23 pi. ; 2 p. 1. 64 pp. 62 pi. fol. 
Paris, L. C. Desnos, 1773-74. 8. 

Digitized by 





Jorg (Eduard). Daretellaog dee nachtheiligen 
einfluBses dee tropenkliiDB'B- auf bewohner 
gemfissigter zonen, und des verlaufes und der 
behandluDg der tropenkrankheiten, desgelben 
fiebers und der asiatiachen cholera, xvi, 576 
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lione delle cereali, con osservazioni relative 
a] regno di Napoli. viii,308pp. 8°. Napoli, 
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Jomandes. De rebus Gothorum. fol. Augua- 
tae Vindelicorum, Miller, 1515. .8 

JosephnB (Flayiua). Genuine works, contain- 
ing zz books of the Jewish antiquities, vii 
books of the Jewish war, and the life of Jo- 
sephuB, written by himselfl Translated by 
William Whiston, revised bj Samuel Bur- 
der. 2 v. 572 pp. 15 pi ; 541 pp. 13 1. 5 pi. 
4°. New York, T. Einneraley, 1821. 8. 

Wars of the Jews, with histoiy of the 

siege and destruction of Jerusalem. Epi- 
tomized and translated bj Sir Roger L'Es- 
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Joubert (F.E.) Manuel de Pamateur d'es- 
tampes, faisant suite au Manuel du libraire, 
Pr6c6d6 d'un essai sur le g^nie, considdr^ 
comme principe des beaux-arts, etc. 3 y. 8°. 
Parit, auteur, 1821. 8. 

Joubert (Joseph). Some of the '' thoughts'' of 
Joseph Joubert. Translated hy George H, 
Calvert. 163 pp. 16°. Boston, W. V. Spen 
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vakiat ; or, private memoirs of the Moghul 
emperor Humajiin. Translated from the Per- 
sian language hy C. Stewart, pp. viii« 127. 
40. London, 1832. 
[Oriental translation ftind pnbLJ 

Journal (The) of agriculture. July, 1863, to 
April, 1866. New [second] series. 2 v. 8°. 
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The same. July, 1866, to June, 1867. 

Third series, v. 1 — 2, 8°. Edinburgh and 
London, [1866-67]. 
Journal (Tlie) of applied chemistry. Devoted 
to chemistry as applied to the arts, manufac- 
tures, metalluigy, and agriculture. Jan. 1866, 
to Dec. 1867. v. 1—2. sm. fol. New York, 
Dexter <Cr Co. 1866-67. 
Journal (A) of the expedition up the river St. 
Lawrence, from the embarkation at Louis- 
bourg 'til after the surrender of Quebeck. 
By the sergeant major of Gen. Hopson's gren- 

adiers, lanon.'i 24 pp. 16^. Bo$ton, FowU 
4r Draper, 1759. 

Journal (A) of a tour in Italy in 1821. With 
a description of Gibraltar. By an American. 
[anon.^ 468 pp. lOpl. 8°. New York, A. 
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veller, [anon.] 2 v. xiii,382pp; 360pp. SP. 
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and at Dartmoor prison. [anon.'\ 228 pp. 
Ipl. 12°. Boston, Bowetk Hooper, 1816. 

Journal de la guerre du Micissippi contre lea 
Chicachas, 1739-40. Par un officier de Tar- 
m^e de M. de Nouaille. lanon."] 92 pp. 
sm. 40. NouveUe York, J. M. Shea, 1859. 

Journal g^n^ral de Fimprimerieet de lalibrairie. 
2« s4r. v. 7-10. 186»-66. 1« partie. Biblio- 
graphie. 2« partie. Chronique. 8 v. 8°. 
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Journals of several expeditions made in west- 
em Australia during 1829 to 1832, under 
sanction of the governor. Sir James Stirling, 
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Joursanvault ( ). Catalogue analytique 

des archives de M. le baron de Jou'san vault, 
contenaut manuscrits, chartes, et documeus 
originaux concemant Thistoire g6n6rale de 
France, etc. 2 v. xi, 373 pp; 298 pp. 8°. 
Paris, J. Techener, 1838. s. 

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Mexique, pour trouver Tembouchure, et le 
cours de la rividre de Miesicipi. xxxiv, 386 
pp. 16°. Paris, Estienne Rohinot, 1713. 

The same. A journal of the last voyage 

performed by De La Sale to the Gulph of 
Mexico, to find the mouth of the Mississippi. 
Translated from the French, xxix, 205, v pp. 
Imap. 12°. London, A. BeU and others, lilA. 

The same. [New ed. with altered title:] 

Journal of his voyage to Mexico: his account 
ofthegreatriverMi8sasipi,etc. 16 p. 1. 210 pp. 
1 map. 8°. London, B. Lintot, 1719. 

Jouy (Victor Joseph fitienne). fitat actuel de 
rindustrie firan^ais^, 1819. Ixvi, 221 pp. 8P. 
Paris, UHuiUier, 1821. s. 

Juan y Santaoilia (Jorge), and Ulloa (An- 
tonio de). Voyage historique de I'Amdrique 
Meridionalc, [voyage au Pdrou] ; qui contient 
une histoire dee Yncas du P6rou. et les obser- 
vations astronomiques et physiques, faites 

Digitized by 





pour d^tenniiier ]a figure et ]a grandeur de la 
terrO; fti^uit de rEspagnoI par £. Mauvil- 
on]. 2v. 12 p. 1. 554 pp; 309 pp. 56 pi. 4^ 
AfMterdam et Leipzifff Arhttee Js Merkus, 1752. 

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le comte de Salvandj sur quelques-uns des 
manuscrito de la bibliothdque royale de La 
Haye. 262 pp. 8°. Paris, Didron, 18415, 8. 

Mjst^res inddits du 15® sidole. 2 v. lii, 

397 pp ; xlx, 411 pp. 8°. Parii, Techener, 

Nouveau recueil de contes; dits, fab- 
liaux, et autres pidcee in^dites dee 13% 14% et 
15« si^cles, pour faire suite aux coUeotioDS Le 
Grand d'Aussy, Barbazan, et Moon. Mis au 
jour pour la V fois. 2 v. vli, 387 pp ; 444 pp. 
8°. Park, E, Pannier, 1839-42. 

• Bechercbes sur Tusage et Vorigiue des 

tapisseries d personnages^dites historides, dd- 
puis FantiquitiS jusqu'au 16" si^e inclusive- 
ment. 96 pp. 4 pi. 8°. ParU, Challamel, 
1840. 8. 

Un nouyel episode de Taffiiire Libri. 

80 pp. 80. ParU, Didron, 1851. 8. 

Judson (Adoniram, D.D.) Christian baptism ; 
a sermon preached in the Lai bazar chapel, 
Calcutta, Sept. 27, 1812. 71 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
Boston, Lincoln ds Edmands, 1817. 

Judson (Mrs. Ann Haseltine). A particular 
relation of the American baptist mission to the 
Burraan empire. 315 pp. 12^. Washington, 
John S, Meehan, 1823. 

Judson (Mrs. Emily Chubbuck). Memoir of 
Sarah B. Judson. By "Fanny Forrester.'^ 
Ipseudon.l 8th ed. 250 pp. 18^. New York, 
L. Colby <fc Co. 1848. 8. 

Julia de Fontenelle (Jean S6bastian Eugdne). 
Manuel complet du blauchiment et du blan- 
chissage, nettoyage et ddgnussage, des fils et 
6toffes de chanvre, Un, coton, laine, sole, etc. 
2 V. iv, 295 pp; 231 pp. 3 pi. 18^. Paris, 
Boret, 1834. 8. 

Julien (F6lix). Courants et revolutions de 
Tatmosphdre et de la mer; comprenant une 
th6orie nouvelle sur les deluges pdriodiques. 
vi, 240 pp. 8°. Paris, Lacroix db Baudry, 
1860. 8. 

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cation physique, morale, et intellectuelle. 2* 
dd. xvi, 496 pp. 8°. Paris, Dondey-Dupri, 
1835. 8. 

Exposd de la m6thode d'dducation de 

Pestalozzi. 2«6d. xl, 568 pp. portrait. 8^. 
Paris, L. Hachette, 1842. 8. 

Juncker (Christian). Historische nachricht 

von der offentlichen bibliotheqve des fiirBtl. 

gymnasii zu Eisenach ; nebst einem discours 

von einigen in den thur und furstl. siichsischen 

landen offentlichen bibliotheqven, etc. 102 pp. 

4°. Eisenach, M. Urban, 1709. 8. 

[ With ScuOlTGEN (C.) Hbtorie derer buobhiLndler, 
etc. I 

Junghuhn (Franz Wilhelm). Java; seine 

gestalt, pflanzendecke, und innere bauert. 

Ins Deutsche iibertragen von J. K. Hasskarl. 

3v. 8°. Leipzig, Arnold, 1852-^. 8. 

Jungmann (Josef). Historic literatury Mk6. 

Druh6wyddnl. vi, 772 pp. Portnut. 8^. 

Praze, F. Bziwnatz, 1849. 8. 

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the world of spirits. Translated from the 3d 

original ed. xiv, 282 pp. 16°. New Market, 

(N. C.) Henkel <f Co. [ahou4. 1815]. 
Junius (Adrian). See Jonghe (Adriaan van). 
Junius. A complete collection of Junius's 

letters, with those of Sir William Draper. 

2 p. 1. 177 pp. 8°. London, A. Thomson, 

The same. 2 v. vii, 208 pp. 19 1; 356 

pp. 189. London, Henry Sampson WoodfaU, 

[1772 T] 
The same. 1st Am. ed. 2 p. 1. 283 pp. 

6 1. W^, Philadelphia, Biehard and Hall, 

1791. . 
The same. 2 v. xxxv, 274 pp ; v, 318 

pp. 21 pi. 8P. London, Vemor and Hood, 


• The same, with notes and illustrations, 

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• The same. New ed. 2 v. xxxi, 252 pp ; 

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- The same. With notes and an enquiry 

concerning the real author, by John Almon. 
2 V. Ixxxiv, 355 pp; iv, 385 pp. 2 pi. 12°. 
London, Phillips, 1806. 
The same. Including letters under 

other signatures (now first collected), confi- 
dential correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and 
private letters to Mr. H. S. Woodfall. 3 v. 
xiii, 336, 248 pp; xi, 516 pp; xiii, 511 pp. 
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• The same. 300 pp. 24°. New York, D. 

Huntington, 1813. 

•The same. 2 v. xii, 210, 279 pp; xiii, 

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• The same. 2d ed. 3 v. viii, 588 pp ; xi, 

517 pp; xiii, 510 pp. 6 pi. 8o. London, F. C. 
and J, Bivington, and others, 1814. 

Digitized by 




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letters, with those of Sir William Draper. 
2 V. 216 pp; 215 pp. 2 pi. 18°. BosUmf N. 
H. WhUaker, 1827. 

^The same. With new evidence as to the 

authorship, and analysis, by Sir Harris Nico- 
las. [Ed. by John Wade.] 2v. x, 480pp; 
xc, 458 pp. 12°. London, Henry G. Bohn, 

Jiirgens (Friedrich f ) Jedermann sein eigcner 
liqueur-fabrikant ! Ausfuhrliche mittheilun- 
gen iiber die fabrikation von liqueuren aaf 
kaltem wage; nebstgenauer anweisung zur 
bercitung versohiedener arten weine, extracte, 
etc. 44 pp. 12°. Milwaukee^ (Wis,) author, 

Jurine (Louis). Histoire des monocles qui se 
trouvent aux environs de Gendve. xvi, 258 pp. 
22 pi. 4°. G€nice,J,J.Paschoud,l820. 8. 

Nouvelle m6thode de classer les hymdn- 

opt^res et les diptt^res. v. 1, Hymdnopt^res. 
320, 4 pp. 14 col. pi. 40. GaUve, J. J, 
Pcuckoud, 1807. 8. 

[No moro published.] 

Jnssieu ( ). Catalogue de la bibIioth6que 

Bcientifique de MM. de Jussieu. (Sale cata- 
logue). XV, 464 pp. 8°. Paris, H. Lahitte, 
1837. 8. 

Just (A) defence of the royal martyr, Charles I, 
from the false aspersions in Ludlow's mem- 
oirs, and other virulent libels, [anon.] 2 v. 
inl. 8p.l. 199 pp; 223pp. 12°. London, 
A, Roper [and others^ 1(599. 

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ustissimos codices prius neglectos recognovlt* 
brevi adnotatione critica et historica instruxit 
F. Duebner. xxv, 439 pp. 8°. Lipsiae^ B, 
O. Teubner, 1831. 8. 

and Floms (Lucius Annaeus). lustini 

et L. Flori epithome. [Ed. Marcus Antonivs 
Sabfllicvs]. 681. fol., 

Juvenalifl (Decimus Junius). Satyne cum com- 
mentar. D. Calderi et G. Valle. clxiiii 1. 8°. 
Lugduni, J. de Finf/le, 1495. 

The satires, translated [by Thomas Sher- 
idan f ] With notes [on] the laws and customs 
of the Greeks and Romans. 2d cd. xvi, 416 
pp. 8^. London, D, Browne, 1745. 

Tenth satire, in English verse, by Henry 

ITigden. 8 p. 1. 58 pp. 5 1. sm. 4°. [Lon- 
don, 1683]. 

^-^— Les trois satiriques latins traduits en 
vers fran^ds, par L. V. Raoul. I. Juvdnal. 
6« 6d. 424 pp. 8°. Bruxelles, Wouten, Bas- 
poet «f Cte. 1842. 8. 

and PerBiiui Flaccus ( Aulus). [Satires] 


translated and illustrated, as well with sculp- 
ture as notes, by Barten Holyday. 6 p. 1. 341 
pp. 1 map. 3 pi. fol. Oxford, F. Oxlad and 
othert, 1673. 

The satyrs, translated into English verse, 

by [J.] Dryden. To which is prefixed a dis- 
course concerning satyr. 5th ed. cxi, 296 pp. 
23 pi. 18°. London, J. Tonson, 1726. 

Juvlgny (Jean Antoine Rigoley de). See Rig;- 
oley de Juvigny. 

Juville ( surgeon). Traits des bandages 

hemiaires. xxxiv, 238 pp. 8°. Paris, Belin, 
1786. 8. 

Kabus, or Ka'wus, or Jslwub (Kje, or Eai). 
Buch des Kabus, oder lehrcn des persischen 
konigs Kjek-Jawus fur seinen sohn Ghilan 
echach, aus dem Tilrklsch-persisch-arabi- 
schen. Uebersetzt und erliiutert von H. F. von 
Diez. 3 p. 1. 867 pp. 8°. Berlin,Xicolai,18n, 8. 

Kahl (Emil). Mathematische aufgaben aus der 
physik, nebst auflosungen. 2 v. in 1. x, 165 ; 
137 pp. 8°. Leipzig, B. G, Teubner, 1857. 8. 

Kai-KaooB, or Kje Kawus. See Kabus. 

Kalm (Peter). Beschreibung der reise nach 
dem Nordlichen Amerika ; eine uebersetzung 
von J. A. Murray. 3 v. 8°. GoUingen, 
Vandenhoeck, 1754-64. 8. 

Histoire naturelle et politique de la Pen 

sylvanie, et de I'dtablissement des quakers 

dans cette contr6e. Traduite de VAlIemand 

[par J. P. Rousselot de Surgy], xx, 372 pp. 

1 map. 16°. Paris, Ganeau, 1768. 
Kamenski (Bantisch). Age of Peter the great. 

With notes and pre&ce, by Ivan Golovin. 

viii,272pp. 12°. London, T,C.Newb t/,l8bl. 
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meteorologia. Versione dal Tedesco di V. 

Kohler e L. Del Re, con note di Martins e 

Bravais. viii, 884 pp. 6 pi. 8°. Napoli, 

Stamperia delV Iride, 1846. 8. 

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143 pp. 12°. Zeitz, W. JVebel, 1798. 8. 
Kao (Dionysius). Short description of the 

vast empire of China, pp. 113 — ^210. 1 pi. 

[ With IDRS (B. Y.) Three yean' travels from Mos- 
cow, etc. London, 1706.] 

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einwanderung in Amerika. v. i. Geschichte 

der Deutschen im staate New York bis 1800. 

vii, 411 pp. 1 map. 8°. Xew York, E. Steiger, 

KarlamagnoB saga ok kappa Hans. I norsk 

bearbeidelse fra det trettende aarhundrede. 

Udgivet af C. B. Unger. cv, 667 pp. 1 pi. 

8°. Christiania, H. J, Jensen, 185^-60. 

Digitized by 





BHarmanoh (Carl). Handbuch der mecban- 

iscben tecbnologie. 4*^ auB. xiv^ xii; 1715 pp. 

8°. Hannover J Helwing, 1866-67. 
Karr (Jean Baptiste Alpbonse). Contes et 

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et Cie, 1856. 
Sous lefi tUleuls. 2 v. in 1. 252 ; 228 pp. 

18°. ParUy Gamier, 1850. 

- Voyage autour de mon jardin. Nouv. 6d. 

326 pp. 16°. Pam, L%, 1861. 
Karsten (Gustav C.) Lehrgang der mecban- 

iBcben naturlehre. 3 y. in 1. 8^. Kielf Ahad. 

huchhancUung, 1851-53. 6. 

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matbematik. 4 v. 8°. GoUingen, J. G, Boaen- 

hutch, 1796—1800. 8. 

lOetohichte der kflnste and wissenMhaften, abtheil 

Katekiamuse Luterim aglega. [Lutberan 
catecbism, in the Esquiroaux.] 24 pp. 18°. 
Kiobenkavnime, C. R Schubart, 1816. 

Kauffinan (C. H. ) Tbe dictionary of merchan- 
dize and nomenclature in all European lan- 
guages. With history [etc.] of such natural 
productions as form articles of commerce. 
4tbed. xlviii, 396 pp. 8°. London, T, Bootey, 

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tions sur le diagnostic de quelques maladies 
dufoie. 55 pp. 4°. Stratboury, Berger-Lev- 
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getbiere und vogel. x, 144 pp. 2 tab. 2 pi. 
8^. Darmstadt, C, W, Leshe, 1844. 8. 

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tiniscben style, nebst projecten im doriscben 
style. 2 p. 1. 70 pi. fol. Leipzig, Spamer, 
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12°. London, B, BentUy, 1853. 

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dialogues, declamations and tableaux vivanta, 
for school exhibitions, [etc.] 252 pp. 16°. 
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cation of tbe people in England. 323 pp. 12°. 
^«i? York, Harpers, 1863. 

Kayaer (Christian Gottlob). Index locuple- 
tissimuB librorum qui inde ab anno mdccl 
usque ad annum mdccclxiv in Germania et in 
terris confinibus prodierunt. Yollstandiges 
bucber-lexicon, [etc.] Bearbeitet von G. 
W. Wuttig. A-Z. 1859-1864. v. 15-16. 567 
pp ; 592 pp. 4°. Leipzig, T. 0. Weigel, 1866. 

Sacbregister zum kayser'schen biicber- 

lexicon. 1750-1832. Von L. Schumann, viii. 
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Translated from the original Irish by Dermod 
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Keating (William H.) Narrative of an expe- 
dition to the source of St Peter^s river, lake 
Winnepeek, etc. 2 v. xiii, 456 pp ; 248, dvi 
pp, 9 pi. ^, London, Geo, P. ITAitaixT, 1825. 

Keber (Gottbard August Ferdinand). Mikro- 
skopische untersuchungen iiber die porositat 
der kdrper. Nebst einer abhandlung iiber den 
eintritt der samenzellen in das eL Mit zu- 
satzen, von M. Barry, xvi, 183 pp. 2 pi. 4®. 
Konigsherg, Bomtrdger,lQ54, 8. 

Kehoe (Simon D.) Indian club exercise, with 
figiu'es and positions ; also, general remarks 
on physical culture. 123 pp. 4^. New York, 
F. A. Brady, 1867. 

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history; written for Lardner's cyclopedia. 
540 pp. 12^. Philadelphia, Hogan ^s Thomp- 
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Keilhau (Balthazar Matbias, editor), CUiea 
norvegica, von mehreren verfassem. 4 p. 1. 
516 pp. 7 pi. etc. 40. CAm^iania, 1838-50. 



B5bert (C. F.) Cber terpentingebllde im xag^' 

\iitf^ aof Modun. 
Boeck (C.) Ubeniobt der hither in Norwegen geAm* 

denen fomien der triloblten. 
Keilhau ^. M.) Chrbtianias ueberranirs territorloni. 

— th>er den baa der felBenmasse Norwefens. 
Manoh (P. A.) Ubeniobt der orographie Norwegeoa. 
Soheerer (Th.) Veber den Norit und dieauf der insel 

Hitteroe und in dieser gebirgsort vorkommenden 
mineralien reichen granitgange. 
Vibe (A.) Hobenmessungen in Nonrcgen. 

— Zweite sammlung von hdhenmeasungent in Vta- 


Keily (A. M.) Prisoner of war; or, five 
months among the T ankeee. By A. Rifleman, 
esq. gent [pseudon,"] 120 pp. 8°. Bichmond, 
West d: Johnston, 1865. 

Keith {Bev, George). Tbe presbyterian and 
independent visible churches in New England 
and elsewhere brought to tbe test, etc. vi, 
230 pp. 18°. London, 1691, 
[Title page imperfect]. 

Keith {Bev, Patrick). A botanical lexicon; 
or, expositor of the terms, facts, and doctrines 
of the vegetable physiology, brought down to 
tbe present time. 416 pp. 8°. London, Orr 
ife Co. 1837. 

Keith {Sir William). A collection of papers 
and other tracts, [concerning poliUcs and 
commerce]. 2ded. xxiv, 228 pp. 18°. Lon- 
don, Jacob Loyseau, 1749. 

Digitized by 





Keller (Ferdinand). Baoriss dcs klosters St. 

GoUen, vom jahr 820. Im &csimile heraus- 

gegeben und erlautert 41pp. Ipl. 4^. 

Zurich, Meier ds Zeller, 1844. 8. 

KeUerhoven (F.) and Mlohiela (Alfred). 

Che& d'oBuvre des grand maitres reproduits 

en coaleur, parF. KeUerhoven. Tezte par A. 

MidueK Premiere e^rie. 13 1. 6 pi. Ibl. 

Parit, Didot, [1864]. 
Kelley (Hall J.) A geographical sketch of 

Oregon, [with] a new map of the country. 

80 pp. 8°. Boston, J. Howe, 1830. 
Kellogg (Edward). New monetary system. 

Bevised from his work on " labor and other 

capital/' with numerous additions. Ed. by 

Mary K. Putnam. 306 pp. V29. Xew York, 

Budd 4- Carleton, 1861. 
Kellogg (T. D.) United States meroantile 

register &r 1867-69. /S^e United States. 
KellB (David). "The ways of the world.'' 

Bemg a history of the life of D. Kells, the 

hero of seven battles. 24 pp. 8^. Adrian, 

{Mich,) author, 1867. 
Kelly (Ebenczer Bcrioh). An autobiography. 

100 pp. 12°. I^orwich, (Conn,) J. W, Sted- 

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says], 2 V. X, 236 pp ; xiv, 235 pp. 16°. 

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l^. London, Chapman ^ Hall, 1851. 
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modem Sicily, with notes on ancient Sicily. 

pp. 29^-365. Ipl. 

[With CiCBBO (M. T.) Two lait pleadings against 
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Digitized by 





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Digitized by 





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[ With the praoeding]. 

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Digitized by 





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fNo more pnbltabed.1 

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96 pp. 8^. Paris, Encyc, mod, tie Courtin, 
[1823.] 8. 

I Title page wanting.] 

Digitized by 





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[WiihJiEnwxvriQ.O,) Dto Im benttein mte, ete. 
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Koenig. See Konlg. 

Digitized by 





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[Wanting all after t. 4, p. 96, and pL 64.] 

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[No more publiibed]. 

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Adapted from Konig]. Witb on introduction 

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— — M^moire Bur lea fossiles pal^ozoiquea 
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[No more published.] 
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Kort begryp der bollandscbe scbipyaerden 

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[pp. 103-114 of La PETEfcRB (I. de). Naawkeorigo 
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Digitized by 





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[ With KnOnn (H.) MonogralUk fremBtmiiur. da 
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Digitized by 





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ISydenham icciety publicatioDs]. 

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S. Evoogeltum Maroi ot Lyooe. 

3. Evan^elium Johannii. 

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[No more publif hed.] 8. 


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T. 2, Cyperographia lynoptioa, slve enumeratio ey- 
peracearam omnium, etc 592 pp. 

T. 3. Enumeratio aroideorum, typhineomro, pandane- 
arum pluvialium, Juncogineorum, nlismaceorum, 
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rum, restiooearnm, oentrolepidearum et eriooau- 
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T. 4. Enumeratio xyridearum, mayaceorum, oomme- 
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- Observations m6tdorologiqucs, fuitcs k 

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Digitized by 





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(Imperfeot; pi. 27, 42, 44, and 45 wantiiig.] 

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recbercbes sur les travaux my^rieux de 


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De I'organisation des bibliotb^ues dans 


[Lettres 1, 2, 4 and 8. No more published.] 

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topographlqne et intelleotuel de la Tille de Paris. 

24 pp. 2 pL 8o. Paris, A. Franck, 1S45. 
2e Lettre. Itevne critiqae des prolets pr68ent68 pour 

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;- Recbercbes sur oe qull s'est conserve 

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Digitized by 





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Laoo lp$eudon.'\ See Higginson (Stephen). 

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P. L. Jacob, bibliophile. [p9eudon.'\ 9 parts 
in4v. 8°. Par%$,AUiancede9arU,lQiZ-Alb. 



T. 1. ThftAtre oriental; ^^reo et romalne ; latine mod- 
erne; anoien th^Atre franfois; th^Atre franfois 
moderneiutqa' 4 Racine, xri, 322 pp. Supplement 
au tome 1. 44 pp. [Wanting pp. 5-SO]. 

T. 2. Th6&tre franf ois depuit Racine insqu' 4 V. Hugo, 
th64tre des provinoee ; th64tre franfois 4 1'^tran- 
ger. 391 pp. 

y. 3. Suite du th64tre fran^ois ; recueilt manuscrits, 
etc ballets ; th64tre burlesque et de soci6t6 ; pro- 
verbes dnunatiques ; pieces satlriques ; pi4oes en 
patois : dialogues, viii, 3t)8 pp. 

T. 4. Thi&tre italien, enagnol, portngais, aUemand, 
anglais, su^dois, flamand, holiandois, russe, 
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T. 5. Appendioe au tome 3. Antographes, 56 pp. 
Tome 5. le partie. Eorits relatifs au th^&tre; 
estampes et dessina; autograpbes, vii, 260 pp. 
Demiere partie. Livres doubles et lirres omis ; 
corrections et additions, vi, 68 pp. Table ff6n6rale 
[des auteursi et table des onvrages remtifs au 
tb6&tre : r6dig6e par M. Goizet. iv. 144 pp. Prix 
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Curiosity de Thistoire du vieux Paris. 

Par P. L. Jacob, bibliophile. [pteudon,'\ 364 
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^£nigmes et ddcouvertes bibliographiques. 

Par P. L. Jacob, bibliophile. {jpseudon,'\ vm, 
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Lettres h M. Hatton, juge d^instruction 

au sujet de V incrojable accusation intent6e 

contreM.Libri,etc. 64 pp. 8°. FariM,PauUn, 
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[2«6d.] ix,102pp. 80. Quihec,A.CoUSf 
Cie. 1856. 8. 

La Croix du Mfdne (Francis Grusdd, Heur 
de). Premier yolyme de [ea] bibliothdqve, 
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d'autheurs, qui ont escrit en Francis depuis 
cinq cents ans et plus, etc. 22 p. 1. 558 pp. 
fol. Faru, Abel UAngelier, 1584. 8. 

[No more published.] 

La Croze (Comand de) ; or. La Croze (Jean. ) 
A historical grammar; or a chronological 
abridgment of universal history. Translated 
fipom the French by Lucy Peacock. Revised 
and enlarged by Caleb Bingham. 228 pp. 16^. 
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Lady's almanac for 1867. 128 pp. 32^. Boston, 
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Nows orbis; seu, descriptionis LidisB 

Occidentalis libri xviiL 16 p. 1. 690 pp. 9 1. 
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The same. L'histoire dv nouvean monde ; 

ou, description des Indes Occidentales. 14 p. 1. 
632 pp. 6 1. 14 maps. fol. Leyde, B, A A, 
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-Besponsio ad dissertationem secundam 

Hvgonis Qrotii de origine gentium american- 
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Laetufi (Pomponius). See Leto (Giulio Pom- 

Lafayette (M. J. P. B. T. Gilbert Motier, mar- 
quis de). Memoirs, correspondence, and man- 
uscripts. 1777-81. Published by his funily. 
V. 1. xiv, 552 pp. 1 pL 8°. New York, Saun- 
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LafEorgue (Pierre C. Theodore, known as T. 
Robertsony The whole French language. 
Ed. by Louis Ernst. xi,605pp. 12°. New 
York, B. Loekwood, 1855. 

Digitized by 





La Fontaine (Alphonse de). Faune du pays 
Luxembourg ; ou, manuel de zoologie, conte- 
nant la defloription dea animaux vertdbr^s 
observe dans le pays de Luxembourg. — 
[Oiseaux.] 326 pp. 8^. Luxembourg, V, Buck, 
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[Die briider; oder, der wild&ng.] 2 v. in 1. 
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Man of nature ; or, nature and love j 

from the German of Miltenberg. {j^seudan."] 
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La Fontaine (Jean de). Contes et nouvelles 
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11. 62 pi. 18^. Anuterdam, Brunei f Lucas, 

Fables choisies, mises en vers par La 

Fontaine, et par luy reveues, corrig^es et 
augment^es de nouveau. 4 pts. in 1 y. 18^. 
La Haye, H, van Bulderen, 1688. 
[pp. 175-6 imperfect.] 

• Fables. Translated by £. iWright. jr. 

8o. L(nidon, 1866. 
[Bfasteipieoef of forei^ literature.] 
- Opuscules in^dits. 

[pp. 451-557 of COULANOES, (P. E. marquU de). M6- 
moires, etc.] 

and others. Fables in^dites des 12«, 13% 

et 14« sidles, et fables de la Fontaine rap- 
prooh^es de celles de tons lee auteurs qui 
avoient, avant Ini, traits les m^mes sujets. 
Pr6c6d6es d'une notice sur les fabulistes, par 
A. C. M. Robert. 2 v. cclxii, 368 pp ; 601pp. 
80 pi. 8o. Parisy Julienne Cabin, 1825. 

La Fontaine. See also, Fontaine. 

La Force (Caumont de) ; or, La Force (Char- 
lotte Rose de). Histoire secrdte des amours 
de Henri iv. roj de Castile, sumomm^ Fim- 
puissant lanon."] 180 pp. 18^. La Haye, M, 
Boguet, [1736?] 

Histoire secrete de Bourgogne. [£d. 

publi^e par J. B. de La Horde]. 3 v. 18^. 
Faris, Didot, 1782. 

La Gasoa (Mariano). Gknera et species plan- 
tarum quae aut noTa sunt, aut nondum recte 
cognoscuntur. 8p.l. 35 pp. 8°. Matriti, I^- 
pographia regia, 1816. S. 

Lagemans (£.) Recueil des trait^s et con- 
ventions conclus par le royaume desPajs-bas 
avec les puissances ^trang^res, depuis 1813 
jusqu'^ nos jours. 4 v. 8°. La Haye, A, 
BelinfaiUe, 1858-69. 

Lagus (Wilhelm Gabriel). Biographiska an- 
teckningar om Abo hofratts presidenter och 

ledamoter jemte fbrteckning dfrer secreterare 
och advocat-fiscaler der stades intill der 12 
Nov, 1823, d& nofratten firade sin andra sec- 
ular-fest. (ibo hofratts historia, delen i.) 
xxxiii,r>96pp. 8°. Helsingfors, J, C.FrenckeU 
<£r«on,1834. 8. 

Laing (John, surgeon). A voyage to Spits- 
bergen ; an account of that country, of the 
zoology of the north ; of the Shetland isles, 
and of the whale fishery. 3ded. 165 pp. 12°. 
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Lajaille ( de). See Labarthe (Pierre). 

Voyage au S^ndgal. 8. 

Lakenman (Seger). Ontwerp van een onkost- 
baar en zeker middel, om de westvriescbe 
zeedyken, door het afknagen van't paalwerk 
zeer gevaarlyk geworden, in de aanstaande 
zomer 1733 te stellen, buiteu eenig gevaar van 
doorbrake, schoon de zeewormen voortragen^ 
etc. 2p.l. 23 pp. 2maps. fol. Amsterdam, 
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Lallemant ( Jdrome). Lettres envoi^es de la 
Novvelle France au Jacques Renault. 49 pp. 
2 1. 12°. Paris, Cramoisy, 1670. [Privately 
reprinted by James Lennox, New York, 1855.] 
[ir»(ALEMEBClBR(F.) Copiededeyx lettres. 1656.] 

Lally (Thomas Arthur, eomte de, baron de 
Tollendal). Memoirs of count Lally; con- 
sisting of pieces addressed to his judges, 
[with] accounts of the prior part of his life, 
his condemnation and execution. 8 p. 1. 375 
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Lama (Giuseppe de). Vita del cavaliere Giam- 
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T. L Lord Chatham, WiUiAm Pitt, Shakipeare. 
T. 2. Shakspeare, Charlotte Cordaj, modame Roland, 
Mirabeao, Danton, Yergniaad. 

The past, present, and future of the re- 
public. Trans, from the French. 163 pp. 
12°. New York, Harpers, 1850. 8. 
• Raphael. Blatter aus dem zwanzigsten 

jahre. Deutsch von Friedrich Mailer. 280 pp. 
24°. Stuttgart, k. kofbuckdruckerei, 1849. 8. 
La Martinidre. See Brosen de La Martini^re. 

Digitized by 





Ziainb (lady Caroline). Poetical effusionfl, let- 
ten, anecdotes, and recollections. 12^. 
[pp. 147 to 196 of Nathan (L) Fugitive pieces and 
reminisoeoces of Lord B>-ron]. 

Lamb (Edward Buckton). Studies of ancient 
domestic architecture, with observations on 
the application of ancient architecture to the 
pictorial composition of modem edifices. 30 
pp. 20 pi. fol. London, J. Weale, 1846. 

Lambert (Anne Th6r^e de Marguenat de 
Courcelles, marquise de). Essays on friend- 
ship and old age. Translated from the French 
by a lady. 142 pp. 8°. London, J. Dods- 
Ity, 1780. 

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m^decine des bains russes et orientaux. 2« 
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tions firom the German of Goethe, Schiller, 
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Primary systematic human physiology, 

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Lambin ( Denis ). In Q. Horatium Flaccum 
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zxx,641pp. 8°. CoT\/lu€ntibu$, J, Hoelscher, 
1829. 8. 

Lambinet (Pierre). Origine de Timprimerie, 
d'aprds les titres aathentiqnes, Topinion de 
Daunon et celle de Van Praet ; suivie de Fbis- 
toire de la st^reotypie. 2 y. 8°. Pom, H 
ITtcoOe, 1810. 8. 

Lambinna (Dionysius). See Lambin (Denis). 

Lam6 (Gabriel). Couib de physique de P6cole 
polytechnique. 2« ^d. 731 pp. 17 pL 8°. 
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Le^ns BUT la th^rie math^atiqne de 

I'^lasticit^ des corps soHdes. 335 pp. 1 pi. 
8°. Paris, Baehdier, 1852. 6. 

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de la d6couverte de PAm^rique, racont^e k la 
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The same, 3« M. iv, 276 pp. 24°. 

Paris, Borram et Droz, 1850. 

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netismus. [Extract.] viii, 289 pp. 5 pi. 8^. 

Stuttgart, Neue eneycL fiir wissenseh. «. iHlf»- 
ste, 1851. 8. 

Magnetische ortsbestimmungen ausge- 

fiihrt an verschiedenen puncten des kdnig- 
reichs Bayem und an einigen auswartigen 
stationen. 2 v. 199, cccc pp. 18 pi ; 191, 
ccxcii pp. 26 pi. 8°. Miincken, F, S. HObsch- 
mann, 1854-56. 6. 


T. L Allgemetnen gnmdlagen znr becHmiDaoff det 

laufes der maguetischen oarven in Bayern. 
T. n. N&bere bestimmungen ttber den yerlanf der 
magnetiAoben ounren. 

Untersuchungen liber die richtung und 

Btarke des erdmagnetismus an verschiedenen 
puncten des sUdwestlichen Europa. 198, cxr 
pp. 13 pi. 4°. Munchen, F S, Hiibschmann, 
1858. 8. 

La Mothe (F. C. Hueme de). See Hueme 
de La Mothe. 

Lamothe (L^nce de). Compte rendu de la 
Gironde, etc. See Rabania (J.) and Lamo- 
the (L. de). 

Lamothe-Langon (fitienne L^on, baron de). 
La ducheese de Grammont. Par la comtesse 
O. D. lpseudon.'\ 2 v. 518 pp;508 pp. 8°. 
Paris, SchwarU et Oagnot, 1843. 

La Motte Fouqu^ (Friedrich Carl Heiniichy 
baron von). 

The four seasons. 96, 52, 42, 120 pp. 

18°. Lond^, E. LnnUey, [1846.] 
NOTB. — Under this general title are included Undine, 
[fpring], Two captains, [siunmerj, Aslauga'f 
taftight, [aatomnj, and Sintram, [ winter ]. 


Undine. A new tranalation, with mnitratioai, xzir, 

96 pp. 
The two oaptaini, a romance. From the German. 

59 pp. 
Atlanga'8 knight, a romance. From the Qcrmaa. 

42 pp. 
Sintram and his companions. 120 pp. 

Sintram and his companions. From the 

German. 120 pp. 18°. London, E. Lumley, 

Undine; or, the spirit of the waters. 

Translated from the German hj the Bev. 

Thomas Tracy. 49 pp. 8°. London, 1841. 

[Hazuti's romancist and norelist** lib. t. 2.] 
The same. lUustrations by H. W. Her- 

rick, iv, 116 pp. 6 pi. 18°. Aw York, Hurd 

4- Houghton, 1S67. 
The same. Esquisses pour servirii illus- 

trer Ondine. Dessin6es et gravees A Peau forte, 

par J. E.G. [German and French.] 341. unp. 

57 pi. 4°. Londres, W, Nicol, 1843. 
Lamourouz (Jean Victor F^lix). Histoire des 

polypiers corallig^nes flexibiles, vulgairement 

nommds zoophytes. Ixxxiv, 559 pp. 19 pi. 

8°. Caen, F, Poisson, 1816. 8. 

Digitized by 





Lamporeochi or Ranieri-Lamporeccbi ( ). 

M^moire but la pers^ution qu'on fiut souffrir 
en France k M. Librt, accompagn6 des adh6- 
Bion8,ete. 2«6d. 82 pp. 8°. Londres, Barthes 
4- LoweU, 1850. 8. 

Lampredi (Giovanni Maria). Comercio de los 
pueblos neutrales en tiempo de guerra. Tra- 
ducida al Castellano por don Cesareo de Nava 
Palacio. 18°. Madrid, 1793. 
[ With HOLLOY (ChArles). Dereoho maritimos, etc. 
▼. 4.1 

Lamson (Alvan). History of the first church 
and parish in Dedham. 104 pp. 8^. Dedkam, 
(Mass.) Herman Mann, 1839. 

Lamson (David R.) Two years' experience 
among the shakers. 212 pp. 1 pi. 18^. West 
BoylsUm, (Mass,) The author, 1848. 8. 

Lancaster (Joseph). Improvements in educa- 
tion, as it respects the industrious classes of 
the community. Ist Am. from 2d London 
ed. iv, 39 pp. 8^. New York, Collins, 1804. 


r With Princbton coUegre. Catalogue of the grada- 
ates of Nassau Hall, 1805.] 

Lancelot (Claude). Tour to Alet and La 

Grande Chartreuse. 

( WUh SCHIMXELFBNNIMCK (M. A). Tour, eto. 1816.] 

Lancereau (£douard, editor), Chrestomatliie 
hindie et hindouie. iv, 134 pp. 8^. Paris, 
Imp, nationale, 1849. s. 

yocabulairehindi-hindoui-fran^ais. 144 

pp. 8°. Paris, Imp. nationale, 1849. s. 
(TTiU the preoedlng.] 

Lancet (The). A journal of British and foreign 
medicine, physiology, surgery, chemistry, 
criticism, literature, and news. July 1866, to 
June 1867. 2 v. dP, London, 1866-67. 

Lancetti (Yincenzo). Pseudonimia; owero 
tavole al&betiche de' nomi finti o supposti 
degli Bcrittori> con lacontrapposizionede' veri. 
4p.l. 1,449 pp. 8o. Milano,L.diG,Pirola, 
1836. 8. 

Lancia de Brolo (Federico). Statistica della 
istruzione publica in Palermo, 1859. 186 pp. 
8°. Palermo, A, Bussitano, 1860. 8. 

Landgrebe (Dr, Georg). Naturgeschichte der 
vulcane. 2 v. viii, 499 pp ; iv, 450 pp. 8°. 
Gotha, J. Perthes, 1855. 8. 

Landis (Simon M.) Sense and nonsense in 
relation to all topics concerning human 
affairs. 306 pp. 12^. Philadelphia, author, 

Landrin (H. engineer), De V or : de son 6tat 
dans la nature, de son exploitation, de sa m6- 
tallurgie, de son usage, et de son influence en 
Economic politique, xxiv, 300 pp. 12°. Paris, 
A, Franck, 1851. 

Landstad (Magnus Brostrup). Norske folke- 
viser. xx,868pp. 221. 8°. Christiania, Chr, 
Tdnsbergs, 1853. 8. 

Lane (Charles). A dictionary, English and 
Burmese. 3 p. 1. 468 pp. 4°. Calcutta, OsUlle 
8f Lepage, 1841. s. 

Lane (Horace). Wandering boy, careless sailor, 
and result of inconsideration. 224 pp. 24®. 
SkaneaUles, {X, ¥,) L, A. PraU, 1839. 

Lang (John Dunmore, D. D.) Beligion and 
education in America, viii, 474 pp. 16®. 
London, Ward <(? Co. 1840. 

Lange (Christian C. A. editor). See Kraft 
(Jens E.) 

Lange ( Johann Peter, D, D. and others). A 
Commentary on the holy scriptures. See 
Bible, English. 

Langethal (Christian £douard). Diegewachse 
des nordlichen Deutschlands. Mitr einem blii- 
then kalenden. vi, 498 pp. 8®. Jena, F, Lu- 
den, 1843. g. 

Langhome (John). Fables of Flora. 73 pp. 
12®. London, T. Bickahy, 1794. 

Langland (William). The vision of WUliam 
concerning Piers Plowman. [Also] Vita de 
Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest. Edited by W. W. 
Skeat. Vernon text. Parti. xliii,158pp. 8®. 
London, TriUmer f Co, 1867. 
[Early Engllflh text soc pubL No. 28]. 

Langl^ (Joseph Adolphe Ferdinand). Lcs 
contes du gay s^avoir; ballades, fobliaux, et 
traditions du moyen age; om^ de vignettes 
imit^es des manuscrits, par Bonington et 
Monnier. [Avec des notes et un glossaire.] 
3p.l. cxlvi, 48 pp. 8®. Paris, F, Didot, 

Langl^ (Louis Mathieu). Contee, fables, et 
sentences, tir^s de diff^rens auteurs arabes 
et persans, avec une analyse du poeme de 
Ferdoussy, sur les rois de Perse, lanon."} 
xliv, 179 pp. 24® Paris, Boyez, 1788. 

Langlois (Eustache Hyacinthe). Essai his- 
torique et descriptif sur la peinture sur verre, 
ancienne et modeme, [etc.] suivi de la biog- 
raphic des plus c^^bres peintres verriers. 
xvi, 302 pp. 7 pi. 8®. Bouen, C. Frhe, 1832. 


Langman (Christopher, and others), A true 
account of the voyage of the Nottmgham gal- 
ley, of London, John Dean, commander, ftx)m 
the river Thames to New England, near 
which place she was cast away on Boon 
island, Dec. 11, 1710, by the captain's obsti- 
nacy. 4 p. 1. 36 pp. 16®. London, 8. Pop- 
ping, 1711. 

Digitized by 





Langsdorff (Georg Heinrioh von). Voyages 
and travels [of Cook, Forster, etc.] in various 
parts of the world. 2 v. xzii, 362 pp. 3 1. 
unp; 4 p. 1. unp. 386 pp. 3 1. unp. 1 map. 
21 pi. 4°. London, H.CoUmm^lSl^U. 

The same. 2 v. in 1. 617 pp. 9 1. 1 pi. 

8o. Carlule, (Pa,) G, PkUips, 1817. 

Langtoft (Peter). Chronicle of Pierre de 

Langtoft, in French verse, from the earliest 

period to the death of king Edward I. Edited 

by T. Wright v. 1. xxx, 497 pp. 8°. London, 

JLonffmant, 1866. 

[Chronicles of Great Britain and Ireland during the 
middle ages.] 

Langworthy (Edward). Memoirs of the life 
of lieut. col. Charles Lee ; with his political 
and military essays and letters. lanon.'\ 2d 
Amer.ed. viii, 284 pp. 12°. New York, T. 
AUen, 1793. 

Langworthy (Lucius H.) Dubuque ; its his- 
tory, mines, Indian legends, etc. 82 pp. 8°. 
Dvbuque, literary institute, 1855. 

Lanjuinais (Jean Denis, conUe de). Rotation 
du [8<^] chapitre du Contrat social de Bous- 
seau, entitul^ : De la religion civile. 
[With TOROMBERT (C. L. H.) Principes da droit 

Lankester (Edwin M, />.) Cholera : what b 
itt and how to prevent it 93 pp. 18°. Lon- 
don, G, RouOedge ^ sons, 1866. 

Lanman (Charles). Adventures of an angler 
in Canada, NovaScotia, and the United States, 
xii, 322 pp. 1 pi. 12^. London, B, BenOey, 

Dictionary of the United States congress. 

3d ed. Revised to July 28; 1866. 4 p. 1. 602 
pp. 8°. Washington, government printing 
office, 1866. 

Life of William Woodbridge. 236 pp. 

portnut. 8°. Washingtofi,Blanchard^Mohun, 

La Noue (Odet de). The profit of imprison- 
ment Translated by Josvah Sylvester, pp. 

[With Da Baitas (G. de S.) Poetical worlu. ed. 
London, 1G05]. 

Lansdowne (Lord). See Qranville (George). 

Tifffn«ftn« (P.) Alouden staet van Vlaenderen, 
voor en gedurende het leenvaevig bestier, 
geuolgd van bene beknopte etymologische en 
geechied-kundige beschryuing der steden, en 
der parochien. xii, 498 pp. 4 1. 8^. Brugge, 
Van C. De Moor, 1841. 8. 

Lantier (fitienne Fran9ois de). The travels 
of Autenor in Greece and Asia: including 
some account of Egypt Translated from the 
French. 3 v. 8^. London, Longman d: 
Bees, 1799. 

Lanzi (Luigi). Notizie della soultura degli 
antichi 1 dei vare suoi stili. xxzi, 83 pp. 
19 pi. 2'» ed. 80. IFiesolel, Poligrafia jU$o- 
lana, 1824. 

Histoire de la peinture en Italie, depuis 

la renaissance des beaux-arts, jusques vers la 
fin du 18* sidcle. Traduite de Tltalien sur la 
3« 6d ; par M™«>. A. Dieud6. 5 v. 8^. Pari$, 
H, Sequin, etc. 1824. 8. 

La Peyrdre (Isaac de). BerichtvonGrdhnland 
gezogen aus zwo chronikcn : einer alten ihs- 
landischen, und einer neuen danischen. Jetso 
aber deutsch gegaben, und um desto fartiger 
ihn zu gebrauchen unterschihdlich eingeteih- 
let von Henrich Sivers. 3 p. 1. 70 pp. 1 map. 
2 pi. sm. 4^. Hamburg, Johan Nauman 4: 
J. Wolf, 1674. 

The same. Nauwkeurige beschrijvingh 

van Greenland; verdeelt in twee boecken, 
't erste van't oud (nu verloome) Groenlandt ; 
't tweede van't nieuw Greenland, door S. de 
V. [anon.'\ 3 p. 1. 128 pp. 2 maps. sm. 4^. 
Amsterdam, Jan CUutz ten Hoom, 1678. 

The same. Relation dv Greenland. 8p.l. 
278 pp. 1 map. 1 pi. 16°. Pom, A. Covrhc, 

The same. 

[Imperfect : wanting title, map and plate). 

Relation de I'Islande. 20 p. 1. 108 pp. 

1 map. 160. Pari$, T. JoUy, 1663. 

The same. 

[ With La PxTRftRE (Ifaao de). Relation dr Green- 
land. Pttrt«, 1647.) 

Lapini (Bernardo), coZZed Glicino, or Ilicino, or, 
da Montalcino (Bernardo). NoveUe. 
[NOVKLLB di autori senetL v. 2. IB^. MHano, 1815.] 

La Place (Guislain Francois Marie Joseph de). 
Lemons fran^aises de litt6rature et de morale. 

La Place (Pierre Simon, marquit de). A trea- 
tise of celestial mechanics. Translated from 
the French, and elucidated with explanatory 
notes, by Henry H. Harte. 2 v. xii, 276 pp ; ix, 
419 pp. AP, Dublin, Univerntypres$,lQ2Slr'V7. 

Laporte (Fran9ois L. de ; comte de Castelneau). 
See Castelneau. 

La Pxlmandaie (F. H61ie de). Le commerce 
et la navigation de TAlg^iie avant la conquMe 
fran^aue. 319 pp. 1 map. 8^. Paris, 
Lakure, 1860. 8. 

La Primandaye (Pierre de). The French 
academic. [Part first]. Wherein is discoursed 
the institution of manners, and whatsoever 
else .concemeth the good and happie life of 
all estates and callings. Translated by T. B. 
5th ed. 13 p. 1. 752 pp. 5 1. sm. 4°. London, 
r. Adams, 1614. 

Digitized by 





La Piimaudaye (Pierre de). The French 
academie. Second part. Wherein as it 
were by a natural historie of the body and 
Boule of man, all the parts of the frame of man 
are handled, and chiefly the nature, power, 
works and immortalitie of the soul. 12 p. 1. 
600 pp. sm. 4°. London, George BUhop, 1605. 
[With tho preceding. 1 

The same. Third volume. Contayning 
a notable description of the whole world. 
Englished by R. Dolman. 8 p. 1. unp. 439 pp. 
sm. 49, London, G. Buhop, 1601. 
[With the preceding.) 

Lara (Alvear y). See Alvear y Lara. 

Larcom (Lucy). Breathings of the better 
life. [Extracts, chiefly in prose, from various 
writers], vii, 285 pp. 16°. Boston, Ticknor 
A Fields, 1867. 

Lardner (Dionysius). Hand-book of natural 
philosophy. Hydrostatics, pneumatics, and 
heat. XV, 408 pp. 1 pi. 12^. London, 
Walton 4- Maberly, 1855. 8. 

The same. Optics, xvi, 432 pp. 1 pi. 

12«>. London, Walton <fe Maberly, 1856. 8. 

The same. Electricity, magnetism and 

acoustics, xix, 425 pp. 1 pi. 12°. London, 
Walton 4- Maberly, 1856. 8. 

The same. Mechanics, xvi, 403 pp. 

1 pi. 12°. London, Walton 8f Maberly, 1856. 


The first six books of Euclid, with a 

commentary and geometrical exercises. A 
treatise on solid geometry, etc. 4th ed xx, 
332 pp. B9, London, J. Taylor, 1834. 8. 

The same. 7th ed. xx, 332 pp. 8°. 

London, J, Taylor,18i0, 8. 

Railway economy ; a treatise on the new 

art of transport, etc. 442 pp. 12°. New 
York, Harper Je brothers, 1850. 8. 

Larmont (M.) Paris, London, and New York 
medical adviser and marriage guide. 30th ed. 
410 pp. 28 pi. 12°. Xew York, E. Banister, 

La Roche- Aymon (Antoine Charles £tienne 
Paul, marquis de). Des troupes l^res ; ou 
reflexions sur I'organisation, Tinstruction et 
la tactique de Tinfanterie et de la cavalerie 
Idgdres. XX, 610 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Paris, 
Magimel, Anselin di Pochard, 1817. 

La Roche FlaTin (Bernard de). Treizelieures 
des parlemens de France, esqvels est ample- 
ment traictd de levr origine et institvtion, et 
des pr^dents, conseillors, gens du roy, [etc], 
14 p. 1. 1216 pp. 8o. Genioe, Mathiev Ber- 
jon, 1621. 

La Rochefoucauld (Francis, due de). Moral 

reflections and maxims. Newly made English 
from the Paris ed. xvi, 95, 8 pp. 8°. London, 
A. Bell, 1706. 

[With Esprit (J.) Discoanet, etcj 
La Rochefoucault Liancourt (Francois 
Alexandre Fr6d6ric, due de). Travels through 
the United States of North America, the ooun- 
tiy of the Iroquois, and upper Canada, in the 
years 1795-97. Translated by H. Neuman. 

2 V. xxiii, 642 pp. 6 1 ; 1 p. 1. 680 pp. 8 1. 

3 maps. 4P. London, B, Phillips, 1799. 
La Roche Qallichon (F. C. de). Sendschrei- 

ben, betreffend die wiederfindung des alten 
Gronlands. 102 pp. 12°. Kopenhagen, C. F, 
Holm, 1787. 

Laromiguidre (Pierre). Le^ns de philoso- 
phic, ou essai sur les faculty de V &me. 2^ 
^d. 2 V. 447; pp; 484 pp. 8^. Paris, Brunot- 
Labbe, 1820. 

Larousse (Pierre). Grand dictionnaire uni- 
versel du xix* si^le, fran^ais, hbtorique, 
g^ographique, mythologique, bibliographique, 
litt^raire, artistique, scientifique, etc. v. 1-2. 
ABzo. fol. Paris, Larousse etBoyer, 186&^. 

La Rue (Gervais de). Essais historiques sur 
les bardes, les jongleurs, et les trouvdres nor- 
mands et anglo-normands. 3 v. 8^. Caen, 
Marcel, 1834. 

La Sale or La Salle (Antoine). L'hystorye et 
plaisante cronicque du petit Jehan de Saintr6 et 
dela jeune dame des belles cousines, sans autre 
nomnommer. ^anon,'] Publi^epar J. M. Gui- 
chard. xxxi, 297 pp. lip, Paris, Gosselin, 

Les quinze joyes de mariage. Nouv. ed. 

avec une notice bibliogrraphique et des notes. 

xvi, 180 pp. 180. Paris, P,Jannet, 1853. 
La Salle (J. B. de). Conduite des 6cole8 chr6- 

tiennes. 236 pp. 3 tab. ICP, Paris, J. 

Moronral, 1838. g. 

Las Casaa or Casaus (Bartolom^ de). Aqui se 

contiene vna disputa, o controuersia : entre 

Bartholome de Las Casas y el doctor Hlnes 

de Sepulueda. 61 1. sm. 4^. Seuilla, Sebastid 

TrugiUo, 1552. 

Aqui se cotiene treynta proposiciones 

muyjuridicas. 101. sm. 4°. Seuilla, Sebastid 

TrugiOo, 1552. 
Aqui se cotiene vnos auisos y reglas 

para los confessores. 16 1. unp. sm. 4^. 

Seuilla, Sebastian TrugiUo, 1552. 
Brevissima relacion de la destrvycion de 

las Indias [etc.] 214 L sm. 4^. SeuUla, Sebas- 
tian TrugiUo, 1552. 

Ab<«.— The above ed. of the "BreviMima reladon" 
ooDtains also the following tracts, the leaves beiair 
paged coDtlnuoasly with the foregoing. 

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Las Casas or CasaHB (Bartolom6 de). — Con. 

Aqvi 86 oontionen treynta propoaclonos muy juridloos. 

51-60 1. 
Aqvi 80 oontiene vna dispvta, o oontrovereia entre el 

Obispo don fray Bartolome de Las Casas y el dotor 

Gines de Sepulneda. 60-131 1. 
Efte es vn tratado sobra la materia de los Tndios que 

■e ban beoho en ellas csclauoa. 183-157 1. 
Entre los remedios para refonnacion de las Indias. 158- 

209 1. 
Pedo^o de ma carta, y relacion que oscriuio cierto 

hombre de los roismoe qae andaofi en ettas esta- 

oiones. 210-2141. 

Breuisaima relacion de la deatruycion 

de las Indias. 54 1. sm. 4^. SeuiUa, Sebcuttano 
TruffiOo, 1552. 

The same. The Spanish colonie, or 

hriefe chronicle of the acts and geetes of the 
Spaniardes in the West Indies. Translated 
into English hj M. M. S. 60 1. unp. sm. 4^. 
lAmdon, W, Brome, 1583. 

The same. [Aoconnt of the first voy- 
ages and discoveries made hj the Spaniards 
in America. 3 p. 1. 248 pp. 2 p. 1. 8^. London, 

[Title wanting. This vol. contains the dispute be- 
tween Las Casas and Dr. Sepulveda.] 

The same. Le miroir de la tyrannie 

espagnole perpetrde aux Indes Occidentales. 
68 1. sm. 4^. Amsterdam, Jan E. Cloppen- 
hurg, 1620. 

• The same. [Imperfect, wanting 1. 68. 

With Cloppknbukq (Jan Everhardts), 
Miroir de la cruelle et horrible tyrannie es- 
pagnole. Amsterdam, 1620]. 

• The same. Tyrannies et crvavtez des 

Espagnols commises es Indes Occidentales. 
11 p. ]. 214 pp. sm. 4^. Boven, Jacqves CaUloiie, 

- The same. Belation des voyages et des 

d^couvertes que les Espagnoles ont fait dans 
les Indes Occidentales. 4 p. 1. 354 pp. 2 1. 
1 pi. 18°. Amsterdam, J, Louis de Lorm/e, 

[This ToL contains the dispute between Las Casas 
and Dr. Sepulueda.] 

The same. Istoria, 6 breuissima rela- 
tione della distrvttione dell' Indie Occidentali. 
Tradotta in Italiano dall' Giacomo Castellani. 
4 p. 1. 150 pp. sm. 4®. Venetia, Marco 
Crinammi, 1643. 

The same. Narratio regionum indica- 

rum per Hispanos qvosdam devastatarum ver- 
issima. 138 pp. sm. 4°. Oppenheimii, Johan, 
Theod, de Bry, 1614. 

The same. Regionvm indicarmn per 

Hispanos oHm devastatarum accuratissima 
descriptio. 112 pp. sm. AP, HeideVbergae, 
GvUielmi WaUeri, 1664. 

Las Casas or Casaus (Barto1om6 de). Entre 
los remedios para reformacio de las Indias. 
531. 8m.40. SeuiUa, Jacome Cr5berger, 1552, 
Este es vn tratado sobre la materia de 

los Yndios qui se han hecho esclauos. 36 1. 
sm. 4°. Seuilla, Sehastva Trugillo, 1552. 

La liberta pretesa dal supplice schiauo 

indiano. Tradotto in Italiano per opera di 
Marco Ginammi. 155 pp. sm. 4°. Venetia, 
Marco, Oinammi, 1640. 

II svpplice schiauo indiano. Tradotto 

in Italiano per opera di Marco Ginammi. 
118 pp. sm. 49, Venetia, Marco CHnammi, 

• Tratado coprobatorio del imperio sobe- 

rano y principado uniuersal que los reyes de 
Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las Indias. 80 1. 
unp. sm. 4°. Seuilla, Sebastian TrugiUo,lb53. 

Las Cases (Emmanuel Dieudonn6 Marin 
Joseph, comte de). Memorial de sainte H6- 
Ihne ; journal ou se trouve consign^, jour par 
jour, ce qu'a dit et fait Nappldon durant dix- 
huit mois. Nouv. 6d. 9 v. 16°. Paris, H, 
L. Delloye, 1840. 

Laschamps (F. Bigorie de). See Bigorle 
de Laschamps (F.) 

Lasor a Yarea (Alfonso, anagram). See Sa- 
vonarola, (Rafaello). 

Laterrade (Jean Francis). Flore horde- 
laise et de la Gironde. 4^ 6d. 612 pp. 12<^. 
Bordeaux, T. Lafargue, 1846. 8. 

Latham (John). A general B3rnopsis of birds. 
3 V. m 6. 4P, London, B, White, etc, 1781- 
85. 8, 

The same. Supplement. 313 pp. 13 pi. 

4°. London, Leigh 4r Sotheby, 1787. 8. 

The same. Supplement ii. 396 pp. 23 

pi. 4^. London, Leigh, Sotheby «k son, 1801. 

Index omithologicus, sive systems 

omithologisD ; complectens avium dividonem 

in classes, ordines, genera, species, ipsarum- 

que varietates. 2 v. zviii, 920 pp. 4^. Lon- 

dini, auctor, 1790. 8. 
The same. Supplementum. Izxiv pp. 

4°. Londini, O, Leigh, J, & S, Sotheby, 1801. 

[ With Latham. Supplement ii, eto. 1801.] 
Latham (Wilfred). States of the river Plate ; 

their industries and commerce, vi, 200 pp. 

8^. Lond4>n, Longmans, 1866. 
Latin and English poems. By a gentleman of 

Trinity college, Oxford, ianon,'] 179 pp. 16°. 

London, C. Bathurst, 1741. 
LatreiUe (Pierre Andr^). Crustacea, arach- 

nides, et insecta. 8. 

[ With CuviBB (O. L. C. D.) B^gne animaL ▼. 3.] 

Digitized by 





LatreiUe (Pierre Andr6). See Soxminl (0. N. 
S.) and Latreille.Hist. nat. de reptiles. 1799. 

Latrobe (12^. Christian Ignatius.) Journal of 
a visit to south Africa, with some account of 
the missionary settlements of the United 
Brethren. 2d ed. xi, 580 pp. 1 map. 4 pi. 
8°. London, L. B. Seclty, 1821. s. 

Latter (Thomas). A grammar of the language 
of Burmah. Ivi, 203 pp. 4°. Calcutta, 
Thaclxr d- Co. 1845. s. 

Landonni^re (Ren6 Goulaiue de). L'histoire 
notable do la Floride 8itv6 es Indes Occiden- 
tales, contenant les trois voyages faits en icelle 
per certains capitaines et pilotes fran^ois [sous 
J. Ribaut, en 1562, 1564, et 1565] : k laquelle 
a est^ adioustd vn quntriesme vojage fait par 
le capitaine Gourgues [en 1567], mise en lu- 
midre par M[artin] Basanier. 8 p. 1. 124 1. 
16°. Paris, GuilUiumc Juuray,15S6. 

Laughton (George, D.D. ) The history of an 
cient Egypt, xiv, 362 pp. 1 pi. 8°. London, 
T. Cadell, 1774. 

Laugier (Andr6). Cours de chimie g($n<irale. 
3 V. 8°. Paris, Pichon <t- Didier, 1839. s. 

Lauuoi (Jean de). De scholiss a caro lo magno 
instauratis. ^e<;Mabillon(Jean). Iterger- 

Laurena {Col. John). Army correspondence 
in the years 1777-8. Now first printed from 
original letters to his father, Henry Laurens. 
With memoir by W. G. Simms. 250 pp. por- 
trait. 8°. New York, 1867. 
[Bradford club series, No. 7.] 

Laurena. See Du Laurens. 

Laurent (Paul Marie). La guerre du Mcxiquc 
de 1862 h, 1866. Journal de marcho du 3« 
chasseurs d'Afrique. 352 pp. 16°. Parity 
Amyoty 1867. 

Laurentie (Pierre S^bastien). Lettres d un 
pdre sur Tdducation de son fils. 239 pp. 18°. 
Paris, Lagny, 1836. 8. 

Lettres h, un curd sur I'dducation du 

peuple. 248pp. 18°. Paris, Lagny,lSV, 8. 

Laurop (C. P.) Handbuch der forst-und 
jagdliteratur, vom jahre 1829 bis 1845. 2 v. 
in 1. xiv, 180 pp; 134 pp. 8°. Franhfurt 
am Main, Sauerliinder, 1844-46. 8. 

Lausitz. Bibliothek, der oberlausitzischeu ge- 
scllschait dor wissenschaften. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 635 
pp; 580 pp. 2 1. 8°. GorlUz, GeseUscha/t, 
1819. 8. 

La Vacquerle (Jean de). De mvltiplici hae- 
reticorvm tentatione. Cvi accessit scrmo per 
cundem habitus, in baptismo duorum adoles- 
centium teme AlmericoD. 631. 18°. Parisiis, 
Chesneau, 1561. 


Laval ( Victor Lottin de). See Lottin de La- 
val (Victor). 

La Vallidre (Louise Fran^oise de La Baume 
Le Blanc, duchesse de). Vie. [anon.'\ 142 
pp. 18°. [Cologne, 1695.] 
[Title pofir® wanting.] 

Lavater (Johann Heinrich). Introduction to 
the study of the anatomy of the human body; 
for the use of painters, sculptors, and artists. 
Translated from the German, vi, 120 pp. 27 
pi. 8°. London, R. Ackerman, 1824. 

La Vega (Garsias Laso de, the Inca). La 
Florida del Ynca. Historia del adelantado 
Hernando do Soto, y de otros heroicos caual- 
leros espaiioles 6 indios. 7 p. 1. 351 pp. 61. 
sm. 4°. Lisbona, Pedro Crasbeech, 1605. 

Histoire des Yncas rois du P<5rou, tra- 

duite de TEspngfiol [par J. Baudouin]. On 
a joint ^ cette 6d. Thistoire de la conqu6te do 
la Floride [traduite par P. Kichelet. Suivie 
de la ddcouverte d'un pays plus grand que 
r Europe, situd dans TAmdrique entro Nou- 
veau Mexique, et la mer glaciale: par La 
Hontan.] 2v. 19p.l. 540pp. 81; xxiii,373 
pp. 1 1. 2 maps. 16 pi. 4°. Amsterdam, Jean 
Frederick Bernard, 1737. 

La Vega (Gonzales de). Eeview of the report 
of the committee on foreign affairs, of the 
senate of the United States, relative to the 
Tehuantepec matters, \_anon. ] 106 pp. 8°. 
[n. p.] 1852. 

Lavoisier ( Antoine Laurent ). Elements of 
chemistry. Translated from the French by 
Robert Kerr. 4th ed. 592 pp. 13 pi. 8°. Phil- 
adelphia, M. Carey, 1799. s. 

Lavy (Filippo). Museo numismatico Lavy, ap- 
partenente alia accademia delle ecienze di 
Tormo. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 447 pp. 7 pi ; 483 pp. 2 
pi. 4°. Torino, Stamperiareale,l^'3Q^0. 8. 

Law (Andrew). The art of singing, in three 
parts; to wit: 1. The musical primer. 2. The 
christian harmony. 3. The musical magazine. 
4th ed. Printed upon a new plan. 3 parts 
in 1 V. 160, 96 pp. obi. 18°. Cambridge, 
[Mass.'\ JV, HiUiard, 1803. 

Law (Henry, C.E.) The rudiments ot civil 
engineering. 2 v. in 1. viii, 89 pp. 2 p. 1; 
152 pp. 1 p. 1. 16°. London, J. Weale, 1848- 
49. 8. 

The same. Kew ed. 2 pts. in 1 v. viii, 101 

pp; viii, 152 pp. 16°. London, J. fFfafe, 1859. 
• and Bumell (G. E.) Rudiments of civil 

engineering ; and the rudiments of hydraulic 

engineering, iv, 126 pp. 6 pi. 16°. London, J. 

Weale, 1852. 

[ With Law (Henry). Civil cnginoerine. London, 
1850.] 6 » . 

Digitized by 





Law (John, judge and M. C.) Address before 
the Yincennee historical society; 1839. 48 pp. 
1 map. 8^. Louisville, Prentice ds Weimnger, 

Law (Thomas). Considerations tending to 
render the policy questionable of plans for 
liquidating, within the next four years, the 
six per cent, stocks of the United States. 22 
pp. 8°. Washington, 8. A, EUiott, 1826. 

Proposition for creating means for com- 
mencing the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, 
(Cumberland), with report of committee 
thereon. 1 fol. sheet. [ Washington, 1827 1] 

A reply to certain insinuations published 

as an article in the sixty-eighth number of the 
Quarterly review. 27 pp. 8°. Washington, 

(and others). Report of the proceedings 

of the committee appointed at a meeting in 
Washington, in 1824, to present a memorial 
to congress praying for the establishment of 
a national currency. 40 pp. 8^. Washington, 
Way <f Gideon, 1824. 

Law {Ber. William). An humble, earnest, and 
affectionate address to the clergy. 2d ed. 3 
p.l. 208 pp. SP, London, M.Bichardson, 1764. 

Lawes (John Bennett), and Qilbert (Joseph 
Henry). Experimental inquiry into the com- 
position of some of the animals fed and 
slaughtered as human food. [Phil. Trans. 
1859.] pp. 493-680. 4°. London, Taylor dt 
Francis, 1860. 8. 

On the growth of barley by different 

manures, continuously on the same land. 80 
pp. 8^. London, Roy. agricult. soc. 1858. S. 

Report of experiments on the growth of 

red clover by different manures. Part i. 24 
pp. 8*^. London, Roy. agricult. soc. 1860. 8. 

Lawrence (George Alfred). A bundle of 
ballads, [anon.] 141 pp. 12°. London, 
Tinsley hros, 1864. 

La^rrence (William, surgeon). A treatise on 
the diseases of the eye. New ed. Edited, with 
additions, by Isaac Hays. 859 pp. 12 pi. 8°. 
Philadelphia, Lea A Blanchard, 1847. 8. 

La^rrenoe academy (Groton, Mom.) Catalogue 
of the library. 207 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Loxoell, 
8. J. Vamey, 1850. 8. 

Catalogue of the officers and students of 

Lawrence academy, from the time of its in- 
corporation. 108 pp. 8°. Groton, academy, 
1855. 8. 

[ With the preceding]. 

The jubilee of Lawrence f*cademy, at 

Groton, Mass. July 12, 1854. 76 pp. 5 pi. 
8°. 2i^ew York, academy, 1855. 8. 

Lawson (George). On the occurrence of ''cin- 
chonaceous glands'' in galiaceiD, and the rela- 
tions of that order to cinchonaceae. (Extract). 
8 pp. 1 pi. 8^. (London,) Annals and mag, 
of not. hist. 1854. 8. 

Lawaon (George C.) Sherman's campaign 

through the Carolinas. [22 verses]. 1 sheet 

fol. n.p. (1865 f) 

[ With Shauland (George). Knapsack notes, etc. 8^. 

LaT^won (John). The history of Carolina : de- 
scription and natural history, with the present 
state thereof. And a journal of a thousand 
miles, travel'd thro' several nations of In- 
dians. 3 p. 1. 258 pp. sm. 49, London, 
W, Taylor ^ J, Baker, 1714. 

New voyage to Carolina, [with rare 

plate]. 2 p.l. 258pp. sm.4<^. Xoiwicm, 1708. 

I With 8TBVEX8 (John). Voj-ages and trsrels. 1708. 
Title wanting]. 

Layard (Austen Henry). Klneveh and its 
remains. 2 v. in 1. 3^ pp ; ii, 373 pp. 40 
pi. 1 map. 8o. JV>w York, G. P. Putnam, 
1851. 8. 

Layres (Augustus). Belles-lettres. (Book ii 
of "Element* of composition.") 240 pp. 12°. 
San Francisco, A. Roman <t Co, 1867. 

Elements of composition, belles-lettres, 

and oratory. 166 pp. 12°. San Francisco, 
A, Roman d: Co. 1867. 

Lazartis (Emma). Poems and translations, 
written between the ages of fourteen and 
seventeen. vili,2^pp. 12°. New York, Hurd 
4r Houghton, 1867. 

Lea (Albert M.) Notes on Wisconsin territory. 
53 pp. 1 map. 18°. Philadelphia, H. 8. 
Tanner, 1836. 

Lea (Henry Carey). Historical sketch of sacer- 
dotal celibacy in the christian church. 601 
pp. 8°. Philadelphia, LippincoU dt Co. 1867. 

Lea (Isaac). Contributions to geology. 227 

pp. 6 pi. eP. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea 4- 

Blanchard, 1833. 8. 


Tertiary formation of Alabama. New tertiary fossil 
shells from Maryland and New Jersey. New 

fenus of fossil [foraniiniferous] shells from New 
crsey. Tofiiceoas lacustrine formation of Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Leach (William Elford). Melanges zoolo- 
giquea, thid. de TAnglais par J. C. Chenu. 
(Extract). 24 pp. 9 pi. 8°. Paris, Bibli- 
othique conehyliologique, 1845. 8. 

Learning (Bev, Jeremiah). A defence of the 
episcopal government of the church : contun- 
ing remarks on two late noted sermons on 
presbyterian ordination. 73 pp. 12°. Kew 
York, J, HoU, 1766. 

Digitized by 





Leavitt (Jonathan). Memoir, by a sister. 
[With compoBitions in prose, and select 
poems, anon."] 283 pp. 1 pi. 18°. New Raven, 
8. Convene, 1822. 

Leavitt (T. H.) Facts about peat as an article 
of fuel. Its origin, localities, [etc.] 3d ed. 
316 pp. 1 pi. 129. Boston, Lee Je Shepard, 

Lebert (Hermann). Abbandlungen aus dcm 
gebiete der praktischen chirurgio und der 
pathologischen phjsiologie. Mit besondere 
rilcksicht auf die dieffenbach'sche klinik. 
xxvi, 597 pp. 8°. Berlin, Veit <f- Co. 1848. 


Klinik des acuten gelenkrheumatismus. 

viii, 149 pp. 8^. Erlangen, F. Enke, 1860. 


Le Blanc (Vincent). Les vojages famcvx, 
qu'il a faits depuis Taago de douze aus iusqucs 
h soixante, aux quatre parties du mondo. Le 
tout recueilly de ses mdmoires par le sieur 
Covlon. 3 pts. in 1 v. 4^. Paris, G. Clov- 
sier, 1648. 


1. L' Asie et les Indes Orientales. 4p. 1. 276 rp. SI. 

2. L'Afrique. 179 pp. 2 1. 

3. Constantinople, pp. 1-14 ; Italie, pp. 15-25 ; Quince, 
pp. 2t»-35 ; r Am6rique, pp. 3&-i:i6. 136 pp. 2 L 

Lecerf (Pierre Louis). La science et la raison 
humaine, en presence des maux et des dan- 
gers qui menacent Vordre social. 100 pp. 8^. 
Co/en, [avieur,^ 1851. 8. 

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historique et critique des auteurs de la con- 
gregation de St. Maur. 6p.l. 492 pp. 51. 16°. 
La Haye, P. Gosse, 1726. 8. 

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from New England [1642] ; with introduction 
and notes by J. Hammond Trumbull, xl, 211 
pp. Bm. 49. Boston, Wiggin <fc Lunt, 1867. 
(Library of N. England history, v. 4.] 

Le Clero (Jean). Account of the carl of Clar- 
endon's History of the civil wars. Done from 
the French, by J. O. 2 parts in 1 v. 12^. 
London, 1710. 

Funeral oration upon the death of Philip 

a Limborch ; also, an oration concerning the 
excellence and usefulness of ecclesiastical his- 
tory, pronounced Sept. 6, 1702. 

[/nHUGRBS(Jabez). Miscellanies, pp. 204— 263. Lon- 
don, 1737. J 

Le Clerc (Joseph Victor). Discours sur Tdtat 

des lettres en France, au quatorzidme si^le. 

602 pp. 40. Paris, F. Didot frires, 1863. 

[V. zziT of BiSTOins litt^raire de la France.] 
Leolerc-Thooin (Oscar). L'agriculture de 

Toueet de la France, dtudi6e plus sp^cialement 

dans le d^partement de Maine-et-Loire. xvi, 
484 pp. 1 map. ^. Paris, Bouchard- Huzard, 
1843. 8. 

Leclerq (Chretien). Nouvelle relation de la 
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